‘At Least’ 30 Tornadoes Rampaged Through 5 States

| December 11, 2021

At minimum 30 tornadoes were reported in Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee.

Over 70 dead as 22 reported tornadoes rip across South, Midwest
Kentucky saw its deadliest tornado system ever, the governor said.

By Emily Shapiro, Max Golembo, Daniel Peck, Mark Osborne, and Meredith Deliso

A devastating tornado outbreak has killed dozens of people across two states, with Kentucky seeing its deadliest tornado system ever, officials said.

At least 70 people were killed in western Kentucky, and the death toll could exceed 100 people, according to Gov. Andy Beshear.

“This has been the most devastating tornado event in our state’s history,” Beshear said during a Saturday morning press briefing. “For those that have seen it, what it’s done here in Graves County and elsewhere, it is indescribable.”


Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas also pledged assistance to people affected by the tornadoes.

“Heartbreaking devastation and loss of life from tornadoes and severe weather across the Midwest and South,” he said on Twitter, adding that DHS and FEMA “stand ready to assist the people of Kentucky, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri and Tennessee.”

ABC News

Mayorkas hasn’t been a bastion of confidence in what passes as performance in his duties thus far. His Chief of Staff, Karen Olick, has decided to resign her position to “pursue new opportunities” due to his mishandling of the self-inflicted disaster on our southern border.

I sincerely hope he gets this one right, just as I’m sure no one is waiting for his descisions.

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May-dorkas gave himself an ‘A’ for his performance on border security during a Senate oversight hearing. There was snickering in the chamber, and they weren’t all republicans. Mo-Fo definitely gets an A for doing everything in his power to FUBAR the rule of law & the safety of the American populace, imo. DHS means Department of Human Smuggling. 3 more long years of this turd of an administration.

Deep condolences to those who lost family members or had their lives turned sideways by the tornadoes.


I live about 10 minutes north of the amazon warehouse and it was quite the experience to hear the wind.

The views shown of the destruction are impressive, if that’s an appropriate term considering those hurt or killed, but the view from the south of the building and the backside will really make you say holy shit.

Not looking forward to going through that again any time soon.

Thoughts and prayers for those affected by the storm.


Local news now reporting 6 dead.


Yeah, this is a very sad thing.
Prayers for the wide area/variety/quantity of folks affected by this…and before anyone can go there….Imma leap frog right over DJT.

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It’s Air America spraying atrazine chemtrails that’re turning the freakin frogs gay. Kill Gates and the Bilderburg Group are working with the interdimensional clockwork elf goblins to stage false flags of remotely-piloted animatronic synthetic humanoids with a bio suit made from JFK Jr’s DNA in order to give the one world government an excuse to invade with their UN shocktroops. The mRNA and 5G are just the opening salvo, man.

Who ARE you and who’re YOU working FOR?!

A Proud Infidel®™️

Don’t forget about the airplane Chemtrails spreading dihydrogen monoxide throughout our skies as well!!


You think this is all a game? You sound like a round earther…



70% of the Earth is water. That water is non-carbonated. Therefore, the Earth is technically flat.


Ok, that’s it Mason🙀😒👻

A Proud Infidel®™️

Flat Earthers and the Chemtrail howlers are also the ones who will endlessly screech about how the Lunar Landings were faked and Pro Wrestling is for real!


Well, Rumsfeld ain’t around to ask anymore. Conveniently neither is Kubrick.
My Eyes are Wide Shut.


“…Either put on these glasses or start eating that trash can”


Let’s be honest.

As a species we have created amd long since had various means of controlling weather patterns (see ‘cloud seeding’).

Hell, we have created weapons which can create a literal miniature sun in the blink of an eye, and that same sun vanish in a storm of electricity amd fire.

We send robots to planets and moons to sniff out organic debris (read farts), and even have created self-reproducing artificial life forms made by machines using African clawed frog eggs (look up this crazyness).

So how far fetched is it really, to think the same government that did the above, that leaves 90 billion $ of weaponry to its own enemies, hasnt already figured out how to alter weather patterns?



A Proud Infidel®™️

Piece. Of. Shit.


Joey Depends doesn’t think tornadoes are called tornadoes anymore. Gives confusing, rambling remarks… it’s at 1:35.


That’s just sad and cruel watching him lose his faculties in real time in public like that. At the rate he is falling apart I don’t think he is going to make it to the midterm elections.


A whole bunch of carbonfiber windmill blades screaming through the air during an F-4 would make it more exciting.

Old tanker

The only surprise I had from the very very brief time I was watching president dementia talking about the storm was that he didn’t say it was Trump’s fault.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Prayers out for all who were hit by that.


Was checking the map line of the track, trying to place where most of our mid-west/mid south deplorables would be when the power in the whole ‘ville went tits up. Fixin’ to make the comment that it looks like the line threaded the needle just south of OAM, Odie, and Ex-PH2, when the thunderboomer hit here. We still getting pretty good winds and bands of rain. I’m sure that Ol’ Poe got soaked good.

Prayers up for the victims of this storm. I have driven thru, done business, and laid over in that area a number of times. Real nice folks thru-out that AO.


The Poe’s did indeed get a lot of wet stuff accompanied by some pretty impressive pyrotechnics all of which strangely came in a series of diminishing waves.

Some deadwood blowdown from the oaks and hickories but no real damages.

The drone footage of Mayfield, KY has us counting our blessings that this mainly moved to the north of us. Hope all of our TAH crowd is safe.


Hey, it was worse last year, KOB, when we had two derechose (straight-line winds) chase each other through the suburbs into the city and really destroy stuff. Glad I don’t live there any more.


Glad to hear from you Mi’Lady…and that you and yours are OK. Was thinking that you were well North of the track. I have a rough idea where most of the regulars are, just by paying attention to their comments. Tornados are way yonder more dangerous and less predictable than hurricanes, straight line winds being the nastier of them all.


There have been some very strange weather events over the past few years right here in my AO.

One was those derechos last year, that hit the city to the south and created major damage.

Another was about five years ago, when a series of low F (F1 thru F7 is tornado stuff) storms came right over my AO, shut off the air flow at ground level, and went out over the Big Muddy Lake to the east, sounding like fighter jets taking off. Way up there. Couldn’t see them, but you could hear them. There was a live feed on YouTube from the weather guessers to the south, showing the storm – HUGE clouds, but no touchdowns.

I have seldom seen such wacky weather. But none of it comes close to the tornado swarm of 1974 that started in the southern Midwest and gathered/generated MORE tornadoes as it went northeast, ending up in Ohio and completely flattening Xenia, Ohio. Many people were directly in that swarm’s path.

Nature has her own way of doing things. The people who think they can control what this planet does are the crazy people, not us.

A Proud Infidel®™️
Green Thumb

Very sad.