Aviation Ordnanceman Airman faces child porn charges

| November 12, 2021

Sailor assigned to USS Gerald R. Ford faces child porn charges. (WAVY)

Aviation Ordnanceman Airman Muckelroy is looking at child pornography charges after his activities were traced on Snapchat and on Dropbox. Someone reported his accounts for uploading child porn. The accounts were subsequently reported. Using summons and subpoenas, officials were able to obtain the additional information they needed to move forward with arresting him.

From 10 on Your Side (WAVY):

One subpoena, in particular, revealed the IP address connected to the account was associated with Penn Hall on Naval Station Norfolk. Court documents describe Penn Hall as “Bachelor’s Enlisted Quarters.”

Military records show that Muckelroy is assigned to the USS Gerald R. Ford.

Investigators also determined a Dropbox account with several videos of suspected child porn was connected to Muckelroy.

Days later, on September 1, a federal search warrant was served to Snapchat to receive the content of Muckelroy’s account. The warrant revealed approximately 62 files of suspected child porn, as well as several conversations with minors.

The sexually-explicit conversations were over a seven-month period.

Court documents show that another federal search warrant was served to Dropbox. That warrant revealed approximately 118 files of suspected child porn in folders labeled things such as “12 and down” and “13+”.

Muckelroy is currently in custody at Western Tidewater Regional Jail.

Google his name and you’ll get some interesting results. Wavy TV 10 has more on the story, and a video, here.

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Old tanker

If true and convicted I hope the gen pop in the prison gives him a rousing welcome. Slimeball.

A Proud Infidel®™

Ditto that!

Frankie Cee

“Western Tidewater Regional Jail.”
Is that the place where people for miles around could hear the whinin’ wailin’ n moanin’ of a Disbarred Attorney who was never a CPO, back in the day?


Glad to see you more on the regular…(other than the outside social media we share..)
You brought a smile to my face with the thought…his tormented soul has to get up early in the morning to bitch, moan and rattle them chains…


Frankie, Nope, that wasn’t where he was. The Disbarred Attorney who was never a CPO had done his moaning and groaning in the Hampton Roads Regional Jail in Portsmouth, VA prior to the aircraft mishap./smile

Frankie Cee

Thanks for the info, Claw.
Just the other day, I had my treasured 166 page manifesto/law suit out, dusted off, and was showing some friends all the gang members and laughing boisterously at the obviously mentally disturbed litigant and his rambling writings.


Frankie, did you show pics of the entire Dutch Rudder Gang? My faves are the ones of the obviously insane SlUrPer 41 (or whatever his number was).


I ain’t saying nuthin but bro, even allowing for big hair, dude isn’t barely 5’5″.
Sumpin bout being similar.
Part of me wants to go with the Liberty Mutual Guy Resembling His Dog Commercial commercial, but I’ll go with this…
Oh and my usual….*IF* this dirtbag is convicted, Scaphism.

Green Thumb



He would fit nicely in a 500lb dumb bomb.


Looks like he’ll become Bubba’s “Boy Toy”. Despicable scum!


This waste-of-skin needs to be dumped out of a Blackhawk with a helo-safety tied to his balls and dropped into a bottomless pool of iodine. Several times. Then be sent to jail so he can be Thor and Tiny’s ‘lil range-bitch…


Someone better give Muckelroy the down-low on where he falls out in the prison hierarchy before the guys at the BTJT Deli (Home of the World Famous Cockmeat Sammmich) do…

He’s gonna be a fine prison bride for Mr. “Tiny”…