Air Force leaders discourage use of gender specific pronouns in award citations

| June 30, 2022

If you’ve ever wondered if we’ve reached peak clown world, someone within the Biden Administration proves we have not yet. Here’s more proof. Apparently we’re now not supposed to use gender-specific terms in awards packages. Everything is to be “they” to fully embrace the woke agenda. This is especially interesting as the E-1 through E-4 ranks within the Air Force are AIRMAN, and all Air Force members are to be generically referred to as “airMAN” in the singular or, in plural, “airMEN.”

From Fox News;

A U.S. Air Force leadership group is directing the Non-Commissioned Officers not to use gender pronouns when issuing awards to individual Airmen, instead advising that they use gender-neutral language.

“Do NOT use names or gender specific pronouns in your narratives,” reads attached guidance in an email to leaders at Osan Air Base, South Korea, adding that award narratives should use neutral language such as “Airman,” “Member,” and “Individual” when referencing the awardee.

“Look to replace he/she his/hers with – they (this one can be both singular and plural),” the instructions continue.

The instructions, which were sent by the base’s 5/6 leadership group, were emailed to dozens of Air Force leaders at the Osan Air Base, outlining new guidelines for giving Airman monthly and quarterly awards that are meant to “recognize your Airmen for their time, hard work, and continued dedication.”

The 5/6 leadership group is an organization of Non-Commissioned Officers present on every Air Force Base and is not part of the Department of Defense, but whose members are all Air Force NCOs in the E5 and E6 pay grades. The groups are dedicated to “the service’s core values while establishing a network of motivated, dedicated and professional” NCOs.

The Osan 5/6 did not immediately respond to a Fox News request for comment on the guidance. Public affairs offices for both Osan Air Base and the Department of the Air Force did not immediately respond to a Fox News inquiry on if the guidance was in line with base or Air Force policy.

The guidance comes at the Department of Defense has been under fire in recent years for pivoting to what some critics have called a “woke agenda,” with the Air Force making moves to change the Air Force song, releasing videos aimed at tackling members “unconscious biases,” and even going so far as considering dropping the “man” from “Airman.”

According to one report, the Department of Defense spent over 5 million man-hours and $535,000 on what it called extremism “stand downs,” which drew accusations from some Republican lawmakers that the department was promoting a “leftist social agenda in the military.”

“We face real threats across the world, yet the Biden administration is more focused on promoting its leftist social agenda in the military instead of countering China, Russia and Iran or creating an effective counterterrorism plan,” 12 GOP Senators wrote in response to the report earlier this year. “Our military is not an extremist organization, and our service members, by and large all good people, are dedicated, faithful patriots.”

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Once again, just chiming in to say, Shitbag, Fucker, and Knucklefuck is genderneutral.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Ditto with meathead, shitbird, dipshit and “HEY YOU!!”


So are: fucktard, dickweed, douchenozzle, asshat, shit-for-brains, fuckwit, and the all-purpose classic asshole


Not to be defending the SCROTUS, prezzy sniffy creepy, but that individual is not leading this sh^t show. That one is only the figurehead/fall guy that will be assigned the blame but the ones that set out to “fundamentaly change the face of America.” For another example of demonrats using an individual as a fall guy see, Oswald, Lee Harvey.

And no, we have yet to reach the pinnacle of this clown world.


J. Edgar Hoover liked to wear a dress, but he was never public about it (and, when he did, he wore a wig). Isn’t this concerning under the personnel reliability program nuclear stuff requires any more?


Nope, that’d be discriminatory or some such bullshit..
I mean, I guess they have a point. It used to be that such perversion could be used as fodder for blackmail.. these days the freaks are proud of it, so i guess the risk has gone down???


“Look to replace he/she his/hers with – they (this one can be both singular and plural),” the instructions continue.

Are they high? I’m old enough to remember the Army Writing Style ‘he’ was the default pronoun because it is the most typical out of the two genders, with a proviso that explains that is the case.

Doing this on awards is just dumb because rank, service-specific title and duty position EXSIST.

edit: am i reading this correctly that there is mid-level NCO Airmen that are assigned to bases, but those NCOs are not part of DoD?
Either I’m retarted or that doesn’t make any fking sense whatsoever.

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And some chicken-shit monkey-fucker at the command group listened to these asshats and let them have their way. I wonder what the Air Force Chief of Staff has to say. I already know the Chairman is fapping away.

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George V

I think the coming exodus of experienced warfighters from all military branches will make the exodus of NYC policemen look like just normal attrition.


Thus “why”.


Not just the vets.
Traditional recruits are opting for college, apprenticeships, or going into the workforce. A smart high school kid with options has no incentive to join. Do you know any veterans that would recommend kids join? I don’t, most of the guys I know are adamant about their kids not joining. Between the Afghanistan debacle, handing Iraq over to Iranian sphere of influence, horrible leadership, political and military, woke leftist indoctrination and lowering standards WTF does the military offer? I’m sorry but would any of you trust these idiots with your kids life?

Hack Stone

We had a good run. Pop Pop Stone served in the US Army in France during WWII. Poppa Stone was in the Army in The Philippines in WWII. His two brothers served in Korea, one Army, one Air Force. Hack and his younger brother Rollin Stone both were in the Marine Corps. No way in hell would he recommend today’s woke military to anyone interested in serving.


We’ve had a family member serve during if not in every military conflict this great nation has experienced, since the French and Indian War.. and I would NOT recommend my son join


Some “woke” Joes question defending our nation over Roe vs. Wade reversal now:

Leftism is subversion, folks. Anticommunists were right.

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Shoulda listened to McCarthy


He was right.


Don’t reference the -name- of the awardee?

That is stupid.

“Somebody did something wonderful! All glory to the Emperor! Banzai!”

Nah. Stonepile stupid.



How can a Non-Profit, Private, Volunteer Organization that is NOT part of the Department of Defense direct Air Force NCOs?

Something is not right….🤔

The Air Force 5/6 Clubs may be equivalent to the US Army Audie Murphy Club, another Non-Profit, Non DoD, Private organization (note for rgr769: Cayton…😉😎).


The Osan 5/6 Club Facebook Page:

A Non-Profit Organization, not a Department of Defense Organization.

Sometimes news headlines can be misleading. Sadly, even with Fox News.


Another Facebook account that only goes back to 2018:

Some of the pictures on that site… 🙄 


Another Fox News article that could be misleading:

“Trans Skateboarder Who Won First Prize Against Teen Is a Combat Vet, Dad Who Was Rejected From The Olympics”

Is he REALLY a Combat Veteran?

According to these articles, Ricci Tres’ birth name was Richard Batres who served four years in the US Navy as a second-class machinist corporal on the USS Abraham Lincoln. 

29 years old…which means birth year was about 1992/1993.


My WWII father was a Navy Aviation Machinist Mate 1C. He wasn’t a combat vet unless you count what he called “the Battle of Skid Row.” He did fly PV-1 combat patrols for German subs in the Atlantic. But they never found one. He did see some action on “the magic carpet” in Puerto Rico.


Thank You for the info, rgr769.

We were sincere/not sarc when we asked that question.

We remember Jonn posted that same question on TAH a while back based on a Discovery TV Reality show (the guy was a Contractor and went to the Stans and told everyone he was a “Combat Veteran”..was his name Joe?)..

Will have to find that TAH piece…it really generated alot of comments on the definition of a “Combat” Veteran…

We are still researching the USS Lincoln’s mission from 2001-2022. The articles stated he served 4 years Navy…we just don’t know the timeframe…or ports..

Does getting Combat Pay mean someone is a “Combat” Veteran? For Army: Does getting a Combat Patch mean one is a “Combat” Veteran?

So many questions…



Found the 2013 TAH article reference “Combat Veterans” (it was about Joe Teti)

2013..Wow…Almost 10 years ago…Who knew back then that Donald Trump AND Joe Biden became POTUS…and that we finally left Afghanistan..

We miss Jonn…Rest In Peace, Soldier…


Yes, I was here back in 2013 and I recall the controversy.


From the article: Ricci Tres, who also goes by Ricci And Tres…”

Great, now they’re normalizing multiple personality disorders…


The whole thing sounds just a little mutinous. Back channel chain of command. Stupid and probably illegal.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

This shit can’t get any better and as an off topic comment, on today’s June 30, 2013, 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots lost their lives in a wildfire when their shelters failed.


Wow, Jeff on the 19 members.

We did not know.

Thank You for that info.

Rest In Peace to those 19.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Thanks Ninja, Didn’t see any article about it on Fire Engineering and Fire Fighter Close Calls today on the PC. They usually bring up these LODD’s when their are a large number of FF Deaths on the date it happened. Wearing my Memorial tee shirt today.



Those 19 Firefighters were and still are HEROES:

Flags are flying Half-Mast for those 19 Unsung heroes.

Never Forget.

Thank You, again, Jeff, for letting us know and honoring them by wearing your Memorial T-Shirt.


Got to meet Marsh’s wife at a wildland conference a few years back. An impressive woman.
For those that are interested, the movie “Only the Brave” is about them, and from all accounts, pretty accurate to what happened (no-one knows, or ever will know what really happened at the end, as radio communications failed)
His story kinda hit home for me, he was 5 days younger than me…


Do members of the 5/6 Club know this creed?

As a Private/Non-Profit organization, will they have the power over the DoD to have the Air Force Creed change?

A private Army Club better not change The Soldier’s Creed…

airman creed.jpg

I have far more faith in the trustworthiness and fidelity of the E4 Mafia than this group of social justice jackwagons. They hold no DoD sanction or authority, yet seem to have a firm grasp on the testicles of the Osan AB command group. Article 15’s for all of them, Conduct Prejudicial to Good Order and Discipline.



The E4 Mafia STILL rules..



“7 Unofficial Rules That The E4 Mafia Lives By”



They do, and a wise NCO knows how to work with them, use them to their advantage 😉




“Never forget your roots”.


More reason to not join the military. The military can’t make recruiting goals, shocking!! Why would anyone with options want to join this shit show? Why would any responsible parent encourage joining today’s military? Seriously I would love to know the up sides. Between horrible leadership, political and military, a woke curriculum that makes Berkeley look conservative and shitty pay why would anyone want to join? It’s not like it’s extremely challenging anymore and as the traditional recruits continue to reject service the standards will continue to be lowered to fill out the ranks with warm bodies. Way too go America, keep electing assholes.

Hack Stone

Don’t worry, the transgenders will fill the ranks. We have been told that they are just as patriotic and willing to serve as the angry white males who have protecting America for almost 250 years.


Very sad times we live in. The country I grew up in is gone and replaced by a freak show. I feel bad for the normal kids that were raised right I hope they can unfuck the mess we’ve become.


The left/libtard Kool Aid they drank wholesale, however, doesn’t bode well for that:


I once asked the air force recruiter what was the correct term for his female recruits- airmen, airwomen, or what? He said, “airheads. Both sexes.”


Sorry for the unrelated post, but I thought this might be of interest: Four of Five Navy Officers Convicted in Long-Running ‘Fat Leonard’ Bribery Case


Thank You for the update, NDHoosier!

Time for some Woke Training..That should fix corruption/Greedy Little Ducks in our Armed Forces…😉😎


The Air Force is now run by an unofficial NCO committee. Yeahhhh that’s gonna work out well.


Is this committee full of trannies?


Ah, a “soviet”– how progressive of them.

BGen Jack D. Ripper would NOT be happy.


I’m sure there’s a lot of seismic activity in and around the area of my dad’s (LtCol D) grave! He was Army Air Corps at heart his entire career, 1941-1968. Lost his shit over the “Army of One” ad. This would’ve killed him.

Prior Service

Even if some airman lives by some jacked up gender, why wouldn’t “they’s” immediate chain of command know what gender “they” are, and accurately reflect the correct gender regardless of whether it is choice 1 or 2 (the real ones), or all the way out to number 17? This policy is pathetic. Someone needs to take hold of their balls and say “no.”


Do all members of the 5/6 Club possess the coveted NDSM???

(God’s Gonna Get Me For That Comment…)


We have this feeling that the Osan 5/6 Club is gonna feel some major backlash…

We Love Our DD214s…

Mike B

How long before the WOKE insists the ranks be changed to Airperson versus Airman…..?

Airperson Basic
Airperson First Class
Senior Airperson

Along with the term Airman/Airmen be changed to Airperson/Airpersons…….Tired of the woke shit, I’m going back to bed!

USAF Retired


Mike B:

A long, long time ago, women who served in the US Army were called “WACs”.

Women in the US Navy were known as “WAVES.”

Women in the Coast Guard were “SPARS”.

The US Army Women’s Army Corps (WACs) was disbanded in 1978. After 1978, all women who serve or have served in the US Army became known as “Soldier”..or “Private” or “Specialist” or “SGT” or “Ma’am” or “Old Lady”…

And probably other terms of endearment (the one for a female Dog)…😇😆

And then we have Hollywood sometimes ruin things (“GI Jane”, “Private Benjamin”).

Too much tradition with the Air Force. We think “Airman” is gonna stick…the only ones who “complain” have too much time on their hands and not enough to do…(wait a second…did we just describe Ole Brandon/Joey Boy and his Sidekick K.H…😉😆).

The NDSM Brotherhood Weeps…(wait a second…can we NOW say “Brotherhood”…)



” The Navy rides the WAVES, and the Army spreads WACs on the floor.” Think WACs went away in 1977, the wife was one of the last.




Since when did the 5/6 organization that is not a part of DOD something that can issue directives?

Some sorority or fraternity has as much legal authority..

Perhaps a real CMSgt vice an E-9 should explain how the chain of command works.

Hack Stone

The Pentagon will need to extend basic training another six weeks in order to train Recruits who grew up using proper grammar can be broken of the habit misgendering fellow service members.

Meanwhile, Air Force leadership is assigning all Air Force Security Police to round up all existing copies Pen & Quill from active duty and veterans, regardless of their current military affiliation or residence. It’s best to just let them in, you don’t want to inconvenience them by demanding a warrant.


Figures, AF took in too many hippie “draft evaders” during the Viet of Nam– look where that’s gotten ’em.

Hack Stone

The 5/6 leadership group is an organization of Non-Commissioned Officers present on every Air Force Base and is not part of the Department of Defense, but whose members are all Air Force NCOs in the E5 and E6 pay grades.

So, Hack Stone and his beer buddies can start an “organization” to mentor troops, then tell Big Army, Big Marine Corps, Big Navy and/or Big Air Force how things should be? Can’t see that happening.


If and when the Army adopts this shit-for-brains policy, it’s gonna require ten minutes just to answer the phone…