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| November 3, 2021

Lodge Cast Iron Griddle

Supply chain issues are affecting China’s economy in what could be called an odd way.


The result is that the Chinese government is now telling its people to stock ahead for the period from this Fall forward into late next Spring, owing to these issues. We’re having our own supply chain issues here, with container ships parking offshore at the Port of Los Angeles, waiting to be unloaded. And if you think that last year’s idiotic shortages were a fluke, think again. There was ZERO excuse for that.

Haven’t found anything yet that tells me that problem has been resolved. But let’s try to imagine ourselves back in the mid-1950s, when your Grandma and parents were canning stuff every summer and you really did not do without, and your Grandma made the best fresh bread ever.

Also, while Xi JinPing did not go to the COP26 get-together, he is not in China but does appear on electronic media. Vlad Putin did not go, either.

However, that does not mean that stocking the pantry, cupboard shelves and other areas (e.g., freezer chest as opposed to fridge freezer) should be ignored. We already went through one ridiculous episode of shortages, foisted on us by a bunch of people whose heads are stuck in the sand and I do not believe we should have to put up with that crap again. I am, therefore, posting this ahead of that ridiculous possibility, just as a courtesy.

No, I do not trust what’s going on in WDC one teensy-weensy bit. Nor do I have an inside line to anything. But forewarned is fore-armed, right?

Therefore, stocking canned and dry goods, as well as buying/using a small 5.0CF to 7.0CF freezer will save you some of that obnoxious crap that happened last year, just in case the dumbocraps decide they want to try that Stupid Stunt again.  It’s also a good idea to stock your particular favorites in seasonings as well as oddball stuff like dry bouillon powder and popcorn.

Here are a few hints: you can freeze coffee if it is already ground. Just don’t open the packaging until you are ready to use it. Same with flour, but NOT sugar or salt. There is no need to freeze either sugar or salt, as they will be fine in a class container with a tight lid.

There are some recipes for stovetop skillet bread accompanying the videos below.

If you want a stovetop skillet cornbread recipe also, please let me know and I’ll add it.

The videos below are of good crusty rustic bread, with the ingredients and measurements included. And yes, you can freeze butter bought in the one-pound cartons and let it thaw in the fridge. No big deal.

Note that in the videos below, the bread makers both use either a double-handled pan or a cast iron frying pan, both with a clear glass lid. Yes, you will have to watch the bread, but it’s fresh, crunchy crust, and tasty, and the skillets are easier to use for this purpose, if I read this right.

Here’s the video from the Italian lady:


Ingredients below:

400 g of flour (3 ½ cups)

7 g of dry yeast (check the packet label)

200 – 220 ml of water (4/5 cup)

1 teaspoon of salt

2 teaspoons of sugar

Mix well, form a dough ball and let it rise for 30 minutes

Oil the pan

Put a flame diffuser on the burner, and keep the flame low.

Put the dough into the pan and pat it down to fill the pan

Cover and let it cook for about 15 to 20 minutes on a very low flame

Remove from heat and turn the bread over, and back into the pan for 15 to 20 minute on the flip side

Don’t leave the kitchen. Stick around.

You should be able to catch the scent of the bread baking.

It is likely this could be done in an Instapot, too, with a bit of experimenting, but I’d stick to this cook’s method for the time being.

Baker Bettie also has her version of the skillet bread, essentially the same as the Italian lady’s techniques, and some helpful hints on how to make it really work. Also, she’s using a cast iron skillet instead of the steel flat pan that the Italian cook is using, but essentially, it’s the same idea.


Hey, we’re all in this together, aren’t we?

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Pass the butter, please.


Thank you, Ex-PH2! As they are so traditional(ht to our Golden Generation), all of your suggestions are helpfully après pos. One of my all-time favourite Grandma-made/Fry-pan-made recipes is Bannock. With or without raisins, currents etc – this was always one of THE very first foods my Aunt made at my Uncle’s hunt-camp. Recollection of that aroma? Heaven…


Recipe for Cornbread? Bring it!! The only thing better than Cornbread? MORE Cornbread!!! With breakfast, with lunch, with dinner, for desert(with lotsa maple syrup!). Well, you get the idea… We consider it to be a ‘staple’ in the Hatchet household. LOVE these foodie-posts-keep ’em coming!! Cheers and thanks again, Ex-PH2

P.S. Our last week’s Mac & Cheese dinner(cheese to bacon ratio: 2 to 1) was absolutely AWESOME!!! Thanks again.


Hatch, you mentioned bannock in a previous post and I completely forgot to research what it is until you posted this. Man oh man. Where has this been my whole life? I’m going to make it ASAP, and I’ll report back with my results. 😉


nobunny, as calories are neither a caution or concern for you, be sure to give this recipe-video a try too –


Jean Cunningham is my former team-mate’s Aunt. Small world?
Jean is from the same Rez as my next door neighbour. Not surprisingly, both make an incredible Moose stew. Yup.
I am always well fed and like you, never worry about volume of consumption versus weight gain… Enjoy.


My pleasure! Thank you for your efforts in posting all these great recipes and ideas. Particularly loving this Thread with so many TAH denizens contributing practical how-to’s and common-sense tips – case in point, when we lived on the farm, my Dad used to use half gallon salt-water filled recycled milk jugs in our freezer for the possibility of power-outs – we had more than a few – the jugs worked, we never lost any food. I respectfully submit that with fluctuating times(ht to Roh-Dog),this might be a great ‘regular’ weekly topic to post. Cheers and thanks again!!


The last time I got a deer I bought a 7 cu ft chest freezer at Sam’s Club, Current price at my local Sams 5 cuft – $179.00 and
7 cu ft – $229.00

If your worried about reliability of electricam grid cover the bottom with water filled half gallon milk cartons to retain cold in the event of power outages.

The reason I opted for 7 vice 5 wanted the extra space so I coud go with this ice method and still have sufficient room.


That’s a good plan, thanks for sharing it.

RGR 4-78

Try a salt water mixture in your water jugs.

You have to monkey with the mixture to get it so the jugs will freeze solid. Freezes colder than 32 degrees, have used them for camping for years.

Use the leftover brine from making home made ice cream.


The last time I put a thermometer in it the temp was just barely above zero degrees F. I’ll check my books to see what mixture to freeze it down to that level.


A 10% weight/weight solution of salt and water will depress the freezing point of water to about 20 degrees F.

A 20% solution gets it down to about 2 degrees F. So I think I’ll use a 15% solution.

The eutectic point point of NaCl in water is about -9 degrees F and no matter how much salt you add liquid water will not exist.


My step father just gave me about thirty pounds of moose burger from his 986lb bull he got in Maine last month. Moose taco’s are great.

A Proud Infidel®™

MOOSE are beautiful animals, every time I look at one I wonder just what they taste like!


No fat on the meat, tasty and healthy. And my wife just ads taco seasoning to it.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Is that the same Pan bread recipe you had on awhile ago???


Suck it, Chicoms! 🙂


I welcome these austerity measures that my Chinese “friends” are implementing… it’s for the best for all! We all must suffer for the coming REVOLUTION!!!


Отвали, товарищ


Gǔndàn, tóngzhì.


You’re keeping us on our toes, Ex. Thank you!


Hey…Wait!!! Is it Thursday already? I mean, we appreciate a heads up, cause you been on the money all year with these. And I do lubs me some good crusty bread. Have baked my share of loaves in various sizes of dutch ovens on a good bed of coals, but not on a stove top. (Pro tip, more coals on the lid than underneath; use a trivet or a legged oven to keep it off the coals.) This posting today is just a supplement/teaser for tomorrow’s Cooking Segment, Right? RIGHT!!??!!?

Pass the butter AND the Cane Syrup!


Did someone mention CORNBREAD?! *pant*pant*pant* Hell with SugarCrisp!! Can’t enough that CORNBREAD, CORNBREAD, CORNBREAD!!! Did I mention I love cornbread..? Yep. And frequently.


Cane syrup? Thank you for the reminder, KoB! Had almost forgotten about that nice ‘alternate’ to corn or maple syrup. According to the Missus, this is what they always put on her kid’hood breakfast table. Tried it years ago when she brought some back from UK. Reminds me to get some more. You know; variety and the spiciness of life with a bit more in the cupboard an all that…


It’s what we use down heah…y’all. Nothin’ better than a fresh baked, hot cat headed bisket or slab of cornbread, dripping with butter and sticky cane syrup. As a young’un we use to have a cane grinding and syrup making party, usually the weekend before Thanksgiving. Cut the cane fresh, run it thru the crusher, and boil up a batch in a 60 gallon cast iron syrup kettle. Put it up in pint and quart Mason Jars. Made cane sugar too. I’ve got an original 1850s Schofield Iron Works Kettle that could still be used for that purpose. Homemade cane syrup is almost a lost art anymore. Got a Compatriot about an hour or so away that keeps me supplied on a “call me when you need some more” basis.

Historical trivia. When ‘Cump Sherman’s damyankys was on their retreat to the sea back in ’64, a number of the folks hid their smoked meats and other valuables underneath the ground up cane stalks. Documented cases of them whipping some Black Overseers to tell them where stuff was hidden. Dumbass damyankys tried to dig up the cane stalks with a shovel (that don’t work, ya need a pitchfork). Big sticky mess that they didn’t want to fool with. They thought they were being lied to and strung the fellow up by his thumbs and left to go burn and loot the next place.


And all of the above is just one of the many reasons I enjoy reading what you post.

That and my Mom’s side of our family was from Cameron, Missouri. Cheers.


In reference to your 1850s Schofield Iron Works Kettle –




Old Home week. Been to Cameron MO, laid over and enjoyed the sights there back in ’15 when I drove out to Nebraska City NE. Had jumped off of I-70 on MO 41 (part of the Lewis & Clark Scenic Rt), crossing over “Big Tater” Creek (which becomes “Roach Lake” tee hee) and got to US 36. Nice little old school motel with real truck stop that had great vittles. Serious flirting ongoing with the Waitress. Coulda had my way with her, she shorely did love that Georgia Boy Drawl…and manners. Good Times. I raise you a toast of this Crown Royal.


I like cane syrup. Especially if you use it to make rum.


Mint Juleps on the veranda @ Firebase Magnolia ‘D.


As I’ve been saying, work them preps!!!

The energy market is projected to go up some 80% from here. That cost will eat into everything else you buy. Go get it NOW. (as needed/wanted. Make sure you’re a good steward of society and be reasonable!)

If you have a chimney or wood stove I’d double up on your stack and get ready to stay warm. Cold kills 4 to 5 times as many people than heat (…ish. The ratio is probably worse).

To quote a great commentator and modern philosopher Douglas Adams: Don’t panic.

This is time of season/epoch is going to be tumultuous and may tear down a’many effigy of this cronyism we’ve survived. The great thing about this we’ll be able to rebuild better, stronger, and more uncut!

And for the love of fk, print out or write down these GREAT recipes graciously given to us by our Ex!

If you’ve got any questions about vitamins, garden stuff or long term storage, hit me up.

Be well.


‘Make sure you’re a good steward of society and be reasonable!’, ‘This is time of season/epoch is going to be tumultuous-The great thing about this we’ll be able to rebuild better, stronger, and more uncut!’, ‘To quote a great commentator and modern philosopher Douglas Adams: Don’t panic.’

Roh, you had me with almost all of the above(some geographical limitations apply)- but to cite Douglas Adams as an underscore, you are definitely a friend. Cheers!

A Proud Infidel®™

THE OLDER I get, the more I identify with these two, that’ll be my response to urban moonbats when they abandon the cities to try and be parasites on what I and my neighbors have worked like hell to earn and save!


Double-ought or Rock-salt? Asking for Lars…


I’m thinking rock salt– somebody would’ve been hurt bad with 00 buck by then.


In my town this week we leaned a FlatLander wants to bulldoze some farm land and build sixty cabins and other building’s so people from the city can come relax/litter/vote. Waiting to see if the town issues the permits.


And more action from the bride cam down my street.


On that tube thing search “11 foot 8” and you’ll see more stupidity going back 13 years.

They have a traffic light at the intersection at the railroad overpass and over height vehicles trigger a flashing electronic sign saying “over height vehicles must turn”. People still get RV Air Conditioners + Semi’s, and U-Haul truck roofs scraped off.


I love me some 11’x8″ videos BUT, if you didn’t know, it’s now 12’x4″…YAY….and it hasn’t stopped people from still, ripping the shit outta anything they try to force through there. Boooo I mean YAYYYYY!!!

http://11foot8.com/ (+8″ LOL )


ChipNASA and Berliner,
Compilation vid of the first impacts
after the raise to 12 foot 4.

A Proud Infidel®™️

THAT BRIDGE HATES tall trucks!!!


A Proud Infidel@,
Legendary stuntman Super Dave
(Bob Einstein)
goes on a singing bus tour.
On top of the bus.


Bulk items/dry goods keep well in your pantries: rice, beans, powdered milk, flour, etc.

Each time we go to the store, the Mrs. grabs a bag or two of rice/beans. We got a GIANT jar of bacon grease for flavoring/seasoning for the beans. It may be basic as hell….but a dinner of pinto beans/rice/cornbread is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.


Lodge Cast Iron is made roughly 1 hour from my house