Biden mandate could worsen supply chain issues

| November 12, 2021

This is what James McKenna, a port industry leader, is arguing. When Biden’s vaccine mandate kicks in, many of the people working at the port may decide not to show up for work. This would worsen the situation at the ports where ships are waiting to deliver their cargo. Both Texas and Florida are offering their ports as an offloading destination.

From Newsmax:

McKenna estimated that 30% to 40% of local dockworkers aren’t vaccinated.

The PMA negotiates labor agreements for 70 companies at 29 West Coast ports.

The Biden administration announced last week that all employees at companies with more than 100 workers must get COVID-19 vaccinations by Jan. 4 or get tested weekly.

The mandate, though, has been on hold since Friday, when a federal appeals court in New Orleans temporarily halted its implementation.

McKenna said enforcing the mandate would be difficult because of the flexible nature of dock work. About 80% of the labor force work on a rotation basis, and not for a single employer, Bloomberg Law reported.

The PMA president said that keeping track of 15,000 employees who work for different facilities from day-to-day “is going to be a Herculean task. Particularly for those that have not been vaccinated and are required to be tested.”

McKenna added that many dockworkers wouldn’t be subject to the mandate because the rule doesn’t apply to people working exclusively outdoors.

Newsmax has the article here.

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All by design.

Bring Americans to their knees, starve them to submission and make them beg for big government help. Get them addicted to the government.

Democrats = Pigs



“Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f’ things up.” BHO

Port Wentworth in Savannah is running wide open. Thousands of containers on trains and trucks pouring out of there, everyday. Most of them heading west alongside/on I-16. US Army Corps of Engineers working day and night to deepen the channel.

Again, just as in “gun control” this whole thing is about “people control”.


Da, comrade, is whole plan! (Just ask Lars; he sprains his right hand thinkin’ about it.)

A Proud Infidel®™

“Follow our directive, it’s for the common good!” Yeah, the Nazis and Commies both always said the same.


Doncha love how the gov’t wants to create volunteer snitches to enforce their OSHA vax mandate. Looks just like the Nazi’s and the commies getting people to rat out their neighbors.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Yep, just like how the Nazis and Commies encouraged kids to rat their Parents out as well as Neighbors snitching on each other.


Hey, we’re not smart enough to understand the supply chain. Intermodal transportation, Just-In-Time inventory and low fuel costs are clearly above us, so we can rely on Joe’s Handlers to take care of the current self inflicted stagnation.

Just like they have on Afghanistan, Covid, energy, borders, crime…



Normally I don’t like to go after families but it goes to show Joe’s inability to manage his house, 2/3rds of his kids are fuck-up extraordinaries.

The colossal waste of 0bummer (un)Care should have shown Joe that the dotgov should be as far away from the market place as possible, but here we are again, repeating the same type of mistakes because the host ain’t dead yet.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Newsmax just had an article that Toyota is shutting down and the shortage may last for a couple of years so maybe thats why Toyota keeps emailing me about reserving another leased RAV 4 which is good for 2023. Wlii ask tomorro when I go for the 3 point checkup servicing.


Democrats ruin everything they touch.


Pretty soon this is gonna devolve into the guvmint vs. the longshoremen. My understanding is the majority of the LA/LB bottleneck is the crane operators, who work at a glacial pace under insane perks, like ALL taking lunch simultaneously, thereby shutting all operations for an hour. (Three shifts, you just lost 1/8 of your day.)