Professor, BLM leader, removed from mayoral debate audience seating

| May 2, 2022

Melina Abdullah, a professor and BLM leader, was among the audience at a mayoral debate taking place at a public university. However, she did not a ticket to be among the audience. Videos show what appeared to be security trying to get her leave, then physically removing her. She repeatedly said, “You’re hurting me,” as they worked to relocate her from the area.

From Fox News:

The professor also suggested her race could have played a factor, tweeting after her removal: “the white PBI [Pat Brown Institute] director called the police on me.”

Videos of the incident show campus police officers, each holding one of Abdullah’s arms, lifting her from the seat and removing her from the premises. Several people who appeared to support Abdullah, stood in front of the officers, blocking their path, or yelled at them for their actions.

Following the incident, Abdullah took to Twitter to respond to supporters, thanking them.

As a grassroots leader in L.A., Abdullah has played an active role in local and state politics, which included campaigning for California Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2021.

During the campaign, Abdullah described Newsom’s Republican opponent Larry Elder as a “Black face on White supremacy.”

She has also supported controversial positions, such as defending convicted cop killers and has called for the abolishment of police departments.

She has also tweeted, “f— the police,” “Don’t be afraid to say abolish the police” and other anti-police sentiments.

She most recently spoke out against Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, calling him a “racist.”

Fox News has the rest of the stories, and imbedded videos, here.

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It’s always but always about race with these types. No event ticket, you have to leave. Me, you, her, and anyone else scamming a free seat. There is no ‘race’ in it whatsoever. But lots of entitlement thinking.

Prior Service

When you are accustomed to freebies, reality looks harsh. It’s not color, it’s culture.


Free Sh*t! (About as much culture as yoghurt.)


You Be The Judge:

“Black Lives Matter Activist Melina Abdullah’s 2018 Arrest Is Upheld By Federal Jury”

Green Thumb

Don’t let the door hit you in ass…..

Green Thumb


I really want them to explain how they’re going to enforce their communist utopia on people without the police.


They will have police all right
It will be the antifa thugs who will be the new police


Da, comrade, is always plan!
comment image


They will just call them “militia” like the Soviets did.


I look forward to her taking her own life eventually.

A Proud Infidel®™

She and her ilk, it’s all about “GIMME what I want when I want it or you’re RACIST, sexist, islamophobic,…”. She’s a Perfesser, so no wonder so many colleges turn out skulls infected with liberal mush these days, I wonder if she doesn’t indoctrinate at UC Berzerkely?


Ask Lars, she was probably his advisor…

Oh wait, that Marxist sissy traitor quit posting here like a little bitch. Darn.


I’m here!!!

Commissar Pooper's Narcissism

This is Commissar’s niece. We gave him a pair of shears this weekend to trim the bushes. Not long after we left him alone, we heard our neighbor’s windows break. We turned around to see if he saw what happened. We received the answer as soon as he screamed while repeatedly asking them if they were entertained. His neighbor responded by leaving him with a mouth of empty lot gums and crooked teeth.

A Proud Infidel®™️

He finally got a clue that he would NEVER be able to convince or intimidate any of us into seeing things his way. I’m also convinced that he thought one day he’d post some major opus here and turn us to his way of thinking as well and finally skulked off elsewhere.


She edjukated beyond her inteliginse!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

What a shitbird. Everything is about gender and race with these mentaly peeps and like I keep saying, this shit can’t get any better. I just love it but I keep away from popcorn.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Not just that, they’re always saying something along the lines of “I’m xxxxx …, so you owe me!” and they go through life that way, anyone dissenting with them automatically being labeled racist, islamophobe, homophobe, sexist, misogynist, …


Identity politics’ usual conclusion.


Oops, I’ve been caught doing something wrong…



As sayeth St. Floyd of Fetnanyl… except he was way more committed than most.


No tickee, no watchee.


She wasn’t there to watch the debate. She was there to create a disturbance so she could play “They be picking’ on me cuz I’m Black.”

A Proud Infidel®™

They’ll do it every time.


It appears to me she was in a section clearly reserved for media. Accidentally, I’m sure.


Skrunt! Does she have a Big Large Mansion yet?