Blast from the past – Jarrett Gimbl

| January 26, 2022

Jarrett Gimbl’s latest booking photo courtesy of Collier County, Florida

Here’s a deep cut. Back in 2014 we posted about this Jarrett Gimbl fella. At the time he was making claims of having been a combat wounded Marine. The problem is he never left the US. Jonn posted an update a month later, but we somehow missed Gimbl’s latest escapades. It appears he’s in some legal trouble in Collier County, Florida

Collier’s current public records information on Gimbl

Here’s the story from Wink News from last October:

Caught on cam: Naples man wearing ‘fire rescue’ shirt arrested for arson

A Naples man is in custody after detectives say they saw video footage of him lighting a fire at a Collier County apartment complex.

Jarrett Otto Gimbl, 40, was wearing a blue shirt with “firefighter” and “fire rescue” written on it when Collier County Sheriff’s deputies arrested him in connection with a fire at Addison Place Apartments, located in the 8000 block of Addison Place Circle. This is just off of Immokalee Road.

Deputies responded to a report of a fire in the trash room at the apartment complex just before 5 p.m. on Saturday. Smoke and flames were already visible when deputies and firefighters instructed residents to evacuate from the building. Firefighters extinguished the blaze without any reported injuries. But investigators with the state fire marshal were able to determine that the fire was intentionally set.

Eric Aquino lives in Addison Place. “It was just uncomfortable very uncomfortable you have families with their children and you know it’s it just wasn’t called for,” Aquino said.

Security video showed Gimbl, who lives in the apartment complex, wearing that blue “firefighter” shirt, lighting papers on fire and throwing them into trash cans through trash chutes. Deputies say witnesses reported seeing Gimbl in the area around eight minutes before the fire alarms went off.

“I went down the hall and I smelled the fumes,” Aquino said.

Courtney Churchill lives in the complex. “I guess there’s crazy people everywhere and they just happen to live in the neighborhood her,” Churchill said.

Thankfully, no one was hurt as a result of the fire. “We were able to walk out in one piece and that’s what counts the most,” said Aquino.

Deputies found Gimbl in the 5500 block of Pine Ridge Road. He initially denied setting the fire, but then detectives showed him the security video which appeared to show him doing just that. Gimbl was arrested and faces charges of first-degree arson, felony criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

Neighbors at Addison Place say this isn’t the first time Gimbl has terrorized people at the complex. He was served an eviction notice from the complex after someone saw Gimbl ripping windshield wipers from cars on the property. This caused significant damage.

Detectives are continuing to investigate other similar crimes in that area that may be linked to Gimbl.

Now that Gimbl has been caught and is in custody, neighbors no longer have to worry about him. “I’m just glad that it’s over,” Churchill said.

WINK News reached out to a representative for Addison Place but was told the complex does not have a comment.

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A Proud Infidel®™️

I wonder how soon Bubba & Thor will pop his cherry in the shower?

John Seabee

Hopefully Bubba, Thor and Mr. Tiny will show him that corn hole isn’t just a bag tossing game.

Daisy Cutter

He has that “Vincent D’Onofrio-Full Metal Jacket-Private Pyle-Looking Through His Eyebrows-Crazy” thing happening.

Last edited 1 year ago by Daisy Cutter

Yeah he does. And kinda like a bug that mighta been in a spaceship crash on a farm somewhere upstate. Anybody check his records thru MIB? Call Agent K, see if there’s anything on him in the National Trash Rag articles.


Be sure to contact Memphis Slim if you see K.

jeff LPH 3 63-66


Must be the Florida water down here, and I’ve mentioned in the past that I own a genuine nifty handy dandy under the kitchen sink mounted water purifier and not for all the tea in china would I get rid of this nifty handy dandy water purifer which proves that I’m still banging on all 8 cylinders.

Daisy Cutter

Maybe PTSD from non-existent combat made him light paper on fire and throw it down the trash chute. It’s possible.

A Proud Infidel®™

Does he still have the PT of SD from being hit in the head with a bat over that cocaine deal gone wrong?


Official records indicate he has been credited for serving 30 days in jail and is on 6 months probation effective November 2021.

Do hope he seeks mental illness couseling/help during and after his probation.

Green Thumb

Bet that shit is over.

I doubt Phildo will cover leave time on this one.


As of January 2022, Jarrett is still doing Ok on his Probation.

Hope the guy gets professional help. In fact, hope he acknowleges that he has problem.

Some Embellishers/Liars will never admit their falsehoods. Narcissism at its best.

Look at Joe Biden…and Others.


Keep your chin up Jarrett.


I’ sure he’s heard that a few time during his stays in the local lockup…

Green Thumb

I wonder if Phildo has spun up Lori Benton on this issue?


Holy Crap.
Look at the Jarrett Gimbl LinkedIn today.
Pick your astonishment.
I’ll go with this….
[Director Of Services (Ptsd/tbi clinic)
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Aug 2014 – Present
7 years 6 months]

Last edited 1 year ago by MarineDad61

Runner up…
Eagle Scout.


Gimbl style… eloquent with a Bic.

Bic lit 1.jpg
Hack Stone

If you want to continue the laughs, check out Gunny Driveway’s profile. Apparently he makes a living driving cans of paint around South Jersey.



“Medical paint”?


Hack Stone,
Holy Crap. 835 comments.
VG #1
[Meet Sgt. Major Ronald Mailahn, the youngest Marine SGM | May 19, 2013]

VG #2.
[The return of Ron Mailahn / Jonn Lilyea | January 1, 2015]


If you all are interested, check out Jarrett’s phone call conversation to our TAH Founder, Jonn Lilyea, about 7 years ago (September 2014) after Jarrett was exposed on TAH. You can hear him berating Jonn:

Dude has big time Mental Health issue as demonstrated by his lies/embellishment, attacking Jonn and setting fires.

Hope he does not become a repeat offender.


youtube. often expands here, when doesn’t.
I’ll try it here.


Thank You, MarineDad61.

Loved the way how Jonn handled Jarrett’s ranting and raving.

We miss him.

Rest In Peace, SFC Lilyea.

Daisy Cutter

Did ya ever hear the one where the guy was going to come and visit and was ranting and raving — Jonn told him “Aw right, but just remember to bring a sandwich because we may be a while.”


Was it the Dude from Maryland with the Jaguar? 😉😎

A Proud Infidel®™️

Jonn didn’t put up with runaway horse crap either, I remember him telling someone to go unfuck himself!

Green Thumb

Calling Posers is fun!

Great blast from the past! Jonn….miss him.

This clown is true All-Points Logistics materiel, for sure.


Green Thumb:

Yep! Kinda sad about those with Brain Hiccups.

Jonn handled him well.


FOIA – MEDALS question.
What is the current 2022 turnover time
for MP, VG, or any other SV website
to get an FOIA list of ALL active duty medals??
Can it be done in days??

Thanks for anything that anyone can offer up.


I think NARA may still be behind..
probably trying to play catch up after 2 years of COVID.

Priority probably goes to Veterans or their Family Members requesting their DD214s or records.

Even before COVID, the average turn around time after submitting a SF-180 for a Veteran who is not a family member ranged from one month to one year.

Hope this helps.


Also, this article may be able to answer your inquiry. Speculation is that backlog may be caught up at the end of Calender Year 2022. NARA is still trying to go diginal with their records…COVID situation does not help.


Thanks. I passed it all on (linky & screenshot). 🙂


The answer to this question is long and convoluted.

The short answer is “It depends.”

It depends on which org you file with – NPRC, USMC, USN, USA, USAF etc.

You can get it in days if it is a media request from a viable media organization. NPRC is doing them on a regular basis and sometimes it takes a week, some we haven’t gotten back from submitting years ago. Just got one back a few days ago submitted in Mar 2020.

Army sometimes takes a month – if they have the records.

List goes on.

If we really, really want them we can get them… but we only have so many silver bullets so we try to reserve them.


POSers almost always seem to have other criminal tendencies in addition to stolen valor fraud.


You nailed it, rgr769.

They also seem to have a Personality Disorder or a Mental Illness issue.


rgr769 & ninja,
Stolen Valor romance scammer prevention.
Can everyone spot it? 🙂


Yes. We remember you sharing with us that the guy was dating a family member and had passed himself off as a Navy SEAL.

We have had relatives that told us “war” stories of their time in Vietnam; however, we discovered from other relatives that those relatives never left CONUS. We wrote for their records. Yep. They were never Boots On The Ground in Vietnam. Go figure.

We even found out other family member had embellished one of our Grandfather’s Military service during WWI and WWII. Upon writing NARA and getting his records, we discovered the stories they told were not true. The family members who embellished his service were speechless when they saw his actual Military records. They said their Parent, the Grandfather’s Child, told them those embellishing stories. Go figure.

BTW, did Steve serve in Iraq in 2008 with the deceased?


Oh no.
The Battle of Mayberry – The Andy Griffith Show.
Opie enters an essay contest, and accidentally uncovers 100 years of Stolen Valor all over town.


MarineDad61: Yep, the ninja family has relatives who have lied or embellished their Military Service.

So Sad. And always “Why?”

Just An Old Dog

All Posers have some sort of Mental Disorder. Fucknutz here has a History of playing to that,,, he tries to excuse his fuckery by saying he has PTSD.
He is going to cross the line with the wrong person who is not going to warn him to back off more than once and he is going to end up getting stomped out or in the morgue.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neande

Didn’t we use to call that, “rancid cherry on the shit sundae”?


Yep. Stolen valor is very often merely the rancid cherry topping a sundae made with crap vice ice cream.


An oldie but a goodie. This goes to show that turds float unless you flush them 3 times. Ass hat.

Hack Stone

So who will be taking care of his dog Gunny while he is in the doghouse?

Green Thumb

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics), or, at the very least, one of his new Phildo Supporters.

Just An Old Dog

His ” Gunny The Service Dog” Facebook page is gone… He had the dog when he was outed in 2014 ,, some 8 years ago… The dog was an Adult then so I would say the youngest the dog would be would be 9 years old.
I think he was a Lab mix… they live 10-12 years… The Dog, who had no choice in picking his Master, might have crossed the rainbow Bridge.
Gimbl had a Wife/Partner and a daughter who is probably about 4 years old now as well. I chatted with him briefly a few years back after he was called out and fired from his job at a Vet-owned restoration Company after lying about his service/ He was a slimy piece of shit who just tried to deflect attention to other people he knew that were supposedly fakes.
He is a serial liar and con artist. He is probably playing his fake PTSD Card to get out of shit. He didn’t learn from his beating outside a waffle house, He also didn’t learn from his rumored troubles in SC ( Stalking).


I remain in constant awe of Florida Man.


Looks like Jarrett is gonna be loving the “all he WILL eat” buffet at the BTJT Deli (Home of the WORLD FAMOUS Cockmeat Sammich) for a long, long time.


Only thing is that he has already been sentenced (November 2021), served his 30 day Jail time and has been on Probation for 6 months since November 2021.

Hopefully, he will acknowledge his mistakes and get some help.

Just An Old Dog

Not likely,,, he has been called out and punished over the past 8 years repeatedly and hasn’t changed his tune. It looks like his wife/ Girlfriend may have gotten tired of his shit and packed up the kid and left… That and I’m pretty sure his Dog passed away. With his high profile on the interwebs there is no way any organization will give him another dog.
Looks like his ex will find a better man for herself and a better dad for the kid… not that the bar was high..

jeff LPH 3 63-66

gimbl can be put to use in the prison shop making tripod Gimbl’s


Only thing is that he has already been sentenced (November 2021), served his 30 day Jail time and has been on Probation for 6 months since November 2021.

Hopefully, he will acknowledge his mistakes and get some help.


2022 CHILI FEED update —– Not good.
The Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass’s Book of the Fake,
that rocked 2-3 years ago, is all but crickets now.
Since January 5, 2022,
9 posts. A total of 7 clicks on the 9 posts.
The chili feed event post on January 3… has 6 clicks.
Date still set for Saturday, February 19.
That is, if anyone shows up to do the work.


Ass website dormant since July 2021.
Ironic, since Phony Enabler/Defender
Director/Commander Ken Adams is now up top,
while his trinkets and bling sales chief photo
at the bottom has now been removed.
Note – “LTC” Tom Wulf is still shown TWICE.


Wow. Those are some REALLY SNAZZY leather vests that are being sported by the Board and Staff members of the POW*MIA Elko Awareness Association. Those beautiful, rugged vests must weigh a ton with all of that spectacular bling pinned on to them.

Some of these guys have some really cool “callsigns” as well, no doubt earned when they were “out there in the shit”.

  • “Top”
  • “Fingers”
  • “Inn Keeper” (Inn Keeper? Huh? What?)

This kind of shit always involves leather vests covered in obscene amounts of weird bling.

— SIGH —

WTF is with the leather vests and bling…


The only “full birds” left in Elko, Nevada in 2022.

Vultures cemetery 2.jpg
Daisy Cutter

I read the announcement and the only thing that wasn’t clear to me is who is bringing the meat and who is bringing the buns.

If their job is to bring awareness, they are falling short.

Don't fall on baby gates

It seems like these fakers often have a history of it. Once they get called out on one thing they try something else. It’s really sad actually….but it’s also interesting. This website will be good for when I need case studies.