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| March 6, 2022

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Self-defense argument arises in Ogden shooting case

By Mark Shenefelt
OGDEN — A defense attorney on Thursday advanced a self-defense argument for a woman who is accused of shooting a man during an alleged burglary.

The man has a long record of mostly misdemeanor convictions for assaulting women, attorney Randall Richards said, arguing the man’s credibility as a witness is questionable heading into 31-year-old Mauren Wall’s trial.

Wall, of Porterville, is charged with aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery, both first-degree felonies; second-degree felony aggravated assault; and third-degree felony counts of obstructing justice and use of a firearm by a restricted person.

Charging documents alleged that on Jan. 21, 2021, Wall was inside a Brinker Avenue home without permission and was confronted by a woman who arrived home. Wall argued that the woman owed her money, and she then allegedly drew a handgun and shot a man who tried to “escort her off the property.” The man was shot in the abdomen and underwent surgery, but he survived.

In a 2nd District Court hearing on Thursday, Richards said the shooting was in self-defense. He asked Judge Reuben Renstrom to allow him to admit evidence of the man’s prior criminal record. Wall is scheduled to go on trial June 27.

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Good luck with that plea, counselor.

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Frankie Cee



2nd Amendment

Frankie Cee

I would love to be Mickey Mouse’s ears, under that big smile, next to that lumpy chest, and all….


That Ogden case is a hot mess. Sounds like the trash was being escorted by some more trash. No Honor among thieves…or ne’er do wells.

News feeds are dearth of FGS this weekend. Plenty of crime and war propaganda tho.

If bigger is better than why in Hell isn’t that Cat in a .45 caliber…as God and His Most Saintly JMB (HBHN) intended?

The pic of that Black Haired Beauty is proof that AW1 Ed loves us and wants us to be happy. HONEY HUSH! 😍


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jeff LPH 3 63-66

Who wears short shorts, we wear short shorts, their not short shorts. Short Shorts By the Royal Teens 1957 on the Power label.