In terms of trust in the media, the U.S. ranked last in international survey

| October 30, 2021

Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford conducted an international survey across 46 countries. The United States ranked last with regards to trust in the media. Just 29% of US respondents trust the media. This trust is below that of trust for the media in the Philippines or in Peru.

Issues & Insights offers a solution to help rebuild trust:

  1. Be professional. Follow the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) code of ethics.
  2. Focus solely on reporting the news and hard facts rather than shaping a narrative.
  3. Do not suppress or spike stories that do not fit preconceived narratives. Report all the news, regardless if it furthers an editorial agenda.
  4. Try to minimize personal bias–separate journalism from personal political views. When you wear the journalist hat, you must give your readers or viewers unfiltered factual information.
  5. Generally speaking, lean towards more transparency than less. Don’t hide behind anonymous sources.
  6. Tell the whole story. Tell the beginning, the middle, and the end, and don’t start from the middle.
  7. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of your readers or viewers.
  8. Periodically introspect and develop best practices.
  9. And last but not least, don’t ever invent stories. It is malpractice of the worst kind.

Issues & Insights offers an explanation and breakdown of the percentages at this link. The Reuter Institute article on this topic is here.



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So I didn’t need a study to know this


^This^ I haven’t watched a lames stream media news broadcast in years. I do look at a lot of different news feeds everyday on my ‘putor. Mostly looking for FGS or other items of interest for submission here. It never fails to amaze me the different slants and levels of truth that I see on many of the “news” articles.

Randolph Hearst smiles.


^This^ What surprises me is that trust in the media is as high as 29%. I’d place it at 15-16% at most.


Likely the dirtiest thing ever posted on TAH.


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Are you implying she used to be one of Willie’s Keno girls?


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Worse, ranch dressing. She is on NetFlix trying to extra fat.

RGR 4-78

I was expecting more of the fat chick throating a strap on sausage (literal sausage) on CNNs trans torso.


Probably not the dirtiest thing encountered by some of the esteemed members here




A Proud Infidel®™

What’s even worse is that there are crowds of moonbat minions out there who take what the liberal mess media says as the Gospel Truth, just look at the “ORANGE MAN BAD…” propaganda that Major Moonbat perpetually regurgitates here on TAH!


Commissar is playing role model. Commissar tasks included political education and motivation of the unit personnel as well as reporting related to personnel (deserted, sick, wounded, killed, accidents etc.), approving promotions and awards as well as acting as an on-site military police with right of arrest and persecution and main point of contact for civilian police or counter-espionage agencies when needed.

It’s not his fault that he sucks at the job.


Ol’ Poe suspects that Lars seriously lacks the stones to fulfill that job description…

A Proud Infidel®™

“Commissar tasks included political education…”

I don’t think that Major Moonbat could even educate a young horny Soldier or Sailor on how to find a whorehouse! AS TO the rest, I see him as a wannabe Town Crier thinking that one day he’ll spout off a major opus that will bring us all to his way of thinking!


Is that John McCain’s daughter?


Ol’ Poe can remember the time when saying you distrusted the media could get you some real strange looks, including from friends and family.

Back in the early 70’s, even young Miz Poe thought her husband a bit odd when he yelled at the talking heads on the evening network news, and some of the folks he worked with considered him a bit strange in his expressed distrust and denunciation of news magazines like TIME and Newsweek.

However, by the time in the early 90’s when he got around to canceling his forty year subscription to National Geographic for their growing left-wing bias, Miz Poe had seen the light. Working in a far left law firm full of Clinton fans helped bring her around.

Nowadays a more mellow ol’ Poe sometimes thinks the missus is a being bit overwrought when she yells at some liberal mouthpiece spewing left-wing talking points on Fox. 😜😜😜

Frankie Cee

I gave my last TV to my granddaughter in 2010. I use my laptop, scanning many news outlets. When I find an interesting article, I then search for endorsement of it, or for a rebuttal to it, and am usually quite successful. Israel National News gives me more accurate reporting on US Politics than any Stateside source. Reuters has its faults, but is valuable in using them to cross check others.
If a US newsman said it was raining, I would look outside to verify it before believing.


That makes sense. Fox News is the most prominent new agency in our country…and they can’t be trusted.

Also, not surprised Americans responded with low US media trust…many Americans, particularly Trump country conservatives, trust Russian propaganda more than US media.

I see Russian influence operation narratives regurgitated in the comments section here alarmingly often.

A Proud Infidel®™

Aahh, HERE YOU GO AGAIN with your brainwashed rants projecting your own doubt and insecurity in the propaganda you take as Gospel as well as yourself, you prove me right about you once again, Major Moonbat!


The Chinese Communist Party thanks you for your service.

A Proud Infidel®™

He is the epitome of what they refer to as a “Useful Idiot”.


Russia ,Russia, Russia you don’t even believe that crap. You may be a bit brain washed but your not stupid enough to actually believe half of what you spout on this site. All for effect looking for attention. Being a professional academic is no way to live, you won’t understand real life and real people living in the communist bubble.


I am convinced he is a paid leftard troll. He is undoubtedly paid by the word in Soros-bucks. I have said it repeatedly, and he has never denied it. His idea of reliable news is MSDNC and CNN. He has the most severe case of the TDS ever seen.


“That makes sense. Fox News is the most prominent new agency in our country…and they can’t be trusted.”

MSNBC, CNN, Don Lemmon, Chris Cuomo, Rachel Maddow and Brian Williams are all trustworthy and without bias or agendas?



Commissar… one question. You seem to be an expert on influence operations… How do those CNN/MSNBC boots taste?


When reading anything Lars posts here, it is advisable to remind yourself that this is the same leftist fool who insists that the self-titled National Socialists in Germany weren’t socialists and the eponymous Chinese Communist Party isn’t communist.

As ol’ Poe has said repeatedly, Lars suffers from intellectual dyslexia: he views everything exactly reversed from reality.

If he weren’t such a pretentious asshole about flaunting his disability, Poe would consider him an object of pity…


Sorry too say there’s quite a lot of people who agree with him and his communist BS. It’s the ideology of losers and slackers that feel they are entitled to much more in life but don’t want to actually take responsibility and work hard and make good decisions to be successful. (Someone has more than me so I am owed)

Veritas Omnia Vincit

CNN lied their asses off on numerous occasions and were caught, most recently with respect to the ivermectin issue. Yes, ivermectin is indeed an anti-parasitical for livestock. It is also an anti-parasitical for humans and singularly responsible for preventing blindness in hundreds of millions in Africa from parasitical eye infections. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties and anti-viral properties, the anti-inflammatory properties are considered instrumental in its use against COVID infected patients who most often suffer from inflammatory conditions related to the COVID viral infection. Ivermectin has been routinely prescribed to humans for over 35 years after its discovery and implementation in the late 70s and early 80s. In 2011 the NIH published an article that proclaimed Ivermectin The Wonder Drug From Japan, the Human Use Perspective…so clearly it’s more than a fucking horse dewormer. Anyone with a 6th grade reading ability can discover the truth of what ivermectin is, and yet it apparently escapes the likes of Brian Stelter and Don Lemon at CNN. There is ample reason to distrust the news media in the US, the bulk of which is owned by a handful of US corporate entities, which is why regardless of network you get the same corporate viewpoint discussed with slight variation across the vast spectrum of our media and also why we have such a distrust of the same media. I am amused that CNN after the Trump loss has less viewers than TV Land’s reruns of Golden Girls though…it sort of proves the reality that… Read more »


My nephew got the ChiCom flu. He bought a tube of Ivermectrin paste. He and his girlfriend took it along with zinc and vitamin D. Both were well in 3 days of taking the stuff. He took the same stuff I dose my horse with every year after all the bot flies die in winter. He did make sure they only took the correct amount for their weights.

The government/medical/media complex is opposed to this drug and HCL because the drug corps can’t make billions on them, as they are cheap generics.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

He did make sure they only took the correct amount for their weights.

This is the issue with the paste for most folks I believe. Taking the dosage for a 1200 lb animal while only weighing a sixth or less of the dose weight…

Glad they are fine and glad they exercised some sound judgment regarding the dosing.

Why people are resorting to home solutions instead of medical solutions is an interesting discussion as well. Is it the cost of the care from a licensed practitioner? Is it mistrust? Is it the political climate around these substances that make doctors reluctant to prescribe in some states? These types of social considerations always make for interesting analyses, as there is often no one simple answer.


Re the ‘medical’ system, and by extrapolation/example our innumerable failures, the truism ‘everything the government touches turns to shit’ is made clearer.

See; India, Japan, Africa, Sweden, etc etc