Politician’s Military Service Called Into Question

| October 28, 2021

Brenton Davis

Brenton Davis is campaigning for the office of Erie County executive.

Recent comments from the Republican nominee have raised questions and invited some scrutiny in regard to his claims of combat experience.

According to GoErie, some claims that raised eyebrows are:

  • On Sept. 11, Davis posted a statement on Facebook describing his memories of 9/11 and how he later endured the “real-world cost of combat through years on foreign soils.”
  • On Aug. 11, Davis told the Erie Times-News Editorial Board that he hopes to “give back to the military all the years that I spent learning in combat those hard lessons, learned those lessons in blood.”
  • On Aug. 3, Davis told the Erie Times-News, in a description of leadership, that unless you “put your boots on the sand, you can’t possibly fathom the maturity, the wisdom and the leadership that it takes.”
  • On May 9, Davis commented on a Facebook meme that he spent his 21st birthday “downrange in the ‘sandbox,'” referring to a deployment inside Iraq or Afghanistan.
  • On April 28, Davis posted a list of military experiences on Facebook, including two severe injuries: three broken vertebrae and nine ribs, along with an arm injury during “military operations.” In a later interview, Davis said the first injury occurred while working for his construction business. The second occurred during an Army exercise.
  • In September 2019, Davis responded to a tweet from Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-California, asking the congressman if he knew anything about the Taliban. “Those of us who fought the Taliban first hand would disagree,” Davis tweeted.
  • On Angi.com, the home services website formerly known as Angie’s List, Davis’ construction business, B. Davis Enterprises LLC, is described as an “Iraq and Afghanistan veteran owned and operated business.”

We have not seen Davis’ military records, but it sounds like they were obtained and compared against his claims.

From GoErie :

Davis’ 21-year military career — he still serves in the U.S. Army Reserve — has been a hallmark of his campaign. So much so that many of his campaign signs are emblazoned with a giant photo of the nominee in uniform, saluting.

According to his military records, Davis enlisted and served in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Navy Reserve from 2001-08. Assigned to the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk, an aircraft carrier docked in Japan, Davis, a gunner’s mate, deployed to the Persian Gulf in 2003 — his only deployment to a combat area in his military career.

While Davis’ unit received the Navy Unit Commendation Medal, there is no indication, or decoration awarded, that shows Davis was personally involved in combat, according to his certificate of discharge from the Navy.

The Erie Reader also carried an article about this.

Brenton Davis’ Military Claims Disputed

According to military records uncovered by the Erie Times-News, Davis enlisted in the U.S. Navy and began serving in 2001. He was assigned to the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk, an air craft carrier near. In 2003, he was deployed to the Persian Gulf, marking the only time in a combat zone during his career.

Davis’ discharge from the Navy does not indicate that he was personally involved in any combat, based on any decorations awarded.

After serving in the Navy, Davis served as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army National Guard and later joined the U.S. Army Reserve.

According to records, Davis was never deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, or other combat zones while in the Army Reserve.

This information goes against things that Davis has said in public, to the media, on social media, and on his business’ website.

I only wish other news organizations would put just as much zeal into vetting other people whose claims they publish.



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My first question is this: Isn’t it a violation for him to be using his military uniform for a political campaign?

That stuff right there make me suspicious. If you need to use your uniform as a campaign prop then maybe you don’t have any other reason for people to vote for you.


DOD policy for service members is contained in Department of Defense Directive 1344.10, Political Activities for Members of the Armed Forces…. …All members of the armed forces, including active-duty members, members of the reserve components not on active duty, and retired members are prohibited from wearing military uniforms at political campaign or election events.

So, yep he is in violation of DOD policy and a big fat liar.


^^^^ The way I read that is that it is a violation for someone CURRENTLY IN the Armed Forces to wear their uniform to a political event or rally.

Says nothing about (a) someone no longer in the military or subject to UCMJ and says nothing about (b) using a PHOTOGRAPH of them in uniform from the time when they were in the service.

So no, merely using a photo of himself in uniform is not a violation of the DOD Policy that you quoted (and in any case, if he’s retired he’s not subject to UCMJ so even if he was in violation of the policy, there would be no way to enforce it.)

Thinking back, in the last two election cycles several local candidates touted their veteran status and included photos of themselves in uniform as part of their ad campaigns.

Tacky? IMO, yes.

But not a violation of the law.


One of those reports said he is still in a reserve component. If he is, it is still illegal for him to use the uniform as part of his campaign, right?


No. What is illegal would be for him to APPEAR, in person, WEARING a uniform, to a political event.

Simply using an old photo of himself in uniform is not, AFAIK, illegal.

Many political candidates who are veterans use photos of themselves in uniform as part of their campaigns. Here in Colorado, Mike Coffman (Republican) and Jason Crow (Democrat) both used photos of themselves in military uniform in the middle east as part of their ad campaign.

Now, they didn’t make those photos the center piece of their campaigns, like this numbnuts has, but they did use them.


Would guess that you are correct. Remembering back a few years, a coworker ran for local office and was forced to not use pics of himself in uniform. He was allowed to leave a single bumper sticker supporting himself on his own car but nobody else could – on base.


Here in Colorado?
Check out my long comment at the bottom,
on Douglas County Commissioner GEORGE TEAL.

He’s a Les Brown type,
and actually beat a Gulf War Bronze Star helicopter pilot in the 2020 GOP primary.

Yes, he waved around his 1LT photos,
even as the VFW terminated his membership.



I looked a little closer at the photo and some questions come to mind….

– The beret was dropped for use with other than dress uniforms in 2011.

– Studly is wearing OCPs, not in use till 2015.

So either he is out of uniform or there is some shop of photo going on here. Might it be that he dropped a cropped head off of a dress uniform on to the OCP’s so that we have no worries about the fruit salad having the wrong dressing so to speak?

Slow Joe

We still use berets with OCPs for some formations, like Change of Command and Change or Responsibilities.


Wear of the beret with OCP is a local command decision.

Green Thumb

I have seen Reservists do it as they fall under a different rule. Or so I think?


The corrupt former Gov of Commiefornia, Gray Davis, repeatedly used a photo of a soldier carrying a PRC-25 radio getting on a Huey on his campaign ads. He implied that was him in Vietnam. In fact, he was Signal Corps O-3 and never would have carried a radio anywhere. Moreover, Signal Corps officers don’t participate in Helo airmobile combat assaults.

Rita S

According to code, he can use a picture of himself in uniform, but that picture cannot be the primary graphic in the campaign materials. As you can see, the extremely large sign is just him in uniform so it is a violation.

Amateur Historian

100% concur!


About two thirds thru that sob story I started to cry.


Don’t cry for me, Erie
The truth is
I never left you
All through my wild days
My mad existence
I kept my promise
Don’t keep your distance
And as for fortune
And as for fame
I never invited them in
Though it seemed
To the world
They were all I desire
They are illusions
They’re not
The solutions they promise to be
The answer
Was here
All the time
I love you
And hope you love me
Don’t cry for me
Don’t cry for me, Erie
The truth is
I never left you
All through my wild days
My mad existence
I kept my promise
Don’t keep your distance
Have I said too much?
There’s nothing more
I can think of
To say to you
But, all you have to do
Is look at me to know
That every word
Is true!

– Brent Davis – Spiller of Taliban blood in the sandbox for three years.


Is this him with hair?


A Proud Infidel®™

Has anyone contacted The Hair®™ about his claim of having attended BUD/S?


A Proud Infidel@,
Good call.
However, he has slowed down in 2021,
and worries more about ducks these days.
Sad, because I’m sure his reports (and $20 payments) keep on flowing in.
And he doesn’t have the FOIA delay excuse, as he has the BUD/S list.

He only posted Phony Navy SEAL videos of
l Phony SEAL (in 3 parts) in October.
2 in September.
1 in August.
0 in July.
0 in June.
2 in May, etc, etc, etc.

Hack Stone

Suffered a severe arm injury while on an operation, but he soldiered on for another 17 days before getting medical attention. That’s a real American hero right there. Was that operation in the jungles of The Philippines during WWII? Because that is probably the only reason he wouldn’t be able to get medical attention for 17 days.


It was when the Taliban were holding him in a tiger cage after he wandered off the FOB on his own to file a complaint with the IG’s office for poor leadership at his unit.

A Proud Infidel®™

NO WAIT, that might have been when he had to fight his own way out for two weeks WITH ONLY a Luger that he took off of a dead Taliban in downtown Kandahar in 2005!


Don’t forget that they forced him and his fellow prisoners to play Russian Roulette.

Daisy Cutter

Sometimes you just have to fight through the pain and accomplish the mission.

Just the other day I was in the copier/printer room at work and got a micro-cut on my index finger when picking up my printout. I could have easily gone home with the sick leave I have built up — but instead, I poured piping hot coffee on it while clenching my teeth, then successfully completed that TPS report for the boss.

He asked why there was blood and coffee on the report and I told him that if darted his tongue on those stains, they would probably taste sweet.

I refused Employee of the Month citing the fact that better men and women than me sacrificed far more in the pursuit of workplace excellence.

However, my name is scribbled on a bathroom stall suggesting I’m something called a “Kiss Ass” – it’s just the price of glory. Sometimes we have to commit to something greater than ourselves as individuals.

A Proud Infidel®™

NO SHIT THERE I WAS, having to do some something in HQ while there was next to no coffee in the pot, having a hangnail AND TWO paper cuts I quickly looked over the cubicle divider, saw the paperclips and rubber bands, then KNEW that was my big chance to escape…


You Magnificent Bastard!

Daisy Cutter

The honor of service is my reward.


He was actually allowed to be captured as part of a double top secret operation wherein POW’s ran an elaborate network of tunnels, enabling them to serve as saboteurs, couriers, and spies. These unsung heroes served under Col. Robert E. Hogan.

Forest Bondurant

Apparently he was medically evacuated all the way back to Erie, PA where Dr. Carl Song performed surgery on him.

Such a shame that all the military hospitals and surgeons were too busy to treat him.

Hack Stone

Those military doctors were too busy performing gender reassignment surgery on the non deployable troops.

Green Thumb

Probably fell down in a bar on the way home from All-Points Logistics.


I think his hand slipped when he was jerking off and hit the bedpost.


He was injured trying to stop Bowe Bergdahl from wandering off post. After 17 days and advice from John Kerry he sought medical attention for his “wounds”.


He sounds like a gung-ho guy, just ask for some records and see which way he turns.

If his claims and recollections are accurate you might think that he would be as proud to share proof as an opportunity to solidify credibility.


Why, oh why, couldn’t he just tell the truth? 20 years’ service is sufficient reason to be proud, even if he was the REMFiest of the REMFs.

Will these people ever learn?


It is ever a wonderment though still not too late to stop digging.

As it were, merely surviving winter in Erie is, of itself, a testament to personal strength, commitment and endurance!


“While Davis’ unit received the Navy Unit Commendation Medal, there is no indication, or decoration awarded…”

Navy UNIT Commendation Medal. The entire damn unit got a commendation medal? Sweet.

A Proud Infidel®™

ALMOST harder to get than a NDSM…


Another Embellisher. You Be The Judge. https://brentondavis.vote ”DECORATED COMBAT VETERAN” “Brenton enlisted in the U.S. Navy at 17, trained in search and rescue, then served in the Iraq War, saving the lives of fellow servicemen in multiple rescue missions. He later joined the U.S. Army Reserves, rising through the ranks in a 21-year career in our nation’s uniform. Currently, Brenton is a Captain and serves as an Assistant Professor of Military Science at Edinboro University.” Additionally, check this out (his Bio): https://brentondavis.vote/about/ “During his active Naval Service, Brenton attended Basic Training and Gunner’s Mate “A” School in Great Lakes, IL, Basic Underwater Demolitions (SEAL training) at Coronado, CA and Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer Course in Jacksonville, FL. He is a veteran of Iraqi Freedom and the Global War on Terrorism Campaigns having served a total of three years of overseas service.” “During his tenure at Edinboro University, Brenton moved to Erie County and founded B. Davis Enterprises, LLC. This began his career as an Entrepreneur. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2008.” “Following graduation, Brenton entered the United States Army Officer Candidate School at Fort McClellan, AL where he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and awarded the title of Honor Graduate (Valedictorian) and received awards for Leadership Excellence and Top Physical Fitness. In the Spring of 2009, Brenton earned the number two spot on the Army National Guard Marathon Team representing the United States in various marathon and running events across the country.” “His career… Read more »

MI Ranger

Seems like a pretty decent career. A shame he got hurt during selection and never got his long tab or beret! No reason to embellish and claim mystery deployments and interaction with foreigners.

While I have lots of experience over seas in foreign countries, only a little over two years is actual combat deployments. Had one where we deployed to play volley ball in the Congo (got told not to unpack when we arrived because the tactical situation had changed). Through out the the years my job and responsibilities changed. I don’t claim to have negotiated peace treaties (though I was present when several were agreed to). I also don’t claim to have stared into the eyes of the enemy as I pulled the trigger and ended their lives. I just never found myself in a situation where I needed to fire a shot in anger.

Stop embellishing Brandon! If you have what it takes to lead, your actual career will demonstrate it. If you don’t, let others more qualified lead. So things don’t get screwed up worse then they are already. Lead, follow, or get the heck out of the way!

A Proud Infidel®™

*UUUUUUUHHHHM*, US Army OCS at Fort McCLellan AL, what year? IIRC the US Army OCS has been at Fort Benning GA for quite a while~!


Not only has OCS been at Benning longer than most posters here have been alive, McClellan was closed in ’99, 9 years before he supposedly went there. Maybe he did go to Anniston, and got into those Monsanto PCBs?


David (API already commented about OCS at McClellan…please scroll down to read my initial post on the Army National Guard OCS 57 day training..article was written in 2008):

“Never knew that the Army National Guard conducted or conducts Officer Candidate School (OCS) at the Fort McClellan, Alabama National Guard Training Site in conjuction with the Alabama Military Academy…and that their OCS is only 57 days long compared to the US Army Active Component OCS at Fort Benning, GA, which is 90 days long.”

“Alabama Guard Officer Candidates Conquer Talladega On Foot”



Linear reader and commenter; I generally comment as I go. If I read all the way to he bottom, I generally roll to the next article with no further comment. Just how I am.

Slow Joe

Don’t pay attention to Ninja. He is a ret***. Nobody reads all the comments first and then comes back up to post.
FWIW, most times I post without even reading what I am commenting on!
The idea that anyone is going to read all the comments and then come back up is ridiculous. Just as Ninja is.


Have you considered running for congress? You would be perfect. You could vote on bills without reading them. I say form and exploratory committee and then don’t read their results and run anyway.

Slow Joe



But you have to pass it to find out what’s in it.


NG OCS is 2 weeks at Salina KS, 57 days at Fort McClellan and then 2 weeks at Indiantown Gap for the accelerated track (no idea WHY they have to spread it out over 3 locations).

NG OCS is typically spread out over 18 months (2 ATs and 12 months IDT).

Speaking from experience, showing up every month for a weekend for 12 months to abused is mentally challenging. Not so much physically or intellectually challenging.



Thank You for the feedback.

Once again, I learned something new about the Army National Guard OCS program.

Also found your info at this site:


Am guessing Davis went thru the accelerated program, i.e. 57 days at McClellan since he did not mention Kansas or Indiantown Gap ? (I did not see those places listed on the linked site as well).

I can see how showing up on the weekends for 12 months for OCS training can be mentally exhausting.

At least you successfully did it!

Thank You for sharing!

The Stranger

Not sure about the timeline of when this was the case, but I graduated from Pennsylvania OCS in 2012 and it was 8 weeks total. The first 2 weeks were typically at Camp Fredterd (spelling?), Maryland with a bus ride to Indiantown Gap for the rest, with the exception of the students from my state that year because our OCS folks got our packets in late. We went to Camp Niantic, Connecticut for 2 weeks, came home for 2 weeks, then went to Indiantown Gap for the 6 weeks. Either way, it was 8 weeks total.


HOly Chit Batman, you mean Camp Fretterd Military Reservation, it’s right up the street (15 miles, it should be considered right up the road a piece) from where I sit. I went there once to get my ex-wife an ID and update DEERS. (well she wasn’t ex at the time DUH!) LOL


Alabama Military Academy has been at McClellan since 1957:



It looks like either he never attended or never completed the Special Forces Q course. When I was serving in the 19th Special Forces Group of the Utah Army National Guard, about half or more of our officers had not completed the Special Forces Officer Course (a 12 week course at Ft. Bragg). Some had done the correspondence course, but still did not have the Special Forces Officer MOS–31542. So, I am not surprised he was not a qualified Special Forces Officer. Now, officers in the 19th would have to go on AD for the six months to attend the Q course. Even back then, officers like me who were fully qualified and had served as an ODA commander on Active Duty were few and far between in the 19th SFG(A). Benton has never legitimately worn the crossed arrows and he has no combat patch, let alone a CIB. I suppose he can wear the Blue Rope of Doom.


I must a linear reader as well. It looks like he was injured during the SF Assessment Course. He likely fell into one of those fifteen foot deep erosion ditches which are common in the woods of Ft. Bragg.

By the way, when are they going to remove ol’ Braxton from the name of the base? I thought the Progs now running the Army were going to DX all those Confederate generals’ names from the bases.


The Commission’s Report is due to Kongress by 1 Oct 22. The new name recommendation is due NLT 1 Jan 24. prezzy sniffy dumped all the Trump Appointees to the Commission in March and replaced them with a “more diverse” group. Task and purpose had this quick Goggle Foo linky;


Hack Stone

If they can name a Navy ship after Harvey Milk, seems like not fair that “Admiral” Rachel Levine gets a post named after “her”. It will be a real bitch trying to get on base though, everyone will be required to enter through the back gate.


rgr769 and KoB:

Check out the latest about Fort Lee, VA…Home of the Quartermaster Corps:

“Congressman Suggests Fort Lee Be Renamed For Retired African American Lt. General:
Rep. Don McEachin Proposes Renaming Fort Lee After Lieutenant General Arthur Gregg.”


And the latest about Fort Pickett:

“Passionate Debates Surround Plan To Strip Military Bases of Confederate Names”


And in the meantime, SFC Cashes Family STILL has not received his Medal of Honor.

5 November is coming up. The day SFC Cashe passed away. 16 years.


Just change the name to Fort McBragg, after the famous commander. It’s cost efficient, just add 2 letters to all the signs.


I loved Commander McBragg. The ultimate poser and bullshit honcho.


Another shot of the screen saved.
This BIO page just might change,
so having it saved today is wise.

Mr. Currently Captain Decorated Combat
has already pissed off at least 2 site admins,
and a whole bunch more (veteran) fans and readers.

Tonight and tomorrow will be “very interesting.” (Arte Johnson, Laugh In)


MarineDad61: THANK YOU for doing that, i.e. saving a screen shot of his BIO. Yep, you are so right…saving it today IS wise…YOU NAILED IT!! It WILL be VERY INTERESTING if he does try to change what he wrote…How many times have we seen that happened? CPT Not-So-Obvious can only blame himself for his downfall as well as having other sites and readers ticked off at him. He Is Reaping What He Sowed. He reminds me of those two Yeah-Hoos from Texas who tried to run for Sheriff. Wonder what became of them? Thank You again, MarineDad61 for the screenshot save. And BTW, on the JRM/Bullwinkle Boy? There are other lies/embellishments about his other “medals/awards” he claims to have received, when in reality, he didn’t. I made the decision to stop “talking” about him. He has other “issues” that you are finding out about him…IMHO, two (2) of the most disturbing comments he made on TAH was (1) that the folks who were killed by that Gunman in Las Vegas while they were watching an outdoor music concert DESERVED to have been killed because they were not at Church. Yes, he actually wrote that. (2) He believes in bombing Abortion clinics. Sadly, he will go to his grave never admitting his embellishments/lies. He was a Signal Corps Soldier, a SP5, NOT A SGT..but depicts himself as a CAV Scout SGT, wearing a Stenson, Spurs and all..when in reality, he was slotted in a 11D20 position after he was demoted from… Read more »

A Proud Infidel®™

“Currently, Brenton is a Captain and serves as an Assistant Professor of Military Science at Edinboro University.””

Which means if this is true that he teaches Military Science to College ROTC Cadets, somewhere he DOES NOT belong!


I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt until aomeone expert in reviewing such records weighs in. On one side of the equation we have a politician and on the other side we have a member of the Press. Neither community are known for their trustworthiness.

“After serving in the Navy, Davis served as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army National Guard and later joined the U.S. Army Reserve.

According to records, Davis was never deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, or other combat zones while in the Army Reserve.

What about during his time in the ARNG?

The reporter was silent on that? Did it not support his narrative.


DoD Manpower / SCRA was searched but only showed Davis’ Navy active duty service. It should show all active duty, including when an individual is activated from reserve but it is only about 80-85% accurate.

DoD Manpower - Davis


I fit both categories here.
I left the USAF after 4 years (DD0214 #1).
1½ years later I joined the PA Army National Guard, part time.

I was activated, and deployed to Saudi, in 1990/91.
(I spent short time in both Iraq and Kuwait,
during the ground war and cease fire.)

This DS/DS Gulf War activation
resulted in new federal active duty (now Army) records,
and a new (2nd) DD-214.

Anyone trying to catch me with false claims
would NOT need my (many) years of part time NG service,
only my (2) periods of active duty.

Only exception is medals and ribbons.
I’m stacked with low hanging part time fruit salad.
But the important ribbons (of war and overseas service)
are all there on my DD-214s.


Hey USAFRetired, I gave the info to the press after a couple weeks of researching and running down the claims Davis made. Davis never made specific claims about deployments during his guard time, only Navy. Still working on guard time, and alledged BUD/S attendance. He tells two different stories about his knot tying test and two different reasons why he did not complete BUD/S. For the guard time, why wouldn’t he have come out at this point, almost 4 weeks after being called out and clear everything up? Instead he deleted all comments on his page asking questions then blocked those people from the page all together.


I’m going to add this to the list of things I think should be instructed when we get individuals here like this of questionable background.
You have been warned.


Sounds like somebody gots some ‘splainin’ to do. Maybe he shoulda run as a demonrat…he’d a got a pass on his embellishing…or just stuck with his Navy Service. After all, a former Naval Ossifer turned painter did very well for himself as a gas company executive.

Be interesting to see his “records”.



“After,all, a former Naval Ossifer turned painter did very well for himself as a gas company executive.”





ThankyuhThankyuh veary much! I’ll be heah all week. Make sure you try the bacon and veal sammiches…with chili cheese fries.

gabn/rtr/hbdt 😛


Did someone say chili cheese fries?


yes ma’am…made with real taters, hand cut, scrubbed not peeled, and beanless chili.


I’ll take half a dozen—hold the veal, hold the bread, extra bacon.


Mr. Davis is about to learn that the interwebz are forever. That is, if he hasn’t already found that out.



Sadly and ironically, alot of folks have NOT figured that out, i.e. THE INTERWEBZ IS FOREVER.


That makes it so much fun, though, when they finally find out.


More claims from Brenton Davis:


“Brenton was born in Meadville, PA and is a 2001 graduate of Maplewood High School. He was a Varsity Wrestler and Cross Country State Qualifier. He entered service into the United States Navy’s Delayed Enlistment Program in May of 2000. During his active Naval Service, he attended Basic Training and Gunner’s Mate “A” School in Great Lakes, IL, Basic Underwater Demolitions (SEAL training) at Coronado, CA and Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer Course in Jacksonville, FL. While stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, Brenton participated in various local adventure races and running events. He was the top military finisher for the Run Across Japan Event and top Foreign National Finisher for the Summit Race to the top of Mount Fuji.”

“He was very active within the Veterans of Foreign Wars serving as Post Adjutant and Senior Vice Commander of Venango Post 169.”

“He was the youngest member appointed to the 110th US Congress Veterans Advisory Board.”


Do Navy Gunner’s Mate wear a Blue Uniform for VFW events (after they leave active duty) with a patch depicting crossed grenades?

Are Gunner’s Mate trained to do Combat Search and Rescue as well as Security or Convoy Force?


Gunner’s Mate was a source rating for BUDs training. That being said, I’ve known several Helo Rescue Swimmers go SEAL, but never the other way.
Most likely he washed out from BUDs (no shame there!) and was a shipboard Rescue Swimmer as a collateral duty.

Daisy Cutter

BUD/S is a six-month school. Benton is claiming 5 1/2 months.

BUD/S is the only school that people put on their resume for attending but not graduating.


Injury drop? No idea, but point taken- I’d leave out references to failure, regardless of the cause.

Like being in the top 70% of ones law school class.


Problem is he gives two reasons for failure: hypothermia is one, and fractured foot is another. There are questions to whether or not he even attended. He tells two different stories about his knot tying exam where the number of knots that need to be tied are 5 then 3, and the instructor assigned to him for the exam is “Mad Max” and in another story “Johnny Bravo.” He also claims to have been “mentored on knot tying by LT Michael Murphy, his class proctor”. Could they have crossed paths when LT Murphy was at SQT? Based on reading some books and blogs – it looks like only instructors were class proctors – not students in other courses/training (if this is incorrect, let me know).


” knot tying exam ”

For real? That was part of the exam for 2nd class in the Boy Scouts.

” his class proctor”. ”

I think this guy Benton had a class proctologist.


Thank You, AW1Ed.

Am still trying to figure out the different duty titles and descriptions of the jobs as well as the Rank Structure.

BTW, are you positive you want to stick with the Goat?

Never too late to leave the Dark Side and see the Light…😎😉


Green Thumb

This clown has probably been bullshitting folks since high school.


Green Thumb,
I’ll guess it began on his 1st home leave from the Navy.
Like this Phony Rambo mukluk.

[Fred Emmart – Fake Combat Veteran, SeaBee, BM,
and Special Boat Operator. Sock Puppet Whitney Chimes In.
| February 6, 2020]

Green Thumb

Someone should check to see if he was actually an athlete.


I learn something new everyday.

Never knew that the Army National Guard conducted or conducts Officer Candidate School (OCS) at the Fort McClellan, Alabama National Guard Training Site in conjuction with the Alabama Military Academy…and that their OCS is only 57 days long compared to the US Army Active Component OCS at Fort Benning, GA, which is 90 days long.

“Alabama Guard Officer Candidates Conquer Talladega On Foot”


A Proud Infidel®™

AWWWWWW MOTHERFUCKER, those poor little gumballs have to ruck march around a NASCAR race track? gee whiz, I had tougher shit than that my third week of Basic at Fort Lost-in-the-Woods! AS TO our snowflake Candidate’s Military Claims, he said he went to the US Army OCS which was and still is at Fort Benning and I’m still curious AS TO his claims of having attended US Navy BUD/S.


RTIs (Regional Training Institutes) all around the USA.

PART TIME OCS for Army National Guard officer wannabes.
PA has 1 too, the 166th Reg (RTI), at the Gap.

16 months part time (drills + 2x annual training), or
56 days full time.
Failure rate over 40%.


Thank you, MarineDad61 for this info on the Army National Guard OCS program.

Am learning alot today!

Green Thumb


Must be nice.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

This guy served his country and instead of keeping his big mouth shut, has to BS and embelish his service. Gunners Mate, reminds me when I put in a transfer chit for Viet-Nam Swift Boats, GM1 Smitty gets ahold of me and tells me that I don’t think this is for you so taking his advice, I withdrew the chit and end of story.


Just wondering how his service qualifies him for VFW membership. (Auxiliary?)


He did serve in a combat zone in 2003 when he was in the Navy so he qualifies.

Even if he never left the ship, his aircraft carrier was in the waters off of the combat zone and assisted in combat operations, so he got credit for a combat deployment (Float? Is that the term?) and probably got the GWOTEM or a similar equivalent so yes, technically he qualifies for full VFW or AL membership.


Thanx, to us Army guys, well you know.


VFW Eligibility – Yes.
But not by much.
Approx. 21-30 eligible days in the zone,
at the end of Operation Southern Watch.

No sand. No combat.
Not sure if the Kitty Hawk took on fire,
or anything else, beyond sitting there for a short while.

[Operation Southern Watch –Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Persian Gulf, Bahrain,
Qatar, UAE, Oman, Gulf of Oman W of 62°E
Long., Yemen, Egypt, & Jordan.
Dec. 1, 1995 – Mar. 18, 2003]


He isn’t claiming Southern Watch, he is claiming Iraqi Freedom that began 20 March 2003.

I did Southern Watch/ Desert Fox in 1998 but was home in time for Christmas that year. It certainly didn’t resemble combat at all unless you were a pilot. We didn’t even get a campaign patch.


He likely got the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.
Or the GWOTE. Either or, they get 1 or the other.
That’s his VFW eligibility.

As for sand and combat,
he’s up to his ass now.
Not only on the Book of the Fake,
but Twitter, which has been atwitter for days,
including today.


VFW will let you in if you’ve ever received hostile fire or imminent danger pay. When I joined in the early 2000s, I found out I was eligible from a decade before from some Columbia rotations. Did the guys on ships get imminent danger pay for being in the AO?


Interesting wording on his web site: “During his active Naval Service, Brenton attended Basic Training and Gunner’s Mate “A” School in Great Lakes, IL, Basic Underwater Demolitions (SEAL training) at Coronado, CA and Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer Course in Jacksonville, FL.” [NOTHING MORE THAN AN ATTEMPT TO CLAIM SEAL STATUS. DID HE DROP OUT (VW) OR DID HE FAIL THE COURSE?] Hint: This is behind a pay wall at the Erie newspaper, I didn’t feel like paying the money to learn the ending… “In his third and final attempt at the Navy SEAL’s underwater knot tying exam, an 18-year-old Brenton Davis, shivering and treading water, made a solemn decision: pass the test — or die trying. Plunging to the bottom of the pool, housed at the Naval Special Warfare Training Center in Coronado, California, Davis proceeded to tie three demolition knots, one at a time, all in one breath.” [BUT I’M GUESSING THAT HE: 1 – Didn’t complete the task. and 2 – Didn’t die.] “He is a veteran of Iraqi Freedom and the Global War on Terrorism Campaigns having served a total of three years of overseas service”. [NEATLY CLAIMING “IRAQI FREEDOM” TO IMPLY HE WAS IN IRAQ. He was onboard an aircraft carrier (a floating city) the whole time]. “During the Battalion selection process, he was rated number one among cadre and peer reviews prior to attending the active-duty Special Forces Assessment and Selection Course at Fort Bragg, NC. During the summer of 2012, Brenton suffered a… Read more »


This claiming combat service from a float on a boat in a geographically at sea area of a combat zone was quite common for the Viet of the Nam war. Our own beloved Bernasty claimed he was a combat veteran as his aircraft carrier was in the waters off Vietnam. He even claimed he was somehow exposed to the dreaded Agent Orange because it made it to his ship.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Over a hundred + crew members on the USS Okinawa LPH 3 suffer from agent orange because the product was in the drinking water that was taken aboard the ship.


This isn’t a sarcastic question – is that a problem?
Doesn’t the Navy give you combat credit for being in “hostile waters?”

If the service designates you as a combat veteran, that should probably count. “He never came ashore” turns into “he never left Kuwait, he was only in the Green Zone, he never left the FOB, he never got into a firefight.” I’m not going to call someone out just because they don’t check as many boxes as I do.


To be clear, I’m not defending Mr. Davis. Just the general proposition that a Navy guy who’s served in “hostile waters” can call himself a combat vet, but I’d love to hear what the navy vets think about that.


IMHO, if one was on a float on a boat and your ship never came under enemy fire or your ship was never where it could experience enemy fire in a combat zone, I have trouble with the “combat veteran” appellation. Now I was never in any massive firefights, but I was shot at and mortared by the little brown people in pith helmets on four occasions, and I was almost killed by a Navy F8 dropping bombs, so I am not shy about saying I am a combat veteran. But guys on ships that never had anything fired at them, like Lawn Dart Danny, well NO.


I was never in the Navy but If someone wants to call themselves a combat veteran because they sat their ass on VBC for a year drinking Green Bean’s coffee and getting fat on cheesecake while making Power Point slides I just nod my head and say; “that’s nice dear”. It isn’t worth my time to delve into it. If they tell me they have a CIB, CMB, CAB, CAR, CJD etc those are a bit more of a discriminator.

Although I have seen more than one person get a CAB for being on a FOB where incoming rounds landed miles away. I wish the Army gone more with CAR type ribbon instead of the CAB. Still it is a discriminator towards “combat vet” vs “hostile fire zone vet”.

Slow Joe

Right now the Army is giving CIBs for IDF and drone attacks.


SFAlphaGeek – I agree with the rabbit hole of ‘who’s is bigger’ box checking BUT the problem comes in to play with his history of communication style that is deceit by implication and letting the reader infer grander service than was actually done then when questioned becomes silent or deleted and blocks anyone asking. Some of the things he has said: “I came home from Iraq in 2005” (blatant lie – he came home from Japan), “I was in the sandbox on my 21st birthday,” “years of combat on foreign soil,” “those of us who fought the Taliban would disagree,” (responding to someone else’s tweet), “looked into the eyes of America’s enemies”, “Afraid of the Islamic State? More than one of us picture (referring to himself) slung it with the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations,” “We didn’t fight in pretend wars….we didn’t tuck our tails to ISIS” (did he do some classified missions while in the AR or ARG – FOIA anyone??) Claims to have been mentored by LT Michael Murphy (LT Murphy was at SQT while Davis was allegedly at BUD/S – my research shows that SEAL Instructors were class proctors – not students in a different phase of training. Tells two different stories about his knot tying at BUD/S where the number of knots and the instructor that was assigned to him changed from one story to another. Claims SAR but was SRS. Claimed Ranger School in a private text to me, as well as conducting “Airborne… Read more »


“He is a veteran of Iraqi Freedom and the Global War on Terrorism Campaigns having served a total of three years of overseas service”.

When your ship is home ported in Japan the overseas service counter clicks off every day and you don’t have to untie from the pier.


I agree. Better late than never, knowing FOIA return times.

Especially if he somehow gets elected.
Outing a sitting elected official as a lying PHONY makes great press.
And it will certainly put the shake up on Erie County, PA.


He could have been serving in a National a Guard special forces battalion. Then selected by the battalions own unit run selection process to go to SFAS.

Then injured before, during or after…, never continued his SF aspirations and characterizes it as “ending his SF ‘career’”.

I am not defending him. Just saying whqt might be the “truth” behind the embellishment.


His county has been all over this for weeks,
he doubled down on bullshit,
counterattacked those who revealed the truths with political hackidu,
it made the local papers last week,
it’s grown into FakeBook and Twit wars,
and now (today) it’s here on VG.

Hint – The number of PAARNG SF is very small,
and at the far wrong end of the state.
Not too many bother driving 250 miles for their weekend drills.



I don’t need to read the wiki on NG SF.

I served in one of the battalions.


“I served in one of the battalions.”

And therefore you unquestionably know absolutely every last, living thing there is to know about the National Guard Special Forces groups and their operations.

Lars, don’t you even have a clue how such pompous pronouncements make you sound like a total, flaming asshole?

Good grief, man, you truly are totally clueless…


Nope. You’re beyond help…


Commissar, If you don’t need to read (from me), then perhaps you need to read new comments by TrueNorth, who (shortly after your comments) dropped a bunch of comments here with local Erie insight (and frustration) into the NAVY claims, embellishments, and lies of Captain Combat Sand Edinboro Military Science ROTC instructor Brenton Davis. Hint – Nothing to do with PAARNG SF. In other words, your “might be” comment was for naught, and now sounds like political diversion. In Erie, PA right now, that’s exactly what’s happening. This is the problem with politics, especially when military phonies get wrapped up in ego and aspiration, go on the trail with their BS, and then count on wonks and inadvertent fools (like you here now with this comment) to come up with “might be” and “what if” diversions, and end up playing phony denier and phony defender. Erie County, PA (like other places with elections) is now loaded with both deniers and defenders. Most are unwitting fools, and some are possible victims, because most aren’t willing to read, understand, nor believe the truth about a candidate, if it’s the kind of unsavory truth they simply don’t want to hear about. Worse, some of his family and friends know he’s full of shit, and simply won’t admit anything, mostly because “the other guy lies, too.” Pathetic now for anyone to defend this guy, come up with new reasons to deny and defend, counterattack the truth, or otherwise choose not to believe the news… Read more »


Commissar wake up, wake up, this is all a dream and can’t actually be happening. As you have said many times TAH is a cult where R-Pols get a free pass.

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s a right wing echo chamber as well, Major Moonbat has said that numerous times!


I never said they got a free pass.

Just that the bias is substantial. And a few Republican embellishers did get a free pass.


I never said? Yeah, ya did. Just more 3B – BLAH BLAH BLAH… INSIPID. INEPT. ILLITERATE.


You never said they got a free pass except where you said they got a free pass. Glad we cleared that up.

To anyone else that might seem like nonsense. For you it is Thursday.


Popcorn stocks just went up up up, this is gonna get interesting! This could be the plot of the next movie Alec Baldwin’s production company makes.


You said the “P” word bitch.
Seems like it’s a reasonable situation.
Easy now, there’s enough for everyone.


Great, now you have ruined Chinese Christmas tin popcorn for me forever.


Oh STOP it, it’s amazing (popcorn 3 way and this “ancient” technology 😀 )


Followup on my post above:

I was able to access the full article. (I did a “screen capture” of the web page, it included the part “concealed” behind the pay wall pop-up. Who knew?)

The article goes on to say that our hero DID tie the third knot, but passed out from lack of air. His instructor — impressed by his effort — pulled him from the pool and nevertheless gave him a passing score and allowed him to continue training.

Again, implying without actually saying, that he was a SEAL.

This reminds me of another steller liar: SGT David Hack, the U.S. Wings coat seller, who claimed a Ph.D, Ranger, Airborne, Bronze Star, Air Medal, etc. Remember him?


His statement was “five and a half months” there – isn’t BUDS 6 months long? So it would seem he washed out/quit just before the course ended?

Hell he even gave a class number, 240. Would a class roster be available under the FOIA? Or would it be considered PII and not available? If available, it would seem to be easy to check.


Here is a picture of him taken in February 2003 with a description:

“File:US Navy 030226-N-1810F-004 Gunner’s Mate 3rd Class Brenton Davis from Meadville, Pa., Mans A .50-Caliber Machine Gun On The Ship’s Bow While Transiting The Strait of Hormuz, While In Transit To The Arabian Gulf.jpg”

comment image

“At sea aboard USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) Feb. 26, 2003 — Gunner’s Mate 3rd Class Brenton Davis from Meadville, Pa., mans a .50-caliber machine gun on the ship‘s bow while transiting the Strait of Hormuz, while in transit to the Arabian Gulf. Approaching 42 years of distinguished service, Kitty Hawk is America’s oldest active commissioned vessel and is the Navy’s only permanently forward-deployed aircraft carrier operating from Yokosuka, Japan. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class Todd Frantom”.

Forest Bondurant

That makes sense…

The Kitty Hawk left Yokosuka in January, 2003 and operated in the Northern Persian Gulf, and returned to Yokosuka in May, where it remained until October of the same year.


My battalion (1-506th 101st Abn) had just finished mountaineer training in the southern Alps near Vicenza, Italy. We next went to Dahlonega, Georgia during the Mountain Phase of Ranger school to act as aggressors. Following that we went to the USMA at West Point, NY to be aggressors during the Cadets summer camp.

I cannot claim to be a West Pointer nor Ranger, nor wear the Ranger tab, just because I was in the woods during _their_ training.


Next you’ll be telling us you were at a football game where the Golden Knights jumped in or pulled security for The Army Combatives Tourney and shook Tim Kennedy’s hand!

Free fall parachutist who wrestled a pro, mf.



One member of the ninja family went to OCS at Benning School for Boys.

One phase consisted of a week, (more or less) of “RANGER” Training, taught by the Cadre of the RANGER School.

Successfully completing that Phase did not make that ninja family member RANGER qualified nor eligible to wear the RANGER Tab.

Receiving a Commission at Bennings School for Boys did not entitle that ninja family member to wear the Blue Rope of Doom forever.

Being tasked to be a RANGER Squad Leader or Platoon Leader did not entitled that ninja family member to wear Green Tabs forever, especially on unauthorized civilian clothing.

The irony of the RANGER phase was that there were OCS Candidates who had CIBs from the Viet of the Nam conflict and already had RANGER Tabs. Most of the Candidates were already Infantry, (completed Basic and AIT at Benning) and coming from assigments from Bragg, Campbell, etc.

A Proud Infidel®™

During my time on Benning I was briefly part of the RSE, Ranger Support Element in plain English, but there’s no way in hell I’ll ever even try to say I was a Ranger!


Jesse Ventura-style combat veteran because he was “in-theater”… at least he wasn’t catching VD at Olangapo.


The USS Kitty Hawk was deployed to the Persian Gulf from 7 February 2003 to 6 May 2003:


“USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63)”

“Date deployed: February 7, 2003. The Kitty Hawk and its accompanying battle group returned home on May 6, 2003.
Destination: Persian Gulf
Type of vessel: Kitty Hawk-class aircraft carrier
Home port: Yokosuka, Japan
Total personnel: Approximately 8,000 in battle group
Aircraft: 85
Armament: Three Sea Sparrow launchers, three 20mm Phalanx rapid-fire close-range gun systems
Speed: 30-plus knots
Power plant: Eight boilers, four steam turbines
Flight deck: 4.1 acres”


I found the USS Kitty Hawk Cruise Book covering the timeperiod of 2003-2004:


I can’t find his picture.

Can anyone else on TAH that has sharper eyes please help find his photo?

Thank You!

Daisy Cutter

Think this is him?

comment image


Daisy Cutter:

I DID find that picture with the description (please scroll up and you can find my comment. I copied and repasted below).

What I can’t find is his picture in the USS Kitty Hawk Cruise Book/Yearbook. The book covers the timeperiod 2003-2004.


Am asking if others could please help me find his picture in the Cruise Book (time for me to do my annual eye exam..😉)

Thank You for the feedback!

Here is the repost of the Navy File JPG that I commented above:

“Here is a picture of him taken in February 2003 with a description:

“File:US Navy 030226-N-1810F-004 Gunner’s Mate 3rd Class Brenton Davis from Meadville, Pa., Mans A .50-Caliber Machine Gun On The Ship’s Bow While Transiting The Strait of Hormuz, While In Transit To The Arabian Gulf.jpg”

comment image

“At sea aboard USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) Feb. 26, 2003 — Gunner’s Mate 3rd Class Brenton Davis from Meadville, Pa., mans a .50-caliber machine gun on the ship‘s bow while transiting the Strait of Hormuz, while in transit to the Arabian Gulf. Approaching 42 years of distinguished service, Kitty Hawk is America’s oldest active commissioned vessel and is the Navy’s only permanently forward-deployed aircraft carrier operating from Yokosuka, Japan. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class Todd Frantom”.


I looked in Weapons and the usual TAD places. Didn’t see him listed.


Only possible answer:

He was on the SEAL Team which is a National Asset and not listed in the cruise book as he was not part of the complement but instead on super secret missions as a Special Forces SEAL Rescue Swimmer.


Here we go again…

In 2020, in a County Commissioner race in Colorado,
the spring GOP primary was 2 veterans,
a political new guy who is a Bronze Star Gulf War helicopter pilot,
and THIS GUY (George Teal), a sitting town councilman,
who served in Desert Storm Times in Germany
(just like Elko POW*MIA Awareness Ass’s Les Brown).

George Teal waved around his “DESERT STORM VETERAN” cred for YEARS,
as touted his VFW membership.

Trouble is, Teal’s VFW membership was AT LARGE (with NO verification),
he NEVER joined a local post (for obvious reasons),
and the local veterans, including VFW Post 1,
got the shits of George Teal’s DS/DS BS stories.

His VFW membership was TERMINATED in 2020,
and it made Colorado news.

However, former 1LT George Teal had a lawyer back up his phony
“we prepared to storm Iraq (from Germany)” stories,
and he NEVER came clean about being a base guard,
who drank a lot of beer, with NO war training and NO war prep.

He served honorably, as many do,
but lied his ass off for over 10 years in his city & county.
Just like Les Brown.

Ugly primary, and the phony Desert Storm (times) Veteran
BEAT the political newbie Bronze Star Gulf War veteran.

He then went to win the fall election, too.
So, Douglas County in Colorado now has a sitting phony.
A phony that STILL LIES.


Let us please not forget the outgoing Guv of Virginia, Ole Ralphie Boy KKK Northrum, who also self identified as a Gulf War Veteran (he was in Lanstuhl, Germany the entire time.)

He ran his campaign that way, painting himself as an Army Doctor “Desert Storm” veteran with TV Commercials…he deceived alot of ignorant Virginians.


He stated that during Operation Desert Storm in 1991, he treated evacuated soldiers at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, overseeing its neurology and neurosurgery units.

“It was the first triage out of the Desert, so they would come to us on gurneys, and we would evaluate them,” he says. “We were taking in, on some days, 30 to 40 casualties a day.”

In other words, he was treating Desert Storm Military Members who supposedly had Head Wounds, i.e. they were shot in the head.

30-40 casualties a day in a 100 hour conflict?

Nope…never happened. That DOOFUS was an Embellisher from Day 1.

Look at his FOIA that Jonn provided in the link. Mr. KKK was a CHILD NEUROLOGIST.

It is so obvious that these Embellishers/Liars have some type of Mental Issues/Personality Disorders.

Majority of the time is they are trying to hide/cover up something in their past or some screw up that occurred during their military service.

And they will go to their graves, never admitting their embellishments/lies.


I heard he was a child neuro doc. Maybe there was something with dependent children going on.

I thought our casualties in Desert Storm were extremely low. I recall the worst casualties were from that friendly fire incident when aircraft opened up on a mech unit, with the pilots thinking they were enemy vehicles.


It was very low, however 24% of all US combat deaths during Desert Storm were fratricide, nearly all being air to ground or ground to air. The highest frat rate of any large US conflict ever.



Link to Brenton Davis’ Book of the Fake. [Erie Working Man, Brenton Davis Combat Veteran. Entrepreneur. Proud Tradesmen.] Combat veteran?? He is taking some heat on his posts…. and then some of his (political) allies and friends turn troll on those who out him for lying about his service. On October 21, he actually got an endorsement (and defense!!) from sitting PA Treasurer (retired Col.) Stacy Garrity. (Note – Look up the wiki on Garrity, she LIED about her “perfect record” at Camp Bucca (Iraq), not only over prisoner abuse, but also her own alcohol related incident and reprimand.) Brenton David also countered the Erie news.. with THIS post. [Erie Working Man, Brenton Davis October 26 at 9:47 AM · This is the worst smear campaign probably in the history of Erie politics. I’ve never seen someone outright lie as much as the other side right now. Friends, know this. I served honorably in our Military. Tyler, on the other hand, used his primary opponents bankruptcy against him, but apparently thinks his is perfectly fine. Complete hypocrisy. My ask: please, if you could, we need your help. We need people out there, knocking on doors, telling people that the smear attacks are not true. We also need donations to combat the outside interest money the opponent has pouring in. Please consider donating if you can:] And this…. [Erie Working Man, Brenton Davis October 26 at 1:28 PM · Tyler is running a smear campaign full of lies. Please share my… Read more »


Cool coincidence.
A 1 hour old post on his Book of the Fake
has a new VG comment.

[He now has national attention, from a respected Stolen Valor website,
for lying and embellishing about his (honorable) military service,
with not so honorable tales of derring do, sand (never),
combat (see the FALSE PAGE DESCRIPTION above), and more.
Shame on Brenton Davis for pooping all over his military service with lies.
— (expanded link to this VG article)]


And BOOM< just like that the comment has been scrubbed….I saw it and then I hit refresh to see other comments and the entire comment thingie just disappeared, not New, most relevant, GONE.
Well you can time stamp that on this comment, it happened right before I'm posting this.
Asshole, goes to show you he's scrubbing his shit cause he DUN FUCKEED UP!!! .


Sounds like he knows what’s coming… blood in the water, active avalanche warning is in effect.


LET’S GO BRENTON!!!! 😃🖕🖕,🖕🖕🖕!!!


ChipNASA Davis has been scrubbing posts that started asking questions in the beginning of October and then blocking anyone who made those posts or supported the posts in the comment replies. But screen shots of all were taken and saved for a rainy day.


I left the following comment. Let’s see how long it stays up.
3:10 Thursday
” Gee, what happened to the comments and the links posted here? Scrubbed??
Huh, funny that.
Seems that if you didn’t have any issues with your service claims, then you wouldn’t have to take these actions.
And *THIS* comment getting scrubbed (and screenshot) in 3..2..1.. Prove me *wrong*.”

😀 😀


It’s sneaky FakeBook page action.
HIDE comment.

You won’t see your own comment go POOF,
you will still see it,
and so will YOUR FakeBook friends….
but hidden from view from ALL other strangers and page visitors.

And you won’t know this HIDE happens,
unless others on FakeBook check it out and verify it for you.

Embellishing/lying veteran /politician talks (about) truth,
while pushing the “other guy lies, too” excuse,
and then pulling the HIDE plug on the truth
on his own page.

SAVE the screenshots..
for an eventual VG Page 1 on Brenton Davis.


I did that with “E’s” comment there and it was *his* comment that triggered that. (Right Elvis?)


Good job.
It’s tough to catch this sneaky HIDE shit alone.
It’s easier in small teams.
BTW, I still see your comments.


(I hope that pisses him the fuck off!!)


And I screencapped the screencap and reposted it to show (and quoted you and kinda gave you creditMD61) exactly this, letting Mr Davis know, we were on to him and his resistance and trying to hide and scrub and do anything except straight up address the situation, is NOT going to go 1. Well and 2. Away

“Yes Eric,
This is EXACTLY what I was talking about. It’s quite simple, apparently (as explained to me) ” It’s sneaky FakeBook page action. HIDE comment. You won’t see your own comment go POOF, you will still see it, and so will YOUR FakeBook friends….
but hidden from view from ALL other strangers and page visitors.And you won’t know this HIDE happens, unless others on FakeBook check it out and verify it for you.”
(Someone else’s explanation, elsewhere) and so we’ll see how it’s handled.
I think Mr Davis now understands he can NOT hide from the Internet.


It just happened to you.
This newest comment went POOF,
but not before I got a screenshot.
I only saw it once.

Your 1st salvo of comments remains visible.


Someone is getting antsy.
SOMEONE actively *knows* they’re on our shit list.
If you want to piss me off, I’ll take this shit personally and start spending all my waking extra time dedicated to sticking it dead straight up your ass, DRY!!!
(not you MD61)


Sound Collision! Seal All Bulkheads! Damage Parties Prepare to Take on Water! Repair III Prepare to Scrub Social Media!


1 of my favorite lines in The Three Amigos…
(Lucky Day / Steve Martin) –
“Now everybody, throw down your guns.”
“Not you, Dusty”

At 3:00 here….

NOTE – The original dialogue (at 2:30) is
(Lucky Day / Steve Martin) –
“I’ll fill you so full of lead,
you’ll be using your DICK for a pencil”


He is taking on water. Fake Book is no longer for viewing open for viewing to everyone.

Now would be a really good time to come forward with some truthy records.

Green Thumb

I wonder if Phildo has counseled him yet?


Does not help that the current POTUS, the Commander In Chief, has been a HABITUAL LIAR for YEARS….and He NEVER STOPS..


Well, at least Davis has the fact that he didn’t make up a bunch of incidents he regularly repeats that provably didn’t happen. Gropey Joe has now told that phony Amtrack conductor story for the fifth time.


“I apologize because some have heard this,” Biden told a crowd Monday in New Jersey, starting up a story he has repeated in various forms at least five times, dating back to the 2020 campaign.

“I swear to God. True story,” he said Monday, for emphasis.

– Somebody going to have explaining to do when he arrives at the pearly gates.


rgr769 and 5JC:

The latest poll for the Virginia Race:

If Virginians could vote today:

53% would for vote for Glenn Youngkin.

45% would vote for that Lying Carpetbagger, Clinton Lover Terry.

2% are undecided.

Also, get rid of Mark Herring and let’s vote Wisone Sears for LT GUV and Jason Miyares for AG.

Make Virginia RED again!!!

intercourse plugs biden


Yeah, but that is before all the fraudulent votes are counted.



You must have in the ninja house as a fly on the wall, because we said the exact same thing.

We both will be doing Poll-Watching on 2 November. Gonna be a long day, but we feel in our hearts it will be worth it.


Yes it will be worth it, especially if you can prevent or catch some D-rat vote thievery. You are undoubtedly aware that as a longtime Clintonista, mendacious Mcauliffe is corrupt to the core. You need a list of everyone in your precinct who has died in the last fifty years. No body can get out the dead vote like the D-rats.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Yeah, but that is before all the fraudulent votes are counted.”

Yes indeed, they’ll pull out all the stops to cheat on this, I wonder just how many places where they count votes will suddenly close in the wee morning hours just like in the 2020 Election?


I wonder what could be wrong?

comment image?quality=90&strip=all&w=1535

“I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach”

Hack Stone

McAuliffe is running a commercial as Hack types that Youngkin is taking his comment out of context. Having a hard time understanding how it was out of context. He said it. And he has said similar statements before and after.

As far as taking comments out of context, McAuliffe supporters are running commercials where they are implying that President Trump called Nazis fine people.


What he said was a lot worse in context:

“I’m not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decisions, I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Stupid parents wanting to get involved in educating their children. The state will let them know what they need to know and when.


It is strange how you are upset about a president lying again.

You took a break from giving a shot about someone lying to the American people during the entire Trump campaign and presidency.


What lies do you speak of?


I am not wasting my time with someone so delusional to not realize Trump lies constantly.

Even most republicans are aware he is a pathological liar.

A Proud Infidel®™

Once again you prove me right Major Moonbat, you cannot go at all without projecting your own insecurities and feelings of inferiority, here you go yet again shitting your pants about Donald trump while we are stuck with likely THE MOST bumbling and incompetent POTUS in US History but here you project your own insecurity about the propaganda you accept as Gospel Truth.


Thank you!


BYW, let’s go in the other direction. Will you name one lie Biden has told?


Commissar: I don’t understand your comment.. I am not upset about Biden being a habitual liar. I was simply telling the truth…that Biden has been lying for years on alot of stuff. I don’t understand what you are trying to tell me when you wrote: “You took a break from giving a shot about someone lying to the American people during the entire Trump campaign and presidency.” I do believe I have always been civil and kind to you as well as respect your views even though I may not agree with you on some of your reviews. President Trump is no longer the POTUS. Biden is the POTUS. Biden has been lying for a very, very long time…and continues to lie (e.g.the Amtrak story). The Washington Post and CNN have called him out on his lies. CBS did a story about him about how he lied about an innocent Truck Driver. He said the Truck Driver was DWI…and that was what caused the death of his first wife and daughter. Turns out it was his deceased wife who was at fault with her death. I can go on and on and on about his habitual lying. It is a Personality Disorder. Yes, I voted for Trump in both elections. There were others that I voted for in the past that lost. I accepted it and moved on. So I do not understand your comment to me reference President Trump. I respect your decision to not like President Trump. That… Read more »


IMHO, the difference between Trump’s statements and Biden’s is that Trump is an exaggerater. He always claims that whatever is he did was the best ever, whereas Biden just makes up stories that never happened or contain bald faced lies. His story that he was arrested trying to see Nelson Mandella in prison in South Africa, or his ridiculous “Corn Pop” story are just two of dozens of examples.


I believe him when he says he loves kids rubbing his legs and sitting in his lap. That seems genuine to me.


Ninja, thank you for this insightful post – absolutely NO /sarc.

While this does not forgive 99% of Commie-czar-ZEK’s obtuse and outrageous -claims- it certainly does offer a potential explanation for some of them.. Cheers.

Forest Bondurant

News Flash!

Trump isn’t the President anymore.

A Proud Infidel®™

But that isn’t going to keep Major Moonbat from shitting his pants over Donald trump every five minutes!


… and just like that, 100 comments.

Putting the HIDE and POOF
on new comments on the Book of the Fake
is NOT helping his cause.

I expect more of this from the problem candidate.


Hey, Brenton…..
Yeah, you.
Check out the hot chick at 0:33.
She has a greeting for you.


This shit doesn’t *ever* get old, NOR overused here.
Maybe a 11/12 page word document that hasn’t seen the light lately, is being dusted off, right KoB???


Next step….
Go Erie AND Erie Reader have
BOTH Twitter accounts AND pages on the Book of the Fake.

Easy to find.
All public, too.

This Erie Reader tweet (with news story link)
got a reply….
[ xxxxxxx Replying to @ErieReader
I swear he told me in conversation once that he had had surgery and PT due to his injuries sustained in the middle east.
At the time, I had no reason to doubt him.]

[The Republican Erie County Executive Nominee,
Brenton Davis, boasts questionable combat experience. #EriePA]


Can we get a great, big…


Uh Oh.
And so it grows. 😉
I mean, don’t get me wrong, that sounds like a Demoncrat Media hit piece but, if there were no fuel, there would be no fire.
SO there’s that.


115 (now 116)…
and the comment count is on !!!


Oh trust me, I posted a link here again on Fakebook but maybe or not, it will get “hidden”.
Still, I say 200+ easy.


Muh trigguh fingur shore be am dam am gettin’ awful itchy. I was kinda sorta holden offen callin’ fer the deployment and a Time on Target FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION FIRE MISSION of the Vaunted Said Document til we had some concrete, unrefruitable proof that the fruitcake (see what Gun Bunny did there), lyin’, embellishin’ POS, Brenton Davis was IN/IS FACT a lyin’, embellishin’, fruitcake POS.

Imma slobberin’ to see the FOIA like it was a table full of Ex-PH2’s prepared recipes. Y’all take screenshots of all the Book of Fake and post them here for those of us who can’t see. As SFC D said; “…sock puppets we want sock puppets!”


Maybe this and then the Thomas Cole thread.
Wait and see.


Got to agree, KoB – REALLY beginning to look as though Brenton Davis is REALLY going to need that Fire Mission of The TAH Hemisphere of Insults®™. Based on what I’ve managed to research thus far – once those FOIA’s are in, a helluva lot of TAH’s cannon lanyards are gonna get pulled…

Mr. T will say the rest for me –


Yes, Brenton. Pain.
Bought and paid for by YOU.


Sock puppets! I want sock puppets!


ME TOO !!!

Oh wait, that’ racist, I mean sexist or something.
Fuck, we can’t have *anything* nice these days.

Fuck it.

ME TOO !!!



We may get them, and soon.

Today, on the big ball of Twit,
a former Erie County Councilman,
also an ex Army SSG with 3 tours
(“one tour in South Korea and two combat tours in Iraq”),
is all over Brenton Davis’s ass with new tweets.

And this is BEFORE he became aware of this VG page.

PREDICTION – A new round of phony battle in Erie County,
complete with phony deniers and phony defenders,
1 week AFTER the local news made it a public issue.

VG NOTE – The Fu of Google already has this page on Page 2 of results.




Ditto. I mean, the world doesn’t have enough of ’em, right..?


There is a SATIRE/PARODY page of Brenton Davis on the Book of the Fake.
It’s been around for a few days,
but it just got a lot busier today.

Plenty o’ posts.
Plenty o’ comments, too.

[Erie Working Man, Brenton Davis]


And, a PUBLIC GROUP, that’s been around for weeks.
All visible.


Book of the Fake update…
Posts of this VG article on Brenton Davis are now on
BOTH the Public Group and Public Page satire accounts (links above).

The Brenton Davis camp is now quite aware of VG,
and they are quite unhappy
about the developments of the past 28 hours.

Kudos to VG & and the Erie, PA sleuths.
Friday is buzzing in Erie County, PA.

Check out both group and page,
for the posts…. AND the comments!


Looks like this moonbat is gonna flame himself out. Geez, what a douche.

Is he a millennial? You see some of this sort of thing but I’m not so good at separating which generation is which unless they have Valley Girl voices, reverse inflection where a meaningless or frightened statement is made to sound like a question or they are still living in someone’s basement.

Hmm, is there a Starbucks in Erie? Ah heck, that’s not fair as the coffee is pretty good, particularly if someone else is paying for it.

Nonetheless, it sounds like Erie County is on to him and this will be the last we hear of Capt Selfie.


Tallywhagger asked:

“Is he a millennial?”

Davis graduated from High School in 2001, so most likely he was born around 1983/1984 time period.

Millennials are defined as being born between 1981-1994/1996.


… and just like that, 181 comments.
for new insightful late night (Thursday) comments by

I now assume that Retired Navy SEAL Don over there
would be interested in picking up the ball
(with kudos to VG, as well as local Erie, PA sleuths)
and engaging Brenton Davis in a phone call…
Possibly on VIDEO.

You know, since Brenton Davis conjured up the name of
(deceased Medal of Honor recipient) Lt. Michael Murphy,
as a BUD/S class proctor and knot tying mentor.
While telling 2 (or more) different knot tying stories!

The kind of Navy SEAL lie that really pisses off Don Shipley to no end,
enough to ruin a cozy weekend in the duck blinds,
and (further) expose a phony with Navy SEAL and/or BUD/S claims.

Stay tuned for the exciting outcome…
Same BAT time.
Same BAT channel.


And what did I say last evening? What did I say?
This is 196 and it’s not gong to be MY Fault we’re going to make it WAY past 200.
I now predict 300.
This shit is going to get worse before it gets better and/or is somewhat resolved in the next couple of days.


When one goes to this site and scroll to the bottom, one will see a video ( below the video is a caption that reads “Coffee With The Candidate”)


In the video, one can see his shadowbox/uniform with his Army/Navy awards/decorations/badges/medals (I recognize the Crossed Rifles/the Blue Rope of Doom, the NDSM).

Also, it looks as if he is displaying the US Army E5/SGT rank…cannot figure out the other Army Rank nor the Navy Ranks as well as what appears to be “wings”.

Could anyone on TAH please help me identify his awards/badges, etc?

Thank You!


The ribbon rack is as follows…
Navy Unit Commendation
Navy Good Conduct Medal
Navy Reserve Meritorious Service Medal

National Defense Service Medal
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal

Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal
Navy and Marine Corps Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (x3)

Navy and Marine Corps Overseas Service Ribbon (x3)
Rifle Marksmanship Ribbon (Expert)
Pistol Marksmanship Ribbon (Expert)

An impressive rack for Navy & sea service.

For someone who claims to be a PAARNG O-3 Captain, he has
ZERO (0) US Army ribbons, and
ZERO (0) PA Army National Guard ribbons.

I find this total lack of Army and PAARNG ribbons,
including low hanging fruit gimmes,
extremely odd.

He certainly should have 1 or 3 of these.
(I have 2.)


ANOTHER thing I find extremely odd….

The webpage for Faculty & Staff of Edinboro University (PA) has
ZERO (0) listings for Brenton Davis, in fact,
ZERO (0) listings for anyone named Davis, nor Brent*.

I expanded the page to list ALL,
and not only checked alphabetically,
but text searched the 1st and last names.


I summoned the Fu of Google on
{“Brenton Davis” “Military Science” Edinboro}…

And all I can find is campaign crap,
including a September 2021 claim that
he will “soon” be teaching Military Science…
and then subsequent campaign claims that he’s now an Associate Professor.

But NADA anywhere on the internet directly connecting Edinboro University to Brenton Davis.

Considering the simple fact that
universities use online faculty & staff directories
for email and telephone access to STUDENTS….

Why wouldn’t Edinboro have his name and contact info up by now,
for Fall 2021 Semester??

Especially for someone in the position of Associate Professor?



Check out this ball of tweets from 3 weeks ago.

In your article, you tell reported that Davis would be teaching military science at Edinboro University in the fall.

Davis is not in the faculty/staff directory at Edinboro online.

So I called the clerk/typist at the ROTC department there.
She hasn’t heard of him.
4:03 PM · Oct 8, 2021
(end paste)


This is what happens when one decides to be a garrison bitch and can’t think ahead
Google is forever


Why do I get the sinking feeling,
that almost all of his Navy service
was a close match to the TV commercial
that likely got him to join up?

“Port of Call, Hong Kong!!!”


Posted onto the FY22 Valor Vultures Tote Board as half & half (Navy/Army).


Wow..this guy has more comments than the Baldwin thread.
Way to go Brenton.


Davis Rules??
Apparently not.
It’s obvious that Brenton Davis wants to rule….
But he’s turning all Randy Quaid whacko
on the people of Erie County, PA.


Brenton Davis Navy DD-214 posted here, in this satire group.
Scroll down about 8 posts,
and look for the DD-214 pics with pretty in pink redacting.

[True Quotes of an Erie Working Man
Public group – 381 members]


He’s having a(nother) bad day
in this parallel universe satire page
on the Book of the Fake.

[Erie Working Man, Brenton Davis
@erieworkingman · Satire/Parody]


The REAL (???) Brenton Davis on the Book of the Fake,
with a short LIVE video feed (4 hours ago).
Does he look (or sound) like a university associate professor?

Wide open for clicks and comments (for those not (yet) blocked).


Becoming an ROTC Associate Professor of Military Science (APMS) means getting orders to report to the college and teaching ROTC to college students that will hopefully commission. You must be an officer with a college degree. I did it for three years myself and it requires no special skill or training other than what a senior captain or major already has.

Going the National Guard Route it can a be a sweet deal for some if they make more on active duty than whatever their day job was. Not all colleges are authorized a National Guard Liaison/ APMS.

He probably put in a packet, spewed his bullshit at an interview and then his application died when he failed to provide supporting documents for all of his BS. This happens a bit.

I noticed his latest video touting his military service has gone through a serious retraction. They stick with he was in the Navy and served on an air craft carrier in the Persian Gulf. Which begs the question; “Why didn’t he just stick with that to begin with?”

I guess he just felt like he had to run his suck about shit that he knew nothing about therefore threw some fake appeals to authority with his fake service for legitimacy. What a jackass.


Good points.
All coming to the surface in Erie County.
Not sure if it’s all a little too little, a little too late.
Election on Tuesday.
New comment with new details (??) just below.


Saturday Night UPDATE – The Book of the Fake keeps hammering away. Is there new stuff here on Captain Crunch??? A post about TRAINING (with 7 photo document attachments uploaded). (paste) Erie Working Man, Brenton Davis Satire Page· 40m · The Navy Surface Rescue Swimmer School (ship-borne) is an arduous four-week course in Jacksonville, Florida (east coast) and San Diego, CA (west coast) with a high attrition rate. For those who pass, it is a collateral duty that is in addition to their primary job (Gunners Mate, for instance). Surface Rescue Swimmer is not a primary job in itself. This is not to be confused with airborne rescue swimmers (involving helicopters), which requires additional training, but is also a collateral duty. They’re also not to be confused with US Navy Search and Rescue (SAR) swimmers, which is a more intensive and primary job, not a collateral duty. Combat search and rescue (CSAR) requires even more training. The USS Kitty Hawk had only had a handful of search and rescue missions between 2002 and 2005. The names of those rescued, and those who did the rescuing, are recorded on Navy websites and in articles with Stars and Stripes. Davis (a Gunners Mate) was assigned to the aircraft carrier from mid-2002 to mid-2005. Due to its age and needed repairs, the Kitty Hawk did not leave port much or for long during his service there. This ship has since been mothballed. Attached is his DD214 and his Assignments sheet, obtained through a… Read more »


Problem here, was is this whole issue was started by the same guy who started the parody page, former army vet Jay Breneman who has posted above. A guy who showed some promise running on his on military record in the past. Winning a local county council seat as a boy wonder in 2013, then ran for mayor and lost, then state house and lost as well, and now about to join the Erie School board. He has his small group of dedicated followers, and is the one behind this campaign and leaking the information to both (more like pamphlets these days) democratic press newspapers. Additionally to you guys this late in the game, instead of 2 months ago when Davis started getting cross party support. I think everyone in Erie gets what happens when campaigns involve veterans, some are stoic, some are draft dodgers, others try to impress. Jay himself was less than forthright with his past and military service, scripting the narrative in his 8 years in the public. Also, his candidate is a female to male trans person (nothing wrong with that on its own) named Tyler Titus with their progressive views in a flip county a little radical forcing Breneman on the strong arm defensive, not out of “valor” rather because he (allegedly) has more than just his loyal backing possibly riding on the win. I am not saying either party are perfect here, but hold back the lynching until there’s context. Fact locally is, even… Read more »


Good morning, Tiredofthisrace92. Problem here…. for the fans and readers of this website, operated and followed by veterans for many years…. is that the verifying and exposing of phonies has nothing to do with their political party, but has a lot to do with their personal ambitions, and their willingness to achieve these by LYING to the public, elections included. Feel free to Google “Jowers Foley Sheriff”, to see a 2020 Texas (GOP Primary) race for County Sheriff, where 1 (Police officer Foley) was suspected and reported, based on his 4×8 plywood sheet campaign signs with Silver Star and Purple Heart emblems. It turned into a story of Foley’s FAKE DD-214, that made it to big city Texas TV, and cost him the election AND his job with the Clyde (TX) PD. Worse, the tables then turned on his opponent (Jowers), who campaigned as an Army Airborne Ranger who “took a bullet for my country”. When the results came in on Deputy Sheriff Jowers, never a Ranger, never Airborne, never overseas, but multiple AWOLs, and booted out of the Army, with a bad discharge. He also eventually lost both his shot at sheriff, and his job as deputy. You identify the local Erie, PA politics and issues, but you also clearly identify those in Erie doing the minimizing or deflecting on the military claims and actual military service of Brenton Davis. Stated in comments above, when anyone anywhere closes their eyes to the lying and embellishing of military service based… Read more »


Jay here.

Go ahead and file FOIA on my records. I am more than happy to share them as well. I have nothing to hide about my service unlike Davis.

You won’t find me claiming wars, enemies, dates of service, or actions not in my records like Davis.

Those who are chapped that their candidate got caught with egregious lies only have him to blame. You can call “stolen valor” on me in your retributive anger but good luck with that b.s.

Kick Davis to the curb.


Thanks for the reply,
even though it looks like it’s intended for Tiredofthisrace92.

There is a long history here
of otherwise honest and decent looking folks
who decide to come to the defense of newly outed and exposed phonies,
and themselves become Phony Defenders
by counterattacking this website
(“they made a mistake” “they’re outsiders”),
and then attacking site fans and FakeBook messengers (like me),
suggesting (with new lies and false accusations)
that I never served, served dishonorably,
or I have my own Stolen Valor skeletons.

Friends of a BSer defending his BS with counter BS.

Shameless behavior by many who are totally fooled and conned,
and also by many who are phony conspirators,
fully aware of, and in on the BS, all along.

The behaviors of Phony Deniers, and especially Phony Enablers,
are naive and misguided foolishness at best,
and at worst, almost as bad as the exposed phony himself.

Most are now also relegated to internet infamy,
along with their permanently outed favorite phony,
easily found with the Fu of Google,
for unwisely standing up for the lies and the liar(s),
instead of the truth.

Remind the voters and citizens of Erie County,
that there is NO SHAME in being fooled and conned
by a military liar, embellisher, or phony.
Most of them are very good at it,
and they can fool and con 99% of civilians,
but a much lower % of actual veterans.


Scroll up (text find) for the comments on George Teal.

He was called out locally in Colorado,
and subsequently terminated from the VFW.

Local VFW members, then VFW state dept. did the work.
He was never reported to, nor outed, by Stolen Valor websites.

Even with all that, he WON his primary election
(against a legit Gulf War Bronze Star helo pilot, new to politics)
and went on to win the fall election.
The former sitting City Councilman
is now a County Commissioner in Douglas County, Colorado.

For everyone here at VG, that kind of outcome is 1 giant UGH.
Shame on George Teal, and
shame on his friends and political supporters who LIED for him,
and attacked those who presented the truth.


As seen here, on the Book of the Fake…..

Brenton Davis’ tales and lies of BUD/S,
and the conjuring up of the name Michael Murphy,
go back 4 YEARS.

Compare 2017, 2018, and 2021 versions
of Brenton Davis’ public statements,
including a recent local Erie newspaper story, HERE…


New post, from the same satire page…

[Erie Working Man, Brenton Davis
Satire Page · 13 h

Davis can’t sleep at night
knowing that Nancy Pelosi, Eric Swalwell, and Hillary
spent more time “boots on the ground”
in Iraq and Afghanistan than he claims he did.]


8 employees listed for this ROTC department at Edinboro University,
from LTC, Professor of Military Science ROTC
to Clerk Typist 2.

A couple of Captains listed as
CPT, Military Science Instructor ROTC, too.

NO LISTING for Brenton Davis.

Phone and email contact info for all 8 in the ROTC departement
listed here…….
[Cadre & Staff
Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC)]


… and just like that, 234 comments.

Green Thumb

And another 234 applications / resumes / CV’s at All-Points Logistics.

Phildo and his new group of advisors seem to be working wonders.

And who says companies are hurting for applicants?


Green Thumb,
Well, effective tomorrow night, we can either
beat a dead phony horse, or
beat a newly elected phony horse.

(Scene from Blazing Saddles)
[YES (bull ass crack) NO]


A string of recent bad luck with these Tube of You videos with “Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner.”

[Mongo Knocks out a Horse!
Aug 24, 2009


For phony boots in the sand Brenton Davis,
losing the election to this particular opponent will be
a hard one to swallow.

Losing tomorrow would result in Brenton Davis
coughing up more excuses.

And (which we may never see here), the likelihood that,
on the Twit and the Book of the Fake,
Brenton Davis steps on his own dick.


No predictions….
(and we’re not about the actual elections here)….
But this isn’t looking good for Brenton Davis.

His dancing around the truth about his military service certainly didn’t help.

Erie County —- Mail in vote totals.
Election day votes will be updated by tomorrow.


Brenton Davis has taken the lead,
and it appears he may win his election.



Candidate Party Election Day Mail-In Provisional Total

TYLER TITUS DEM 17,016 11,116 0 = 28,132
BRENTON DAVIS REP 29,216 3,491 0 = 32,707


1am Video….

[(Brenton) Davis claims victory in county executive race,
Titus won’t concede until all votes counted]


There you go.
Erie County, PA has now elected their youngest ever County Executive.

Unfortunately, until he comes clean, and admits his lies,
Brenton Davis will have his history of lying and embellishing his own military service hanging over his head.

And a county full of Democrats are certainly going to be reminding him,
until he comes clean (publicly) and tells the whole truth.

Plus, I predict, any further lies and embellishing to Erie Countians
will find their way HERE,
for a Page 2 on Brenton Davis.

Good luck to everyone in Erie County.

[Tyler Titus concedes race for Erie County Executive;
Davis declared winner]