The Truckers Are Coming! The Truckers Are Coming!

| February 6, 2022

Canadian truckers protesting Covid restrictions are being joined by some sympathetic US truckers, under the disapproving eyes of the Ottawa police. While the Ottawa police view this with annoyance, there is as yet no violence involved.

TORONTO — Ottawa police said Wednesday that a “significant element” from the United States has been involved in the participation, funding and organization of a self-described “Freedom Convoy” that has for several days jammed streets in the capital to protest public health measures and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“They have converged in our city, and there are plans for more to come,” said Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly. He said that the participants, who also include locals and other Canadians, are “putting our city and our residents, our partners and our officers at great risk.” – article

However, the Canadian truckers are not alone in their efforts to thumb their noses at vaxx mandates (and other such stuff): US truckers here are attempting to meet earlier than their proposed March Meetup in WDC,

From the article: As hard as it is to imagine, President Biden’s political fortunes are about to get worse. The massive trucker convoy that crossed Canada to protest against that country’s new vaccine mandates will almost certainly be replicated in the U.S. and will bring with it huge headaches for the Biden White House.

Biden pretends to be the champion of the “little guy”; he claims to support blue-collar workers. Truckers are exactly the kind of folks Biden is meant to embrace, but he will not do that.

The drivers protesting the vaccine mandates have already been portrayed by the liberal media as right-wing zealots and science deniers, which is only one notch above climate deniers. A Facebook group organizing the U.S. convoy that had amassed 130,000 members has been tossed off the social media platform amid allegations that the movement was being promoted by right-wing extremists, which the organizers deny.

Biden will not dare stand up for the truckers. And yet, if he dismisses them as a “small fringe minority,” as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently did with the “Freedom Convoy” drivers up north, they could get mad.

They could, if pushed, call for a sick-out of America’s vital truckers. Whatever supply chain problems we have had would pale before the catastrophe that could unfold if tens of thousands of drivers simply walked off the job for a day or two. Imagine what would happen to transportation costs, and inflation. – article

Well, there you have it, People. The Truckers of both Canada and the US are pissed off enough to do another whole convoy protest and I really do want to find out what happens when those 18-wheelers are rolled into WDC.

Now, understand that these OTR guys and gals – yes, there are women driving the Big Rigs now: it pays well – are the precise individuals who bring “stuff” to the stores where we all shop for that very “stuff”. There may be delays at the shipping yards, where container ships are still circling the wagons, as it were, but that does not mean that OTR haulers are not delivering whatever they can load up and carry. Nor do I disagree with their view that the vaxx mandates are not only ridiculous, but frankly – well, this ain’t the Middle Ages when real Plagues swept Europe or the Roman period and Greek period when the same things happened. Rats carrying fleas with plague and other diseases ran down the ropes in harbors, jumped ashore and carried those bugs all over the southern end of Europe and spread those diseases.

I’m only making the observation that I do understand their frustrations at being threatened in any way by superstitious idiots.  The Plague’s The Thing, wherein we’ll catch the consciences of the Idiots In Charge.

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AT1 ret


If a consumer bought it, then a truck brought it! BZ Gearjammers! Looks like we got us a convoy. You’d think, what with him being a former Big Rig Operator, sniffy prezzy would push Corn Pop out of the driver’s seat and roll on up the hi-way.

My DOT Physical Card may be prespired, but I do still have a Valid Class A CDL in my wallet. Let’s Roll!

A Proud Infidel®™

Still have my Class A CDL as well!

jeff LPH 3 63-66

I gave up my B CDL after I retired and moved south


If the refrigerated trucks(think meat and produce) and fuel trucks quit hauling, it would take no time to get the elites attention.

Sure, the local grocery warehouse could keep delivering, while they had product. Doubtful your local grocery chain is going to send their trucks to a slaughter house for beef ( which won’t release the load until the check clears), or Yuma AZ for lettuce in winter months(from Mexico), or California or Florida for citrus when they run out.

How will those who feel large and in charge feel when they can’t even find hot dogs.


Have 2 freezers. One has half a side of beef, the other half a hog. Both also contain miscellaneous frozen items, think vegetables and ice cream. Especially ice cream.


Logical and stands to reason: Ice Cream is a Food Group..


Open the drain plugs of their yachts and delink the chain on their compounds’ gates… in a mostly peaceful manner.

The idea of hurting my fellow man (as opposed to those aliens /half sarc) is repugnant. But the imperative is to not devolve into a purity spiral.


You don’t need a musket and a battlefield to revolt. Shut the bloodline down and watch them unravel like a torn tapestry.

There’d be nothing at all they could do about it either except cave.

Last edited 2 years ago by Deckie

Hopefully, a worthy re-post –

Canadian PM tests positive…


Nicely played whoever made it. Thanks for smile.


S&TB #3 dont mess with truckers.


Thank you for posting this. I have a weakness for the classics.


There has been violence at the Ottawa protest.


A 42-year-old Headingley man faces charges of assault with a weapon, dangerous driving and failing to stop at the scene of a serious accident after Winnipeg Police allege he drove his Jeep through a group of Freedom Convoy protesters at the Manitoba Legislature grounds injuring four men.


The man was arrested.

Ottawa Protest Jeep.jpg

So it wasn’t the convoy members who are violent after all? Imagine that!


I don’t know if you’ve read the comments on Twitter from the supporters of vax etc. They are fucking NUTS!


Left/libards blame awful Jeep and call for SUV control.

Dan Fraser

Not Ottawa, Winnipeg. 1000 miles apart.


If it had happened in Washington DC, the guy on the ground would probably get locked away in solitary for a year or so…


Very likely, based upon the actions of our new US Stasi and federal legal system.


Look, he is alone in his care with his mask on.


But violent left wing groups are approved on Fakebook.

“Fuck Peace and Safety.”

“Facebook has been aggressively changing the way Groups work. They’ve added new tools, including some designed to protect Public groups like ours”

“When ever y’all wake up and realize non-violent tactics won’t work on these cave beasts and peace is not the answer get your gun license and join our army”


On the bright side, Fuckerberg took a $230 billion bath on Fascistbook. Hopefully the entire enterprise eventually goes swirling right down the shitter.


I always love it when lefty businesses betray their base and then scream like stuck pigs when the customers leave. Its always a big mystery to them.


He can take his virtual-reality Meta j*ck-off show and pound sand with it.

A Proud Infidel®™️

META – Make Everything Trump Again!


I saw this when Fuckerboy came out with the name and was all like, “DUH Twat, didn’t you even THINK about that?? Tardis.”
It almost made me hard, but then again, wind and sunrise…. 😀
Oh and him loosing umpty brazillions? Cry me a fucking river.


When the trucks do their run to DC, don’t be surprised to see false flag feds with rebel flags and yelling racist comments. It’s a pattern now.

Forrest Bondurant

Yep. FBI agents will dress in street clothes and stage a “protest” by carrying lit torches and “Support Trucker” signs.


The Demoncraps/Liberals/Left shitbags just need to rip the bandaid off of their false/fake personas and just roll with it. You’re not fooling anyone anymore.

Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

Hello from the UK.

Many thanks for this. I add my support to the truckers. I have written various posts to do my bit for the war of words against the so-called elites and their cronies. Here’s a link if you or anyone else is interested.

I use humour to lift morale etc.

Kind regards