Rittenhouse Takes the Stand

| November 10, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse

Accused murderer Kyle Rittenhouse took the stand in his own defense today, and his testimony was compelling. His attorney took him step by step on his actions that night in Kenosha, with a brief break to allow Rittenhouse to regain his composure. His self defense plea is solid.

The prosecution didn’t fare well at all, earning a rebuke from the judge. Every one of their witnesses confirmed Rittenhouse’s story, including shooting survivor Gaige Grosskreutz.

The saga began with the fatal police shooting of knife-wielding 29 year old Jacob Blake, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on 23 August 2020. Following the ensuing three days of riots and property destruction, Rittenhouse traveled to Kenosha, armed with a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle provided by a friend.

He had publicly declared he was going there to protect businesses and potential victims from the mayhem. In the ensuing melee, he shot and killed two people and wounded a third. Wisconsin alleges he is a murderer and he faces six charges: five felonies and one misdemeanor.

Furious Judge in Rittenhouse Trial Accuses Prosecution of ‘Grave Constitutional Violation’


Judge Bruce Schroeder of the Kenosha County Court accused prosecutors of a “grave constitutional violation” in the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse on Wednesday morning after they tried to comment on his earlier reactions to testimony in the case.

Rittenhouse stunned observers by taking the witness stand in his own defense, something that defendants rarely do in such trials. He recalled the events of Aug. 25 last year, when he fired on members of a mob attacking him during a Black Lives Matter riot. As he began to describe the events leading to the shootings, he broke down, and the trial took a brief recess.

When Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger began his cross-examination, he began by noting that Rittenhouse had opportunities to watch videos of the riot, and to read articles about it, during the months since his arrest. Rittenhouse said that he had seen most of the videos during the trial, and that he tried to avoid reading articles on the Internet about his case because they tended to be inaccurate.

The prosecution then noted that Rittenhouse had been able to watch all of the previous witnesses in the trial, implying that Rittenhouse may have constructed his version of events from previous testimony, rather than his own recollection of events.

At that point, the judge ordered the jury to leave the courtroom. When they had left, he berated the prosecution.

I’m surprised the judge hasn’t already called a mistrial. The prosecution erred badly taking this case, doubtless due to pressure from the left. Mike Nifong would feel right at home.


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Been following all of this much as I could. Opinions on news feeds are varied, but at the end of the day, this trial should not even be happening. Maybe Kyle can have some sort of justice with a lawsuit against the state…or the persecutor (sic). I personally think that he should be given a reward for taking the trash.

One never knows how a jury will find, but I think the Judge hasn’t called a mis-trial so that this young man will be found innocent of all charges. Mis-trial would just mean that the “system” could come after him again, the next time with a smarter persecutor (sic). YMMV


I don’t know WI law, but most, if not all states have immunity laws that make the prosecutors, as well as judges, and the state immune from malicious prosecution civil lawsuits. If one is falsely prosecuted for a crime and is acquitted, one has no right to sue the prosecutor, even for all that money spent on your legal fees. If the law were otherwise, then every defendant who prevailed in a criminal case would be getting a check from the taxpayers.


Without being in the courtroom, it sure does seem like the prosecution jumped into this case based on emotion, not facts, and the charges (except for the possession one) are a wild overreach.

I’m guessing he skates on all the serious charges, though the minor ‘possession’ one should be a guilty verdict. I wouldn’t want to be on the jury arguing that though.

In the event of a mistrial, I really can’t see them going after him again at this point, either. It’s a shitty situation, and people were killed, so a trial was all but required, but it’ll be done (and there will likely be some small rioting), and … that’s that. Just another sad chapter in seeing their partisan bogeyman in a sequence of unfortunate, chaotic events.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Without being in the courtroom, it sure does seem like the prosecution jumped into this case based on emotion, not facts,…”

To anyone with at least the tiniest drop of knowledge and common sense this is little more than a show trial meant only to placate the BLM and other liberal loonies done by an incompetent Prosecutor doing all he can to a young Man’s future to appease his fellow leftist loons. The Burden of Proof is on the Prosecution which has made a Bernathian laughing stock of itself.


I don’t disagree, but the media has all but guaranteed that Kenosha will burn again by completely misrepresenting the facts, the law involved, and the conduct of the trial.

If Kyle was my son I would have told him to stay home that night, but seeing the facts as laid out in court I would be proud of him. He acted honorably and with amazing poise and presence for a 17 year old. By the way, he is clearly suffering from PTSD, and if anyone should get $10M (or $450k) from the government it is Kyle.

The left is painting him as a wannabe militiaman, when in reality everyone in the mob was a wannabe revolutionary- Grosskeuez (I don’t care how it’s spelled) Chief among them. Regardless of the outcome of the trial, Kenosha will,lose.

USMC Steve

Actually, a trial was not required. If the machine had done its job properly, instead of politically grandstanding to placate the anarchists and leftists, one of which the prosecutor is obviously, there would have been a no bill based on self defense.

A better question is why the surviving anarchist and would be murderer,
Grosskreutz, has not yet been prosecuted for his various felonies such as felon in possession of a gun, ADW, attempted murder, etc. Is his trial coming up soon?

The leftards and antifa and various anarchists and socialists will riot, and the “leadership” up there has the opportunity to mercilessly crush them, and this would end. But they will once again kiss the ass of those who would kill them and destroy their society there.


The ‘Persecution’ ‘team’ is giving Bernasty a run for Worst Lawer-ing Eva!

That Judge has yelled at them a couple times now, Binger must not want his law liocense anymore.


Wisconsin doesn’t want him prosecuted, only the left wing klownes that are going after US Army Sergeant Daniel Perry for murder when there are videos of the protestor, Garrett Foster when it is clear that Foster pulled his rifle up and fired five rounds at Sgt Perry.
Sgt Perry was on active duty at Ft Hood at the time and had just dropped off his Uber Rider when he tried to drive to his next pickup and was surrounded by protestors clearly impeding his route to escape leaving him no choice but to defend his life.
It’s all a show for the left and people like our very own slimebag larsy-boi as they continue to ignore the right to self defense as a God Given Right and think that they should be able to control those of us that do practice the Second Amendment and leave us without recourse when we are assaulted by the perennial slimebags that inhabit our lives and clearly represent the evil that men and women can do.
My heart goes out to Kyle and Sgt Perry for the difficulty they are experiencing right now.


Constitution? Leftists don’t need no stinkin’ Consitution! (Is against “social justice,” comrade. Right, Lars?)


Since when do the Brandonistas give a shit about the Constitution, except when they can manage to pervert its meaning to advance their Bolshevism?

P.S. Let’s go Brandon!

Retired Mustang

Binger intentionally violated Rittenhouse’ 5th Amendment rights. Binger should be sanctioned and disbarred.
Rittenhouse’ defense attorneys are failing to aggressively protect their client and his constitutional rights.


Yes, he implied that Rittenhouse should have jumped up during his trial screaming the prosecutors and their witnesses were lying about his behavior that night, rather than remaining silent. That is worse than violating the “golden rule” of jury trials–asking the jurors to put themselves in the same circumstances as the crime victim or the plaintiff in a civil case.


R’s lawyer is making a motion for a mistrial with prejudice right now. I suspect it will be denied. But the rat bastard prosecutor is now arguing Rittenhouse is guilty because he didn’t tell the media the same facts as he just testified to, claiming Rittenhouse somehow waived his right to remain silent because some WaPo progdagandist talked to him on the phone.


Binger pushes it any more, the judge might just give him the dismissal with prejudice.

A Proud Infidel®™

But as soon as the Judge does so the leftist loons in the media will all screech for more rioting.


Oooh, there will be rioting regardless of the outcome. The left has toned it down a bit since Brandon stole the election, but they’re ready to go again at the first order from their masters.

A Proud Infidel®™

Yeah, according to the leftist moonbat loons January 6th was an “insurrection” while the hundreds of riots done by loony lefties which did BILLIONS of dollars in damage were “peaceful protests” according to the shit-for-brains talking heads in the liberal media.


Counselor, would you agree that even should the jury be intimidated by BLM and Antifa public threats into a conviction, that there will be multiple valid bases for appeal?


I am sure there will be grounds for an appeal. Given the state of the evidence so far, the judge could grant a motion notwithstanding the verdict, if he doesn’t grant a mistrial with prejudice.


I have a weird, personal theory that the Wisconsin DA’s office is intentionally sandbagging this case. By helping Rittenhouse make a clear-cut case for self-defense, they also help sabotage civil litigation from Grosskeutz and others hurt in self-defense efforts. Compared to a single lawsuit from Rittenhouse, it would overall cost Wisconsin a lot less to settle with him than settle with multiple others.


What lawyer would sacrifice themselves for that? I know two that are apparently dumb enough…


Rekieta Law and his panel has made this tolerable.


No way, Binder is aggressively cross-examining Rittenhouse right now. The DA overcharged him in an effort to placate the BLMers and the antifastanis.


Just like George Zimmerman.


They might actually be going for a mistrial. That way they can keep it hanging over Rittenhouse and try to wear down his support and resources.

Rick Perry, Bob McDonnell, Tom DeLay, Ted Stevens and many others know what it is like to be on the receiving end of corrupt prosecutors with a political axe to grind.


God knows I’m not a lawer (sic), but I share Mason’s concern that they’re going to string him up just so Kenosha (and other angry cities) won’t burn.

If he makes it out without a criminal conviction, he should go Nick Sandmann and sue the everlovin’ shiite out of the liberal media.

Herbert J Messkit

I think he acted legally but I always thought a 17 year old should not be running around in a riot. However he has acquited himself well on the stand despite his youth.
I now think that crme here is the national failure of adults in charge to be in charge and stop riots. arson etc. Shame on them that a young kid tried to deal with their MORAL failures and dereliction of duty

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Anyone out there here anything about the overhead PD Helo taking videos of what happened and handed them over to the prostrators I mean prosecuters but they wouldn’t show them to the defense which I hear that since it was evidence that they shoud have.


I highly recommend going to https://legalinsurrection.com and reading the lawyer Andrew Branca’s day-by-day commentary and analysis of the trial.

They have a real-time commentary going as well, but the analysis I have found to be quite educational.

I suspect they are avoiding a mistrial just because then the DA’s office could, and it appears would, put Kyle through this all again. Even without a conviction, they seem hell-bent on punishing him for being a good kid.


Leftists never their enemies (real or imagined) go unpunished.


“…never let their enemies…” I meant.

Dang, I always leave out a word or something typing this stuff on a phone.


Specifically see:

All the questions folks are asking above and speculation can be answered looking at Branca’s posts.

Only Army Mom

Which is worse, stringing this kid up so Kenosha doesn’t burn, again, or sandbagging the prosecution so the City, County, State, etc., doesn’t get sued? That is, of course, a facetious question.

I want that smug little SOB with the ear gauges and a hole in his bicep prosecuted. That level of smugness should be a Class X Felony. But he is a hero according to his pantifa-fem comrades…who were caught taking pictures of members of they jury and have already (allegedly) doxxed some.

The real question I have is, will BLM rioters rally to their pantifa-fem handlers call ~when~ this kid is found innocent?

I am so glad I’m heading south for the weekend. KoB and all those around the Infantry Museum AO, what’s the weather forecast for this weekend?


OAM, some rain coming in overnight Thursday, sunny Friday with a high of 69 (degrees F, Chip, you prevert). Sunny and in the 60s thru next Thursday. Might be a little chilly at night (40 some odd F) Good snuggling weather! (hint hint 😛 )

Now, how can I rearrange my pre-commitments for this weekend? And find a driver? It’s only about 120 miles from here to the Benning School for Wayward Children.

Safe travels to you, Mi’Lady.


I read he is a self-avowed communist, but at least he mostly told the truth on cross-exam. He admitted his pistol was aimed at Rittenhouse’s head when the kid blew his bicep away. Also, I am not sure it got in evidence, but this commie rioter had a round chambered, so all he had to do is pull the trigger on his Glock. If R’s shot wasn’t self-defense, I don’t know what is.


He admitted that he had one in the pipe when he had the Glock admittedly pointed at Rittenhouse.

Hard to deny the video evidence, and to his credit he didn’t try to deny it.

That web page above has the details.


Commissar Douchebag sides squarely with the dead and wounded criminals on this one. Expect some bullshit commentary from the peanut gallery soon.

A Proud Infidel®™

Major Moonbat is likely standing by to go screech and riot with his fellow useful idiots as soon as their herders and handlers say “Go”.


If they’re willing to play FAFO, c’est la vie.

Bless their hearts.


probably just waiting for pallets of bricks and dump trucks full of rocks to be delivered…

Only Army Mom

Just for perspective – let’s compare the behavior of this judge with another just a bit south. Don’t let the article headline fool you, take your blood pressure meds before clicking.

A Proud Infidel®™

IMHO this whole fiasco goes to show just what a filthy whorehouse our legal system can truly be and may that lardassed sorry excuse of a Prosecutor burst into flames the next time he takes a shit!

Largo Larry

I am just very surprised to see him take stand. I think it is just as unlikely as the defense resting immediately after the “prostition” and less likely to have a good outcome.

Name edited to protect PII.


Say, where is Lars? He should be ranting how Kyle is a bloodthirsty Cheeto Hitler-worshipper who should be hung now.


Driving to Kenosha so he can provide Skittles to the rioting comrades who spurg out from sugar crash or catch an emergency case of methmouth.

Hack Stone

You left out psychopath. Pretty sure Lars used that in his description of Kyle Rittenhouse. If Rittenhouse truly was a psychopath, why did he only shoot those who posed an imminent threat to him?


His moms changed the WI/FI password after the found his love sock collection.


Hard af lolz


Prepping his “medic” skills so he can give emergency soi enemas to the Pantyfa soi bois when they riot…


It doesn’t make sense to the sane among us, but it sure looked like the persecutor was deliberately trying for a mistrial so that he could rehabilitate (read reeducate) his truth-telling witness the next time around.

How stupid can one arrogant, self-absorbed lawyer be? We got schooled on that today.

A Proud Infidel®™

The so-called Prosecution is IMHO a PROSTITUTION of the Justice System.


Kyle Rittenhouse is being prosecuted to send a clear message to citizens not to defend themselves against antifa and BLM.

Old tanker

I sincerely hope a mistrial is not declared. I would not want the kid to go through this shit again and with a prosecution team better qualified than the idiots there now. I am saddened that the judge did not grant the request of the defense for a directed verdict of not guilty when the prosecution rested.

I think the judge is trying his best to let the jury come to a not guilty verdict and put this thing to rest finally and for good. A not guilty verdict would do so and give the kid protection from further prosecution by virtue of double jeopardy protections. In addition the kid needs to be able to bring suit against the news networks who convicted him in print and on the screen well before the trial. I sincerely hope he scores multiple millions and never has to work a day in his life.


I hope you’re right about the end of this with a not guilty verdict. After listening to FJB, I’m afraid that he’ll tell Merrick Garland to prosecute Rittenhouse for violating the rights of those rioters. I certainly hope he doesn’t, but nothing the senile Shartacus does would surprise me.


Trump was accused of setting the tone and guiding the outcome of that shitbird Bergdahl’s trial, it seems to me like Biden the senile racist ratfuck ACTUALLY did that to Rittenhouse when he stoked the fires up by calling him a white supremacist.

A Proud Infidel®™

But the DNC Pravda media won’t say anything about it.


I wonder if Phony Bologna Carol Badoni
will show up again on the streets of Kenosha.


[The Wisconsin National Guard will stage outside Kenosha,
available should they be requested by law enforcement,
Gov. Tony Evers said.

“I urge folks who are otherwise not from the area to please respect the community by reconsidering any plans to travel there and encourage those who might choose to assemble and exercise their First Amendment rights to do so safely and peacefully,”
Evers said in a statement.]

[500 Wisconsin National Guard on standby
as Rittenhouse trial nears end]


We can only hope…
A quote from yours truly, “Carol Badoni is what happens when an anus and front butt prolapse and tie themselves into a bow.”(edited for clarification)

Standing-by for her mental illness to make national headlines yet again. These people can not help themselves.

Thanks for the reminder MD61.


As seen on the F U of Google,
she’s one special piece of ________.