Tiki torch personnel standing in front of Youngkin tour bus was a leftist stunt

| October 30, 2021


Holding tiki torches in front of Glenn Youngkin’s tour bus. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

A leftist group attempted to frame Youngkin as having racist support. You could see five individuals, with similar attire to include hats and sunglasses, holding what looks like relatively new tiki torches. Those don’t seem to be the only items on them that looks new or rarely used. It appears that the leftist group went out of its way to dress five people up to look like a stereotype, or caricature, of a racist.

From Business Insider:

People online quickly began to suspect there was something strange about it, and Youngkin’s campaign even accused his opponent, Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, of being behind the stunt.

Vice News identified one of the people in the photo as a “low-level Democratic operative” and said the Lincoln Project admitted it was responsible for the stunt.

“Today’s demonstration was our way of reminding Virginians what happened in Charlottesville four years ago, the Republican Party’s embrace of those values, and Glenn Youngkin’s failure to condemn it,” the conservative group said in a statement.

The statement also said if Youngkin “will denounce Trump’s assertion that the Charlottesville rioters possessed ‘very fine’ qualities, we’ll withdraw the tiki torches. Until then, we’ll be back.”

It was a reference to former President Donald Trump’s remarks that there were “very fine people” on “both sides” at the 2017 rally, during which Heather Heyer was killed when an avowed neo-Nazi drove his car into a group of people.

The Trump statement saying that there were very fine people on both sides was taken out of context. The entire statement that Trump made, back then, referenced the people that were there demonstrating peacefully. There were people on both sides doing this; however, the more violent groups received the lion’s share of the media’s attention. Trump was not referring to the violent groups. The racists were among the violent groups.

The Business Insider has more on the story here. You could also read this article on Yahoo and the Post Millennial. The Lincoln Project takes responsibility for the stunt this article.

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Lars,, second from left?


Lars *wishes* he had the hormones to grow facial hair like that. 😀


You mean right? The one with the ponytail. 😀


Lars is second from the right, Sapper3307.
He’s exploring the femininity side of him/her self.


Nice tits…
(I’m *SO* conflicted…cue the crying game in 3..2…1..😭🤮 😀 )



He, where is Comrade Lars? He ought to ranting by now.


“Until then, we’ll be back.”

And they and the rest of the leftists will never stop until this country is burned to its very foundation and ready for them to rebuild in their own Marxist image and likeness. This is the Democratic Party in America and

I’m glad to see people are waking up to their asinine proposals and policies and hope they succeeded in waking a sleeping giant heading into 2022 and towards 2024.


“This is the Democratic Party in America…”

Khrushchev grins.

spapos showing up in 5.4.3… He’s already spewed his drivel on the linky that ninja posted.


‘Ole Nikita was the one who said they’d defeat us without firing a shot, simply by getting into our education system… and look where jobless arrogant douche himself is hiding.

The Indoctrination Center called UCB.


He made my mother cry with that shoe banging tirade.
“we will bury you” had her in tears. I was just a little kid but
those words have stuck with me since and I have watched it happen.
Even Putin’s recent comments labeling our present administration as
“Bolshevics” because they are unwilling to listen anyone but themselves
in their grab for power. It’s 1905 all over again.
Same shit different country.


Commies and rust never sleep.


Meanwhile in the real world: Big Tech, MSM and the Uniparty echo chamber ignore and twist the story, because if it weren’t for cheating…

I honestly don’t care if they forget the past as we’ll be reminded very shortly.

Grab a front row seat and enjoy the show!


Only a group of leftists would pick a black guy to be a white supremacist.

Though to be fair, it is what they are calling black people who don’t think inline with how they expect them to think.




Clayton Bigsby, anyone?

charles w

Who knew Jake from State Farm is a nazi?


And the black one at that!


Calling the National Man-Boy Lincoln Project “conservative” is laughable–just as laughable as having a black man in a supposed “white supremacy” group. They should have dressed the black guy like a servant and had him call the white guy “massa.”

If the cretins who masterminded this were smart, they would have had some Confederate Civil War reenactors in their uniforms with Confederate battle flags stand in front of the bus. By the way, my missus says she doesn’t understand why they are holding tiki torches. She wants to know what Hawaii had to do with this campaign. I told her these “crisis” actors were going to a luau next.


Tiki torches are now racist? When did that happen? Those of us who don’t hang around with racists really can’t keep up with all these new symbols of stuff we and our friends don’t do.

Life is sooooo much easier when folks just live their lives instead of trying to find some sort of offensive something or another is stuff other folks might do, say, or enjoy.

No, I’m not going to worry one little bit about the Tiki torches which might or might not be in the shed which may be part of a camp site lighting system. If there was such a thing, or had been such a thing, it would most definitely NOT have been involved in any racist activities, unless spending a bit of family time fishing, swimming, and such with a few friends sharing their family camp recipes is now racist. One thing an observer might discover, if such activities HAD occurred, is that there are many more similarities among cultures than differences. But we already knew that.

Hack Stone

Time to cancel Gilligan’s Island reruns. Plenty of episodes aired with tiki torches lighting up their evenings. Plus, look at the cast. Not one member BIPOC Community, nor anyone among the LBGQT. Of course, we do have our suspicions on Skipper and Gilligan. Just what’s the deal with calling him “Little Buddy”?


Orange. Man. Bad.


Go take a dip in a volcano, you pestilent pustule on a putrid putz.


You know this is a sarc Commie commenter, a spoof on Lars if you will.


One of the tiki torch holders is Camden Layton. He is the finance director of VA Young Demoncrats and he has been working on McAwful’s campaign for months. The female is a D-rat operative from Arizona; according to her Fakebook and Twatter posts, she is a committed Prog SJW activist. The McAwful campaign likely made a deal to have the Man-Boy Lincoln Project take credit for this political dirty trick stunt so McAwful could claim his campaign had nothing to do with it.

Remember, the McAwful campaign has nothing but screaming “Racist!!!” and Orange Man Bad to run on. Even Gropey Joe mentioned Trump 24 times in his brief, ludicrous appearance for the Clintonista.


I am not the only one who reached this conclusion, once a couple of the people in that picture (staged photo-op) were identified. Sundance, several of his commenters on Conservative Treehouse, and a savvy video poster came to the same conclusion. Read what Sundance has to say, the man is a genius.

This is a double false flag hoax. First, the tiki clowns are all rabid D-rat progs posing as Unite the Rite neo-Nazi white supremacists. Second, McAuliffe’s minions then get the Lincoln Man-Boy Project of Trump haters to falsely claim credit for the vile stunt, so McAwful can and his campaign can disavow all knowledge and purport to condemn it. Thus, playing the fake but true card.


Here is some footage of the last time a black man was among a bunch of white supremacists….


The ninja family along with friends, co-workers and others NAILED IT when we all stated Outgoing Virginia Governor “Coon-Man” Ole Ralphie Boy Northam WAS the KKK Dude in his College Yearbook: “KKK Member Posing By Glenn Youngkin’s Bus Turns Out To Be Ralph Northam” https://babylonbee.com/news/kkk-member-posing-by-glenn-younkins-buss-turns-out-to-be-ralph-northam “A KKK member posing outside Glenn Youngkin’s bus, ostensibly to support the gubernatorial candidate, has turned out to actually just be Governor Ralph Northam in his trusty Klan hood.” “We’re all in for Glenn! We’re all in for Glenn!” the man in the white hood chanted as Youngkin’s bus pulled into a campaign stop in Charlottesville. “We racists love Glenn. Vote for Glenn! We are not associated with the Democratic Party whatsoever, despite the white robe and hood! Go, Republicans!” One group of curious youths, who had arrived there in a van, was determined to get to the bottom of who exactly this KKK member was. “Something seems a little sus here,” the group’s leader said while hiding behind the bus. He leaped out and pulled the hood off the KKK member. “Why, it’s Ralph Northam! Zoinks!” “Well, this is awkward, heh,” Northam said. He tried to use his pocket sand to escape, but got tripped up on his robes. “You didn’t see anything here!” he shouted as he stumbled away. “I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!” “Looks like Ralph Northam’s blasting off agaaaaaaaaain!!!” (His aides then informed him this was the wrong franchise).” “At publishing… Read more »


Debra Messing FELL for the Babylon Bee article mentioned above about Ole Ralphie Boy was dressed as a KKK member at the failed Lincoln Project/Virginia Democratic Party HOAX.

What A Maroon.

“Debra Messing Says Republicans ‘Still Defend The Nazis’ From Charlottesville Rally: The ‘Wedding Date’ Star Responded To A Parody Article About An Anti-Trump Group’s Political Stunt Near Republican Glenn Youngkin’s Campaign Bus”:


“The 53 year actress took to Twitter on Friday to address the fake “Unite the Right” members that were planted in front of Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus by the anti-Trump group The Lincoln Project.”

“She retweeted a parody article claiming that one of the conservative stand-ins – depicted as a member of the Ku Klux Klan in the parody – was actually Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam.”

“Wait WHAT???” Messing wrote in her response, sparking many commenters to point out that the article was, in fact, fake.”

“Not long after, the “Will & Grace” alum clarified she didn’t actually fall for the joke, but was merely demonstrating a point.”

“When a Twitter user called the star “stupid” for falling for an “obvious hoax,” she fired back.”

“Oh, I didn’t fall for it, nor do I approve of it, but the POINT is Republicans still defend the Nazis with tiki torches at #Charlottesville,” Messing tweeted. “& now there is faux outrage bc they don’t want voters reminded of their most loyal ( and welcomed) supporters.”


Once again, another of the clueless (UNTS of Hollywierd prove how stupid they are. Maybe they are proficient in acting because they live in a fantasy world of the fake.

“If you stand for nothing, you will believe anything.”


He has a point.