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| May 19, 2022

S&W 686

Indiana homeowner shoots 2 suspected armed intruders, holds others at gunpoint until cops arrive
Two of the suspects in Indiana’s DeKalb County are in police custody

By Emma Colton
An Indiana homeowner fatally shot two armed home intruders over the weekend and held another two at gunpoint until police arrived on the scene, according to authorities.

DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department and Auburn Police Department arrived at a home in DeKalb County after 6 a.m. Sunday and found two deceased people and another pair being held at gunpoint by a homeowner.

Indiana State Police said the unidentified homeowner was reportedly confronted by four armed individuals and responded to the incident by pulling out his own gun and firing at them.

The two deceased individuals were identified as Rameica Lasharon Moore, 36, of Fort Wayne, and Dylan Scott Morefield, 22, of Churubusco, WPTA reported.

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Fox News

4 v 1 and he prevails? Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

PD: 1 arrested on attempted Stockton home invasion robbery after shootout with son of homeowners

A gunbattle between the victim of an attempted home invasion and the three related gunmen led to the arrest of one of them, Stockton police said.
A 23-year-old man was driving past his parents’ home in the 6700 block of Everest Avenue around 5:40 a.m. when he spotted three men lying in wait to break into the home, the Stockton Police Department said.

The man confronted the three would-be robbers with a firearm, and a shootout between both sides ensued, police said. The three men fled and went to a hospital for their injuries.

Two of the men, one 25 years old and the other age 20, were admitted for treatment, while 19-year-old Kailen Guy was arrested on attempted home invasion robbery charges, police said. Charges for the other two were referred to the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office.

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Today’s true FGS articles care of our own Gun Bunny.

I have carried a revolver; lots of us do, but they are the most innocent things in the world. — MARK TWAIN

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Rameica Lasharon Moore

— SIGH —

Claw UP!


Saved round:

Is there an Official TAH Pronunciation Guide laying around here at TAH HQ somewhere?

Asking because pronouncing some of these FGS names can be downright befuddling.


Whiz Wheel®™ says that Rameica Lasharon Moore spins up a BLDAM/DRT score of 29×5= 145.


Not too shabby. I especially like the name “Lasharon”.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Even though it’s NOT a JMB design, I think even Gun Bunny would like this steel and wood (no plastic) S&W 686 revolver.

Yes, Gun Bunny ^LIKE^ a nice wheeled gun hand cannon. Dumbass 2nd ex left my 686 in her purse, on the front seat of her unlocked truck and it was stolen…or so she said. A Smith Model 10 was my daily carry for years. Shoulder rig under the suit jacket.

Always good to see Armed Citizens fighting back and making a good accounting of themselves. Very nice score overall for today.

The Daily Gunz Pr0n is proof that AW1Ed loves us and wants us to be happy. Maybe we should give him some time off next week for some entertainment time. He may want to catch a movie or something.

I gotta go.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I carried a S&W Mod. 10 .38 4In. Barrel from 1970-2001 then was issued a S&W Mod. 4046 .40 4 in. barrel from 2001-2007 then retired. One of the guys at the Freeport Police range in Nassau County NY used the 686 in the Bianchi matches and he strung up a cable pully system to move the targets across the range. He put in a spring for an easier trigger pull and some other things I don’t remember, kept the powder in the reefer and loaded each round by hand with no progressive press. What a shot. The PD had a gun club for out siders which I belonged to before retiring. Range had indoor and outdoor ranges.


That’s what a revolver oughta look like!

I prefer it in blue for every day service but that nice shiny stainless gleam is perfect for church or special occasions.

Lasharon? Probably French, like Latrine.


“confronted by four armed individuals”
And drops two of them in front of the other two. Nice..Very nice.


Never bring a gun to a .357 Magnum fight.


I think Ed took pity on us and shared that fabulous 686 in contrition for yesterday abomination.

The Indiana home defender has obviously been putting in some range time and probably has some training. Hopefully the two surviving perps see the error of their ways and change their ways.

Sounds like the 25 year old has some experience as well. And don’t mess with his loved ones, he will get you.


Great gun. Miserable ignorant article. The N frame wasn’t introduced in the ’70s, the first Magnums were N frames in the ’30s. Tooling marks? That is DAMAGE. And the chambers are in the cylinder, not the barrel. Dumbass writer.

John Seabee

Good wheel gun. Was my duty sidearm for my first 5 years at the SO. Then I went to a Sig P-220.