The Army is racist, the Marines hate the government, and the Air Force are just extremists

| December 3, 2021

As part of the DoD’s purge of “extremism”, a preliminary report has come out. Jeff LPH 3 sends this Military Times article;

Even before the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, Congress ordered the Defense Department to do a better job reporting and tracking extremist behavior among troops. The first public release of available statistics shows hundreds of investigations carried out in the first nine months of the year, according to a DoD inspector general report published Wednesday.

Among them were dozens of racially-motivated, anti-government or “domestic violence” allegations across the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force, resulting in 10 non-judicial punishments, one court martial, 31 administrative actions and 18 unspecified punishments.

Nobody wants to serve with a racist, a gang member, or some violent extremist. For context, statistically speaking, of the 1.3 million troops on active duty and the nearly 700,000 reserve and National Guard, those 59 incidents amount to 0.002% of the force.

After it became clear that a disproportionate number of Jan. 6 Capitol rioters were either currently serving or former members of the military, DoD struggled to provide any numbers on extremist activity because there were no tracking mechanisms in place.

Similarly, the FBI declined to provide data on service members it had investigated.

As part of its report, DoD IG asked for this data.

“The Military Departments reported issues with compiling and validating their data and, in some cases, the reported numbers were conflicting,” according to the report.

But what they were able to find is illuminating. The Army reported 33 allegations of “racially motivated violent extremism,” while the Navy had 30, the Marine Corps had seven and the Air Force reported none.

In the anti-government/anti-authority category, there were 34 Army reports, 14 Navy reports, 25 Marine Corps reports and none from the Air Force.

The Air Force, instead, wrapped all of its violent extremism cases ? 102 ? into a category dubbed “domestic violence extremism participation,” according to a DoD IG spokeswoman, which is not clearly defined.

The Air Force did not immediately respond to a request to define the term.

The Air Force was also the only service to report “trespassing at the U.S. Capitol,” of which they had 10 allegations.

Apparently when the report is finalized it will include an actual definition of what “extremism” is.

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extremism (ik-ˈstrē-ˌmi-zəm):
1. Doing anything to oppose us
2. Daring to think for yourself
3. Putting love of country before personal comfort
4. Using more energy than allocated by the Central Planning Committee
5. Unauthorized travel out of your district
6. Consumption of meat on a date other than your state-approved birthday
7. Questioning the fact that Oceana has always been at war with Eurasia.
8. This list.

Fk them. 06 JAN was a JOKE. SotH KNOWS how many Feds were there, she can order the info released to the “committee”, and still we get nada.
Fffffffffkkkkkkkk them.
The truth will always come to light.


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Precisely this!
Hegelian Dialectic
A) The government creates or exploits a problem in which attributes blame to others.
• The people react by asking the govt for protecton and help (safety and security) to help solve the problem.
3. Then, the government offers the solution that was planned by them long before the crisis occured.

(Edited bullet points for clarificationering)


See also ” Reichstag moment”


“I did not have extreme cigarism with that woman!”

What a crock. I WANT an extremist serving along side me. Someone that is very good at terminating the enemy with extreme prejudice. Whether that enemy be foreign or domestic doesn’t matter.

0.002%? Yeah them’s some scary numbers. Can someone loan me a string of pearls to clutch?


From a link from the linked article, GWU ‘study’ found, “…12 percent of those charged with federal crimes related to the Capitol Hill riot on Jan. 6 2021, included military veterans or active-duty members. More than 25 percent of the rioters with military experience were commissioned officers, and 44 percent had been deployed at least once…”

I call that a good start, Officers leading the way.



The Stranger

Now ya done it…


Old tanker

Another of Mell Brooks masterpieces. Couldn’t be made today. Too many snowflake’s heads would explode.


To paraphrase KoB – I’d want any person(s) fighting beside me to Fight Like They’re the Third Monkey on The Ramp to Noah’s Ark, and Brother It’s Startin’ to Rain.

In reference to the above article and in deference to Roh’s post – gotta cite the King: “Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away”.
– Elvis Presley


Darn skippy! I’m a big fan of solving problems at the lowest-level with the tools at hand. For the racist sh*tstains, those that’d put politic above a Restrained Government and the tie-that-binds, The Constitution, and the snitches too: “Code Red(s)” for all!

Family bid’ness is family bid’ness.

(I got a talking-to, almost more than that in the form of Barracks’ Justice, for saying something racially insensitive. My words got over my skis and having a background where that type of animus was an unknown… mistakes were made. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and the offended realized my words and actions were incongruent. I *did* just rip him a copy of the new Kanye album, ffs.)


Yeah, I beaked off a few times and received a similar brand of Barracks Justice.. My ears were bright red for a couple days but when spoken to, owned it, apologized for it and uttered the two words ‘never again’ and that was that about that. Live, learn, move on.. As for DoD and DND(we’ve got a similar thing going on right now) doing it’s seen-to-be-done purge of “extremism” – don’t mind that so long as tenant command casts a similar steely gaze at it’s own. Some of the rayciss-garbage that I’ve heard coming out of the mouths of GHQ ossifers was beyond cringe-worthy and definitely in need of a very healthy dose of some of the afore-mentioned Barracks Justice..


” Fight like your a fat kid in line for free Krispy Kreme doughnuts and you see the last one on the line up in front of you. “


*you’re*… 🙁


definitely in my third or fourth childhood and not fat but Brotha you better resign yourself to the FACT that I AM MOST DEFINITELY GONNA GET THAT LAST KRISPY KREME!!!




I’m a nice guy, I’d split it with you if somehow I was able to wrestlle it for myself.
They’re best when the “HOT” sign is on. I think my car is broken because that fucker will drive right into the parking lot if the sign in on, regardless if I’m trying to go to or to the Home Depot or Wegmans across the road.
Oh well, at least I’m not driving by too often when I see this.


That box of a dozen is a single serving, Right? RIGHT!!!!


If you say so!

I mean, those lil ‘cups’ that Haagen Daz comes in are single servings, RIGHT?

Good. Glad we cleared that one up..


Chip, your car has a beautiful mind. And obviously it recognizes your need for a healthy diet. Really hope my next car is like yours…


Well, you know how Democrats project:
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Green Thumb

I had a few ex-gang members in my platoon.




I went to basic as a dumb 17yo who thought my time spent on a neighbor’s farm made me worldly.

In the first few weeks, I was on a cleaning detail and we de-bloused. My buddy had a tattoo in gothic lettering reading “BGD” on his bicep. I asked what that was about, and he said, “Gangsta Disciples picked me to be a soldier, learn explosives.”

Guy was never anything but a perfect gentleman and a good soldier. He never made me feel judged or hated for my skin tone, he was always a good troop who suffered alongside us without complaint or preach.

I don’t remember much about OSUT. I remember one DS’s name and might be able to guess a second’s. I have mental stillshots of time in the cattle cars, or of teaching myself to juggle rocks during those hurry-up-and-wait moments, but they’re phantom thoughts devoid of context…

I’ll never forget that conversation with my BGD comrade. The world became a little bigger, and a lot more nuanced, in the space of filling a mop bucket.


So 0.002%

That means your odds of running into a racist/extermist/anti-government whacko in the military is even lower than your chance of dying from COVID


One may even say 10 times lower… IF we are to believe the governments’ numbers… which I don’t… like, at all.

RGR 4-78

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines.
Maters, Haters, Taters, Waiters.

Is there anything that the left is NOT always butt hurt about?


Space Force only offends Trekkies, thus far.


*whew* Good! Now, let’s ALL drink to that before they change their minds!!! Fickle bunch, them Trekkies..


The new generation (the next generation?) seems to get offended by being called Trekkies. The appropriate term is now “Trekker.”

As if they’ve walked a day in their lives.


Apparently when the report is finalized it will include an actual definition of what “extremism” is.

Let me end your anticipation: It means breathing while white and not taking a knee. How any white man can join the U.S. military and fight for this racist white-hating system is beyond me. Get your legs blown off for Taiwan or the Ukraine and then come back to a country where increasingly you’re a barely tolerated serf.