Ex Army officer strips at anti-war burlesque show

| December 14, 2021

We talked about this Brittany DeBarrows way back in 2018. At that time she was a US Army Reserve Civil Affairs captain and using her position as such to make political statements. Our very own ninja sends in an update. ninja says,

Well, guess what.


*Warning about the New York Post story. The video shows the women bare breasted doing a Strip-Tease in an Anti-War Burlesque Show*

I truly wished I’d listened to the warning. So consider this your second warning not to click through the New York Post link. I was thinking, “Burlesque shows are pretty hot…but it’s anti-war and they’re usually not…ah, it can’t be that bad. I’ll just take a peek.” DON’T repeat my mistakes. Learn from my failures.

Anyways, DeBarros is back, she’s less dressed, she’s still a socialist, and of course she’s running for Congress. From the Post;

Conservative Staten Island voters might take issue with this captain showing her privates.

Ex-Army officer Brittany Ramos DeBarros, a socialist looking to replace GOP Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, bared more than her soul at an anti-war burlesque show at a Brooklyn bar, video obtained by The Post shows.

“In Staten Island where you have a disproportionate number of police, corrections officers and other law enforcement personnel who have served in the armed forces, this burlesque making fun of the armed forces will not go over well,” Hank Sheinkopf, a veteran Democratic strategist told The Post. “In the era when Democrats are seen as disorderly and out of control, all this does it make it more difficult to elect Democrats.”

The wild evening took place at Starr Bar in Flatbush, during which the retired captain and Afghan war veteran stripped off her camouflage uniform to nothing but red lingerie, as she gyrated to Edwin Starr’s iconic protest song, “War.”

Three women in pasties thrusted and heaved against DeBarros during the December 2019 performance, where the now candidate went by the stage name “Captain Unbecoming.”

After an extended twerk, she went fully topless — to the Disney tune, “Let It Go.”

DeBarros, who deployed to Afghanistan in 2012, became a fierce critic of the conflict and claimed she was almost court-martialed for “posting facts” about the war while still in uniform.

“I was a captain in the army. I was deployed to Afghanistan. I was like, ‘This is bulls–t,’” she told the Brooklyn audience, adding that after her return to the US she became committed to “anti-war, anti-imperialist [and] anti-racist work.”

DeBarros posted video of the performance to her Instagram page, using the hashtag #dropbootiesnotbombs.

“When you see me pause and cover my face in the first video it’s because I’m actually overwhelmed with emotion and how liberating it felt to angrily tear that uniform off in front of an audience,” she wrote.

“I’m proud of this show and it still brings me so much joy to watch myself step into long under-nourished pleasure and passion.”

DeBarros has raised more than $350,000 since January, according to FEC records — the majority of it coming from out of state donors. She is a card-carrying Democratic Socialist and wants to tap into the same energy which helped power Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Jamaal Bowman to their upset victories.

One of DeBarros’ fundraising appeals sparked backlash as she attempted to raise money after Hurricane Ida, citing the storm which left at least 13 New Yorkers dead as she pushed President Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Still, the cash will likely make her a formidable challenger in the Democratic primary, where she will face the district’s former Rep. Max Rose — also a military veteran and decorated first lieutenant.

DeBarros did not return a message seeing comment.

Most shocking is the Post’s inclusion of an official photo of DeBarros when she was a fresh faced second lieutenant. The transformation has been dramatic to say the least.

And for those wondering, here’s the kind of stuff that she “almost” got court martialed for. There’s no doubt this is against Army and DoD policy, but I guess she got a pass.

I really have to wonder what she thought the Army was doing when she signed up for her commission. According to her bio, she received an Army scholarship to attend the University of Miami when she was 18 and graduated in 2011. She signed on with the Army in 2007 then for classes that started that fall. She voluntarily took Army money to become an officer mere months after The Surge began in Iraq. She was a pre-teen on 9/11, so during all of her formative years we were at war. Not just one war, but two. Her particular brand of stupid would fit right in with some of the legendary mental giants of the New York Congressional Delegation like AOC.


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Judging by before and after, she really let herself go.

So did I, but I had the good sense not to parade around in public proselytizing without a shirt on in a speedo.


What is it with healthy and fit females
who leave the military and immediately get super fat?

Males aren’t much better
(visit any Legion, VFW, or patchy vesty biker POW*MIA chapter)
but it’s more gradual, like 20 years, instead of 20 months.

IMHO, she had shit phits over the PPT, the Army Physical Phitness Test.
Fatass, yes.
Phatass, no.


Except if they got out to be a pornstar. Know a CPT who did that.


You can’t just toss that out there and leave us to wonder like that…


Harmony Rose

(No real names, sorry.)


Truly inspiring. If her flabby, yet flat sweater kittens are up to rabble rousing for racist peace then my dad bod complete with beer gut ought to swoon the patriotic ladies.


From six-pack abs to pony keg…

The Stranger

Or Party Ball!

Hey! I’m in shape…I’m round!


Another life support unit for a vagina.


Sweet Jeebus, if she does get elected how is she going to be able to serve and keep her job with Goodyear? They’ll be down a blimp, that’s just great. She probably would have raised more money from guys paying her to put her clothes back on. Now where’s my eye bleach…


“…anti-war, anti-imperialistic, anti-racist work”
Fkouttahere. What I just witnessed was anti-food-in-my-stomach work.
I’ve seen more entertaining and intelligent things at a barnyard. Probably most sanitary too.
Did you -gulp- ladies forget how to PT?
I don’t know how you plan to stop War considering men, women, children, the elderly would punch their way thru Mike fking Tyson himself to get away from that show.
Y’all look like sacks of potatoes got their makeup did by applicator…. if that applicator was a shotgun loaded with half Walmart lipstick and half ugly.
Jeebus can’t save me now after having witnessing that mating ritual for pachyderms.
May Waffle House have mercy on your souls.

Can a mf’er get himself a GD warning next time?


Yeah, but…maybe I would have heeded the third one?
I’ll take your warnings more seriously from now on.


If you want to see some pics that require a triple warning (in spades), take a gander at Zombietime’s photos of a “Breasts not Bombs” protest in Commiefornia. But be forewarned, those “ladies” (and I use the term loosely) make the above gals look like nines.


That wasn’t the worst, bad but at least cringe free.

I do have a desire for franks for dinner now… odd that.


Just think, if she’d of stayed in, she would be Major Skank-a-potomus by now. Buy a buncha outfits from Adoreme on O-4 pay.

I wouldn’t hit that with Chip’s junk and IDC SARC pushing. “That which has been seen, cannot be unseen!”

MSG Eric

From my experience, a Reserve Civil Affairs officer can even become an O-5 as long as they complete their schooling and continue stealing oxygen.

It’s unfortunate, but the Army Reserve has had a critical shortage of officers for well over a decade. Even as moronic as she is, she could’ve been around still as long as her stupidity and politik didn’t get publicized.


Isn’t that what Tulsi is? Civil Affairs, and recently picked up for LTC?

She’s easy on the eyes and seems to have picked up a brain somewhere along the way.


Tulsi’s sea change is truly amazing. From endorsing Bolshevik Bernie for Prez to staunch Blue Dog democrat- she’s not stupid and knows the far left Dems are a losing proposition.
She’s looking for a Senate seat.

USMC Steve

Gabbard is currently in the MP’s. Not that great looking, and a total political whore who is trying to act as if she has moral values. If it aligns in any way with the socialist democrat party, it is not to be trusted.


Yeah. You’ve told us.

USMC Steve

That is correct dude, I have told you. And I will tell you again. Don’t like it, scroll the fuck on by.

A Proud Infidel®™

To me Gabbard appears to be a political Chameleon who will change her colors to go whichever way she thinks the wind is blowing.


I don’t think she is CA qualified yet.

Maybe. She was just picked up last year.

A Proud Infidel®™



She’s not socialist. She’s opportunist.


That pretty much covers it. She’s got a raging case of “Lookatme”.


She can be both– witness ol’ AOC.


Lesson: work harder than an ugly stripper.


We live in a society with a culture that perpetuates the concept of failing upward.

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if she became a senator, then Sec of State, and even in spite the fact she destroys an illegal email server that’s under subpoena, this PoS can be nominated by the Demonrat party for Prezidenting.


That’s supposed to be a metaphor, not to be taken literally as a motivational speech.


Is this where we are supposed to commend her on being stunning and brave? I’m so confused

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

HOLY MOLEY, she could play the part of an ompaloompa if there is a remake of Willy Wonka and the Chocolete Factory.


Not an oompaloompa. Paint her blue and she’ll look like Violet Beauregarde after she became a blueberry.


And from the Johnny Dipp version:


Not from the Johnny Dipp version… dang typing.


That is One. Fat. Whore.


OK fucker, this is NOW the funniest thing I’ve seen this week. and on TAH today….
You just beat Ex-PH2 and then E4 Mafia ’83-’87 in the Hillarious Clintauris-Rex thread.


I’d hit it.

RGR 4-78

I’ve done worse. So, yea I’d hit it.


M48DAT & RGR 4-78,
20 years ago,
MarineDad61’s children came up with dinner table dating rules
for single dad MarineDad61 and his quest for fire on AOL (American OnLine):
1. Must be +/- 5 years of Dad’s age.
2. Must be taller than the children, at the time, 5’2″.
3. Must weigh less than Dad.

IMHO, MarineDad61’s children
would have put the sneers of rejection on Captain Widette.

RGR 4-78

Your loss.


I don’t drink enough to hit that anymore. Plus, MRS D is kinda strict on the “hitting it” subject and she’s an excellent shot. So… Nope!

RGR 4-78

If you get to know her, I am sure she has a wonderful personality.


I’m sure she has several wonderful personalities.


“I don’t drink enough to hit that anymore.”

Me too. Which also means I don’t drink enough to forget that, either.


You just saved IDC SARC a LOAD of embarrassment and probably some STDs.
NOT to mention knee, back and neck injuries.


Of course you would–it’s impossible to go around it.


This is new to me. Not only am I laughing my ass off, I’m stealing this like BLM at a Nordstrom.


Preferred her better as a 2LT.

A Proud Infidel®™

Back in my horny bachelor days I’d have hate-fucked that just for shits and giggles.


and then chewed your arm off just to get away?

A Proud Infidel®™

Coyote love!

Green Thumb

Maybe if that bitch had been in the heart of the Surge like some of us, she would have a different attitude.

All about me.


She’s already trying to out-stupid that stupid group known as the “Squad”. Dumber than AOC, with a physical profile bigger than Rashida Tlaib.


Hack Stone and IDC SARC:

Request your assessments in accordance with the time-tested strict guidelines of the Official Fleet Marine Force Deployment Scale of Doability.

From an Air Wing perspective, I doubt that she could score higher than a 2, even after one consumed a 12-pack on the first night ashore on liberty after a couple of months of continuous time out at sea on the boat.

What say you?


I think she’s out of contention, Mick. Plays for the ‘other team’ most likely.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.




You said the magic words….


Definitely hotter than fellow former Democratic Senate Candidate Chelsea Manning.


A light switch can hide ugly. Not fat.

That’s not even on the “post deployment, 6 months with Palmela Handerson” doable. Regardless of BAC

A Proud Infidel®™

IMHO she is MAYBE a 3 to some Joe on pass from Basic, ’nuff said!

Daisy Cutter

It is always interesting to watch women that were a contestant in a beauty pageant, a bikini model, or a nude centerfold who grow older, lose their looks and start to protest the very thing that brought them fame – often citing exploitation of women, etc.

I’m trying to figure out where DeBarros fits into all of this. I think people that strip or wear string bikinis or Speedos should be pre-approved.


Also “Yoga pants”


Or “spandex”…

A Proud Infidel®™

There are THREE THINGS in this life which do not lie. They are Drunks, Toddlers and Spandex!


“I’m trying to figure out where DeBarros fits into all of this.”

I doubt she fits into anything. A GP medium tent, maybe, if you roll up the sides (of the tent).

RGR 4-78

Be sure to lower the flaps before landing that BUFF.

Green Thumb

Where is IVAW?

And that other loser Paul Rieckhoff?

Thought they would be all over this.


Has anyone checked under the desk of Lloyd James Austin III?

Veritas Omnia Vincit

You guys are way too harsh on this young woman’s post military looks…

I learned at a very young age that fat chicks are a lot like mopeds…both can be a lot of fun to ride, you just prefer your friends don’t catch you on either of them…


That comment even made the missus laugh. Thanks, we need all the humor we can find nowadays.


Young Poe’s first venture into the realm of Eros was with his substitute sophomore English teacher, who was very pretty but built much like this young woman. Poe never liked fat chicks after that.

Which of course doesn’t mean he hasn’t occasionally awakened from an allnighter with a bounteous beer-goggles beauty beside him…



Ditto (back in my single days). One can’t be too picky when it’s last call and your first night on the beach.

USMC Steve

That right there is a phiggie…

I wonder if she resigned her commission?

A Proud Infidel®™

She ought to have “Strippo the Hippo” as a stage name, looks like something a grade or two below what you’d find in some dive on Victory Drive or South Lumpkin in Columbus, GA!


My question is how can she be a “retired” Captain if she graduated in 2011? Seems to be a little short in the TOS requirement. Maybe she is glossing over the fact she failed to select for O4 for being an idiot and got shown the door.


Medical retirement is also a possibility, albeit I’d guess your assessment is more likely correct.

One of our folks with current access to one of the DoD “white pages” services may be able to answer that question definitively, though. At one time either the Army’s AKO directory or one of the DoD “white pages” directories included retirees and identified them as such. Perhaps that’s still the case.


I’d hit it.

The Stranger

Of course you would. Haven’t seen you here in a while but I’m glad to see you come up for air on this thread!

Now we just need to see our old friend, Jack Shit, make an appearance and all will be right with the world.


Brittany Ramos DeBarros does not know me.

The Stranger

And there he is, the man of the hour! The man that all men should feel privileged to know…the one, the only, Jack Shit!


It’s a blessing to know I share the same God-made universe as Doctor Professor Jack Shit, Esq,

Always a pleasure, Sir!


I’ve know Jack Shit and his entire family for decades. His Rodeo Star Uncle “Bull” Shit…the twins Tisno and Takesno Shit…his sister Hot Shit. Wanted to date her but his father, Tuff Shit, had issues about that.


Whatta buncha shit…😜😜😜


And that’s no shit 😉

A Proud Infidel®™

THAT pudgy taint-headed sphincter sniffer had a nice free ride on the taxpayers’ dime, I now wonder how long she’ll be considered a useful idiot to the left until she gets thrown upon the ash heap of Un useful fools along the likes of Bradley Manning, Cindy Sheehag, et al.


That pile is getting dangerously large.

A Proud Infidel®™

IMHO the bigger the better, they deserve to be thrown upon the ash heap of History and forgotten.

The Stranger

And Lars?


Tryin’ to get a date with her.


Her spirit animal is fried chicken.


Her zodiac sign is Dunkin’ Donuts.

A Proud Infidel®™

Did she ever think for herself? I wonder if the shit she spouts might be from liberal brainwashing she got in college, either way she looks like a wannabe deluxe Dependapottamus these days!