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| January 2, 2022

The Department of Defense has created an online memorial to honor military members who died in their service to the nation.

Unveiled on Veterans Day 2021, The Military In Lasting Tribute memorial allows visitors to view and share and remember their loved ones online.

The online memorial is currently accepting applications only for those who died on active duty since Jan. 1, 1985 – more than 47,000 military members according to the DoD. All military members who died on active duty will eventually be included in the memorial.

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Defense Department Launches Memorial for Service Members

The Defense Department launched the Military In Lasting Tribute online memorial, which recognizes service members who died while serving honorably on active duty from 1985 to the present. It is the only DoD memorial to include peacetime deaths.

The memorial honors the service and sacrifice of these service members, and provides enduring recognition and support for the military survivor community. The website dedicated to this initiative ? ? is a destination for family members to view, remember, honor and share the sacrifice of their service members with their networks, extended survivor community, and military family.

The Defense Manpower Data Center tracks more than 47,000 deaths of service members on active-duty status since Jan. 1, 1985, impacting hundreds of thousands of family members. The Military In Lasting Tribute memorial is a way for the DoD to honor these service members.

Each service member included on the memorial site will have a dedicated page that lists the honoree’s name, their branch of service, rank and date of death, as well as their photo or a service branch seal, if a photo is not available. All honorees will be available for viewing in a central location on the website. Visitors to the site will have the option to share the link to their loved one’s memorial via email or social media.

More information, including the submittal process, may be found here:

Military In Lasting Tribute

DOD News Release

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Good article, AW1Ed.

On a Stolen Valor note,
I certainly hope this new Military in Lasting Tribute effort
does not end up like the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project,
which is long rife with embellishers, liars, and outright military phonies.

This new effort would come off as worse,
if spouses, children, and other survivors
regale in the tales of their lost veteran,
who it could easily turn out conned those around him,
and then took his phony tales to the grave.


This just in…

For those who have T-Mobile, they’re censoring conservative website links you text– for “social justice,” comrade!


According to your own article, not all, and not many.
Just 1.
The Gateway Pundit.

So, now you learn (again)
about what is actually “conservative”,
as compared to what is rightwingnut fakery.

Anyone who can’t tell the difference… well…


Not sure what your comment about T-Mobile and TGP has to do with DoD or LoC.


Meanwhile… Chicoms are raiding our social media just like we’re warned enemies do:


That’s 47K Gold Star Families. God Bless Them, Every One!

We DO have…the very best ninjas.