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| June 26, 2022

Ruger Mini-14

Suspect shot, killed while attempting to rob multiple people in NE Harris County, sheriff says
This is a developing story.

Author: Chloe Alexander
HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A suspect was shot and killed Friday while attempting to rob multiple people in northeast Harris County according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

This happened in the 9000 block of Melody Park Lane. The sheriff tweeted about the incident shortly before 2:45 p.m.

Details are limited, but the sheriff said the suspect ran away after the robbery and shooting but was later found and pronounced dead.

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KHOU Comes Through Again

Thanks for the link, Gun Bunny.

Employee shoots, kills suspect during attempted robbery in SW Houston: police

By Ronnie Marley
HOUSTON – Officials are now investigating following an afternoon shooting in southwest Houston on Tuesday afternoon.

Police said the shooting occurred at Carter’s Country on the 11800 block of South Willcrest around 3 p.m.

Police said the suspect went into a Suit Mart store and attempted to shoplift some jeans.

Shortly thereafter, police said, the suspect walked into Carters Country, walked behind the register, and stole some money out of the register.

At that point, police said an employee of the store confronted the suspect, fired two times and struck the suspect, causing him to run out and collapse in the parking lot.

The suspect was taken to the hospital in critical condition but was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Police added that during the attempted robbery at Carters Country, they recovered a bladed weapon on the suspect.

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Fox 26 Houston

God bless Texas.

There is no doubt in my mind that millions of lives could have been saved if the people had not been “brainwashed” about gun ownership and they had been well armed. Hitler’s thugs and goons were not very brave when confronted by a gun. Gun haters always want to forget the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, which is a perfect example of how a ragtag, half starved group of Jews took up 10 handguns and made asses out of the Nazi’s. — Theodore Haas, former prisoner of the infamous Dachau prisoner concentration camp

Evil Black Mini-14

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Tried to rob Carter’s Country?
That is definitely more stupid than trying to rob an on-duty cop or a CCL class!
If you’ve never been to Carter’s Country, next time you are in the AO you’ve gotta swing by at least one of their locations.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Thx for the info. When I read the story, I thought Carter’s Country was an average 7-11 Quickie Mart Convenience Stop-&-Rob.
Now I know better.
Ain’t education wunnerful?

I grew up drooling over the full-page Carter’s Country ads in the Houston Post and Houston Chronicle, with their “Ol’ Bill Sez” information columns in them.
The original location, off FM 1960, has a great range as well.


If you think your rifle “shoots great” there (have met folks who do) note the 100yard targets laze to 91 yards. Houston’s worst feature: charging range time by the gun.


Does make it expensive to sight in or practice with multiple guns.
Honestly, didn’t know ranges in other areas didn’t charge a per-gun per-user fee.
How does it work elsewhere?


That’s the one I remember going to all the time and occasionally we would go to the one in Katy.


“Police added that during the attempted robbery at Carters Country, they recovered a bladed weapon on the suspect”

They forgot to add “which he also stole”


The AC-556 its the Mini-14 cousin that smoked cigarettes behind the school.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

And before Gun Bunny gets here, let me say a few words about Ms Thang……blonde hair, fair skin, black skin tight (sure that’s not spray painted on?) outfit. Except for what appears to be a Glock or some other Tupperware in her mitts, what’s not to enjoy? Excellent eye candy indeed. Thx, ‘Ed.

“…say a few words…” Honey Hush & Child Puulleaze!(?) Brillant (or should we say sick?) Minds DO think alike, My Brother Tox. Not spray painted on, I used my tongue for a brush. Lawd, hab mercy. She has something in her mitts? Musta missed that, I’ll take another peek. Speaking of peek, nice little peek-a-boo blouse she’s wearing too. More proof that our Beloved AW1Ed loves us and wants us to be happy. The Adorable Deplorables just want us to grow up.

A two-fer DRT and a two-fer Mini 14. Life is good! “…a working man’s rifle…” “…classic wood and steel look…” Nice chainsaw bayonet attachment on the Evil Black Mini.

Hitler (and others like him, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, et al) used the control of the gunz to solidify the control of the people. Learn from history or repeat it.

Gun Bunny going dark in a bit bit. A little TAD, with a Zebco, is on the DA Form 6 for me.

The Stranger

Zebco? Really? You know, you should at least step up to a Shakespeare or an Abu/Garcia. Just sayin’.


Them city boys ain’t ver’ bright, is they?

Can you imagine the fun Mel Brooks would have with a “Blazing Saddles II” built around that idea?


We should not encourage such evil actions as they propose. But then again, it would result in chlorinating the gene pool.

There is no bag limit or season for pest species, right?

The Stranger

100 deep? Hell, I wouldn’t know what to do! AR-15, AK, or AR-10? Decisions, decisions. If anyone got close enough? S&W 686, Kimber Ultra-Carry, CZ-75, or Ruger .327 Federal Mag. Oh hell, have them all handy. Fuck around and find out!


If they get close enough a Mossy 88 with 00 should thin the ranks.


Math for Remediation of 100 AnneQueeftards


  1. They run at a moderate pace (9 min/mile)
  2. No IMTing/attempts to seek cover
  3. 80% hit-rate of defensive force
  4. sustained rate of fire of 15 rounds/min
  5. engagement begins at 300 meters
  6. no loss of engagement time due to wpn malf/reload

[300 meters / (1609 meters/mile)](9 min/mile pace)] = bayonets and brass knuckles in 1.68 minutes.

100+20+(7/10 rule) shots = 128 fundamentals of marksmanshiping, or ~9 riflemen/minutes (8.5 rounded)

Mission accomplished by you and 8 friends in 1.59 minutes with 16 meters to spare!

(feel free to check the maff)


There is an error in there but I’m too fried to find it. It’s 91 degrees here with a feelz like of 93 and that has taken a toll on the dimensional analysisering area of my brain.

Point stands!

Maybe its time for my cheap ass to put the AC in…

The Stranger

You’re assuming that they’ll keep coming towards me after they see their buddies get dropped. I figure after about a dozen kiss dirt, the rest would run the OTHER way.


Yes. I listened it under assumptions.

That was kinda the joke.

And now you ruined it.


(kidding. its hot and time for a Champagne of Beers. Cheers!)


They forget we have backhoes, too. Or feral hogs.

The Stranger

Or better yet, feral backhoes!


Best disposition, feral hogs first, then backhoes for the leftovers. A power application of shoot, shovel, and shut-up.

The Stranger

Yeah, I saw some news on that yesterday. I don’t think it will go as planned for them. But, hey, you never know until you try.


You know the scene in The Patriot where Mel Gibson is a ghost in the trees, picking off lobsterbacks backs before they even knew what happened?” -NotTheBee

Yes. Oh please, God?! YES!!! The horde will know they’ve entered a forest of pain when the trees start signing Hank Jr.

The Stranger

Or how about the classic that never goes out of style…The L-shaped Ambush!


Did a classic one once. Too bad we were only shooting blanks, or there would have been quite a body count.


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Prior Service

I love my stainless Mini-14 but still haven’t found a stock I’m happy with. (I’m on number three.)