Dad rescues his juvenile daughter, then hunts down the man who allegedly sold her into the sex trade

| November 3, 2021

Poetrooper sends in this story about a man with a particular set of skills. Fox News reports;

A Spokane, Washington, father is accused of killing his daughter’s boyfriend, believing he sold her into sex trafficking in Seattle last year.

Police say they found a car abandoned in the 1800 block of East Everett Avenue on Oct. 22 and a “foul odor” was emanating from the vehicle. Officers opened the trunk and found human remains inside.

While investigating the case, detectives learned that 60-year-old John Eisenman Sr. found out his juvenile daughter had been allegedly sold to a sex-trafficking organization in the Seattle area in October 2020 for $1,000.

Eisenman said his daughter’s 19-year-old boyfriend may have been the one responsible for her sale. He was able to rescue his daughter and get her back to the Spokane area shortly after she was taken, police said.

A month later, Eisenman tracked the victim’s movements and followed him to a location at Airway Heights in Spokane County, police said. After a confrontation, Eisenman allegedly abducted the boyfriend, identified as Aaron Sorenson, tied him up and put him in the trunk of a vehicle.

According to a news release issued by police, Eisenman hit the victim in the head with a cinder block and then stabbed him repeatedly in the abdomen, causing his death.

“After the homicide, Eisenman drove the vehicle to a remote area in North Spokane County and abandoned the car with the body still inside. The vehicle remained at that location until it was moved in October 2021 by a 3rd-party and driven to Spokane. At this point, it is not believed the 3rd-party knew the body was in the trunk. The vehicle, with the body still in the trunk, was abandoned at the Everett [Ave.] location. While parked on Everett, individuals were rummaging through the car and taking items when they made the gruesome discovery,” Spokane police detailed.

Eisenman was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder.

Police said prior to this incident, Eisenman had no recent criminal history or any violent criminal history. Online Spokane County detention services records show his bond is set at $1 million.

This has echos of the 1984 case where Gary Plauché shot (on live TV) and killed the man who had abducted, sexually assaulted, and molested his 11-year old son. Plauché was charged with second-degree murder but pled no contest to manslaughter. He was given a suspended seven year sentence and served 300 hours of community service.

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They should pin a medal on this guy instead of charging him with murder.

To quote a line from another blog “In the old days the police would have considered this settled”.

Green Thumb



I think this guy already did his “community service”


Jury nullification.


Bluntly yet pointedly,

Human trafficker nullification.


Did the “3rd party” or those individuals rummaging through the car face any charges?

I don’t see any other criminals in this story.



Better than cars… 2 cows, and a white horse.


HEY, it’s self lubricating!

Skivvy Stacker

I have this extremely funny image in my head of that machine munching a human all the way down to the skull, and then that skull winds up rolling up and down that roller over and over until someone has to come along with a rake to shove it in.

Does that make me a sick psychopath, or just an ordinary Marine?

Milo Mindbender

Sounds like daddy got the scales balanced, dumb ass won’t do it again, and his daughter is home.
Works for me, kinda confused how none noticed a dead smell for 11 months, but still not a big deal to anyone but the deadbeat in the trunk.


In the hood everything smells like a dead body.

I’m on the “not saying he shoulda killed him, But I understand” train.

A Proud Infidel®™️

He should have thrown the bastard’s corpse in a hog pen.


I fail to see the problem here. Problem identified, problem solved, problem STAYING solved.


Lawer; “Your Honor, my client has the right to a trial by a jury of his peers. That’s why every juror chosen by my defense team is a father of girls.”

IMO the only thing they could charge him with is “concealing a death”. Hope the perp suffered on his trip to Hell. “…stabbed multiple times in the abdomen…”

MI Ranger

Yeah, other than properly wiping down the vehicle (because it looked dirty), and maybe wearing gloves when he did it (never know what these perverts are in to) he did the community a service.

Wonder what would have happened if he had called the police, after helping this ex-boyfriend along his chosen path, and said he found the guy? So long as he had a lawyer present he would be able to keep from saying anything that might incriminate him.





And “creating a nuisance” …

(More guitar)

Wait for it to come back around…

(More guitar)

“You can get any thing you want, at Alice’s Restaurant… “


Oops! Think I hit the wrong button. Sorry!


Ironically the Liam Neeson Movie was based upon one of the most successful Stolen Valor (before his arrest) criminals of all time William G. Hillar.

This guy actually went out and did the deed.

Hack Stone

Since Aaron Sorensen can no longer fulfill his duties as Spokane Pimp Of The Year, the crown will pass to the first runner up.


Damn shame, that. (do I even need the sarc tag?!)


Leading candidate for Father of the Year, IMO. The “boyfriend” Aaron Sorenson belongs in a full but abandoned septic tank for eternity.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I read he confessed to the killing which is too bad.

He should have exercised his right to remain silent.

There’s no way this guy should serve a minute in prison. Killing a shit bag human trafficker should be like a winning lottery ticket and come with a free mortgage payoff…

Now that piece of shit is dead the air is a little cleaner and the sun a little brighter, seems like something we should reward someone for doing instead of punishing them.


I’ve been searching for more info on this story, would love to know about the search and rescue of his daughter and what she said that pointed the father to Sorensen, i.e. his “detective work.”

Either way, I have no tears to shed for him if he really did attempt to sell her. His photos certainly make him look like an enormous douchebag.


Wanna bet on the voter registration of sorenson? Any guesses on his affiliations with Antifa / BLM? I mean, it is Seattle after all..


He definitely failed at body disposal. He didn’t employ the three S’s.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Yep….we have lots of large bodies of water in my area and I have a boat on Long Island Sound….

I’m not advocating any sort of violence or criminal activity mind you…just saying nothing removes DNA like salt water scavengers…


Lobsters gotta…*spit*…same as crabs!


Shoot, Segment, Swine?

It’s a thing, or so I have read…

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

I’m smiling. See this? This is my Big Broad Smiley Face.
Too bad the dad ‘fessed up to the deed. I’d love to be on the jury and declare either “hung jury”, or “jury nullification” (h/t ‘Ed).


Just about everything that can be said, has been said so, I’ll just add this….

Things are lookin’ up!!! (Post Virginia Election. Watch the Demonfags try to flip/cheat/steal the win in NJ, because, well, they’re shitbags. )


I’m not holding my breath for NJ… last I was able to check it was 88% tallied and almost dead even.


Oops! Think I hit the wrong button. Sorry!


While I have absolutely no issue with the disposal of the trash who sold his daughter into a sex ring, I’m a little concerned that he didn’t (for certain) know it was this guy. The article says the father said he “may have” been the one. I don’t think I would take the life of someone until I knew for sure. Then, I would make sure I took my time and enjoyed it.


I would like to have at least one journalist link to the PDF of the charging documents filed by the state’s attorney. Apparently that requires too much effort.


Full-stop – John Eisenman Sr. is a HERO for his family-inspired ‘sanitation’ work. Ht to Poe – Thanks for sending this article in – put a spring in my step knowing such MEN still habit our Terra Firma.


Gotta make sure that the DA in the Spokane area isn’t a Soros bought minion.

Kudos to John Eisenman Sr.


Although Washington state is trending liberal, the Spokane area is still pretty conservative.

If I were him, I’d go to trial…no deals.

It’s a risk, but I can’t imagine a jury in even a marginally conservative district unanimously finding him guilty of anything other than being a good father.

Hung juries aren’t as good as an acquittal because they can retry him over and over, but I’d take my chances.

Dude sold his girlfriend into sex slavery for $1000. He needed to be removed from the Gene pool. Dad performed a much needed service for the residents of the Spokane area.