No Need to Panic, Folks….

| May 26, 2022

Well, we kind of knew this was coming, didn’t we? The debacle over baby formula – a manufactured bit of play acting, if nothing else – was disgraceful enough, but power outages and empty store shelves? In this country?

This video discusses options for power outages, especially in the summer. So far, nothing like that has happened in my area that was not the fault of the electric company or the weather gods, but you never know what sort of sneaky crap is going to hit you next these days. I was quite surprised by the components that were discussed in this video, and the volume of power they are capable of providing.

This comes from two people who have been researching the simplest and most cost effective ways to survive everything from shortages in the food supply lines to power outages in all weather.

Where I live, the power goes out at least once a year, and it’s usually in the winter. No idea why it hits in the winter, but it does, and it is always something as simple as the junction box down the street or further away, such as when a derecho shut down power in my county and two other counties (south and west), and required two full days to simply restore power. Having to toss out an entire fridge of food – well, that was painful, but the frozen stuff hadn’t completely thawed because I kept the freezer door shut. But even McD’s could not provide ice to us poor souls and at the gas station next door to McD’s, someone had overnight made off with every bag of ice in the cooler because it wasn’t locked. That was a classic bit of nastiness.

What these folks do is present possibly the most thorough and well-prepared examples of what will get you (and me) through those rough patches that we all run into. The idea that you can use a battery with USB ports to charge and/or run some electronic stuff is right out of Buck Rogers and ST:NG.

I’ve watched a lot of their videos and they seem to have a lot of common sense, so I’ve paid attention to their presentations.

Frankly, I am very glad I no longer live in The City, simply because utility rates are freakishly exorbitant at this point. My own gas bill, which is a specific monthly charge, was raised from $61/month to $91/month, simply because the price of natural gas has gone up. And unfortunately, I have had to run the furnace to keep the house at 70F until today, when I finally shut off the furnace. It’s fine, but there is one little glitch in this: it’s supposed to drop to the low 50s tonight and not rise above 55F tomorrow and 49F on Saturday night.

I think there is plenty of blame to go around, but it’s kind of odd right now – isn’t it? – that we’re having all these crises bubbling to the surface in barely two years? And when did they really start? If that doesn’t make the general public snap out of their comas, what will? And if things are so bad, then how come I’m seeing heavily loaded trains hauling loaded containers north on the rail lines and sending empty cars back to pick up more stuff? Who is behind this boondoggle?

I don’t believe in coincidence, not one teensy bit, and ditto conspiracy theories, so who decided that it might be a clever thing to piss off the voting public by inflating costs of materials needed for daily lives – like baby formula – and engaging in scare-mongering, which only pisses people off. (If I see anyone at the Ren Faire this summer dressed like Plague doctor, I’ll get photos.)

Gas is now $5.209 in my area. You can check for prices at the heat map link below for Gas Buddy.

Putting 4.5 gallons into a gas tank cost over $20 yesterday, at a station where the price changed from $4++something to more than $5++something an hour later. And you know what they say about inflation, right? It has its limits and then collapses. If you’re old enough to remember the Arab Oil Embargo, you know what I’m using as a comparison. It seems like only yesterday…. But now the online rumor mongering is that we’re about to see everything collapse in the financial world, so wait a bit before you draw comparisons to 1929. And yeah: in tough times, cash is king, so have some hidden away in a Secret Squirrel Spot and don’t talk about it.

Anyway, watch the video and take it seriously. I learned a lot from these folks on this subject alone, just from this brief video.

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Locally (WA) the “76” gas stations have started changing LED price displays to allow for 4 digits.  😬 


Vote Democrat for more!


What did the left/commies use before candles…Electricity.
Liberalism is a Mental Illness that only a miracle can cure and miracles still happen, just not the way I would like sometimes.
I will keep praying and preparing in that order!

A Proud Infidel®™️

Crashing a nation this fast is no accident, it’s intentional.


How Democrats get an agrarian “green” Socialist oligarchy they can enjoy and be proud of, comrade!
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jeff LPH 3 63-66

The liberals voted in the high price on gas by voting in the Supreme Ruler so they shouldn’t be complaining.




Dunno about that. 8+ million more gun owners out there, MSM is going broke along with Hollyweird, more people have storable food, distrust their government at higher rates than probably anytime in my life AND now KNOW that inflation is robbery!!…

Any moment now the shitlibs may just reach across the aisle to unite with the Dark Ultra MAGA to tar & feather the swamp creatures so we can get rid of Uniparty control.

Dream big, homie!

cat games.png

“No need to panic…”?!?!?!?

Allow me to share the guiding principle in this house:

He who panics first panics best!

Our grid is suffering from decades of neglect and a’too many locales have no redundancy in generation. Not to mention the shortages are many yards of ground and pole transformers.

Copper is still up almost double from the 2020 lows.

I am telling you, without any reservation whatsoever, if China decides to go after Formosa, they and/or a proxy will turn off the lights here in the states.

Good vid, Ex. At first I wanted to dislike those two, but the data won me over! I’m adding this to my ‘WTF to do when SHTF” playlist.


But we need electric vehicles, say Democrats…


Any sufficiently advanced Leftist policy is indistinguishable from dystopian SciFi.


“…piss off the voting public…” Why should they worry about pissing off the voting public? Your vote doesn’t count anymore because they are counting the votes. 2020 proved that.

I’m done trying to tell people to get ready for what’s coming. I’m steady stocking up to provide for me and mine, including my fur babies. Those not preparing that said to me, “No worries man, when it gets bad, I’ll just come to your place”, I told them to come on, I’ll use your bodies as re-enforcement materials on that North Wall. Deplorables bringing consumables, skilz, and ammo will be welcome.

Good stuff on the vid, Mi’Lady. Thanks. And BTW, the “cool black dude” and his husband started this.


The Magical Kenyan and Big Mike ® are really asking to be catapulted into a shark-filled tank with freakin’ laser beams attached to their* heads.

*the fish-type sharks, not the human remora. Had to put it thusly for quotation porpoises. 


Oh, jeez, get this BS… Uvalde county sherrif’s deputy outside the school let his kid die following protocol (but he’s got his pension!)
While an unarmed mother evaded police, jumped the fence, grabbed her two daughters out of the school and ran.

WTF, over? She can save her kids unarmed but some dude w/ a gun doesn’t have the stones?


Ben & Jerry’s will be coming up with a “edgy” new flavor next month:
comment image


Oh, wait, I spoke too soon and not f*cked-up enough… NYC has posters saying how shootin’ smack (as in Heroin) is empowering:


That collection of individuals needs a’flushing.

You get what you’ll tolerate, exhibit A thru

A Proud Infidel®™

I TRULY think that we need to have SEGREGATED GAS PUMPS where Trump Voters pay around $2 per gallon while the Bidenites have to pay $6-10 per gallon, sounds fair to me!


My credit card stops at $75 at the gas station. Didn’t even fill my truck up. I could use some mean tweets and $1.69 gasoline again. LGB FJB


Mean Tweets 2024!!