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| February 12, 2022

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Granville deputy fired shots that killed a 23-year-old man, officials say

Julian Shen-Berro, Avi Bajpai
The Granville County Sheriff’s Office acknowledged Thursday that a deputy fired the shots that killed a 23-year-old man Wednesday evening.

The deputy fired after the man shot at him with a shotgun, the sheriff’s office said. Neither the deputy nor the 23-year-old were named.

Sheriff John Hardy said deputies went to a home on Reavis Road, close to the town of Stovall, at around 5:25 p.m. after someone called 911 and hung up.

When they arrived, deputies were told that the man had committed an assault and had left the home armed with a shotgun, Hardy said. Deputies searched for the man but couldn’t find him.

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Suspect wanted for church shooting killed by police after Colorado crime spree

Jessica Schladebeck, New York Daily News
The suspect accused of fatally shooting a woman and wounding two others inside a Colorado church was killed by police officers after days on the run.

Authorities had been searching for Jose De Jesus Montoya-Villa since Friday, when he unleashed gunfire inside the Iglesia Faro De Luz Church around 8 p.m. More than a dozen people were gathered inside the house of worship for an evening event, including a 36-year-old woman who died in the violence.

The 31-year-old is also a suspect in several recent crimes in the Aurora area, including a shooting late Wednesday afternoon. Authorities said they were responding to reports of a man shooting at people in a parking lot when they discovered the gunshot victim.

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Frankie Cee

Two fer two DRT. Not bad.


Granville Co SO is good to go on their range time. BZ Sir.

Looks like Ol’ Hose A got a chance to meet Jesus. I’m sure that St Pete went ahead and re-directed Hose A straight to Hell. It’s one thing to flip some tables and lay about with a whip in church on ones that deserve such. Being a piece of murderous trash? Not so much.

Nice example of Messrs Smith and Wesson’s work. All God’s Chill’ren needs them a wheelie…for…reasons.


To quote our Lester Long(Vince Vaughn) in 1998’s Clay Pigeons: “Some people just need-NEED-killing”. BZ to local LEO’s.