Vehicle drives into pro-Trump store

| June 18, 2022 | 25 Comments

A vehicle drove into a pro-Trump store, crashing items in its path. The vehicle contained anti-Trump stickers. The owner of the store stated that earlier, there was a mother and her child in the same spot the car latter rolled through. Ironically, one of the stickers intended as a jab against Trump and Trump supporters actually applied to the driver and the apparent intent.

From Just the News:

The video shows the vehicle plowing through the window and going several yards into the store, knocking over racks of shirts.

The owner of the store, Keith Lambert, told a local news outlet that just before the car crashed through the window “there was a little boy with his mother shopping right in that spot.”

“Thank God nobody got hurt, that’s all I can say,” he said.

Police have identified the driver only as a 46-year-old man from the nearby town of Raynham, who was taken to a nearby to be treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

No charges have been reported, and the accident remains under investigation.

Images of bumper stickers on the back of the Jetta appear to show an image of the former president with a barcode on Trump’s upper lip that looks to be a reference to Adolf Hitler’s image.

The sticker also includes a Voltaire quotation that reads, “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”

Just the News has the rest of the article here.

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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Dollars to donuts it was no accident


I’m really getting sick and tired of all this leftwing violence.

Anyone in the area wanna meet up, talk to this guy, maybe get a fund raising cookout going? Depending on local ordinances, ‘raffle off’ free beers for donations.

I’m about 2 hours away and down for the gitdown.


Not dangerous insanity when Democrats do it, of course…


Until we pass some common sense building control laws, these attacks on vehicles from buildings will continue. Lawsuit against the building for damages and treatment of The PTSofD for the car will be forthcoming. How dare that building place itself in the path that the vehicle wanted to go.


The writing was on the wall.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Rim Shot

Hack Stone

Letyode the Auto Show Loophole.

A Proud Infidel®™

BUTBUTBUT how do we know it wasn’t just a “misguided peaceful protest” done by some poor “Victim of Society” lashing out from his oppression or some shit like that?


Systematic “Ultra MAGA” oppression made him do it, comrade! He couldn’t help it.


Sleepy Creepy PINO Joey falls off his bike. Don’t worry, the bike was unharmed.

Moment Biden FALLS OFF his bike: ‘My foot got caught’ – YouTube


Has anyone noticed (besides me) that everyone around Ole Brandon Boy came down with COVID (to include King Fauci) except him?




Should be treated as a hate crime. oh, wait…wrong party


Riot season starting.


This Karen could have been the driver:

She STILL Doesn’t Get It… Crazy Lady Loses It on Religious Right After Paying $98 to Fill Up Her Tank (VIDEO) (

She does seem just a tad misinformed… 😜 


hahahahahaha!!! idiot.

She should spend 1.28 bidengallons on this, take a good looooonnnnnngggggg look, and realize she (and that mis-econ garden gnome Robert Reich) are the problem.

Greed, ladies and gentlemen, is good.

(link unverified, cookie issues. should be a $7 mirror from wallywold)


Karen, a crazy old white bitch, right? How is this not as racist as calling every black man Tyrone, every Asian as ChingChang, etc?


I updooted you but/only to give you reasons:
-‘Karen’ knows no color
-neither do any other of those, it’s a ‘tude modified by a linear algebra times the first derivative of a shitty person
-you just mad at TGP link, seethe harder.

That dumb seeyunt is a Karen, and youz a raysis


Karen is used against white women only, or on the rare occasions if some other race, a clear dileanation of “acting like a Karen” is made. I get tired of whites being a free-fire zone lately. On a more pithy level…someone calls yer wife a c*nt you’d feed’em their teeth, right?


David, “Karen” is used as a form of ridicule and disparagement aimed at nutty, LIBERAL women, the snowflakes.

And you have heartburn with THAT? 🙄 


Or every Irishman a “mick”


The driver and his ANTIFA tattoos, confirmed.


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