VA suspends Lawrence Gaillard without pay

| June 30, 2022

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As you guys remember, Lawrence Gaillard was a VA patient advocate who assaulted an elderly veteran. As of the time of the posting, there was a question about what action would the VA take against him regarding his VA employment. Thanks to “Channel 2 Investigates” presenting the video of the assault, events got underway that resulted in Gaillard’s suspension without pay.

Yahoo! News:

Channel 2 Consumer Investigator Justin Gray first broke the story of the attack and first shared the video, which shows employee Lawrence Gaillard shove the 73-year-old veteran into a door, then throw him to the ground by the neck and kick him in the head. The attack happened at a VA office at Fort McPherson on April 28.

The victim, Phillip Webb, suffered from a brain bleed so bad he doesn’t remember the attack.

Gaillard is now suspended, but it took nearly two months for the VA to take action.

Gray spent a month and a half trying to get hold of the video, but it wasn’t until after the story aired on Channel 2 Action News that Gaillard was finally suspended without pay.

The U.S. secretary of veterans affairs, Denis McDonough, is now commenting on the video.

“You know, I watched that video and it is heartbreaking,” McDonough said. “It’s abhorrent the behavior that’s depicted there. On behalf of the VA, I apologize to that veteran.”

Yahoo! News has the article here. Thanks to Anonymous for the link.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

If the above A-Hole is suspended but not fired, the va may have done this because they are worried about being racist.

Old tanker

That behavior is not proper no matter what skin color of the perp or victim. It is pretty damned cut and dried, fire the adam henry and prosecute him to the max.


Most states assault on an elderly person is a felony, just because this was on fed land doesn’t mean the local po’lease can’t nail balls to the wall.


“…it took nearly two months for the VA to take action.”

“You know, I watched that video and it is heartbreaking, It’s abhorrent the behavior that’s depicted there,” [VA Sec] McDonough said.

Really? Because,“…it took nearly two months for the VA to take action.”

Fcuking bureaucraps and their lapdog union members. Ticks in need of frontline and a bath with the stinkiest of shampoos.


How the VA actually feels about veterans.


C’mon man, it was mostly peaceful care.


I’d like to call a board meeting with Gaillard and McDonough to discuss this situation. I’ll bring a 2X4.

The Stranger

You’re not trying hard enough. A 4×4 (the board or the vehicle, your choice) would work better.


They should have fired that SOB. This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with the wrong person in the job. Gaillard ought to be locked up. Scumbag.


Aw, but “who you know” matters and he has “dirt” on his superiors (you know how these turds operate).

USMC Steve

Why was he not arrested for his felonious assault and battery on that man?


He was.

The VA slapped him on the back, said; “Job well done, those elderly veterans won’t be coming in here begging for medical care and resources no more.”

Then there was a video……


They’ll get the charges dropped then bring him back with an apology.

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m sure he’s a member of the AFGE, the American Federation of Government Employees which is the largest federal employee union representing 700,000 federal and D.C. government workers nationwide and overseas and yes, it’s AFL-CIO affiliated.


Even FDR thought public-sector unions were a bad idea.

USMC Steve

That is why I no longer have any membership in that union. They demonstrated to me personally on three occasions that they were all talk and lies and no action. Or in other words typical socialist democrats.


If “suspend” was “hung by the neck until dead” I’d agree on a suspension.


“On behalf of the VA, I apologize to that veteran”

So, you gonna send him a get well card?


He’ll probably appreciate a lap dance from a hot stripper better.


Does this mean Gaillard can start collecting unemployment checks/$$$ and benefits via hard working tax payers?

Perhaps he can resolve his internal anger and improve his social skills by being a WalMart Greeter…or better yet, become a Volunteer at a VA hospital…

Hmmm…can’t help wondering if any lawyers have contacted Mr. Webb, i.e. lawsuit…

Mike B

Since he’s most likely a disabled veteran, I think it should be listed as a hate crime……Just saying!

Back to my time out corner…!


Indirectly related.

We hope and pray that woman gets arrested and serve her last days in Prison.

67 years is too long.

She was the instigator. All because she wanted attention.

How could she have lived with this all of these years?

“1955 Warrant In Emmett Till Case Found, Family Seeks Arrest”

“Till Relatives Seek Accuser’s Prosecution In 1955 Kidnapping”

If our country can catch and trial the Golden Gate Serial Killer, then our country can do the same with her. You know. Equal Rights…

Carolyn Bryant Donham. Lives in North Carolina. Age is about 88.

“Liberty and Justice For All…”

Hack Stone

President Biden wasted no time commenting on the “horse whipping” by Immigration Officers, yet he has been uncharacteristically quiet about this assault caught on video.

USMC Steve

I think he is taking a nap.