More details on fired Marine general’s transgressions

| May 3, 2022

Maj Gen Stephen Neary

We talked about Marine Corps Major General Neary some time back when he was relieved of his command over use of the “N-word”. At the time, it was reported that the general had used it in the context of challenging some junior Marines who were listening to rap music that prominently featured the racial slur. has gotten hold of the IG report on the incident and can shed more light on what got him fired.


A released investigation report has shed more light on a 2020 incident that saw a two-star Marine Corps general relieved of his command overseeing Marine forces in Europe and Africa.

Maj. Gen. Stephen M. Neary was relieved in October 2020 after Marines alleged he used what a report from investigators would categorize as the “full N-word” after overhearing some service members listening to rap music in his headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. Stars and Stripes was the first outlet to report the allegations.

Now, the report from the Inspector General of the Marine Corps, released to after a Freedom of Information request, reveals exactly what the Marines alleged Neary told them.

According to investigators, on the morning of July 22, 2020, Neary was on Devil Dog Field across from the Marine headquarters building when he heard eight Marines listening to the song “Put It On” by the artist “Big L.” Neary told the Marine nearest him to change the song. After the group finished their workout, Neary walked over to the Marines for a more detailed talk.

What was said during this more detailed talk is the subject of disagreement between the Marines and Neary, but it’s this conversation that would lead to his ouster.

I’d like to break down my thoughts here line by line on what happened next.

According to one Marine, who later filed a complaint with the inspector general, Neary told the group that “[full n-word] should never be used and it is a word of hate”

Agree. Good job General, trying to stamp out the racist “extremism” that SECDEF Austin commanded you to do earlier in 2020. But wait…

before adding that “[full n-word] is the reason ‘you people’ are doing riots in the U.S. ‘you people’ are the reason why the country is the way it is.”

According to that Marine, Neary went on to tell the group that “it’s your generation that’s burning buildings down and starting these protests”

Oh yeah, that’s a paddlin’. He wasn’t done yet…

“He also said, ‘go ahead and call HR, I am the head of HR,'” the Marine’s account alleged.

These allegations were backed up by four other Marines interviewed by investigators. The report notes that each Marine’s account of the general’s comments included the allegation that “Neary used a racial slur two times, used the phrase ‘you people’ in a manner that offended them, and made reference to being the head of ‘HR.'”

Neary’s main argument was that “although he did utter a racial slur when speaking to subordinates, he did so for clarity and to denounce its use.” He also “admitted saying the racial slur one time but denied repeating it more than once,” the report said.

“Neary also denied using the phrase ‘you people'” or “saying anything to the Marines about ‘HR’ or being the head of ‘HR'” to investigators, the report added. However, in the days after the incident, the report notes Neary told an official whose name is redacted in the released document that “he probably said something like that” when asked about the “you people” remark but noted that “he was referring to the youth or the young people out in the streets rioting.”

So yeah. I can see why he was canned. Sounds to me like he was trying to speak to his young Marines like he was still a platoon leader.

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I didn’t think it was possible to smile and smirk at the same time but there it is.


 😀  😏 


A diversity poster boy! He must be purged.


He was Capt. Neary when I attended The Basic School Oct 92 to Apr 93. He was a good officer. I don’t remember which courses he taught, but he was a good instructor. It’s a shame a good Marine is being tossed for this nonsense.

Open Channel D

I think by “you people” he meant the E4 Mafia.


Do they have a mafia in the marines

A Terminal Lance Coolie

The Lance Corporal Underground

USMCMSgt (Ret)

I thought it was the “Lance Criminal Underground”


Well, in my opinion, YOU PEOPLE who listen to rap “music” using words like ‘Ho’, ‘bitch’, and ‘nigger’ are indeed part of the problem.

So tell me, which ethnic group am I referring to?


Pasty, middle class felchers pretending to be rappers?


IMHO, the good general got Blue Falconed.


In my opinion, YOU PEOPLE who listen to rap “music” containing words like ‘bitch’, ‘Ho'”, and “Ni….” are indeed part of the problem.

So, tell me, which ethnic group am I talking about when I use ‘you people’?


Mouth… meet foot. 😜 


We could argue all day over whether or not Maj. Gen. Neary’s comments were bad enough to warrant his relief. But the fact is that at his level (GO/FO) an individual absolutely has to know that perception is at least as important as reality – and manage their language accordingly.

Using the phrase “you people” when talking to members of any minority group is simply dumb – even if you don’t intend the phrase to refer to any particular minority group. It’s dumb because it will be perceived as a racial/ethic slur, regardless of intent.

Green Thumb


And everyone watches what you do and listens to what you say.

And usually for the wrong reasons….

As a GO, he should have known the political climate and which way the wind was blowing.

Seems like a solid Marine, but the time, oh, they are a changin’…


I’m not disagreeing that he brought it on himself. Forewarned is forearmed and he should’ve known better. Just think shit canning our proven warfighting leaders might be something we regret in the future.

tom reynolds

If these pansies can’t handle being told to stop listening to crap and are offended by words,maybe they are in the wrong business. Probably run and hide behind the women when the Chinese commies start shooting. SMH


What makes you think all those people were minority? Majority folks listen to rap, too.


Yes, I know that people from all ethnic groups listen to rap.

Doesn’t matter if all were minority. If any of the people in the group the GO talked to were minority, he “fornicated Fido” bigtime. And I’ll give long odds that at least some of the Marines in the group were from one or more minority groups.

As GEN Stilwell reputedly once put it (paraphrasing): “The higher you climb up the flagpole, the better view everyone has of your butt.” At that level, every time you open your mouth or do something, someone is watching and listening.

Mike B

In the mid 90s as I was walking into the BX, there was a black Airman, as the black CMSgt stated that “Went into the limp, shuffle, hop, walk” when he saw some of his buddies.

The black CMSgt, yelled after him to walk like an Airman and quit walking like a N****r.

I did a 180 and went back to work, screw the haircut. I was surprised to hear this come out of the CMSgt’s mouth, then again so was everyone else within earshot.

Green Thumb

Sounds like a solid CMSgt making a needed “on the spot correction”.

But as I wrote above, the times, they are a changin’…


I had a Soldier (yes, he happened to be black) with a minor ankle sprain walk into the orderly room, obviously favoring the injured ankle. 1SG (also black) sees him coming and yells SPC SNUFFY! QUIT PIMPIN”! SPC Snuffy replies “I ain’t pimpin’! I’m limpin’!”

Last edited 1 year ago by SFC D
The Stranger

Pimpin’ ain’t easy!


But it sure is fun: Madd Head, c: 1996


“Went into the limp, shuffle, hop, walk”

I have been known to do that, myself. Can’t do all the variations, though.

A Proud Infidel®™

The same (c)rap music that hollers the words “Honky”, “cracker’, “white bread” and other slurs along with n**** gets blared and we’re supposed to be immolated for even the slightest accusations of even thinking the latter? Fuck that.


As I’ve said in the past, after I started at the police department, I just kind of figured that mother was the first half of my name. Seems that’s how everyone called me

Green Thumb

I just use the more appropriate term free from of any type of racial, gender, etc. bias or connotation.

And that word it: TURD.

Quick, one syllable, and concise with numerous situational applications and meanings to include very little wiggle room to the recipient on its interpretation and potential avenues of distressed recourse.

The Stranger

Go with what you know!


From the movie
Gangsta Rap: The Glockumentary
2007 ‧ Hip hop/Comedy
a parody of gangsta rap group N.W.A.

Who remembers the meaning of acronym NWA?

No one in Hollywood or media complaining about this song.
Oh, because of context.
And it’s a parody, so apparently that makes it ok.

But not ok for Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, or Steel Panther.
Yo, enjoy.


Ok for Chris Rock.
Yo, enjoy.


Chris Rock is YouTube “age-restricted”.
But Gangsta Rap n n n n n n n is not.


Embarrassment to left/libtard proggies at YouTube…

Slow Joe

This is exactly why minority piple get away with doing absolutely anything.

Lessons I have learned:

1) Never vote for a minority politician. He/she will not be held to the same standards, and will inevitably become a corrupt politician.

2) Never be a witness for any crime between minority people. The race card will be played. Let them kill each other. Good riddance.

3) Never talk economics or politics in front of minority piple. 90 percent of them are collectivists, and will support every single expansion of gruberment powers over individual rights.

So, protect yourself and your family. Avoid confrontations with the minies. And I say all this as a minority dude, since I am Jewish and Hispanic. What in the Jewish community is called Sephardic, a minority within a minority, but easily accused of racism all the same.

The Stranger

Since you’re half Hispanic, you are now “José Lento.” Seriously, my wife is Honduran and her maternal grandfather is of Sephardic descent, going back to when Spain kicked the Moors out of the country. Sephardim are a “minority within a minority” like you said.


BS. IG had to inflate to cover themselves. Steve Neary is a dear friend and the most noble and fair man I have ever known. We have spoken about the incident and when he said something like “your type” was specifically about people who use the N word, not about race


He used 1 N-bomb which is 24 times fewer than rap “music” uses per song. Mix in a few hos, bitches, drug and gun references and we have the “all inclusive” work-out tunes that should be blasted out at max volume.
“You people…yes you people listening to that noise pollution need to invest in
some fucking headphones”. So, The Corp shit-cans a 2 Star General because some, pffft, marines (lower case on purpose) are upset the General used the same language they enjoy listen to because they’re sensitive…The Corp comes out a lesser force because of this “incident.”


Spot on HT3. Been my observation and experience that Black Folks that actually work for a living hate the fact that a small % of their race make the rest of them look bad.


Quick peek in MOL shows that MajGen Neary was RETIRED eff 1/31/2022. While I hate to see a DAMN GOOD leader get shitcanned over bull shit, I can’t help but laugh at seeing him walk away with a 30+ year pension at 2star (quick math: about 12,500 a month/150K a year)….while the yoyo’s who got OFFENDED probably got bounced out of the Corps prior to finishing their first tour on AdSeps due to being dipshits.

Karma is a bitch gents…and she has GPS.

A Landmesser

My God we can’t have an officer referring to anyone as “you people.” When I first saw the golden footprints the instructors used much more colorful language. Good to hear that our enemies are just as concerned with language and focus as much of their energies on this important subject.

No doubt the Corps will prove to be as hard an reliable as in the past. Are they still wearing high heels and doing the twerking in their recruiting commercials?