The U.S. Supreme Court cuts down on EPA’s authority

| June 30, 2022

The Supreme Court made a decision that limits what the EPA could do regarding policies aimed at reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. This is consistent with their other decisions limiting federal agencies’ ability to regulate. Their argument was that these agencies should not be making sweeping decisions with major impact in areas where Congress should pass laws. These agencies had circumvented Congress’s rightful authority to make laws governing the same actions.

From MSN and the Wall Street Journal:

The case before the high court was unusual because it involved regulations put forth by the Obama administration that never went into effect and were replaced in 2019 under the Trump administration. At issue was the Clean Power Plan, an Obama-era set of rules devised by the EPA that sought to mandate a national shift away from coal to cleaner sources of power, including natural gas, wind and solar.

For half a century, the Clean Air Act has directed the EPA to regulate stationary sources of air pollution that endanger “public health or welfare.” The Obama-era Clean Power Plan extended that regulatory reach beyond the physical premises of a power plant to allow off-site methods to mitigate pollution.

The Supreme Court in 2016 halted the Clean Power Plan from taking effect, but the justices never directly addressed whether the rule was unlawful. The Trump administration in 2019 overturned the plan, replacing it with industry-friendly rules allowing older power plants to continue operating.

In January 2021, at the end of Mr. Trump’s presidency, a federal appeals court in the District of Columbia struck down his administration’s replacement rule, providing the Biden administration with a clean slate to work from in devising its own carbon-emissions rules.

The EPA powers at issue are central to Mr. Biden’s climate agenda. With fragile majorities in the Senate and House, Democrats have limited ability to advance their platform through new legislation. Like his recent predecessors, Mr. Biden is poised to govern through agencies such as the EPA, relying on his inherent constitutional authority and the statutory powers provided by existing legislation.

Presidents from both parties have increasingly governed by executive order when their agendas are stalled in Congress, often giving regulators vast power over swaths of the economy.

MSN has this article at this link.

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Great day to burn a tire in the brush pile.

Forrest Bondurant



Fuck yeah!


Coming again to save the motherf*ckin’ day, yeah!

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Here’s the Army (mostly) version:

A Proud Infidel®™️

Imma-gonna burn a few chunks of old styrofoam to celebrate!!!


SCOTUS musta found a pair…or finally decided to do their damn job.

Can we burn some Globalists to celebrate?


That would reduce their carbon foot print.

A Proud Infidel®™

Need to remember that WE are the only carbon they want to reduce.
Come to think of it, I AM stockpiling carbon myself, just bought another bunch of premium charcoal for grilling!

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No more iffy “rulings” having force of law without legislative due process and debate (you know like in “I’m Just a Bill”) like a real law would have.

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P.S. For the Gen Z young’uns reading this, in previous generations there were things called “cartoons” on Saturday mornings and in between, during commercials, there was School House Rock (which taught us U.S. civics and history) because grown-ups hadn’t given up on kids yet. “I’m Just a Bill” is from that about how laws get made:

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Nailed It!!!

“Supreme Court Climate Ruling Returned Power To The People: EPA Decision Means That Congress Must Make laws, Not Let Bureaucrats Do It”

We The People.


Progressives hate that– only they know best!

George V

I sincerely hope there are more cases brought against executive rulings, from both sides, and that it reins in this governing-by-executive-rule mode our wunnerful gummit has gotten into.

The most chilling words I recall hearing in the past 20 years or so was “I have a pen and a phone” spoken by Obama, meaning “I can do whatever I want”.

When Trump took office he issued a number of executive orders doing what I thought were good things but… but… but… that is not the way it is supposed to be done. Taken to the logical conclusion it turns Congress into just an advisory body and the Pres into, well, one more dictator.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

All those epa shitbirds that said that their was nothing wrong with the air quality during the nyc 9/11 attacks were full of shit.I was working in the area of lower manhatten on that day and worked the financial district right after and the air smelled like shit. Stats from 2021 have 250+ FDNY members passing away from 9/illness. The number of FDNY members that were lost on 9/11 was 343. I have friends that were local 3 electricians and Volly FF’s but worked down there as electricians. One has passed away last year and the other has the 9/11 cough. we also lost a member of our rig (Volly) who worked down there a few times with our rig, so screw the epa and the horse they rode in on.


In case anyone needs a GOOD laugh:

In 2009, CBS News did a story reference “Al Gore telling the U.N. climate conference that new data suggests the Arctic polar ice cap may disappear in the summertime as soon as five to seven years from now.”

2009 plus five to seven years equals 2014-2016.

As we all know, it never happened.

Did CBS News give up?

Heck No.

Check out their 2021 story

“Scientists Sounding The Alarm About Rapidly Melting Arctic Ice”
“It’s Gonna Happen In The Next Decade…”


A Proud Infidel®™️

Anyone else remember hearing Al Gore Junior screeching that NYC streets would be underwater by 2013 due to the Polar Ice Caps melting! Pepperidge Farms and I remember!


Obviously Obama doesn’t believe him, or he wouldn’t have bought water front property


Can we rein in the ATFE, and the rest of the alphabet agencies now?


Anyone besides the ninja family remember THIS?

“How the First Earth Day Was Born From 1960s Counterculture: On April 22, 1970, a nationwide “teach-in” inspired millions of Americans to care more about the environment.”

One of us had a teacher who tried to cram this down our throats. She did not do very well when trying to push her own personal beliefs. A few drank the Kool-Aid and try to “save” some trees surrounding our school building (have pictures to prove it, i.e. Yearbooks). True story. Not sarc.

We figured that teacher was still upset that her Hubby was in a faraway land name Viet of the Nam and was projecting her stress on us.

Those Were The Days… 😉  😎 

A Proud Infidel®™️

Ever since the first Earth Day, the tree-huggers have been screeching that we ONLY HAVE 10 years left, same shit for the past fifty years. Earth Day is also Vladimir Lenin’s birthday. Happenstance? Coincidence?



The Russians Are Coming. The Russians Are Coming…



We were SO disappointed that Eddie Albert (“Green Acres Is The Place To Be”) was involved…😆😅🤣😂

1970. Before Roe VS Wade. Saving Earth by NOT having children, because, you know, in 1970 our Earth was over-populated with too many durn Earthings (hmm..China with the 2 Kid rule).

1970. Before recycling..

We could go on and on and on…

New York City. Chicago. Parts of California. Some things have not change.

“And that’s the way it is…”


Who knew the 70s would evolve into Bubble Gum music and Disco music…and that the majority of those Earth Day protestors are now in their 70s and 80s…



Actually, Commie China had a one kid rule that was enforced by mandatory abortions during the second pregnancy, if the woman had one child. It was only when the party realized it was facing a demographic problem of an aging- out workforce that they eliminated the one-child edict.


Thank You for the correction and feedback, rgr769!

We remembered some trying to get us on that “Save The Earth” Bandwagon by emphasizing “overpopulation” of Mother Earth…Never made sense to us about the USA (or the world) being “overpopulated”.


Back then China had about 2 billion of the planet’s 3 billion some-odd folks. Believe we are around 7.5 billion now. Liked it better around 3 billion.


Guam could’ve been the test bed for that. We still don’t know just how many Marines are required to capsize it.


Welp, under Gropey Joe and his 0bamunist bandaHo’s, they are admitting over two million illegals per year, plus there are over a million legal immigrants per year. So, at that rate we could become overpopulated, especially in the cities.

A Proud Infidel®™

Let’s also not forget that this is the same EPA that wanted to regulate the use of wood as a heating fuel during the B. Hussein 0bama years, proposing regs requiring scrubbers for wood burning fireplaces and stoves.


Throttling back on the unofficial “fourth branch” of government, the unelected bureaucrats in the deep state. Let Congress step up and take responsibility for rules that affect our country. (They don’t want to, they’re cowards).