Texas Man Arrested on Charges Related to a Stolen Valor Investigation

| May 19, 2022

The Fort Worth Star Telegram and the Hood County News report that a man has been arrested in connection with a Stolen Valor investigation.

North Texas man arrested on charges related to a stolen valor investigation


A man was arrested in North Texas last week on charges related to a stolen valor investigation.

On May 9, Phillip Edward Cormier was taken into custody on two felony warrants related to the investigation, according to a Facebook post by Hood County Constable John Shirley.

On April 29, the constable’s office was contacted by a resident regarding someone possibly claiming unearned military honors and using that for personal enrichment, Shirley said in the post.

Cormier, then the general manager at the Pecan Plantation Owners Association, resigned from his position on May 5, four days before his arrest, according to the post. The charges of tampering with a government record are third-degree felonies.


Then, the Hood County News writes…

Pecan general manager resigns, faces charges related to stolen valor probe
BY KATHY CRUZ | Senior Staff Writer

Phillip Edward “Jake” Cormier recently resigned as general manager of the Pecan Plantation Owners Association just days before being arrested on two counts of tampering with a government record, a third-degree felony.

A third-degree felony is punishable by up to 10 years’ imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000.

The charges are related to a stolen valor investigation conducted by Precinct 2 Constable John Shirley.

According to social media posts under Shirley’s name, Cormier was arrested May 9.

The articles are fairly cryptic and add few details to what exactly happened, but it sounds like an official government document was involved – perhaps a DD-214?

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A Proud Infidel®™️

I hope they throw the book at him.


Or at least a Pecan Pie to the face…..

The Stranger

No, I loves me a pecan pie. How about we put a brick in a pie pan, cover it with whipped cream and throw THAT at his face?

Daisy Cutter

I’m all about that, especially a SmoDat Pecan Pie.

Once you have a slice, you tend to yell “I want Smo’ Dat Pecan Pie!”


I wanna hate this, but I’ll end up using it. Updooted!


There’ll be several of the Smo’Dat Pecan Pies, along with other Southern Sweet Treats, on the Dessert Side Board, during the upcoming Gun Bunny Family Re-union. Yes, topped with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Plenty for all!

I hope this tool gets plenty of Nutted Log Rolls, with the special hot cream, served up to him by the boys in Cell Block C and the BTJ&D Deli.


That guy was nuts.

Daisy Cutter

Me suspects that the Pecan Plantation Owners Association was a soft target for stolen valor.

Green Thumb


Probably a front for All-Points Logistics.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

WTF is wrong with that nutty guy. He had to be nuts to try a stunt like that plus he ain’t no WW2 Gen. “Nuts” McAuliffe


A navy cross of all things
What a idiot