Trailer, two thousand mules: Ballot box stuffing

| February 6, 2022

“We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” – Joe Biden

Cell phone tracking and security camera footage work together to expose another ballot box stuffing scheme. People, paid to put ballots in drop boxes, make multiple trips to drop boxes along their assigned routes. Dinesh D’Souza and his team put the geo-tracking and video footage data together to present a film that will be released this spring.


Comment: The 2020 Election was the most secure in US history…

Trailer: From Dinesh D’Souza

Trailer: Research from True the Vote

Senator Schumer: There has been no evidence of widespread voter fraud

Trailer: Comes the investigation you’ve been waiting for…

MSNBC: He lost a fair and secure election.

Trailer: To discover the truth…

CNN: The most secure election…

Joe Biden: in American history!

Trailer: About the 2020 Election…

Dinesh D’Souza: Really?

Joe Biden: All those of you volunteer and worked the polls, you deserve a special thanks from the entire nation.

Trailer: Never before seen security footage using cell phone geo-tracking…

Dinesh D’Souza: This one mule made 53 trips to 20 drop boxes. He’s not alone.

Dinesh D’Souza: We tracked 2,000 mules making multiple ballot drops… Leaving no fingerprints. Snapping photos to get paid.

Dinesh D’Souza: A coordinated reign (range?) of illegal vote harvesting in all the key states where the election was decided.

Joe Biden: They delivered us a clear victory…

Trailer: 2000 Mules…

Dinesh D’Souza: Game Over

Trailer: Coming this spring.

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Be nice to see this completed project. Not that I think it will reverse the stolen election results, but maybe, just maybe, it will cause the sheeple of this Country to wake up to the fact that we have deeply embedded domestic enemies that are hell bent to destroy America, and our freedoms.

Rise Up! Resist! Rebel! No Retreat…No Surrender! A Debt of Honor is coming due. Time for them to pay.


Be even nicer to see heads roll.


They will claim this movie is “Russian disinformation” and D’Souza is “carrying Putin’s water”. But the truth is that these domestic enemies, power hungry politicians and woke GOFOs, are a far greater threat to American liberty and security than any goddam Russians could hope to be.

jeff LPH 3 63-66

To bad he doesn’t know abot the semi rig driven by the wrong driver coming up from Long Island NY with a load of ballots and when he got to the depot, the foreman wouldn’t sign him off on the bill of lading and his OT. That got covered up.


I saw the testimony of the USPS driver who drove a semi-truck load of ballots from Beth Page, NY to Philadelphia, PA. Is this a different driver?

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I believe its the same rgr769 and what happened just sort of went away. Looks like you and I are the only ones that heard of it. The driver that drove the semi wasn’t the driver that was supposed to drive the rig and thats why we heard about it. If the driver that was supposed to do the dirty work drove, we wouldn’t be talking about it.


The USPS contract driver was also a complete psycho, admitted drug addict and felon convicted of forgery. Not a very strong witness.

This is different. Very different.


What’s next? Accusations of gerrymandering?


Open Gerrymandering. The dems aren’t pretending they aren’t doing it anymore. It is because the Republicans did it first.


Yeah, the “redistricting commission” in Michigan just got done redrawing the maps for the state house and senate and the congressional districts. Or, as a few people here know it as, the Eric Holder Demorat take over.
With the exception of a house district in the U.P., and the usual areas around Muskegon, Benton Harlem, Lansing and the I-75 corridor from Dee-troit to Saginaw, Michigan is a red state. But, not anymore.


Yeah, some black people are pissed because the dems divided them up like a sack of sugar in open exploitation. Now they have no district with black majorities to nominate black candidates.


Democrats and pallets o’ ballots…


Welp, this ought to trigger the Marinedud61. All this post needs is a link to The Gateway Pundit.


Shots fired! 😛


You know I can’t pass up a dare like that!


Ol’ Poe well knows: The urge is completely irresistable…


Across the bow…

A Proud Infidel®™

Next the D-rats will be screeching about us disenfranchising the dead!

Last edited 2 years ago by A Proud Infidel®™

That’s voter suppression, you know. Felons, illegal aliens and cemetery residents have a right to vote Democrat as many times as Democrats want!


Requiring dead people to show up in person to vote is racist.


Saw this the other day. Really looking forward to this.


I don’t mean to be a spoiled sport or jaded but this means dick fucking squat.
We got hundreds of thousands of miles to go before we sleep or in this case I don’t see not a got-damn thing coming or anyone being held accountable for their bullshit.
Unless we see a Democratic 9/11, I’m not impressed. As in, unless the Republic (not Republicans) dive bomb the structure that is the Demoncrap party, the media and their financial corrupt foundations and backers until they collapse in a smoking heap, yeah, no, not holding my breath.
Oh I’m sorry you’re offended by that 9/11 comparison? Sorry tender tits, Hitler and the Holocaust and already been trotted out and are overdone. Tra La la.


Word! Chippy! Hence the reference to The Debt of Honor. Know any pissed off JAL Drivers?

USMC Steve

He is correct. The socialist democrats will continue to do this until some of them bleed. There are already hundreds of them in prison for election fraud across the country, but the propaganda media refuses to report it, so the threat of prison time is no deterrent. Broken knees are though. These people are unprincipled, amoral fanatics.


They’ll be trying this crap for 2022, too.


Really ? No shit. Shocker.
We better have a plan or the Red Tidal Wave will be a Big Blue DOUCHING.
And it will be OUR FAULT.


Meh. Let’s see the evidence. Not some CGI’d up movie trailer. I mean, when <i>I</i> witness a crime, my first impulse isn’t to make a trailer with voice overs and news bits spliced in. It’s to show people the evidence.

My guess is that Dinesh is reaching, just in a more reasonable fashion than Mike “300 million Americans should be jailed for election fraud” Lindell.


I’m still waiting for Lindell’s evidence, Schiff’s evidence, the Warren Commission, and the truth about Area 51.


Area 51? Never heard of it.


Admittedly, that would’ve been better had it embedded the gif. Still figuring out the new TAH.

USMC Steve

No, you are a never trumper and lean liberal, so as long as your side has the advantage, you will not listen to anything that conflicts with your world view.


This may seem strange to you, but my allegiance is to the country, not a political party or ideology. If D’Souza shows actual proof, great.

If he doesn’t, this is yet another in a long line of scary-sounding things that end up having no basis in reality – like supercomputers tallying votes in Germany, North Koreans dropping ballots off by submarine, Dominion machines swapping votes, Italian satellites hacking vote tallies, and virtually everything that comes out of Mike Lindell’s mouth, just to name a few.


I’ll note that the leftist media gives the biggest bullhorn to the ones on the right they perceive to be the least credible. This is why CNN went balls deep on Trump in 2016, much to their chagrin.

You know what I hear on the left about this?



In my opinion, the media goes after whatever gives them the best ratings / advertising money. Yet another claim, without any real evidence being released, isn’t (yet) newsworthy – not even Fox is covering this, and they’re hardly ‘leftist media’.

But just to step away from politics for a moment, imagine I told you I had proof that some crazy thing happened. Proof. And instead of releasing that proof, I teased a movie trailer about it, to come out in the Spring. And whaddayaknow, I just so happen to have a book you can buy coming out in September about this same thing.

Would you be inclined to think I’m acting in good faith with my proof, or trying to sell a book? I certainly lean towards the latter.

And if you have any doubt:


Baseless claim eh?

Dinesh D’Souza is a Fox News contributor.

Fox doesn’t normally promote properties of their contributors unless they produced them as well.


I certainly didn’t say his claims are baseless, just that I’m skeptical given how he stands to profit from them.

Let’s see the evidence. In public, freely available. Not in the form of a book or movie he wants me to buy. Do that and it’d get more news coverage too.


LC says, “In my opinion, the media goes after whatever gives them the best ratings / advertising money.”

Oh, yeah, CNN is a wonderful example of that, right? In the face of declining ratings, CNN persisted in supporting Biden and the Democrats and demonizing anything and everything conservative and/or Republican.Now their ratings and revenues are in the toilet.

Hollywood is another good example of how wrong you are. Despite that industry being dominated by some of the shrewdest businessmen in the world, they persist in relentlessly attacking and falsely depicting more than half their potential audience in support of leftist ideology. And box office stats reflect the negative impact of their pushy leftism.

There are endless examples of corporate media and entertainment companies forsaking profits to support Wokeism.


Your opinion is seriously out of date…


Yes, CNN is an example of that. What do you think would expand their viewership? Become more Fox-like? Guess what that would do – it would cost them viewers who prefer their current coverage, while gaining them almost none who prefer Fox already. This is like saying you can have a whiskey or some wine, and when a bunch of people choose the whiskey, you suggest that perhaps if the wine was more whiskey-like people would prefer it. Nope, people have their tastes, and changing so you offer half-and-half isn’t going to win you a lot of convert when people want one or the other. Their money is in expanding their market, not trying to tap into a totally different one. It’s just hard to do when they’ve got a bunch of terrible anchors and an asshole in charge.


What would ol’ Poe have them do? That’s easy–report NEWS–as their corporate name implies they do. And if they would do it honestly they soon wouldn’t have to be concerned about that tiny viewership who prefers the present iteration because they would have a rapidly and geometrically expanding audience.

The same thing holds true for Hollywood.

But according to your business acumen they should just continue their losing ways to placate their shrinking audiences.

And you question my wisdom?


Same with Hollywood. Do you think there are no new ideas out there from a long list of brilliant writers, actors and directors? Of course there are. But they’ll keep remaking things that make money first. Now, I’m not sure how making, say, a Spider Man movie ‘relentlessly attacks’ what I can only assume you to mean to be conservatives, but hey, you embrace that persecution complex. And as I’m sure you must know, even if you repeatedly confuse me for some weird stereotype of a liberal that you believe in, I’m no fan of ‘wokeness’ either. 


Persecution complex? Tell that to Michelle who is neither white nor male, but most definitely an outspoken conservative:

When trying to post a persuasive argument, dismissive condescension doesn’t help…

Last edited 2 years ago by Poetrooper

LC says, This may seem strange to you, but my allegiance is to the country, not a political party or ideology.

If that’s truly the case, LC, then please explain why there is such a widespread view of you here at TAH as a liberal. Are we all afflicted with “Lyin’ Eyes”?

Further, from reading your comments posted here for the past few years, it seems to ol’ Poe (and I would wager many others) that your allegiance is to the current government rather than the country, which decidedly was not the case when the Republicans were in power. Then, you were in constant opposition to the policies and actions of the government.

So it would appear that in spite of your denial, the reality is that your allegiance is, in fact, to leftist ideology, or, if you’d prefer, your country, but only when it’s governed in accordance with your leftist world view, as USMC Steve correctly points out.


If that’s truly the case, LC, then please explain why there is such a widespread view of you here at TAH as a liberal. Are we all afflicted with “Lyin’ Eyes”?

This is a pretty conservative place; I’m pretty middle of the road, though I lean liberal. It’s a lot like how to someone in Hawaii, 60 degrees in winter is fucking cold. To someone in Alberta, Canada, it’s unseasonably warm. The temperature isn’t different, just the perspective on it. 

And no, my allegiance is always to the country – I think Trump generally made poor decisions, but applauded him on the ones he got right, like Operation Warp Speed. Whether I like a politician or not isn’t tied to the party after their name, but what they do.  Had it been Clinton vs Kasich, I’d have voted Kasich without hesitation. Same goes for Romney, Huntsman, or a variety of other Republicans too.

Mind you, you might consider them ‘leftists’ too, for the reason listed above.


“This is a pretty conservative place…”

But of course it is–it is a milblog after all. And I’ll wager I’m not the only regular here who wonders what attraction the site holds for you.

Please don’t misconstrue that as to think I don’t want you to be here. I most assuredly believe we should hear other viewpoints. Ed can tell you, I’ve always been supportive of Lars being allowed to continue his comments, vile as they sometimes have been. In fact, I believe I also defended your presence here when others wanted you banned.

Truth is LC, I enjoy these occasional back and forths and it may surprise you but I sometimes do agree with you. The operative term there is sometimes.

What may also surprise you is that while I am conservative, I’m not a rabid rightwinger, being more moderate on some social issues than some others here, although I find the growing insanity of the hard-left driving me farther right.


Is anyone surprised by any of this? There is so much here to associate with Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall that it reeks of his fingerprints and corrupt politics. There is no real difference between this last election and the crap Boss Tweed pulled.

He would be SO proud of the dumbocraps…. if only he knew!!!