It’s Deja Vu All Over Again

| January 26, 2022

It looks as though Vlad Putin is getting something like ants in his pants about Ukraine and Belarus and is considering sending in Russian troops to “help out”.

The US seems to be responding – in a vague way – but here are the key points in the attached article:

Key Points:

– The U.S. has sent the clearest message yet that Russia, its key personnel and economic sectors as well as its leader Vladimir Putin, could face the severest sanctions it has ever faced.

– On Tuesday, U.S. President Joe Biden intimated that his Russian counterpart, President Putin, could face personal sanctions.

– The U.S. has outlined new punitive measures it could impose if there is an invasion.

– The Kremlin has said any personal sanctions on Putin would be politically destructive. – article

Gee, and this is after all those glassy trophies handed to some relation of Pres. Biden’s for just showing up in Ukraine a while back.

And as you should know, we are considering sending our own troops to Ukraine as a counter-measure.

From the article:

US President Joe Biden has said there is “total unanimity” with European leaders over Russia’s troop build-up on its border with Ukraine.

During crisis talks on Monday, Western powers agreed to “unprecedented” sanctions against Russia if it were to invade.

The US has also put 8,500 troops on alert, which Russia said caused it “great concern”.

It denies having any plans for an invasion.

However some 100,000 Russian soldiers have been deployed on Ukraine’s border. – article

Meantime, Vlad is also considering sending Russian Navy ships to Cuba and Venezuela.

From the article:

A top Russian diplomat on Thursday refused to rule out the possibility of Moscow sending military deployments to Cuba and Venezuela, as tensions between the Putin regime and the West intensify.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told Russian RTVI TV he would neither “confirm nor exclude” the possibility of Russian deployments in the Western Hemisphere, The Associated Press reported.

Ryabkov, who led the Russian delegation in discussions over Ukraine with the U.S. Monday in Geneva, said Russia’s actions “[all depend] on the action by our U.S. counterparts.” – article

Gee, this is just like that time in 2008 when Russia’s Navy sent Russian warships to Havana, on a “goodwill” sort of thing.

Well, looks like history is repeating itself. But that was before Vlad Putin was in charge. In 2008, a group of Russian ships entered Havana Harbor, and guess who was President in 2008?

Yeah, that one was President back then.

Well, these must be those Interesting Times we’ve been told about so many times before now.


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AW1 Rod

The Babylon Bee is supposed to be sarcasm/parody, but it’s shocking how many times it’s actually prophesy.

Last edited 1 year ago by AW1 Rod

Leftists are hell on the satire industry.

Name withheld by request

Europe/NATO is not unified. The Nord Stream pipeline that Joe lifted sanctions on day 1 and the Dems successfully filibustered (how racists) an attempt to put them back in place means many European nations rely on Russia for gas. They aren’t going to hurt themselves for Ukraine. Half the population either considers themselves Russian or wouldn’t mind being part of the Russian Federation. Look for separatists in the East to break away from Kiev, and Moscow supporting the move.

Slow Joe

Where is Hillary’s reset button?
Plug’s handlers are desperately looking for it.


Zee Germans, le Franks, and others have told the UK/US bloc to knock it the fuck off. I agree.
If we were really concerned about getting at Mother Russia outcompeting them in fuel/oil production would be a great mechanism. Stolen elections have consequences, all the way down I guess.
Speaking of the Surrender Monkeys, they sure can name aircraft

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“Peace for our time” Redux
comment image


Binkovs Battlegrounds have the shooting part simed out nicely. Complete with Western Europe getting its lights turned off this winter.



When Ivan comes, he’ll bring the dam dam down. And we all know how Ivan likes to party with Arty. Hunker down and get small. Where you think sniffy prezzy joe gonna go? Depends!


Speaking of Putin…

We are rolling all over the floor, laughing our behinds off…

Really, Jim Acosta of CNN?

“CNN’s Jim Acosta Compares Virginia To ‘Soviet-Style Police State’ Under Glenn Youngkin”






Further proof CNN puts up a bunch of lying lunatics as their talking heads in addition to their sex deviants.

Mike B

Ok, I’m an idiot at times apparently and can’t figure stuff out. So forgive my ignorance here!

With as bad as the Russians/Soviets suffered under the Germans during WWII. Why the hell do they tolerate Neo-Nazis, train them, and use them as mercenaries?

Let a rabid dog do your dirty work, once it’s done, it will turn on you……


The term “useful fools” (“polezni duraki”) comes immediately to mind.


Watch Democrats try to whip up popular support for going to war: