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| March 29, 2022

Is there any possible benefit to US in the current and future Covid19 vaxxes? This article linked below suggests that for the long-term, there may be just that.

From the article: Many European nations — including Germany, the U.K., France, and the Netherlands — have also been experiencing a COVID-19 surge due to the BA.2 variant. The U.K., for example, reported a 7-day average of over 89,000 cases and 127 deaths as of March 18, 2022.

Experts believe that prematurely removing protective measures against COVID-19 may have contributed to this rise in BA.2 infections. The higher contagiousness of the subvariant and waning immunity from either vaccines or previous SARS-CoV-2 infections may have also played a part.

“This [surge] may be exacerbated by the widespread loosening of restrictions including indoor mask mandates in public places and schools, and the decision by many businesses to have their employees fully return to the workplace,” said Dr. Davidson Hamer, professor of global health and medicine at Boston University.

Previous waves of SARS-CoV-2 infections in Europe have often played out similarly in the U.S., albeit a few weeks later. Both regions have also employed similar pandemic strategies: a mitigation policy focused on limiting the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in the community rather than complete elimination. – article

Read the full article, just to inform yourself. The virus seems to be less potent now, even in a resurgence (which I have not seen in the news locally at all), so the more informed we are about it, the better. It may wind down to something on the order of your annual flu shot, and while Fauci still runs his mouth about CV, its reappearance does not seem to have the same intensity that the original bug manifested. That in itself is not unusual. Survival is the goal of all organisms.

There is nothing suggesting anything other than precautionary measures for you and your families, and while there is nothing specific, it’s possible this bug will reduce itself to a less virulent strain just to survive and annoy us all. It seems to be doing that already, in fact. Look at it this way: if you get a flu shot to avoid the annual flu virus strains, and possibly a pneumonia vaxx at the same time, to avoid a bad cold going sour on you, isn’t is common sense to take stock of something that may benefit you, now that the hysterics about this bug are winding down? I’d like to remind everybody that even a cold can go bad and become pneumonia with no warning, and that’s worse than getting the pneumonia vaxx.

Still, don’t take for granted that it’s gone. Decide for yourself what you think works best for you and yours. Common sense is always the best preparation for anything.

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The They say the pneumonia shot is effective for ‘while and is recommended for anyone gittin up there in growth rings, with preexisting conditions, ex- and current smokers, etc.
Supposedly, incident rate of bad reactions is really,really low (as typical the reactions get worse with age) but the durability ain’t the greatest (50% ~ 10 yrs or something). I got it in my 30s (smoker) so that I could determine if I’d have a reaction later and 2+ shots well spaced out are better for ‘relearning’ the immunological response.*
The rest of those shots can fk themselves. I’m not sure what it was, maybe the PEG or another adjuvant, but the flu shot in ’16 fked me up to the point I have no memories from my buddies wedding, my whole are was warm and swollen, had trouble walking… I shudda no’d better.
*this is what the lit says (from my very flawed memory). I’m not A or YOUR Doctor. Do your own homework. Don’t get your vaxxes from Hunter or a public stool teacher (true story)

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What are the chances that Roh-Dog and ninja family wrote/experience almost the same thing at almost the same time?


We should start a ‘Immune System So Good We Almost Die When It Gets Turned-On Artificially’ Club.

I’d rather garden and eat wild game to train lymphocytes than take a needle.



There I was…Minding my own business….

War Story Time!


I only had 1 bad reaction to a flu vaccine in 2005, and it was due to not knowing I had asthma. I got the nasal spray vaccine, which you shouldn’t have if your asthmatic. It triggered an epic asthma attack that nearly hospitalized me. The doc at sick call says “well, you were diagnosed with asthma in 2003 and should’ve had the injection”. I was in the hospital in Kuwait with pneumonia when I was diagnosed, and they neglected to inform me. Good times.


THEY did know, I didn’t lol


I’ve always had some sort of reaction, usually it was a headache, sluggishness or fatigue, once a fever.

Yet still was forced/told/nagged to take that fker, because of reasons. Even once in January most of the way through flu season because someone said so, even tho at the time I was working from home.


ExPH2: You wrote: “… if you get a flu shot to avoid the annual flu virus strains, and possibly a pneumonia vaxx at the same time, to avoid a bad cold going sour on you, isn’t is common sense to take stock of something that may benefit you, now that the hysterics about this bug are winding down?”

Sadly, one size does not fit all.

Not everyone can take a flu shot..or a pneumonia shot..or the COVID vaccine.

Was not fun when one of us got a flu shot after years of taking it (mandatory by Army) only to end up having throat quickly swell almost shut with huge hives appearing on skin…Thank Goodness the DRs office had EPI pen and other drugs on hand to counteract…and that the office was in a Hospital.

Same results with first and only Pneumonia shot…Same with first and only Shingle Shot can guess what happened..

Family DR said NO GO for COVID Vax. We still have our 6 Yellow Shot cards as kids and Soldiers. Too much of a good thing can kill you (literally)…🤔


What was the shot we got before going overseas that made the shot location look like they put a golball in ya.

Was not a fun shot.


Gamma Globulin. Sucks less if they let you warm it up before they shoot it in your ass cheek.


Ex: Appreciated what you shared…

Both members of the ninja family are Military Brats and Retired Soldiers…

We still have our yellow shot cards when we were Army Brats and Soldiers.

I swear…I really think we both have more innoculations flown thru our bloodstream that our kids!

And please don’t get us started on those Anthrax shots…🤔

We STILL laugh because we have also been smallpoxxed to death…

We are not against vaccines. We believe that is a personal decision. We took alot of vaccines because we HAD to (i.e. Army). Now that we are retired, one of us still gets an annual Flu shot (personal choice). One of us also had to take 2 COVID vax because of job related mission on a US Navy ship (get the jab or lose your job).

We are thankful we live in a world where there are vaccines. Ironically, my Grandparents never were really “innoculated” and died of old age in their late 90s…🤔

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

I got tired of having a reaction (fever, chills, nausea – almost as if I had the flu!) every year whenever I got the flu shot. Especially when I heard/read that the flu vaccines were spectacularly ineffective (anywhere from 10%-30%). Apparently TPTB that tell Big Pharma what to make, draw a paper out of a hat, throw darts at a board, consult a Ouija board, or just guess….at what the next year’s flu virus will be. So I stopped getting the shots….and so far, I haven’t gotten the flu (that I know of, thank You, God). Although I have my doubts about what my wife sez I got this January (she the test said “covid”, I think the test was crap, that we both had the flu. somehow our illness felt……different)


Anybody remember free DDT from the government?


Biden…Putin…Nuclear Bomb..

How many of us here remember ducking under our chairs at school during a drill not tornado related??

Covering your eyes?


Now that I think about it, that was a good exercise to learn…who knew years later, a bunch of that would actually be doing something similiar in nature because of INCOMING!!!!! (Real World, not a Military Exercise).


We and the animals got dusted with Sevin to keep off the fleas, ticks and mosquitos when I was a kid. (Replaced DDT; doesn’t build-up in and weaken eagles and other birds’ eggshells.)

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Again, thank you for your thoughtful article.

You spoke of common sense.

Amen on that.

Sadly, sometimes we don’t use commom sense.

Eating in moderation. Common Sense.

Eating a balanced diet. Common Sense.

Trying some form of exercise. Even if one is chairbound, there are some forms of exercise besides using a thumb on a smartphone or fingers on a keyboard. Commom Sense.

Balancing a physical life with a spirutual life. Common Sense.

Stay clean. If you cannot bathe or shower, at least try to wash your hands. Heck, animals and insects are always cleaning/grooming themselves! Also, try brushing your teeth at least once a day.

Study shows COVID and other diseases mostly hurt those who have obesity, low immune system, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc etc..kinda makes sense..

Sadly, our genetic makeup sometimes become a factor as well.

Again, thank you for sharing. Who knows, Ex…maybe oneday someone will find a cure to the Commom Cold…🙂😉😎


Common Sense isn’t very common anymore, ninja. ‘specially around DotGov, DotMed, DotEdu types.

Moderate Eating, yep, comfort foods only.

A cookie in each hand is a balanced diet.

Exercise by dodging responsibility, chasing rumors, running down libs, and some 12 oz curls.

Trust on God and fear nothing.

Save water by bathing with a friend.

Got a surplus ’60s school desk in the house. If it could protect me against a nuke, it’ll protect me from anything.

Dr. Ms Thang Juliet (her name, honest injun, and yes I ask her if I can be her Romeo), told me today my BP was 117/72, pulse a steady 60, A1C below 5, and other labs were “normal”. So take that Chippy and all the other haters of the Gun Bunny. A Medical Professional has stated that I am “normal”. Bite me, nobody gets out alive. (ht2 BCE)


HE’S BACK!!!!!!

Hide Your Kids!!! Hide Your Wives!!


Tony can go pound sand.
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You’re being kind.
I’d like to use his face as toilet tissue.
After a Taco Bell visit.
 😀  😁  🖕 


Also, there’s a reason there were increased radiation levels near Chernobyl and the Russian unit that took the vicnity “left” without replacement.

Turns out, they sent ignorant 18- 19 year old conscripts who didn’t know what “Chernobyl” meant into there without protective gear or measures to mitigate exposure to radiation or radioactive dust of any sort. They, apparently, moved tactically through the infamous Red Forest (still so nasty no one’s allow in there for their own safety) and proceeded bivouac (albeit not quite in the specific Red Forest area) merrily ingesting scads of radioactive dust with their food/water for the better part of a month.

Any of that battalion, brigade or whatever it is not dying from that absorbed dose of radioactive ickiness now will have no hair, children or Leukemia-free years past age 40. (Concur?) Smooth move, Russkies!

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More news today… Those dudes are F-ed up royally (hospitalized in Belarus right now… the survivors, anyway):


He does. Sure does.


It reiterate (after today’s news)… Putin sux.


Masks do NOT work, period.
They only lull people into a false sense of security.
For the so called Karen scientists both here and all over the world, it is basic nursing practice to know that no mask will stop a virus.
If you want a size comparison between germs, which a mask will stop for about 20 minutes, and the size of a virus. Compare a germ to a Boeing747 and a virus to an F-16.
The pores in the masks are as big as a hanger door to a virus. They are one of the smallest things in existence.
About a quarter the size of a light photon.
It is irresponsible to continue to push something that has no medical value whatsoever as a cure all to something that you will probably survive if you get it…
To have yet another lock down will no doubt trigger all kinds of societal ills yet again before we even started to clean up the last mess.
More people died from drug and alcohol overdose in the last year than died from the chicon flu.
Fuck dr faucet…..


Wanna know just how well masks work ?
Spit in your mask, wipe it all over your face and then see what happens to all those germs you are carrying around on your face.
Fuck all those assholes with their mandates.
Florida had the sense to ignore the mandates and 99.97% of those that got it lived……
God gave us an immune system and is a trillion times smarter than any human being alive today or ever.
Yet here we are playing their fucked up political games…
If we follow these idiots, we truly will be DOOMED !!!!!



We’ve lived with it all of our lives. It does build your immune system and once you get that crap on your face, every time you touch your face, you spread around whatever crud is on your mask as viruses will go right through the mask and land on wherever it is aimed.


Same ol’ hysteria…
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A Proud Infidel®™

FUCK the COVID panic, I’ve had enough overeducated idiots trying to program me into panicking every time they decide to try and control me, they can all go sit & spin on a hot steam pipe!


A hot steam pipe would be too gentle.


There’s always Commando style:

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THEY will keep trying to push these phantom variants until they get closer to the endgame. Keep resisting the BS.


Living a balanced life of economy and spirituality, i’ve come to believe that a lot of what goes into mortality/fallacy rates of all vaxxes is the mental make up of the recipient. My sister in law is a ‘believe everything you read from someone with an alphabet after their name’, and has tested positive for Covid….twice. Even though she’s vaxxed. She can’t WAIT to vax her two kids from the Rona. I tend to take a more pragmatic approach: If I feel like crap, I stay away from everyone. I drink water and take antiinflammatories, and I generally feel better after a day or 2. I’ve got a comorbidity (hypertension), but its so light and controlled with meds….that I generally don’t think about it. I see so many stories about, “I WISH I would’ve gotten the vax earlier. I was always in such GOOD shape!!”….and then they show pics and they are 2 biscuits away from being morbidly obese. I don’t say that to fat shame….its just looking at historical trends and data. An ounce of prevention…


Pfizer sponsored the Academy Awards show.

Guess who has a drug that treats alopecia?

Things that make you go “Hmmmm”