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| October 31, 2021

Mossberg MC2c

Tama County, Iowa Deputy shoots, kills man carrying handgun

A man reported to be walking around with a handgun was shot and killed by a Tama County, Iowa Sheriff’s deputy Thurday night in the community of Chelsea.

Chelsea is east of Des Moines.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety says Dewey Dale Wilfong III, 28, died from a gunshot wound to the upper torso.

According to DPS, the Tama County Sheriff received calls about shots being fired near a rural home just north of the small community around 7:30 p.m. Thursday. Several law enforcement agencies responded and reportedly found Wilfong walking around with a handgun.

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I thought Chelsea was the spawn of Bubba and Das Hildebeast.

Man arrested, charged with breaking and entering after being shot at Virginia Beach Econo Lodge

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – A man was arrested in Virginia Beach on breaking and entering charges after he was shot while allegedly attempting to force entry into a hotel room.

According to the Virginia Beach Police Department, on October 19, officers responded to the Econo Lodge in the 5800 block of Northampton Boulevard for reports of a gunshot wound. When they arrived, they learned that someone attempted to force entry into a hotel room and was shot by the occupant, who had a legally-possessed firearm.

The suspect, 52-year-old Chesapeake man David Colon Haley, was injured by the gunshot and took himself to Norfolk General Hospital before police arrived.

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Thanks again to our Gun Bunny for the links.

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Another Idiot Out Walking Around Now (IOWAN) (ht 2 Nebraska Kinfolks) One round fired…center mass. And that, girls and boys is how you do it.

Dumbass at the Econo Lodge shoulda went to Motel 6. They leave the light on for you.

I doubt very seriously if Ms Thang could carry concealed in that outfit…even if it was that Cute Little Mossy. I want one…of each. Her and the Mossy.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

Who wears short shorts, The Chick with the rifle wears short shorts. Wow sounds like a song By the Royal Teens 1958 on the Power label without the rifle added in though.


Dewey broke no lWs why wS he kilt

MI Ranger

What exactly is she aiming at…aren’t the targets behind her?!?