San Francisco Solves Homeless Crisis

| February 10, 2022

San Francisco Homeless Camp

San Francisco is plagued by drug addiction, crime, and violence. The City by the Bay is also experiencing a growing homeless crisis. A lack of enough cops on the street and a revolving door for criminals have exacerbated the problem.

Based on a 2017 point-in-time (PIT) count, 28,200 people were estimated to be homeless in the Bay Area. PIT counts released in 2019 indicate an increase of 17 percent.

The total number of homeless in a given year is likely substantially higher. PIT counts may underestimate homeless persons on an annual basis by at least a factor of three.

Lacking a coherent policy, city officials are asking residents to help.

Homeless crisis so bad in San Fran area that families are being urged to take in people from the street

Joshua Nybo

As San Francisco makes the news for its ever-worsening problems, some locals are taking steps through charities and placement agencies to shelter the homeless within their own residences. The city has now seized on this idea with its own variant.

As all of San Francisco’s problems seem to be on a non-stop increase, it’s no surprise that homelessness has spiked as well. The number of homeless is currently believed to be 8,000, which is a jump up from the 5,600 estimated homeless ten years ago. The city’s solution has been to ask local residents to take the homeless into their spare rooms with little to no compensation, as an act of charity, according to The Mercury News.

BPR News

Mr. Nybo needs to do his own research. Perhaps he can take this fellow into his home to help with that.

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AW1 Rod

I can’t think of a city (or state) more deserving of its plight.


Usually, I very much try to avoid schadenfreude, but in San Francisco’s case I will make an exception.


MRS D and I adopt several Soldiers for thanksgiving every year. This ain’t like that. You voted for this, San Francisco. Enjoy it.

MI Ranger

I heard that the Pelosi residence has a large number of unused bedrooms and utility rooms, maybe Nancy is willing to help out!


Maybe she can bring a little sumpin’ sumpin’ extra to the party.  😮  😜 


Sure. Take in a mentally ill drug addict, sex offender or whatever into your home. The city wants them to do so not as an act of charity but an act of desperation.

Hack Stone

And once they get on the door, good luck trying to get them to leave. They will have tenant rights, file restraining orders against the homeowners, and homeowners will be barred from their own property. Whoever thought that Pacific Heights was based on a true story?


Squatters rights will keep them in your home forever.


Shh, comrade, is whole “equity” plan!

A Proud Infidel®™

Local Courts will aid in the redistribution of wealth!

Green Thumb

Dude up top might be fun to hang out with. Who knows?


I’ve been looking for a new meth recipe, Grandma’s is losing its sting.


Ol’ Poe can just see San Francisco’s homeless rate plummeting as good citizens take these poor misfortunate creatures into their homes.

And the sexual assault and homicide rates skyrocket…

George V

The guy in that picture at the end also shows up here:

The city gives him $200 in food stamps and $620 cash every… frickin.. month. As he says, why should he pay rent?


comment image


“Homeless crisis so bad in San Fran area that families are being urged to take in people from the street.”
LMFAO!!! That’s going to go over like shit on warm bread. F’em. They made this situation, a sanctuary city, now live with it you ass hats. But for God’s sake, don’t move near me you whiny, pussified, cake eaters.

Last edited 2 years ago by Sparks
Veritas Omnia Vincit

Yeah, inviting someone who will be able to case your home from the inside and would be considered a “guest” under the law unless they stay more than a week in which case they get to be considered a “resident” seems like a really intelligent idea….

Any city that has an app dedicated to locations where people shit openly on the sidewalk is clearly non-functional so this idiocy is not surprising to anyone capable of using more than five brain cells.

It never ceases to amaze me just how deeply these shitholes have to fail before the exit strategy completely disrupts the government.


VOV, the idocy of those who conceived this lunacy is exceeded only by those who might agree to take one of these psychopath/sociopaths into their homes.

As study after study has shown, many of the long term homeless population have antisocial personality disorder to varying degrees and are homeless precisely because it’s a lifestyle that dovetails with those antisocial personalities.

Ol’ Poe’s wondering what the public health mental illness authorities in San Fran think of this lunatic proposal…


I’m sure the mental health types would love this as it both hides the problem as well as identify other people crazy enough to need their help.


Alternately, they could move to Berkley and be the seagull’s roomies.


My niece and her family solved the problem that had with homeless people in SanFran. They GTFO. Living happy and large in Montana.


ROTFFLMFAO! I am guessing Joshua has filled his hovel with homeless people already and the problem isn’t fixed yet.

This can’t be real?


To quote Bubsy: What can possibly go wrong?


I wonder if reading this Lars still thinks California is a wonderful place to live and raise a family, despite the shitty ideas like this courtesy of the brain dead fools running it.

I bet he does.


The Stockholm’s is strong with that one.
Every single market and financial trend source that I follow has unassed CA, if they hadn’t could I count on their advice?


You a-holes created this army, YOU quarter them.

A flood would be an effective method of pest remediation.


Yep, Progs are the primary creators of the FSA, the Free Shit Army. Every D-rat politico should be forced to house them. That might change their outlook. Any way the ones who survive.


The Third Amendent reads:

No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

It doesn’t say anything about the homeless.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

This issue is real easy to resolve in that the city admin should look at the registered democrat voter list and assign the homeless peeps to those homes.


The interview of that homeless dude was on TuCa’s last night. He moved to SanFransciko from the South becuase the city pays him; he uses the money to deal fentanyl to minors. He admits it in the video. But he claims he teaches them how to use it so they don’t OD. What a caring fellow.

That BPR link to the Rumble channel for Tommy’s Garage is a scream.


>>Don’t prosecute drug crimes and they will flock to you.<<
King County (Seattle) has bought several motels for free housing for homeless addicts who are not required to abstain.
Now the county is purchasing motels outside Seattle via 3rd parties on the sly. The city of Kirkland is fighting one they just learned of that will be next to a day care center.

A Proud Infidel®™

San Fran and LA are merely examples of what the left wants to inflict on the rest of the USA.


Just go through the voter rolls, and all registered Democrats take in 1 homeless person. I’m not just talking about Frisco, I’m talking the whole country. Watch for the rush of virtue signalers to be the first one on their block to have their very own. Instagram & Tik-tok would explode.