Am I the A-Hole? (AITA)

| April 30, 2022

Here’s some social media drama for you.  A woman posts a scenario to subreddit’s popular forum – “AmITheA**hole?!?” – and got some interesting responses.  “AmITheA**hole?!?” – or AITA as it is sometimes abbreviated – is the modern-day equivalent of “Dear Abby.”

Apparently, her boyfriend is in the military and they have an arrangement where she can never visit him so all visits have to be him coming to her house.

Well, on one of these visits he was in the shower so she decides to wear his uniform, then takes a photo of herself in uniform… then uploads the photo to Facebook thinking – well, why not?

Boyfriend returns from the shower and finds out what happened, and gets really pissed, saying he will lose his job among other things.  When he found out about the Facebook posting, he got even angrier, accusing her of putting his job at risk for “s**ts and giggles.”

Girlfriend didn’t understand his anger, so takes the scenario to social media – because making the spat more public apparently may help solve the argument.

In the forum “AmITheA**hole” she asked if she was in the wrong for posting a picture of herself wearing her boyfriend’s uniform, earning over 7,500 upvotes and 3,400 comments.

She says that she’s not sure if she was in the wrong, but that it’s a “bad situation so bear with me.” She said her boyfriend came to visit two days before the post.

“We’ve been dating for 6 months and we live in different towns. He comes over to visit on weekends but I never been to his hometown and whenever I try to visit he’s always busy,” u/SanAnt3559 wrote.

Here is the entire post she made…

AITA for posting a picture of myself wearing my boyfriend’s military uniform?

Ok, So Like…I don’t know if I’m really the AH here but I do think it’s a bad situation so bear with me.

This happened 2 days ago. My f25 boyfriend m29 is in the military. we’ve been dating for 6 months and we live in different towns. He comes over to visit on weekends but I never been to his hometown and whenever I try to visit he’s always busy.

He came over to spend the weekend with and brought his military uniform. He was in the shower while his uniform was sitting on the bed. I felt bored and decided to put it on and took a picture of me wearing it. I then shared it on my Facebook as my “story” and thought nothing of it. But once he found out he blew up and started yelling at me saying I should of never touched his “work stuff”. I was baffled at his reaction I said I was just trying it on but he said that I was being reckless towards his work. when he found out I posted a picture of me in it he lost it completely. He told me he can’t believe I jeaprodized his job for “shits and giggles” and for some internet likes. He was making me nervous so I told him he was overreacting, he kept mumbling that I screwed him over because the uniform had his name tag on it. I asked so what and he said that I don’t get to fuck with his job and sabotage it with how I was acting. We had a fight he grabbed his stuff and went back to his hometown after demanding I take the picture down and wipe it off my phone.

I been trying to contact him eversince but still got no reply. I left him messages from messanger and he reads them but doesn’t reply.

AITA? I think I might have messed up but part of me says this was an overreaction on his part.


Surprisingly, some said there was something peculiar about the arrangement and suggested that boyfriend may be married.

The post got so much feedback it got posted to Newsweek.

Woman Dragged for Wearing Boyfriend’s Military Uniform in Social Media Pics

Your mileage may vary on Am I The A**Hole – or YMMV on AITA, but my take-away on this is if you are unsure whether airing your dirty laundry was the right step, air it some more to find your answer.  After all – WCGW  (What Could Go Wrong)?

It’s like that old rule in poker – if after 10 minutes you can’t figure out who the sucker is in the room, you are the sucker.  So, if you post to social media in the AITA forum and still have some doubt – YATA, YATA, YATA.

Now I know that some of you cannot make an informed judgment without seeing the actual image in question.  We could not find it, but in our mind’s eye we believe the following is probably true…

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“we’ve been dating for 6 months”

That long eh?
I’m guessing the heifer on the right goes 275 with the steel toed
hoofs and those PT shorts. Nice calfs….

Retired Grunt

Crap, I must be off but I thought both of those women were attractive for different reasons. One appears more fit but I do love the curves too.


who said she was unattractive?

Green Thumb

I do not know if I could handle that much woman.

Might have to up the game.

The Stranger

Better you than me. However, I’m sure IDC SARC would hit it!


How else to get your 300# patch?

A Proud Infidel®™

IMHO if you can’t hear the Stereo when she sits on your face, she needs to lose weight.


Remember, for some dudes they live by the motto, “In war, any hole is a trench”… and they go for those beefy, badonkadonk gals


She’ll figure out who the ahole is when she finds out he’s married.

Green Thumb

Probably a poser.

Or better yet, a PFC wearing SSG stripes and scarab badges. Curious as to the woman’s proximity to a major base?

Had a dude in our unit like that a while back in the day. Two sets of uniforms. One for work (PFC) and one for play (SSG).

Ironically, a woman called the CQ looking for SSG Snuffy. Reply was, well, don’t know a SSG Snuffy, but know a PFC Shitbag.

Next day in formation, 1SG had PFC Snuffy go change into his other uniform and stand before the formation. Yeah. Power of tower, Silver Star, the works. Needless to say he was on a plane to Korea within a week.



When I was stationed at Ft Campbell we had an E5 reclass to MP and was sent over to the MP unit for OJT before he went to AIT. A little under two months later he shows back up to our Company as an E4. Apparently he showed up to his new unit sporting a Ranger tab that he didn’t earn.


We had a BM3 with 3 Service stipes (12 years), and I was wondering how that could be? My friend was the Legal Yeoman and told me at his last command he dressed up as Lt. to impress some girl and was caught. They busted down from BM1 (E6) down to SN (E3) and he just earned his chevron back. Apparently, it worked because he married her. She was butt ugly…shot at and missed but shit at and hit.

The Stranger

I love a story with a happy ending!

A Proud Infidel®™

In one of my AD Units we had a “PX Ranger” like that. He knew it all and talked like he was the Godfather of the E4 Mafia until he stepped on his pecker to the point of getting himself a Field Grade Article 15 with all the trimmings, reduced to E1, “45 and 45” loss of pay and a discharge under QMP with a promise from an O6 that one more dickstepping would make him see to it that he’d get a Big Chicken Dinner. And yes, he was quite the Barracks Lawer as well.

Daisy Cutter

Why bring a uniform with you on a tryst?

Hack Stone


Yeah, this guy is a poser, big time. He probably Carrie’s on one sided conversations on his “secure cell phone” about his next mission in front of her.

Green Thumb

An All-Points Logistics secret operative.


She’s been cleared by his boss.

Prior Service

He’s married. She’s the dupe.


If she’s never been to his home, than she IS the side piece. Married or not, he’s got at least one other woman.

Green Thumb

Green Thumb

Ray Parker, Jr.

“The Other Woman”.


His wife might see the picture with his name tape on it?


There is alot of this story that seems to be missing. From a local paper in NY he was an employee at a privately run prison (who knows what kind of background check or requirements) in TN for about 7 months and took a job with a military contracting company. Good possibility he got a good pay raise, and that why he went.

Hack Stone

Looks like we have some crosstalk going on here. Was this meant for the Marine killed in Ukraine?


Sorry posted on wrong thread……….


I’ve seen an entire forum on Dependas wearing variations of their man’s uniform if not the actual uni with name tape and all. Basically saying, “Don’t be that chick” or “You’re NOT your husband’s rank” or “you don’t outrank other wives” or “You look effing ridiculous in MARPATs”. I don’t think there are any UCMJ violations unless she’s using you uniform to enter an installation. I could be wrong.


He cheatn…


My Great Grandmother always told us. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want to see on the front page of tomorrows paper.

She also told us not to think with other people’s brain.

Sounds like advice more people need to hear.