Memorial for one of the guys that Kyle Rittenhouse shot?

| April 30, 2022

The Kenosha City Council considered this possibility. The Anthony Huber memorial would be located in Anderson Park if it were approved. If the city council decides to have this memorial, the city would pay for it. After seeing the negative attention that this consideration caused, the city council decided to table this memorial proposal.

From the Daily Mail:

Huber’s girlfriend, Hannah Gittings, requested the memorial be put up earlier this month, public documents filed by the commission show, on a tree in Anderson Park.

The proposal garnered national attention earlier this week, after Kevin Mathewson, a former Kenosha alderman who now works as an investigative journalist, received a tip early Monday morning about the then-unreported request.

Mathewson, who served on the commission with three of the five current aldermen – including chair Eric Haugaard – then sent out an email blast about the proposal’s existence, and wrote about it on his website, Kenosha County Eye.

The proposal soon became the subject of scrutiny by both the press and outraged citizens of Kenosha – who showed up in droves to the commission meeting to voice their opposition to the planned tribute.

Mathewson, who also attended the meeting and recorded the proceedings to post to YouTube, told Thursday that he believes the council members planned to quietly the proposal Monday, and would have if its existence had remained under the radar.

‘There’s not a doubt in my mind it would have passed,’ Matthewson told in an interview, noting the meetings usually don’t garner such attendance. ‘They didn’t expect a bunch of people to be there.’

Mathewson’s footage of the meeting, which was streamed live and has since garnered more than 35,000 views, shows a slew of citizens voicing their concerns regarding the memorial, spurring the city officials to vote 3-2 to table the proposal.

At that point, roughly 21 minutes into the clip, Mathewson – who told that the board met privately to discuss the vote shortly before the meeting, which is against Wisconsin law – asks to speak, sparking an exchange that saw the former Kenosha alderman accuse the board of violating the state’s open meetings laws.

‘Thanks for allowing me to speak again,’ an off-screen Mathewson can be heard saying in the footage, before leveling his suspicions at the commission.

‘I just wanted to point out to those of us watching on Youtube [at] home – three members of this board of five say we’re gonna table it. You know what that means right? A quorum of this board met behind closed doors today-‘

The Daily Mail has the article and video here.

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File under “Stupid People of the Year”…

However, it seems like there are still real investigative journalists in the wild.

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Green Thumb


I wonder how much city taxpayer money would be used to constantly clean the graffiti and other damage from it on a weekly basis?


Somebody gonna put range rings on it for sure.

The Stranger

Graffiti? Kenosha ain’t that far; I’d drive up every couple of weeks and shit on it. Fuck that guy. He got what was coming to him. Was he the idiot that brought a skateboard to a gunfight or was he the child molester?

Hack Stone

Skateboard to a gunfight.

Can they erect a monument for the guy who ran over all of the people at the Christmas parade? They may as well go all in.

Green Thumb

Maybe make the monument a tombstone.

Here lies “Goofus Shitbag”.

And underneath it “Never bring a skateboard to a gunfight”.


I am thinking they should put up a memorial to the convicted pedophile alongside the one they are contemplating.

The Stranger

If they did something like that, I’d eat a LOT of Raisin Bran prior to visiting.

The Al

Give Kyle another AR and some m855a1 and let him repeat the shooting.

A Proud Infidel®™

More like “Shitheads of the Decade” to me, wasn’t the little shit also a convicted felon?


Yep. Convicted of domestic abuse quite a few times. Attempted to strangle his own sister once.


Oh, he was a member of the Slapaho Tribe?

He deserved the case of lead poisoning he got.


How about, “On this spot a communist was made a good communist,”


What a bunch of dumbasses. You vote losers into office who let your city get torn up. Instead of using the money to make repairs and help the businesses affected by the rioting you give this loser a memorial. God you’re that stupid.


No, Huber already got the Darwin Award. Sorry, babe, should’ve dated somebody better.


Maybe Huber was a step above those this young lady chooses to date.


You may well be right.


Might I suggest a memorial picture affixed inside a park urinal in honor of his “achievements” in life? It is sure to have a line to “honor” him. 😜 


Hopefully it has a bullseye on it…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

“Table the proposal”….
Note that they didn’t “kill it with prejudice”.
Which means that unless the good citizens attend every meeting to stomp this proposal into the mud, the Kenosha town council will eventually pass this memorial when no one is watching.

AW1 Rod

Only in Kenosha…..home of retards and fuckups.


I don’t know, Rod. Grand Rapids, Michigan has Breonna Taylor Way, dedicated to a foolish young woman who banged drug dealers and lived with one.