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| January 4, 2022

You remember the 2009 swine flu epidemic, right? It was a mix of swine, bird and human flu viruses that got together and made a lot of people very, very sick. It seems to have been forgotten and that part about how genuinely concerned people were has never been brought up as a comparison to Today’s Vicious Bug stuff. It was 2009: you remember that year, right?

The Big Scare in the UK back then was BSE (Bovine spongiform encephalitis), which was a lethal disease that used deer and cattle as its hosts, and caused a serious lot of damage over there.  We had it here in the USA, too, but nothing like that.  https://www.cdc.gov/prions/bse/index.html Eventually, it cleared up after wrecking the British dairy industry and didn’t do much of anything over here.  No, we were more concerned about the hog + bird flu that was “guaranteed to destroy civilization”, or something like that, if you paid attention to the news reporters.


Now, who was president then? It wasn’t biteme. It was someone else entirely. So lots of people got sick with that flu bug, lots of people got their flu shots at work (like me) to prevent getting it from those contaminated sneezers on the bus and train, or they went to their doctor or a local clinic, and mostly, we just went on with our jobs and lives.

But none of that compares with the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, which was brought to the USA by soldiers returning from the battlefield at the end of World War I. There were no remedies like flu vaccines back then.

“The only other H1N1 pandemic flu known to date was the “Spanish” flu of 1918 that killed between 50 and 100 million people — 3 to 5 percent of the world’s population.” – article

The CDC, on the 100th anniversary of the Spanish Flu pandemic, ran an article on how and where it originated (in Spain, with 30,000 Chinese workers who had come there looking for work) and it was an H1N1 avian flu virus. Where do you get bird viruses? At poultry farms, among other places, especially if they are overcrowded and not very clean. Think about that for a moment. And let’s do remember that, while viruses are not generally considered to be “alive” the way bacteria are, they are still clever enough to find a way to mutate and occupy a potential host. And they are harder to kill off than bacteria, because they don’t respond to antibacterial medications because they are viruses! Clever fellows!

When the 2009 swine flu began to rise in human numbers, the CDC went to their storage files and found tissue samples on slides taken from patients (mostly returning soldiers) who had died of complications related to the Spanish flu. Remember, that was 1918, and there were no vaccines for something like that 100 years ago. And that flu was the H1N1 avian flu, with an overall death count in the USA of about 2,000,000 people when it was done spreading, at the end of its two-year “reign”.


Most of this current kerfuffle has come right out of one jerk’s office, because he’s got the elbow and left arm of the current resident of the White House, and was counting on being able to gain some glory with the current episode of stupid. I blame that little a–hole for a lot of crap, including failures he will never admit to. No one has to wish him ill will, or do anything. He’s done it to himself. I’ve seen the omicron variant labeled “just a cold virus”, and “not nearly as lethal” as its predecessors. Doesn’t mean it won’t make you sick, but it’s considerably tamer. However, it’s being used as an excuse to control the population all over again (ain’t workin’!) and keep kids out of school when they really want to go back. The bodacious bulk of misinformation about it is everywhere.

Maybe viruses are smarter than we give them credit for: the omicron variant is far less lethal than its predecessors and the symptoms are similar to those of a cold. A COLD? Survival is at stake here, both for the bug and the “host”. If you think testing someone every effing week for a bug that is no more lethal than a cold virus, you are NUTS! It isn’t going to stop it from spreading and isn’t going to stop the mutations. These virus variants are smarter than they are assumed to be: kill off your host animal and you have nothing left to live on.  It’s very possible that the dinosaurs were wiped out by viruses, except for birds, who survived and carry those viruses around with them. The Giant Rock From Outer Space just finished them off.

And just so you know, viruses shift their antigens all the time. This means that, since last year’s flu shot warded off a whole slew of influenza cases, next fall we will face new strains. Next fall’s flu shot will be loaded with a different variant’s RNA.  Without a reliable host as prey, the virus will likely just dry up and blow away, or shift its antigens again in the fall, when flu season rolls around, and just become another flu bug.

There are things stirring in the world right now. We are, after all, dealing with many, many overgrown spoiled brats and their ilk. Fear is being used against the population in general as a weapon, in many, many countries.  And if I ever run into that little a–hole in person , I will happily sneeze violently right in his face. Maybe some day it will be remembered as “F—–‘s Flu”, and we will all have moved on.

We must be patient.

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“We’ll use the fear of fear to keep up the skeer.” Dr Fakey 2022.


Ah, the “coming ice age” because of fossil fuel pollution (not to mention “nuclear winter,” after WW3)…

A Proud Infidel®™

“Never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste.” – Rahm Emanuel while part of the B. Hussein 0bama administration


Average age of a 1918 death vs ConAIDS?

I’d be willing to defend the theory increased rates of death of those under 54 were mostly caused by societal factors. Fight me.

Skivvy Stacker

2,000,000 deaths in the United States was a HELL of a lot worse in 1918 than it would be now. Back then we didn’t have a population of some 330 Million people. U.S. population in 1918 was a whopping 103 million. So, 1.9% of the population died. Whereas LESS than 1% of the population has died in the latest “deadly” pandemic.
The populace is being menaced by a disease that kills fewer people than lung cancer each year.
Granted, we don’t have a cure for cancer; but then, we don’t have one for the common cold either.


Except those death from covid numbers are inflated with the deaths of people who died with a positive covid test when the Chicom flu was not what killed them. Hospitals have been paid for every purported covid death whether the virus had anything to do with their deaths or not. Dr. Malone and other physicians have confirmed that fact. Moreover, it is in the guidance from the CDC as to what is a reportable covid death. Hospitals, which have had funding problems for years due to the requirement they provide service to illegals gratis, have found a new source of revenue; it comes from the federal government.


“An unusual characteristic of [1918] virus was the high death rate it caused among healthy adults 15 to 34 years of age.” -CDC article linked by Ex

Mean age of death INVOLVING COVID-19: 80.3
Mean age of death DUE TO COVID-19: 80.4
Median age is >2.5 years older for both involving/due cats.
It is not a concern for the vast majority of people.



The DDT, lead paint, lead gas and asbestos is protecting us.
Change my mind.


Coincidently that’s what we’re having for dinner at Fort Roh-Dog!
I like to add a little VX to kick up the spiciness a notch.

DDT got a bad rap. And leaded gas.


The CDC, on the 100th anniversary of the Spanish Flu pandemic, ran an article on how and where it originated (in Spain, with 30,000 Chinese workers who had come there looking for work)…

“History never repeats itself but it rhymes.”


About that… there is an interesting theory that the outbreak originated at Fort Riley KS, the then-home of the US Army Telegraphy School. Supposedly the EM fields ‘helped’ the virus become transmissible human-to-human by changing the way the initial cohorts systems could fend off a benign disease, allowing enough iterations in the environmentally immuno-suppressed.

Obviously its bunk in toto, but EM radiation hazards are still vasty unknown and the US’s standards suck (at least compared to N. Europe)


Yeah, why is it that all the major “flu’s”, as well as invasive species, both plants and animals, all seem to come from Asia, and most often China?


Can we say “kudzu”?




“They’re not even a real country anyway”