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| March 11, 2022


UPDATE: Suspect dead after Lapeer County Sheriff deputy shot multiple times in Burnside Twp.

Laura Fitzgerald, Liz Shepard
A man is dead after a Lapeer County Sheriff deputy was shot multiple times Wednesday in Burnside Township while serving a felony warrant.

At approximately 9:22 a.m., two uniformed deputies and a detective from the Lapeer County Sheriff Department responded to a residence on Willis Road near Brown City Road to locate Robert Charles Raymond, 47, of Imlay City, on a felony criminal sexual conduct warrant, according to the Michigan State Police.

Preliminary investigation indicates the homeowner was at the residence and allowed deputies to check the premise for the suspect.

Upon opening the door of a detached outbuilding, the suspect fired upon them with a gun, striking one deputy multiple times, MSP said in a press release.

The other deputy returned fire, striking the suspect. The injured deputy was transported to Marlette Hospital, then flown to Hurley Medical Center for medical treatment where he is listed in stable condition.

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The Times Herald

Suspected burglar dies after being shot by Acworth officer

The GBI is investigating a shooting involving an Acworth police officer that left a suspect dead.

According to the Acworth Police Department, their officers were called to a burglary at a home on Lake Park Ridge West around 6:50 p.m. Wednesday.

When officers arrived, the department says they were met with a suspect armed with a pair of knives.

At some point, one of the officers shot the suspect after he ignored their commands to stop, according to the GBI.

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ECSO: Fatal shooting in Northwest Pensacola was clear ‘stand your ground’ case

Jennifer Rich, Pensacola News Journal
Investigators have determined a fatal shooting that occurred Wednesday evening was an incident of self defense during an altercation between family members.

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a residence in the area of Quiet Oak Lane and Interstate Circle at 6:41 p.m. Wednesday in Northwest Pensacola.

ECSO Cmdr. Andrew Hobbs said two adult male relatives got into a verbal altercation that escalated when one man — the larger of the two — physically attacked his relative by choking and beating him.

Hobbs said the man who was being attacked fired shots at the other man to get him to stop the attack.

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Another FGS Trifecta care of our own Gun Bunny.

Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms. — James Madison, The Federalist Papers No. 46 at 243-244.

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Frankie Cee

Another 3fer. I like that news in the morning.
I spent my youth and teenage years in the area of the Lapeer County Deputy shooting. May the deputy recover to return to work.

Frankie Cee

I have long wanted to have a Kukri. Not some “Made in China” piece of lookalike shit, and not even some custom creation from an American Knifemaker, and not particularly needed to be “new”. I want a “Kukri”, made originally for the military, and authentic. I expect that I will go to my grave without one, but the desire is there.

MI Ranger

I always wondered what the two little knives tucked into the back of the scabbard were for. They are poorly balanced for throwing and one was dull as could be. I figured mine must be unique and the maker had some left over metal…
I am now glad I did not try to put an edge on the blade. Maybe mine is authentic, I know it was not made in China, but I don’t know for sure it was made in Nepal.

Last edited 1 year ago by MI Ranger
RGR 4-78

From the article.

Most Kukri feature two little knives attached at the back of the sheath held either in a built-in pocket or a leather purse is the complete set. The small sharp knife is a Karda, it serves as a small cutting knife. The other knife is called a Chakmak. It is blunt on both sides and it works like a knife sharpener when one does not have a sharpening stone rubbing both sides of a kukri. This Chakmak when stroked against a lime stone created sparks to start fire also.”


Another 3 get ventilated!


The Trifecta DRT Gods have smiled upon us this week. WW maybe throwing a party of some sort. Almost like the Good Old days of yore, before the news feeds were eat up with Bat Flu, Orange Man Bad, and Everything is RAAYYYCISSS!

Slice, Dice, and get all Stabby. The Gurkhas AND the Kurki are Bad Ass!

The 2nd A is the only reason that the USA has lasted as long as it has. When that is gone, thus goes our Republic.