Wednesday FGS

| June 8, 2022

Korth Heritage Edition

An enemy of liberty is no friend of mine. I do not owe respect to anyone who would enslave me by government force, nor is it wise for such a person to expect it. — Isaiah Amberay

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President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

The DeMSM hiding Feelz Goodz stories again?


Dave Mason song in mind, this morning, Feelin’ Alright, but could be better, with judicious administration of righteousness seasoned with a DRT, DOT or a lesson learned and learnt good.

FJB and happy humpday.

Yep, they are, Tox. The struggle was reelly reelz. As our Beloved AW1Ed points out below, there’s a number of us usual suspects, curry combing the countryside, rooting out FGS. Including the ones about disloyal Jersey Cows and Shanghai Roosters. Every hole we fished was as dry as Hitllary’s. Was some stuff on pavement predators taking out one another, but those are as numerous as star struck Naval Aviators at a showing of “that movie”…or in a karoke bar…playing beach volleyball.

Glad the fellas are keeping the bees hydrated and sweetening up the worm beds. They have to eat too, same as buzzards.

That Korth come with a carriage and caisson? It may even need a STTGU (Shoulder Thing That Goes Up) and a BS (Barrel Shroud). Fine example of HHA (Hand Held Artillery).

I will have respect for the ones that stand with me in revolt to a grubermint that wants to turn me from a citizen into a subject. Rise Up! Resist! Rebel!


Nice M1A with the thing that goes up in the back.
I got my qual badge with the M-14 at Ft Dix so naturally bought
an M1A years later. Too bad it got lost in the Kennebec river…


Damn shame that, Beans. About nothing more satisfying then the click of a mag lock on the M1A and the vault door slam of that brand of action, chambering a jacketed freedom seed.

May those fishes counting your Arm as theirs remain free from all encumbrances.


On bowling pins. ‘…a lot of them are wasted in bowling alleys’. HAHAHA


That’s a beaut of a handcannon!
On a completely different topic, this twice deployed, never physically-wounded (I DID catch the hurt of butt once or on few instance) Vet is hosting a totally legit fund raising activity for…. housing… or service dog…. naw, babymommadrama!
Pony up 37 hundred Federql ‘Reserve’ Debt notes (plus tax) or you’re a Phildo!*

*for every in tents and porpoises this is a joke, take your hard earned dollars and buy food, ‘tools’ and the shiny.