DC Airborne Attack- Capitol Evacuated

| April 21, 2022

US Army Golden Knight Attacks Beloved Ball Team

The Army’s Parachute Demonstration Team, The Golden Knights, certainly made a stir in DC yesterday. Their Twin Otter aircraft apparently violated the heavily restricted DC airspace, and an emergency response was initiated. Evacuating the US Capitol was part of that response.

Sent by several of our usual suspects.

Army Golden Knights Jump that Triggered Capitol Evacuation to Get FAA Review

WASHINGTON — The Federal Aviation Administration says it’s reviewing an apparent communications breakdown that led police to think an aircraft carrying military parachutists for a baseball stadium stunt was “a probable threat,” prompting an alert and urgent evacuation of the U.S. Capitol.

The U.S. Capitol Police alert about the plane, which was transporting members of the U.S. Army Golden Knights who later parachuted into Nationals Park, sent congressional staffers fleeing the Capitol and legislative building on Wednesday evening.

The incident suggested a stunning communications failure among the military, the FAA and the Capitol Police, all the more remarkable because of Washington’s focus on improving security since the deadly Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol by supporters of then-President Donald Trump.


House Speaker Nan was very unhappy, stating the “apparent failure to notify Capitol Police” of the pre-planned flyover for Military Appreciation Night at Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals, was “outrageous and inexcusable.”

Heh. Someone has some ‘splaining to do. Thanks, gentlemen.

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An Old Arty Sgt
  1.  😄  It wasn’t in session. Since the House doesn’t control the Capitol Police, who cares what the Speaker thinks That’s what SHE told the press Jan 6 when the National Guard was told to stand down.

As the song goes…

Off we go into the wild blue yonder
Lost again, son of a bitch


I read that and heard my dad singing it. Yes, he was a USAF navigator. Damn invisible onion cutting ninjas.



Scared puppets at the Gathering Place of The Beast AND some high-quality AIRBORNE training?!

I’m failing to see a downside here. Anyone? AAnnnyyyone?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Old fashioned Blimp or a salami tied at the end. Nah couldn’t be a skywriting pic of someones old Wazoo.


Don’t you have a bulkhead to paint, a deck to swab or a well-oiled volleyball game to attend?  😎 

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Careful there, -Dog. You flying into a danger zone. Better put those comments on ice, man. ‘Ed may lose that loving feeling for you. You’ll find your goose is cooked and be driving a ’74 Maverick, 6 cylinder, automatic, with 4 doors.

This just goes to show that a short platoon of (GO) Army Paras can bring fear into the hearts and minds of the despots. Granny Nan was prolly worried about her ice cream supplies.


OK Imma just leave this right here….

tenor (1).gif
A Proud Infidel®️™️








This shit from these guys will never end. Will it.

— SIGH —


I don’t know how I have never seen that before LMFAO


Hahaha that clip reminds me of our call two days ago Chip.. had a fire in a transport semi at a waste transfer station. after a couple different approaches failed, we had crews at the site open the end door of the open-top semi with a loader, and used an aerial master stream to hit the fire, and blow apart the debris. Well, to our surprise, apparently one of the loads of trash in said trailer was full of sex toys.. the end result being multiple such toys being propelled at high speed by 1000gpm of water.. much hilarity ensued..


It’s only funny until someone loses an eye…imagine that accident/injury report. 😄


HELMET CAM!!!!!!!!!
(so to speak)


Yeah, luckily we were all standing clear.. (though deputy did step on one before he noticed..) I’ve heard that if you know what you’re looking for, you can see it in the pics posted to department social media.. department is in Colorado. might have Hills and Cimarron in the name…

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Any 1500GPM 2 stage centrifical pumps on your Dept rigs???


As a matter of fast.. Waterous

jeff LPH 3 63-66

Great pump for putting the wet stuff on the red stuff


Pictures or it didn’t happen!!


See above as to where you might find pics..


Was that a UFO, or a flying phalus?


Just another example of “art” imitating life. Ask Gary Kasparov about being buzzed by flying “packages”. (smile)


In Kasparov’s case, it actually happened. Video available in the linked article.


With appropriate sound track… YouTube made it age-restricted unfortunately.

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RGR 4-78

I wonder if cruise control has seen what someone did to his video clip.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall to watch the meltdown.


Was that ACE & GARY?


“Leadership of World’s most powerful nation terrified by small group of unarmed paratroopers.”

Sounds about right.  👍  But then again I may be biased…. 😉 


Imagine the pearl clutching if it had of been a full Company. The HORROR!

A Proud Infidel®™

I’m certain that malig-Nancy Pelosi was more concerned about the safety of her liquor supply, and she was also just as concerned about that interfering with her use of US Government Jets for her own personal travel wants from Washington DC to California. Let’s remember that she demands the bigger Aircraft so she doesn’t have to land en route to refuel the plane!

RGR 4-78

You Navy guys, you have that sky penis headed straight for the giant starfish in the sky.


Oops … wrong post. See below.

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Paratroopers have large penises. Naval aviators just draw them.


I must be a paratrooper.


It’s almost like the marxists are scared of something.


US Army plane coming for the capitol?



Probably, somehow, Trump will be blamed for scarring the bejesus out of some elderly politicians who are most definitely beyond their use by date.



Stoopid FUCKHEADS and I sure as hell ain’t talking aboooout the Golden Knights nor the Army.


I know who should take the fall for this – the crap-for-brains politicians.
I’m afraid of who will take the fall – someone on the [GO] Army team.

Josey Wales



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Darn ARMY Air Force.

Daisy Cutter

Thank the Good Lord that AOC is OK. Did someone get her from out from under her desk and tell her that there is nobody specifically targeting her.

Last edited 1 year ago by Daisy Cutter

Obviously, The Golden Knights Jump Team wanted to sleep with her. Duh!

RGR 4-78

I have never had much of a culling point, but I say EEWWWW.


You sure it was HER desk she was under?


Me thinks you have AOC confused with Kamala. 😜 


I actually used to work in the FAA watch center that would have been responsible for getting that word out. Something seems really jacked up about this. The guys who put out these advisories are very professional and I’m frankly surprised that they would drop the ball. My guess is that someone isn’t reading their mail. But anything can happen. Maybe that watch center has gone to shit cause I retired. Yeah, yeah! That’s it!!! (HA!)


Oh, and by the way, FUCK YOU NANCY PELOSI! Who cares what you think, asshole?


Just SOP for this administration.
They are all just too busy trying to determine what the objects in their crotches are and how they work with the offered objects of their neighbors.
And if AOC was under the desk, it was because something was sitting in the chair in front of her…


Looks like a brigade of the 82nd couple jump into the Capitol and quickly take down the Brandon regime before they knew what hit them.


Could, not “couple.” Effing auto correct. Guess I need to go to a Jitterbug.


Ol’ Poe just discovered that liberal Dem, Louisiana guv, John Bel Edwards, is a ring-knocking, former company commander in the 505th Airborne, 82d Airborne Division.

He’s trying to block female sports legislation by the Louisiana legislature. One has to wonder what his definition of a “couple” might be.

He did, by the way, slip up and let the cat outta the bag when he referred to trannies as having severe mental illness.

Louisiana governor Trans girls sports bill (wdsu.com)

AW1 Rod

A “stunning communications failure?” But, how can that BE? After all, aren’t “the adults” back in charge?


True Story: Korea, 1974. The 2nd Infantry Division Parachute Team (really just a bunch of the D Licensed skydivers from the Indianhead Parachute Club) were invited to make a skydiving demonstration at a model airplane meet in Yongsan (Seoul) Korea.
It was all cleared with the HQ, and the local MP’s provided road guards, but no one thought to tell the Air Defense units of the ROK Army.
We flew in a UH-1H from Camp Casey to Seoul, did a flyover where we threw wind streamers (that’s old school for computing the exit point, or “spot). Then we climbed to altitude, exited and did a few aerial maneuvers, opened our brightly colored canopies, and steered down to a warm welcome from the model airplane clubs (American and Korean). We repacked our parachutes, climbed back in the helicopter for the ride back to Camp Casey (Tong-Du-Chon).
It was only after we returned that we heard from Yongsan that the Seoul Air Defense had set off air raid sirens when parachutists began descending.

Last edited 1 year ago by Charles

Even in 1992 I remember seeing active, manned AA gun positions at the end of the runway at Kimpo Airport in Seoul.


I flew on EP-3 recce aircraft and one time we were in Korea for a mission series along the DMZ. During our briefing by a South Korean ops officer, he told us that the Blue House (prez palace) perimeter was a no-go zone. If we penetrated it, we would be shot down…no warning. This kid believed him completely. The Koreans, North and South, play for keeps.

A Proud Infidel®™

I remember hiking past locked and loaded AA Guns while going on a Road March up “AFKN Hill” near the DMZ, the ROKs manning those guns weren’t there to play pattycake!


There would have been several warnings.


Depending upon how accurate the gunners were.


Like I told my guys years ago: If you’re gonna be late, just come in the front gate and take the ass-chewin’– don’t climb over the fence; the ROKs have live ammo and they will shoot.


I foresee additional paperwork (mayhap digital) being added to the SOP for all concerned.

A Proud Infidel®™

“The incident suggested a stunning communications failure among the military, the FAA and the Capitol Police, all the more remarkable because of Washington’s focus on improving security since the deadly Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol by supporters of then-President Donald Trump.”

That’s some 24K liberal proglodyte propaganda in the latter part of that sentence. Impartial media, MY ASS!


We haven’t had impartial media since the 1920’s.

A Proud Infidel®™

How many days of arson, looting and rioting done by the BLM and antifa goblins, and January 6th was an ASSAULT in their eyes? Just how much of downtown DC was burnt or looted on that day?


US Army Golden Knight Attacks Beloved Ball Team

Well they were originally Canadian