Whole Hogg

| June 7, 2022

David Hogg

Not one to miss an opportunity, our favorite dancing ghoul is back, surprising exactly no one. There’s a new spin, though. Apparently dissatisfied with the local response to recent horrific gun crimes, Hogg is extoling his followers to take their dancing act on the road.

David (no relation) sends.

March for Our Lives founder urges people abroad to protest at U.S. embassies

Julia Shapero

The big picture: March for Our Lives, a youth-led organization that seeks to end gun violence, is gearing up to hold a march in Washington, D.C., on June 11 in the wake of a series of deadly mass shootings in the U.S.

After a shooting at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket that killed 10 and another at a Uvalde, Texas, elementary school that left 19 children and two adults dead, the country has continued to be rocked by gun violence.

At least 11 people were killed and 54 were injured in seven separate mass shootings over the weekend.

Driving the news: Hogg encouraged people to hold marches outside of U.S. embassies in their countries on June 11 and demand “our government do something about gun safety.”

“The more protests we can get outside US embassies the better,” Hogg wrote in a tweet. “We must make the fact that our government has done nothing to protect our kids even more of an international embarrassment.”


By “Done Nothing” Hogg of course means the confiscation of all perfectly legal 20 million+ scary looking AR rifles hasn’t happened. That this would solve nothing and perhaps cause local armed insurrections is meaningless in the face of “Doing Something.”

Call me when they start talking about armed school staff and hardened schools instead of violating my Constitutional rights. Good thing I’m the patient sort.

Thanks for the inspiration, David. See how it works?

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He’s so FIERCE!


Not to mention his gun-control buddy, Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Emma Gonzalez)…


Especially when he’s blowing his frat butt buddies at Harvard… probably loves feeling balls dancing all over his face


…not to mention the money shot.

RGR 4-78

David Hogg, when all the firearms are confiscated, you will be grist for the leftist mill, nothing more, nothing less.

USMCMSgt (Ret)

Still applicable…


Inquiring minds want to know whether he is a top or a bottom back in the Rainbow Dorm at Havahd.


He totally looks like a power bottom.


I wonder if there is a photo of him smiling.
Always has that pissed off look on his face.
Lighten up Hogg boy. Life is short.


Him and Greta Whatsherface.




Ban all AR47s!!!

Common sense ‘high word-count restrictions’ next!

There is no reason for a Sunday New Yawk Slimes to be that large!!


comment image


His daddy works or worked for the .gov too. Funny how the dots connect when looking at other players in the Gun Control Scam.


Don’t forget old Barry’s Big Press Conference with Janet Nappy (ex AZ Gov), Rahm Emanuel and Eric (the Red) Holder about over the border guns because the 2nd Amendment and they needed to do something.

They all new about and were involved in Fast and Furious gun running and also Mcstain and his rinos played a roll!

No on Gun Control, but yes on Government Control!


Buttplug should avoid talking about gun control and school security and stick to something he has intimate knowledge about—fellatio and being a bottom for his “husband.”


What these bitches mean by “gun safety” is no guns for law abiding citizens. Apparently, “gun control” doesn’t focus group as well as gun “safety.”


I guess if that Uvalde kid had trigger locks and a gun safe, he couldn’t or wouldn’t have shot up that grade school. Likewise for all those gang bangers in Shotcago that shoot people daily.

A Proud Infidel®™

AND IF he was also required to have a Firearm ownership Permit like those in NJ are required to do, just look at how effective their gun Control laws are at preventing violent crime!


Yup– people they attack can’t shoot back.


Proof of the fact that they are absolute cowards. This whole thing stinks like an Iowa hog farm in August…


comment image


Every weapon I know of has a safety.
First damn thing you learn.
They must be talking about some other kind of safety


They have a specific goal in using the expression gun safety. It is to reframe the issue as a public health problem so that they can then employ the federal emergency powers of the CDC and DHS to proclaim a gun crisis requiring severe government responses, as in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Just wait and see if ol’ Poe isn’t right on this…


Not to mention that anyone who disagrees with an approved Demo_rat will be “mentally ill” and need hospitalization.


And here they go, prepping the political landscape by forewarning of danger from domestic terrorists (three guesses who those will be):

DHS bulletin warns of ‘heightened threat environment,’ violent months ahead | Fox News

One thing you can take to the bank: None of the gun toting Antifa/BLM thugs in their black uniforms will be considered domestic terrorists no matter how many cities they torch. That will be a term applied only to conservative Americans and guess what?

If the Dems get a federal Red Flag law passed with RINO help, conservatives will soon find themselves designated domestic terrorists just for speaking out and poof! there go your 1st Amendment rights, your 2D Amendment rights and any firearms you might use to protect you and your family from a tyrannical central government.

Oh, and FUCK Matthew 💩 McConaughy… 😡  😠  😡 


My wife noticed that the green tennies held by McConaughey’s wife looked too big for a ten-year-old girl. She (Mrs. McC.) was also seen at the airport wearing them. A pic of the little girl wearing hers shows they were faded about two shades lighter green and looked worn. So, the shoes were a PR stunt. Sad


I gotta admit my finger gets a bit sore after a few
thousand rounds so I can see the medical aspect of
too much shooting. So far it’s just a little arthritis.


Actually, most firearms designed before 1900 had no safety other than a half-cock position for the exposed hammer. That is why most revolvers were carried with the hammer down on an empty chamber.


“…and demand “our government do something about gun safety.”

Okay then, let’s start with enforcing the laws we have. Let’s put the National Guard into inner cities and every illegal gun gets confiscated, the holder gets LONG jail time, and then see what happens.

No, it will not stop the people like Buffalo and Uvalde. But then again, they had given clear messages to many that they were nucking futs. Yet no one red-flagged them.

David Hogg is a loser and probably queer.


None of the blue cities enforce any of the firearm laws when the D.A.’s plea bargain them off.
Chicago is famous for prosecuting exactly 0 gun crime laws like possession my a felon, etc.
F’n dickwads.


comment image


“…Rust and politicians”, Hoglet! If your actions continue and the dotgov makes me a criminal, that’s on them and you.

Hell hath no fury like a undocumented, ammofluid ghost gun with a third hole!


Also, remember that one time Hunter ‘did somethings’ with a gun and his FKING Secret Service detail went and found it, then covered up the incident?!

Salty Army remembers.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

Check out how corruptly/incompetently the feds operated their Covid-19 small business bailout:

“A Las Vegas callgirl who comes up repeatedly on Hunter Biden‘s laptop hit the jackpot with a $20,207 check from the federal government for her “female owned sole proprietorship” shortly after her well-connected client’s father moved into the White House, according to federal records.

“The check Uncle Sam cut to Cheryl Deboves was part of the coronavirus Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) bailout, and she listed it as saving one job in the field of “Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers.”

Reports: Naked Hunter Biden, the Gun, and the ‘Benefit’ His Prostitute Pal Got – RedState

Last edited 1 year ago by poetrooper

Yes, this salty remembers. The gun thrown in the dumpster was a .38 revolver. He lied on his 4473 to buy it, as he had to deny his history of drug use and addiction. Moreover, he must have done it again if he purchased that Berretta Cougar semi-auto in his nudy pics from a gun shop.

John Seabee

I suggest that we all sing this weasel a hymm. HYMM, HYMM, PHUC HYMM!!!!!


Little David Hogg is living proof of just how pervasive and insidious Satan can be. Jesus says “love one another as I have loved you”.

Satan says, “have you met my little friend, David Hogg?”.

I expect for him to become a government school teacher, one day, replete with tattoos and rainbow accessories.


I think the Hogg-boi has a government job in his sights thoughts. Perhaps he thinks he can be Betoff O’Rourke’s gun confiscation czar. I’m sure he likes the sound of being a Czar.


Indeed, a pathetic, failed little fella who will always rely on the kindness of strangers and spend his early adulthood looking for places to plug in a used Prius.

Skivvy Stacker

I thought you said “used penis”, and was gonna say; “no fuckin’ way”….


He has a cute sister for that part.


This clown is still around. I thought he would have been ass raped in prison by now.


This sissy punk ass, a not so “useful idiot”, still pushing for some more control over We, The People? Too bad he can’t be fed to some hogs, but that may be classified as porcine abuse. Molon Labe, Bitch.  :arandammo: 

Hack Stone

We may, emphasis on may, consider surrendering our firearms once we see Hunter Biden in handcuffs for making a false statement on the form he completed when bought that firearm that his girlfriend/sister-in-law dumped in the trash can.

A Proud Infidel®™️

The little Bony Eared Assfish whores for attention yet again, fearing that he’ll no longer be deemed useful and thrown on the same ash heap as Bradley Manning and Cindy Sheehag.


What a pussy looking faggot.


Question for the group:
Were one to slap this Hogg, would one be guilty of child abuse, of abusing a woman, or of abusing a helpless animal?

Asking for a friend.


Laying on of hands is generally regarded as a good thing, a blessing, as it were.


David Hogg does not know me.


Jack, where the hell have you been?


Hey, you know me, I’ve been around all the time!


Jack, you’ve been gone so long I was beginning to think I didn’t know you… 😜 

Bill R.

“Gun Safety” implies people killed through accidental shootings.


Yup. And if a gangbanger gets offed within a block of a school at midnight on a friday night in July, it’s a “school shooting”.


Yup, that is how our government categorizes these incidents as school shootings. They also include cases where a kid shoots himself in a suicide somewhere on school property.


This wimp is the epitome of the Beta/Cuck/Soy Boi of the The Left. Phuque him


Since we’re lacking space for on-topic remarks, i’ll drop this here:


According to CNN:

More than 200 business leaders, representing employees in all 50 states, sent a joint letter to the Senate on Thursday, demanding “bold urgent action” to address gun violence…

I love it went the enemy exposes themselves!! If you care to read the letter, and know anything about ‘meh gon vy-oh-lance’, hilarity is promised. These fukin people.

Last edited 1 year ago by Roh-Dog

OK you may or may not be able to open this link but it looks like Burger King has gone full woke.
It looks like a David Hogg burger