Rear Admiral Creepy

| March 19, 2022

Captain (then-RDML) Trent Demoss (USN, Ret.)

Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the Creepy Porn Lawyer, former Rear Admiral Trent Demoss was the first Navy flag officer to be relieved for sexual harassment since 1995. He was fired in April 2021, just a few months after assuming his new command. Navy Times has the report on some of the accusations, and they are more than a tad shocking.

From Navy Times;

The former head of the Navy’s fleet readiness centers kissed a subordinate employee on the mouth without consent prior to his ouster in April 2021, according to a report from the Office of the Naval Inspector General obtained by Navy Times.

Then-Rear Adm. Trent DeMoss, who assumed the top job at Commander, Fleet Readiness Centers aboard NAS Patuxent River in Maryland in August 2020, told investigators it was typical for him to hug and kiss those he was friendly with and that he meant the kiss in a “friendship sort of way.”

DeMoss, who has since retired, did not respond to requests for comment from Navy Times, nor did he respond to requests for comment submitted through Navy officials.

But Complainant 1, who identified herself to Navy Times as a civilian public affairs specialist, said the kiss was the final straw following a series of behaviors that made her uncomfortable.

The woman, who records show was not the only one who filed complaints against DeMoss, requested anonymity and Navy Times does not identify victims of sex crimes or sexual harassment.

Despite the physical nature of the interaction, the Navy proceeded to investigate the matter as sexual harassment rather than assault after consulting the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

“The matter was referred to NCIS for a determination whether a criminal investigation was warranted,” Rear Adm. Charlie Brown, the Navy’s chief spokesman, said in a statement to Navy Times. “NCIS advised that the alleged conduct fell below their jurisdictional threshold and declined to open a criminal investigation.”

Although sexual harassment and assault are not uncommon in the military, it is rare for such cases to involve flag officers. DeMoss is the first admiral since 1995 to be relieved following substantiated allegations of sexual harassment, according to Navy officials.

DeMoss was working in his office at Pax River on Sunday, Dec. 6, 2020, experiencing some technical difficulties accessing a work product when the woman offered to help him since she was already on base running errands, according to the report.

The woman said DeMoss was the only other person in the building at the time, and she knew he frequently worked in the office on weekends, according to the report.

The woman was on her laptop in DeMoss’ office when he came around his desk and stood near her, “kind of hip-to-hip” touching her, the report states. Even after she shifted away from him, he edged toward her, prompting her to step aside once again.

Something “did not feel right” about their interaction, she later told investigators.

As she left the office, DeMoss walked with her out of the flag wing and the two participated in “idle chit chat.” Then, DeMoss placed his arm around her and kissed her on the cheek as he thanked her for her help, the woman alleged.

The woman distanced herself from DeMoss and was eager to exit. But DeMoss came with her to the front door, thanked her again, and then “very deliberately” placed his hands on her cheeks and kissed her lips, she told investigators.

Stunned, she took a step back and then said goodbye before crying in her car, according to the investigation.

More at the source. The IG investigated and substantiated the claims. Demoss retired at the rank of captain.

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Pre-emptive strike:

Before anyone starts yammering on and on about this assclown being a Naval Aviator (see the “wings” in the photo above), he is NOT a Naval Aviator.

He’s an Aerospace Engineering Duty Officer (Maintenance).

Rear Admiral Trent DeMoss > United States Navy > Search

I’ve never seen any USN Aviation Maintenance personnel wearing those “wings” before; must be something new.



— SIGH —

“Everyone gets a trophy”


So nobody feels left out. (Cue Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone”… everybody can be Goose and Maverick now!)


I’d prefer LiCDuR Roh ‘Icebox’ -Dog.
Anyone can be my wingman anytime.  😉 


Everybody needs a badge in 0bama’s military.


Don’t lose that lovin’ feelin’ for us Mick. The only “Naval (or Marine) Aviators” that we would yammer on about are the ones that are phony baloney actors that make cheesy motion pictures. The genuine Operators of Aerial Artillery Platforms have nothing but the greatest respect from us land bound Artillery Platforms. Oh…and BTW…GABN!

Seems as if this (former) Admiral, now Captain, needs to have some unwanted attention paid to his rear. Or maybe, if it was in fact a he said/she said, he should’ve followed Mr. Pence’s plan and NEVER be alone with a female other than his wife. It never bodes well for a service member when a Kongress Kirtter gets involved.


I had to look them up, Mick. Never saw those before. Another “Ground-Pounder” device, ‘cause they couldn’t earn real wings.
They’re fugly, too.


Don’t look at the new leather jacket for black-shoes. You’ll get mad.




“…he is NOT a Naval Aviator.”

Doomed never to know the incomparable joy
Of slipping the surly bonds of earth,
To dance amongst the billowing clouds,
Whilst painting the azure firmament
With fleeting icons of male appendages
For those below, less privileged,
Forever bound to ground,
Left with naught but to gaze upward
In gaped-mouth, wide-eyed awe,
Arms extended, fingers pointing,
Vainly seeking to reach out
And touch the faces of these living gods.

 😝  😜  😝  😜  😝 

With sincere apologies to John Gillespie Magee Jr.

Last edited 3 months ago by Poetrooper

Admiral, are you wearing a body cam?

Yes, I am. And please be informed this conversation is being recorded and might be used for purposes of accuracy.


And he can stop that humble-bragging “only muh bestest 3 ribbons” stuff, too.

Those with six or more ribbons must wear at least six. Like everybody else. Sheesh.


P.S. He’s rockin’:

Legion of Merit (2x, in the pic)
Defense Meritorious Service Medal
Meritorious Service Medal (3x)

(Not even a BSM w/o “V” for just being somewhere in 20 years of war.)

A Proud Infidel®™

*In a Morgan Freeman voice*

“He quickly felt the boot going up his ass without any lubrication…”


in a “friendship sort of way.”

What are friends for if you can’t grope them now and then?


F* buddies, he means…


“DeMoss was later selected “Best in Service – Navy” for his performance in 2001.”


Had to get kissy, couldn’t just stick with the Biden sniff….


The hands on shoulders and hair sniff is presidentially approved. But I suspect only for those who reside/work in the White House.


Time and place, impact versus intent, keep your fking hands to yourself… unless…

In Gruntland the escalation is: long uncomfortable hug without struggling, petting, reciprocated petting, then maybe a kiss if you’re lucky.

This goes on until one party quits or an E-6 or higher tells you to stop, or a female shows up to ruin the fun.

If an Officer is doing this or anyone within eyeshot of a water cooler:

scrubs wrong.gif
jeff LPH 3 63-66

Lucky lips by Ruth Brown 1957 and covered by Cliff Richard 1963 on Epic. Just change it to he’s got lucky lips.


Those wings resemble the plastic ones Eastern Airline pilots would give to kids in the mid-80s. This would be after you visited the pilots mid-flight to say hello. Times may have changed a little since.


Eeeewwwwwww! gropey joey in a uniform!!!



What a dumbass!