Being a veteran is now worthy of enhanced sentences?

| November 3, 2021

Apparently now US federal prosecutors are seeking enhanced sentences for those involved in the 6 January riot. These enhanced sentences are…wait for it…because they are veterans. That’s right, the government/prosecution’s position is that because these people are US military veterans, they deserve harsher sentences.

Jeff LPH 3 sends in this Military Times article;

During his 27 years in the U.S. Army, Leonard Gruppo joined the Special Forces, served in four war zones and led a team of combat medics in Iraq before retiring in 2013 as a lieutenant colonel.

During his six minutes inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, Gruppo joined a slew of other military veterans as a mob of pro-Trump rioters carried out an unparalleled assault on the bastion of American democracy. He’s among dozens of veterans and active-service members charged in connection with the insurrection.

Now, cases like his are presenting a thorny question for federal judges to consider when they sentence veterans who stormed the Capitol: Do they deserve leniency because they served their country or tougher punishment because they swore an oath to defend it?

The Justice Department has adopted the latter position. In at least five cases so far, prosecutors have cited a rioter’s military service as a factor weighing in favor of a jail sentence or house arrest. Prosecutors have repeatedly maintained that veterans’ service, while commendable, made their actions on Jan. 6 more egregious.

The participation of veterans in the riot was particularly shocking because some of them apparently used training they received in the U.S. military against their own government to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power. Several veterans are among the far-right extremists charged with plotting coordinated attacks on the Capitol, including Oath Keepers members who marched up the Capitol steps in a “stack” formation used by military infantrymen.

Prosecutors’ arguments about rioters’ military service didn’t sway one of the first judges to hear them — at Gruppo’s sentencing hearing last Friday.

“I don’t view his military service that way. I just can’t bring myself to do that,” Chief U.S. District Judge Beryl Howell said before sentencing Gruppo to two years of probation, including 90 days of house arrest.

A prosecutor argued that Gruppo’s military service supported the Justice Department’s recommendation for a 30-day jail sentence. Assistant U..S. Attorney Hava Mirell said Gruppo, 56, of New Mexico, was trained to recognize the obvious danger at the Capitol and “to assist rather than to harm.”

I hope as they are being carted off to prison the US Attorney has the good grace to give them a “Thank you for your service.”

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Old tanker

Dirt bag prosecutors. Yet those who tried to burn the courthouse in oregon get no prosecution.


Not much prejudice in the detractors, is there?


none of the pussy hat wearers or BLM/antifactists who “assaulted” the “bastion of democracy” (whatever the means) in 2017, 2018, and 2019 were even arrested.

So, when a democrat controlled congress is protested, it is “muh insurrection” but when a republican controlled congress is attacked it is “mostly peaceful but fiery”.

Got it.

You can pound gravel up your ass Lars.


One veteran paid with her life. Capital punishment for entering the Capitol?


That is not why she was shot. She tried to jump through the last barrier between her and members of Congress.


Unarmed. Not even a stick. Not even a closed fist. That deserves death? You can’t defend the actions of that cop. Actually, YOU could. Because you’re a fraud and it suits your narrative.


Aren’t you forgetting your own rhetoric?

Back The Blue – Comply Or Die.

Poor girl shoulda complied. 🤷🏻


My rhetoric? “Poor girl” shouldn’t have even been there, I’ll give you that. There was no need for deadly force, any way you look at it.


Based on the pic shown of that officer taken that day earlier inside the legislative chamber, the officer had his booger hook inside the trigger guard of his weapon. I suspect she was shot by a negligent discharge from said officer. In the same picture the Muzzle of his weapon is shown poimted at a friendly.

Those violate Col Coopers Rule 2 and 3

Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. …

Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target. …


Not only unarmed but without warning. There were 3 Capital Police behind her within 6 feet of her when that Capital Police LT, who previously had left his service weapon in a public Capital restroom, shot her. In published photos the LT was fond of resting his trigger finger on the trigger and pointing the gun at others.

One other thing. The LT was black and she was white. You can bet IF the roles were reversed and she shot him, DNN and their sidekick MSNBC would be saying she would be labeled a “racist” 24 hours of the day. Mr Potato Head would be droning on and on how he was shot without provocation.

USMC Steve

Shot from ambush and murdered by an inept capitol cop. Presented no threat at the time. Murdered. Most real cops agree too.

Planet Ord

I’ve been a cop for 16 years. Preceded by 8 years military service. She didn’t deserve dearly force. If that cop knew how to actually make an arrest that would have solved the problem.

It is interesting that so many of these folks were officers, though. Including the deceased.


So, you acknowledge that she posed no overt threat to life, clear and present? No threat of imminent, bodily injury or death?
You’re an ignorant failure of a police officer, your former agency can only exhale a sigh of relief that you’re gone.

Sgt K

Wow! Judge much? Since you apparently know Planet Ord at least as well as he knows himself, could you please provide a short biography of his life. You know, just bullet points, i.e. date of birth, place of birth, citizenship status, present address, job and salary details. Just the highlights, right? Oh, don’t just don’t forget marriage status, sexual proclivities and orientation. You know, the dirt! (medical records would be a bonus!!)

Oh, and to let those of you who don’t know, I really, really try to not be judgemental. I hate it when I am, I feel like such a hypocrite. I’m working on it. It’s a process.That being said, you “upnorth” are just a shitbag. You are as worthless as navel lint and just as valuable to society. People are just being polite when they’re nice to you; you’ve proven to everyone that you’re a colossal asshole. When someone mentions your death, people will ask “who?” and then just shrug and walk away, counting the the minutes until lunch. You won’t be missed. Within days, if not less, your name will never be mentioned again. You will not be thought of -at all. The world will be a better place without the ugly memories of you.


Sgt K’s reply was to Commissar, NOT Planet Ord.
Follow the change of color coding and the tab bars,
not the direct sequence.

Sgt K

Both judgemental assholes.


I know, my bad for not addressing it to Commissar, specifically. Mea culpa. It wasn’t meant for Planet Ord.
That said, judgemental asshole much, K?


BS. She was wrongfully killed by a cop not following procedure or training.

Now, Larsie boi…what did you and your worthless mouth breathing friends burn cities down over again?

Pound gravel up your ass, Lars.


Fat doughnut-eater shot her through the window of a closed door and she didn’t have a weapon, dumbass.

Hack Stone

Politicians also swear to defend the Constitution, yet when they get convicted for years of corruption, they get a pass or leniency based on their “service to their constituents”.


“Several veterans are among the far-right extremists charged with plotting coordinated attacks on the Capitol, including Oath Keepers members who marched up the Capitol steps in a “stack” formation used by military infantrymen.”

That video I have to see. Did they have any weapons? Yeah, no. So, what the fuck were they “attacking” and with what?

And this “far right extremist” shit is getting old. Just because I support our Constitution, want secure borders, lower taxes, etc., etc., I’m a “far right extremist”?

You can kiss my Irish ass, prosecutors!


Some are more equal than others, comrade.


I wonder how many of the federal prosecutors have ever served in the Military. I’m guessing none.


Since I was a lawer for over 36 years, in my experience very few served in the military. Zero of the attorneys I worked with and dealt with regularly served in the military. And of the many dozens of attorneys I met over the years, I can only recall about four that served as combat arms officers.


Strangely I know a few even though I don’t spend much time with the lawyers.

Our municipal judge was SF (ARNG, never deployed), I know Federal (agency) Judge that I served with in Iraq (as JAG) and one guy that I served with in Kuwait that works in a State AG’s office that was combat arms before he went JAG. But most of the suits are like 95% of the population and don’t serve.


Why leftists took over legal education, comrade!

Planet Ord

I have yet to meet one. If anything, maybe a JAG officer, but nobody in combat arms or a branch where they would get to be in command of anything other than a case file.

An Old Arty Sgt

How can you call this protest an insurrection when no one had any firearms, except for the Capitol Police who killed a protester? You really believe unarmed people can overthrow a government? So is the Capitol Police Officer that fired the ONLY shot and killed an unarmed protester going to be charged too?


He is a racist affirmative action hire who has consistently failed upward, so it’d be racist to charge him.. right Commissar? Ohh, wait, that fool thinks the cop did the right thing by killing an unarmed protestor.. NM


They wouldn’t be spinning the narrative this fking hard if They were “winning”.

Propaganda isn’t to trick anyone, that’s a bonus, it’s a warning to the cognizant not to cross a line The Machine deems sacrosanct.

I believe The Machine and The They can kiss my ass, fk their warning.


Ok so having or not having firearms in of itself means nothing. Some people were armed with deadly weapons that they used. There are plenty of examples through history of unarmed or lightly armed people overthrowing governments.


Do you honestly believe that a clusterfuck of a mob like what we saw on 6 JAN was actually capable of overthrowing the federal government? There’s just a little more to it than storming a building. No, I’m not defending them. A platoon of Boy Scouts has a better chance of overthrowing the government.


” There are plenty of examples through history of unarmed or lightly armed people overthrowing governments.”

Show me.


Fall of the Berlin Wall, The White Revolution, The Carnation Revolution, 1969 Libyan Coup, 1986 Marcos Phillipine Revolt… How many examples do you want? Those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

All had fewer casualties than 6 January.

For just disputed election revolts in the modern era we have the Orange and Rose Revolutions among others.

So yeah it happens.

“Do you honestly believe that a clusterfuck of a mob like what we saw on 6 JAN was actually capable of overthrowing the federal government?”

Look up some of the examples I posted and make up your own mind, just don’t do it in ignorance.


Fall of the Berlin wall. Economic collapse of communism. Not a revolution.
The White Revolution, instituted by the Shah of Iran. Not exactly a revolution if the governmental leader is running it.

The Carnation Revolution. Military coup. Not a revolution.

1969 Libyan Coup. Put Gaddafi in power. Not a revolution. Birth of a dictatorship.

1986 Marcos Phillipine Revolt. I’ll grant you that one, but not exactly as peaceful as you’d have me believe.

How many casualties are you counting for 6 JAN?


You missed the irony of the Libyan Coup and the White. Both were indeed revolts and worked the way they often do.

The East German economy was actually pretty strong. People just wanted out from under.

I count everyone who died under the “but for” rule.

USMC Steve

No insurrection involved. Look up the definition of an insurrection. This had not one trait in common. That the capitol fake cops invited the people in, ushered them in in fact, pretty much gives lie to that propaganda.


If you say so.

Google says an example of an insurrection is a rebel protest of a despotic government.


Our nation was born through insurrection.

Mess with the bull, get the horns. The left needs to stop fucking with Americans and their lives or much worse may happen.

It happened twice — do they really not think it can happen again?


“Insurrection” would imply some kind of organization or planning, like those Antifa guys supposedly don’t bother with. JAN 6 was more of a disorganized dumbass clusterfuck than an insurrection.



Sgt K

Hey! It’s that asshole upnorth again! Eat a bag of dicks, troglodyte.


Hey – whacha got against UpNorth? Seems like ya got a burr under your saddle, but are you sure your venom should be directed there?

OK, OK, it’s really none of my business, but whatever caused this, I musta missed it.

Carry on.


Hey, it’s that asshole, K. GFY.


Sgt K,
You don’t have to make nice with UpNorth- he’s perfectly capable of taking care of himself. You do need to knock off the unprovoked attacks. They’re bothering me more than him.

I’m the one who can put you in Moderator Jail, for starters. Consider this a gentle suggestion.

Have a TAH day.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Sounds like they’re also being persecuted for not being subservient to the agenda of the party currently in charge more than anything else, just like how Parents dissenting with School Boards pimping the liberal agenda have been labeled as “domestic terrorists”. Next thing you know they’ll be telling those who dissent with them that getting into the boxcars is “for their own good”! in a sickeningly saccharine voice.


Why the hell isn’t Ray Epps in a 8 X 8 cell? That worthless shit pile Merrick Garland won’t answer the question during testimony.


“..[H]e intentionally overlooked his oath to commit one of the most destructive acts against our Constitution and our democracy, that does affect the government’s view of his conduct,” Assistant U..S. Attorney Hava Mirell said.

You say potato, I say go fk yourself, Ms. Mirell.

Still undefeated, USA Scrum & Skirmish Team. World Champs 1776, 2021.

6 minutes? worst.(unarmed).insurrectionist.ever

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

We are officially deep into Russian-style Communist political “justice”. What’s next? Psychiatric hospitals for dissenters?


Stacking papers on him to force the plea bargain.


It appears that Gruppo is no longer riding the Trump Train.
That said, the judge hearing the prosecution argument
has already nailed them for this stunt.
Gruppo has pled guilty to 1 misdemeanor, and there will (of course) be NO jail.

[The attorney for Leonard Gruppo, a 28-year Army veteran who pleaded guilty in the #CapitolRiot, has filed his sentencing memo asking for probation in the case.

He says Gruppo was “misled by an amoral and untruthful President and he regrets putting his trust in him.”]

[‘Misled by an amoral and untruthful president’ |
Army veteran says Trump betrayed him in plea for probation]


If you CHOOSE to believe a completely baseless lie and use that as justification to try to overthrow an election and install a despotic clown then I feel no sympathy for the consequences you face.

However, veteran status should not be a factor in those consequences.


I thought your hobby was passing out water bottles to folks who bust and burn other peoples’ stuff, to protest shooting of unarmed people?

No wonder you get tagged “hypocrite” and “fraud”.

Unarmed people overthrow nothing. Nor are they trying.



First, 97% of the protests were peaceful.

Second. People protesting against police abuse and extrajudicial killing is a just protests.

Third, street medics treat the injured regardless of their reason for being there.

Fourth, overrunning capitol to hold,d Congress hostage in order to overthrow an election and prop up a despot based entirely on a completely fabricated and baseless lie is not a just “protest”.

The only hypocrites here are assholes that align themselves politically with that lie and support overthrowing our election while claiming to be “freedom loving patriots”.

Sgt K

They call what you’re doing here in the comments “projection.” If you can, just provide a link to that 97% statistic that you mentioned. It’s about as believable as that 93% of scientists believe in global warming bullshit stat that no one has ever provided proof of. Just another lie in a sea of them. Your kind know no other way.

Forest Bondurant

Really? A little research will substantiate that the riots of 2020 resulted in some 15 times more injured police officers, 30 times as many arrests, and damage estimates that exceeded the costs of the Capitol riot, with property damage estimated more than $5 million – considered to be the highest recorded damages caused by civil unrest in U.S. history. During 2020, rioters used more sophisticated and dangerous tactics, and in some cases, used weapons that were more lethal (e.g., incendiary devices, Molotov cocktails). They even had weapons and supplies delivered and staged for them. Those involved in the Capitol riots have been pursued with substantially more legal vigor by authorities than those involved in any of the 2020 riots. Authorities applied lenient prosecutorial standards in cities where the 2020 riots took place, and a vast majority of cases were dismissed or charges were dropped. Several of those charged in the Capitol riots have been serving pre-trial detention for months, unlike participants of the 2020 summer riots. One defendant has served more time that the maximum sentence for the charges which he pleaded guilty. Liberals like Lars believe the Capitol riots were symbolically worse because the Capitol building was targeted during what was supposed to be part of a peaceful transfer of power, but what all liberals seem to forget or brush away is that in some of those cities, protesters deliberately targeted government buildings, including federal courthouses, and went as far as burning down a police precinct building which caused officers to evacuate. Commissar also believes the Capitol riot was an “insurrection”, intended to “hold members of Congress hostage” and “prop up a despot” – none of which has been substantiated or prosecuted in any case so far. THAT’s the narrative that is based entirely on fabricated and baseless lies. Commissar (and liberals like him) prefer to be dishonest and dismiss the 2020 riots and say that burning small businesses, destroying property, and threatening the lives of people is completely different. He then goes as far to say that the riots (which he admits to giving aid and comfort) were… Read more »


Not sure where the $5 million comes from but Minneapolis alone was over half a billion in damages.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Come to think of it, how many times have we seen mobs of Conservatives rioting, looting and burning urbanization areas since Joke Biteme was installed?

Forest Bondurant

(Should have been $5 billion – best estimate based on what I read…)

My mistake.



Lars seems to have forgotten those chants and signs, and demands that he not be permitted to take office.

I said it before and I’ll say it again and again… he needs to demand a refund from that shithouse called UCB. It did him no good whatsoever.


Our local neighboring county State Senator was there (with his wife).
Mastriano is a retired Army COL,
who touts his military service now
in his push to become the next PA Governor.

When the barricades fighting and pushing through began (outside),
the Mastriano couple walked sideways near the front,
then turned and split.

However, several who went there on HIS (2) chartered buses
took part, fought, and pushed through for the doors and windows,
at least 3 are now charged,
and at least 1 sits in jail until trial (for macing cops).

This is why I call them “January 6 knuckleheads.”


“If you CHOOSE to believe a completely baseless lie and use that as justification to try to overthrow an election and install a despotic clown then I feel no sympathy for the consequences you face.”

I totally agree, vehemently so. Re the 2020 election: use of a fake health emergency ‘LIE’ and using that as ‘justification’ to thwart election law in most states, in order to ‘overthrow an election’, install a ‘DESPOTIC (senile) CLOWN’? Yes, that SHOULD be met with ‘CONSEQUENCES’!

But not the compromised, unsolicited, unregulated mail-in type used in 2020, but the visceral in-your-face physical type.

Got steel? Rope?

USMC Steve

He has it nailed. A despotic senile clown currently resides in the white house.


A racist, senile clown at that.

Forest Bondurant

A LYING, racist, senile clown…


I may be a fool but I honestly believe it is the dementia talking. These are the questions I’d like to see at the next press conference:

Do you forget the names of familiar objects and use general phrases such as ‘you know what I mean’ or ‘that thing’?

(And How)

Do you get easily confused driving, or using tools? Do you get lost in places that are familiar to you (i.e. your neighborhood or the grocery store)?


Do you find that you miss social cues, which may lead to not understanding what others are saying, laughing at inappropriate times, staying on a topic despite a lack of interest by others, and/or saying things that are viewed as offensive?

(Oh, boy where to start)

Do you get confused with recalling the day of the week, month, year, important dates, and/or do you repeat yourself in conversations?


Do you need help getting dressed, remembering to take medication, and/or handling your finances?


Are these difficulties getting worse?


Who I am kidding? They will never let him wing answers during a press conference ever again. He has his list of besties to call on for soft ball questions.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Of course, the left, especially their minions in the liberal media have been treating Joke Biteme with kid gloves ever since he had the nomination handed to him!


Was that before or after he kicked Corn Pop’s ass? Or did he mistake the Pope for his invented racial stereotype named Corn Pop?

I’m confused now!


Your life seems to be a series of completely baseless lies and failed attempts at a multitude of career choices. I see why you seek the refuge of academia. It’s all about the participation trophy. You don’t really have to DO anything, just be there and recite the party line. It suits you well.

A Proud Infidel®™️

And he projects his lifetime of underachievement on everyone else.


Instead of “How do you write women so well?” imagine she asks Jack “How do you think like Commissar (or any other liberal)?”


So, those 81 million votes this past November were bogus?


Applies and potato’s?




NO! That’s peaceful! What is so hard to understand?

It’s Cheeto hitler’s fault, even tho he wasn’t in charge at the time, it was his SPIRIT (or lack thereof) that caused all those flashes bangs and tear gases to be launched.

You don’t even understands!

/leftist ‘logic’ off

Hypocrites, free basing the stanky rank hypocrisy.


Yeah, Dummissar,

if YOU choose to believe a lie…oh the irony.

Yes, Dummissar, it is a lie that that Biden received millions of votes after more than 98% of precincts had been counted.

It is a lie that more votes than registered voters can occur.

It is a lie that you have a brain.



I think what you mean is legitimate votes instead of all the votes that were purportedly counted. There is obviously something wrong when there are more votes/ballots tallied than the number of registered voters in a voting precinct. There is also something wrong when batches of ballots are run through the counting machines multiple times. There is something wrong when there is a tractor trailer load of completed mail-in ballots for the Penn. election that are trucked in from another state. There is also something wrong when dead people are on the voter rolls and showed up to complete a ballot or mailed one in. There is definitely something wrong when people vote in two states in the same federal election. And there is something wrong when an election official manages to vote eight times in the same election. But for the mendacious mollusk aka Major Moonbat, none of that ever happened, even despite unrefuted evidence all those things happened.

USMC Steve

Glad I don’t waste my time reading Military Times anymore. That article was written so leftarded that it could have been gleaned from the NYT.


You saw that too? This is all total and pure Bison Bagels….and a lot of entrapment…and a travesty of justice. Not condoning what the “rioters” did, but I surely see a lot of grubermint overreach and selective enforcement. As pointed out above, there was a whole lot of physical destruction and deaths of LEOs and citizens during the real riots. And very few charged. One elephant in the room on overreach that hasn’t been talked about is the amount of “facial recognition” technology that was used to track down and charge some of these folks. Big Brother is truly alive, well, and watching. Be Aware…Be Very Aware.

Makes you wonder how they’re going to re-act when the real insurrection starts. Lob a few nukes from F15s, maybe? Most of us just want to be left alone to live our lives…and not be taxed to death by misrepresentation. Get ready…it’s coming.


“Insurrection” would imply some kind of organization or planning, like those Antifa guys supposedly don’t bother with. JAN 6 was more of a disorganized dumbass clusterfuck than an insurrection.


you mean like the Antifactists, BLM, Black Panther Party, DU, Blueanon, and the Democratic Party?


That’s exactly what I mean. You know me well!


The January 6th incident was labeled an insurrection, and therefore a criminal event, by the Democrats and their leftist media and and continues being treated as such by them and our leftist government as a means of intimidating conservatives as a whole to make them fearful of participating in any future anti federal government actions.

Making the punishment for participation particularly harsh for ex-military offenders clearly is an attempt to discourage those whose combat skills they fear most from becoming leaders of any such antigovernment actions.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Thomas Jefferson would agree with your assessment. Most of those charged to date are charged with misdemeanor trespassing, or similar. No one is charged with insurrection against the government, even if they were Jefferson believed it would be due to government’s inability to address grievances of the public properly.

Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem. Even this evil is productive of good. It prevents the degeneracy of government, and nourishes a general attention to the public affairs. I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical. Unsuccesful rebellions indeed generally establish the incroachments on the rights of the people which have produced them. An observation of this truth should render honest republican governors so mild in their punishment of rebellions, as not to discourage them too much. It is a medecine necessary for the sound health of government.” – Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, January 30, 1787


Those “trained killer” veterans who’re “ticking time bombs” again– the ’70s called, it wants its liberal BS back.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Don’t forget Biden’s words from the 70s we will see him protest against school busing integration, creating a racial jungle for his kids.


With gas prices on the rise it’ll be nice to go out for a Saturday morning push in an oldie.


If by “AMC” you mean “Jeep CJ” I’m ok with that.

Green Thumb

1974 International Scout II.

5 miles a gallon….


Another “veteran” January 6 knucklehead.
Yvonne St. Cyr from Idaho.
She just refused to take a plea deal,
and is requesting a TRIAL.

We’ll see how that turns out.

(St. Cyr) –> “I believe with all my heart the election was stolen,
and I served in the Marine Corps —
and yes, for the haters, I was kicked out —
but I still took an oath and I still love my country.”


Excuses for climbing through a smashed out window:
1 – To borrow a cellphone and make a call.
2 – God.

St. Cyr’s final words for this TV interview (in March).
“Please don’t make me look like an asshole.”


She’s a mother of
5 children, with
5 last names, from
5 different men.
And yes, she also has an arrest history.


“From October 1995 to August 1998, she was a media chief at the U.S. Marine Corpse in Camp Foster in Okinawa, Japan.”

The Marine whut?


Funny typo.
Can’t find anything on the net of the inter
(see what I did there?),
about what she did to get her ass booted out of the Marines.


I admire her courage but I ain’t too sure about her judgement.


Whiz Wheel®™ Spin:

Yvonne Alicia Orbin Contreras Rodriguez Harper Reed St. Cyr (FUBAR) 90 x 7 = 630


That’s gotta be a record.


Nope, all time high score is 814.


Additional multipliers above FUBAR that could have been used are:

FRPR* – 8
FLTPSM** – 9
FBBSDC*** – 10

* Full Retard Past Rutabaga (H/T to API®™)
** Full Loony Tunes Past Shower Mold (H/T to Ret_25X)
*** Full Blown Bat Shit Drooling Crazy (H/T to Hondo)

But I settled on just a basic Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition when spinning up a score, as those higher multipliers must be used very, very carefully when attempting to set a new record./smile


630? Wow.


Another “veteran” January 6 knucklehead.

Matthew Thomas Purse,
a 45-year-old Navy veteran, wore RIOT GEAR
with PRESS on the front, back, and both sides of his HELMET.
Also, a red patch reading “DON’T SHOOT — PRESS.”

He tried the PRESS claim again, in July, to AP.
Turns out, his “legitimate news organization” has now been identified.
Not so legit.