Biden might deploy NG to ease supply chain issues

| October 22, 2021

With dozens of ships sitting waiting at ports, shipping containers being dumped in residential neighborhoods, and a missing in action Secretary of Transportation, Biden was asked at a CNN Town Hall if he would activate the National Guard to help. Naturally, the now perennial favorite solution of the Democrats for any imaginable contingency, he’s considering it “absolutely! Positively, I’ll do that.”

But wait. Ol’ Joe’s handlers, the people who apparently are actually running the country, say that it’s not really under consideration. You can’t make this up.

Before you say that this is some far-right propaganda (you know who you are…), this is coming from the far-left CNN. Though to be fair, you should consider the source since CNN is The most trusted name in Fake News and constantly lies to its viewers.

CNN reports;

President Joe Biden said Thursday evening he’s considering deploying the National Guard to help ease stress on the US supply chain as it prompts growing concern about the economy, prompting a White House official to swiftly throw cold water on the plan.

“Yes, absolutely, positively. I will do that,” Biden said when asked by moderator Anderson Cooper during CNN’s town hall in Baltimore if he was prepared to call up the National Guard. The President said he would specifically consider calling up National Guard members for trucking to help solve a shortage of drivers “if we can’t move — increase the number of truckers, which we are in a process of doing.”

A White House official, however, told CNN shortly after that the administration is not actively considering deploying the National Guard despite Biden’s comments. “Requesting the use of the National Guard at the state level is under the purview of governors and we are not actively pursuing the use of the National Guard on a federal level,” the official said.

Thanks to Jeff LPH 3 for sending in the link.

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{the crafty som’bish known as Roh sets his trap…} fascism făsh′ĭz″əm noun -A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism -A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government. -Oppressive, dictatorial control. So… Remember the joys and excesses of ‘capitalism’? Neither do I, Komrade.… Read more »


Da, comrade, is whole plan!


“Due to pressing schedule needs, President Biden will no longer take part in town hall meetings. Your understanding in the matter is appreciated.”
President Biden’s Handlers


He declared war on the Free People of the United States via health diktats, and promised one with China…. all while allowing NATO to piss off Russia by Ukraine interventions?

Naw. This is fine. Totally fine. Just if you find anyone reporting otherwise, please report them to the local Political Officer.

“When all else fails They take you to war” -Gerald Celente (maybe said by others)


I bet. There was lots of splaining afterwards. Apparently this isn’t happening. “We are not actively pursuing the use of the national guard on a federal level,” a White House official told Fox News. But wait there is more: China Joe said: Cooper… pressing again on whether the U.S. would defend Taiwan from a Chinese attack, to which Biden replied: “Yes, we have a commitment to do that.” But then…. But a White House spokesperson… Read more »


Sure, send in the National Guard. Because, you know, the thing…


But where to send them to? Los Angeles and um, uh, umh, uh….

Thanks Anderson Cooper. You will now be the new Secretary of Interior.


88M zero to hero


Unless they dare to remain Pureblood.

The Stranger

Uh, I thought part of the issue here was that non-union owner-operators aren’t allowed to work the California ports like Long Beach. I don’t see how this will work. I can definitely see the Longshoremen’s Union picketing/blockading the ports if they try to use National Guard vehicles to move cargo.

The Stranger

Maybe, but how do they get on the property? The Longshoremen and the Teamsters aren’t going to take this lying down. It’s part of the reason that these ports don’t run 24 hour automated operations.

The Stranger

Another issue is that if you’re thinking of using Guard to drive commercial vehicles like that in a duty status, I don’t think that the licensing system can accommodate that. A military license spells out what vehicles you can drive by type or designation. I don’t think it’s the same thing to put “tractor trailer” as a generic designator as you would for “GSA” or “15 pax Van.” I wouldn’t want to assume that level… Read more »


“By Direction of the President, you are ordered to operate such vehicles are necessary to implement Operation Convoy, without regard to any other restrictions or regulations, which I hereby suspend for the duration of this Emergency and for this specific purpose and Operation, until such time as I rescind this Order. Signed…” I believe he can do that, perhaps with other “findings” or wording. If Congress doesn’t freak, a court really can’t stop it. “…Now… Read more »


I see it too. And it’s gonna be a hell of a lot of fun to watch. How many of the NG troops are union members that are gonna object to essentially being scabs? How big a barricade are the Teamsters gonna build out of shipping containers? How many just-barely-trained drivers are gonna cause mayhem in the streets and freeways? Nothing good can come of this.

RGR 4-78

What about the first NG driver killed in a cargo hijacking?

Talk about a shit storm.


May as well ask what all those NG drivers will be doing when the overhead crane operators are pissed off. They are the real bottleneck – there is a reason why both LB and LA are in the bottom 30 of the world’s most efficient ports.


Pissed off crane operators will stack a 4 connex high wall and then go home.


And if the “home” they go to is a PW camp run by MPs? You are assuming things are run under rules that are -not- the ones in effect. Magic word: “Insurrection!” Cant force the longshoremen and crane drivers to work. But you -can- coerce them by, say, arresting their “co-conspirator” families. And the live belts in the MP MGs will cut down on physical confrontations. Navy has crane operators, yes? How many ordinary folks… Read more »

The Stranger

This President is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the unions. We’re not going to have a “Reagan fires the air traffic controllers” situation here. The scenario you describe won’t happen, especially since his people are hard at work finding a way to blame this on the last guy. Basically, they want to be seen to be “doing something” without actually fixing the problem. Hence the bullshit of having the ports run “24/7”…that only applies… Read more »

Boiling Mad CPO

Good Lord – While fighting fires, assisting in floods, directing traffic, o yeah , war fighting, now they are expected to fight with the unions.

Makes one wonder why one would become a National Guardsman


“Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f’ things up” BHO Hmmm…My Class A CDL is still current, tho my DOT Card is perspired. Don’t have a Teamsters Card, but I was a member of the CWA. Wonder how close those Long Beach Union Goons look at that stuff. Think I could arrange the routings to end up at OAM’s, Ex-PH2’s, nobunny’s, or maybe farmgirl’s every now and again? Spent a lot of time as a Road… Read more »

The Stranger

Hey, as long as you’re thinking of being “The Snowman”, go ahead and make a “tactical acquisition” of some of Pottsville, PA’s finest and drop a trailer of that nectar in my front yard. Don’t worry about unloading, just drop the trailer and head out. I might even invite you in to share a sizer!

The Stranger

Sixer! Fucking iPhone.


That sounds like a hell of a plan Stranger! How can I get in on such a deal???


I can give you 80 thousand ways you can get in on that deal.


Yes indeed, I could use a Yuengling or twelve.

RGR 4-78

“DOT Card is perspired”

Don’t sweat it man, creepy unka joe’s got your back. 😉

Hack Stone

Joe Biden said that he drove tractor trailers. He can hop in the cab and Camel Toe can ride shotgun.

The Stranger

The idea is to get a critical item delivered, not have a tractor trailer full of vitally important Class VI supplies ending up in a fiery heap at the bottom of a ravine! Besides, the lot lizards wouldn’t appreciate the competition from Cackles.

Forest Bondurant

Meanwhile, Pete Buttplug (Transportation Secretary) remains on parental leave, all while a major transportation crisis is brewing in the country.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Just what qualifications does Butt-googly have to be the Secretary of Transportation other than being the LGBTQWERTYUIOP quota for the Joke Biteme administration?


He has the same qualifications as Jennifer Granholm does to be Energy Secretary, none at all.


Someday, the politicians will learn that the National Guard is not a solution to their domestic policy fuckups.


Guess what else came from CNN. CNN. Not Fox News. CNN. “Fact-Checking Biden’s CNN Town Hall In Baltimore” “President Joe Biden participated Thursday in a CNN town hall in Baltimore, taking questions from anchor Anderson Cooper and local residents about his legislative agenda and a variety of other topics.” “Biden made some false claims, along with making other claims that could have used additional context. He also made one claim, an assertion that he… Read more »

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Will the NG be exempt from having union cards to work on the docks. I was in teamsters local 807/820 (NY) back in the day and a class B CDL


“Biden Keeps Telling Bizarre Amtrak Story That Was Already Debunked: Biden Continues Repeating Factually Impossible Claim” “President Biden repeatedly told a heartfelt story about his interactions with an Amtrak employee, even though the details of the story don’t seem to add up.” “Biden on Wednesday told the factually challenged Amtrak story for the fourth time in his presidency to date.” “About, uh, I guess it was seven years into my tenure as vice president,… Read more »


Joey baby wouldn’t know the truth if it ran its nuts across his face.
He’s either:
A) attempting to be relatable
2) suffering so badly from episodic memory loss he doesn’t know what decade it is

Maybe a combo of both. Anyway one cuts it, dude shouldn’t be running Bingo at the elderly care facility let ‘lone our intentionally-subverted nation.


I vote for #2.


“What is Joe Biden Doing With His Hands? US President Caught In Bizarre Pose During CNN Town Hall, Commits Goof Ups” Ever since Joe Biden became the Presdent of the United States, there is a growing concern among an overwhelming section of the American population about his deteriorating mental state. Those concerns were rekindled on Thursday when the US President committed a series of inexplicable goof ups and was caught in a strange pose… Read more »


“What is Joe Biden Doing With His Hands? US President Caught In Bizarre Pose During CNN Town Hall Meeting” Ever since Joe Biden became the Presdent of the United States, there is a growing concern among an overwhelming section of the American population about his deteriorating mental state. Those concerns were rekindled on Thursday when the US President committed a series of inexplicable goof ups and was caught in a strange pose during his CNN… Read more »


This is Joe: Stage 4: Mild Dementia At this stage, individuals may start to become socially withdrawn and show changes in personality and mood. Denial of symptoms as a defense mechanism is commonly seen in stage 4. Behaviors to look for include: Decreased knowledge of current and/or recent events Difficulty remembering things about one’s personal history Decreased ability to handle finances, arrange travel plans, etc. Disorientation Difficulty recognizing faces and people In stage 4 dementia,… Read more »

Roger Borroel

The GOP fascists will squeal a different tune when they can’t get any crap paper or bleach to drink to cure their Covid-19 infection (oh yeah, covid is a Dem fakery). Thank-God we have freedom loving people in charge now, instead of Mr. Piggy in the White House.