Easy questions coming to an end for Team Biden?

| June 6, 2022

The mainstream media provided favorable reporting for Biden’s presidential campaign in 2020, then became energetic against arguments of election fraud that November. Even when their audience started to diverge from them with regard to their view of Biden, they continued favorable coverage… Until recently. The new press secretary is among those finding this out the hard way.

From Fox News:

NBC News kicked off the negative stories early Tuesday morning following the long Memorial Day weekend with a report headlined, “Inside a Biden White House adrift,” telling readers, “Amid a rolling series of calamities and sinking approval ratings, the president’s feeling lately is that he just can’t catch a break — and that angst is rippling through his party.”

NBC News began its report by noting that Biden has pressed aides to do a better job with messaging.

“Faced with a worsening political predicament, President Joe Biden is pressing aides for a more compelling message and a sharper strategy while bristling at how they’ve tried to stifle the plain-speaking persona that has long been one of his most potent assets,” NBC News wrote. “Biden is rattled by his sinking approval ratings and is looking to regain voters’ confidence that he can provide the sure-handed leadership he promised during the campaign, people close to the president say.”

The report lists the crises that have “piled up” to make “the Biden White House look flat-footed” from soaring inflation, high gas prices, a spike in COVID cases, to the mass shootings that have taken place in recent weeks, writing how “Democratic leaders are at a loss about how he can revive his prospects by November” as Republicans are expected to ride a red wave in the midterm elections. NBC News even suggested a potential White House shakeup may occur as rumors of Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain may leave the administration after the midterms and Biden adviser Anita Dunn may rise as his successor.

CNN’s Jake Tapper also used the “flat-footed” term on Sunday while questioning Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo about looking caught off-guard by the inflation and formula crises.

“We’re talking about two critical issues here that directly affect the American people where they live. Where the Biden administration looks like it was caught flat-footed – inflation and baby formula, not to mention the record gas prices, which were hurt by the war in Ukraine, no doubt, but that’s not the only reason why they’re so high,” Tapper said on “State of the Union.”

The Politico piece on Sunday also painted Biden as frustrated and the West Wing as beset by internal finger-pointing over his poor polling numbers.

Hours after NBC News’ report was published, the Washington Post published a piece headlined, “White House scrambles on inflation after Biden complains to aides,” that claimed Biden “fumes privately that [the] administration isn’t doing enough to show concern on high prices.”

“The White House launched a new push Tuesday to contain the political damage caused by inflation after President Biden complained for weeks to aides that his administration was not doing enough to publicly explain the fastest price increases in roughly four decades,” the Post framed its report that appeared to largely give Biden a pass on inflation but admitted the president is “struggling to show that at least he understands that Americans are suffering and is doing what he can.”

Fox News has the article here.

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George V

“Biden has pressed aides to do a better job with messaging”

Would it ever occur to these morons that it’s not the messaging, but the message itself? Maybe a change of policy, with a change of message, would help? Maybe something like:

  • Hey let’s produce oil here like we did a few years ago
  • Maybe we should stop letting everybody in on the southern border
  • Let’s make it easier to make stuff here by reducing the burden of regulations instead of adding to it
  • How’s about we let local school districts decide their gender policies

Naaah, that won’t help. Instead let’s just repeat what we’ve said in a louder voice. That’ll convince people.

AW1 Rod

Hey! Don’t worry! The drooling retard has this energy problem under control!

I sure hope this latest misuse/abuse of the DPA will power all the trucks and train engines needed to move goods across the country…..assuming we actually have any goods to move.


Solar panels = cheaper fuel? Guess I missed the memo.

Remember the Solyndra “debacle”? Joey Bago’donuts can and will do so much worse.

Hack Stone

$600,000,000 of taxpayer money, and not one solar panel sold. The took their business model from The Producers.


Com’on, man! Look at all the government guaranteed loan money those Friends of Barrack made on the venture.


> The drooling retard 

I object to your use of the word retard.

It implies that his lack of intelligence is not self-inflicted.


Didn’t the messiah, the great divider Barack the Weak once say “Never Underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck shit up”? I know, I know , he was good at telling fables , but the clues of ole Joe being a babbling old fool were always there to begin with…trust me Joe was a trifling piece of shit before the dementia set in, don’t “feel sorry” for the poor old man now, he deserves everything he gets and the some …he Barry, Hunter, Billary and Big Mike will all get to smoke a big turf in hell together one day for the crimes committed against the people.


Add to that list Liz ‘The other cankled meat’ Cheney, the weepy clown Kinzinger and (as soon as he sells out Amd 2 for political expediency) that turd Cocaine Mitch with his chicomm handler of a wife.

Where have all the statesmen gone?
Indentured ‘autocrats’ does not a Republic make.


“Democratic leaders are at a loss…” Believe I’ve found the problem.

No, not the lack of inspiration. That’s a given. Those two words, democratic leaders. Except for a rare exception or two, all dissention has been stifled by far left group-think and it shows. There are no Democratic Leaders.


All part of the plan to replace prezzy sniffy with the True Chosen One of the Cool Black Dude. The worse they can make sniffy look, the better the replacement looks.

And some people think we’re going to be abe to vote our way out of this mess.


“Biden has pressed aides to do a better job with messaging.”

Translation: “Biden left some Empire-State-Building sized piles of shit behind him. Make them smell like roses.”