USS Bonhomme Richard Fallout

| October 22, 2021

Navy investigation names those under scrutiny for for the total loss of USS Bonhomme Richard, destroyed by arson and systemic failures both on board and ashore.

LHD 6, known by crew as “Bonny Dick” burned for four days in a San Diego maintenance dock July 2020. The fire injured 40 sailors and 23 civilians.

The new report identifies 36 sailors, including five admirals, as having contributed to the loss of a capitol ship.

“Although the fire was started by an act of arson, the ship was lost due to an inability to extinguish the fire,” wrote US 3rd Fleet commander Vice Adm Scott Conn, who is overseeing the investigation.

Thanks for narrowing that down, Admiral. Jeff sends

36 officials, including five admirals, face potential discipline over Bonhomme Richard fire

By Geoff Ziezulewicz

The Navy’s command investigation into the fire that destroyed the amphibious assault ship Bonhomme Richard last summer stresses that failures to fight the fire lay across several commands and leadership levels.

That shared blame can be found in the report’s “accountability” section, which recommends disciplinary action against 36 Navy officials, from the amphib’s enlisted ranks up to the former three-star head of Naval Surface Force Pacific.

All told, five admirals are in Big Navy’s crosshairs for failures that led to the flattop’s loss.

“The total loss of a capital asset demands close examination of all personnel to produce fully-informed recommendations,” the section states. “Our rigorous assessment must not be impacted by rank, paygrade, or level of a responsible person, entity, or organization.”

Any disciplinary decisions will be made by the head of U.S. Pacific Fleet, Adm. Samuel Paparo, though service officials said there is no timeline for when such decisions will be made.

Interesting. Apparently accountability rises to the three star level in today’s military. Four stars seem to be immune.

Navy Times

Thanks, Jeff.

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But they’ll all have read Ibrim X. Kendi’s book so it’ good, of course…

Gunner Rich

take a Hack & Retire .

Name edited to protect PII.

Mustang Major

What? Did any sailors get sexually assaulted during the fire suppression efforts? Leadership should receive a commendation, as the crew undoubtedly responded as trained.


Don’t know about sexual assault but it was widely reported that there was widespread misuse of pronouns among the firefighting teams…🤪🤪🤪


Wonder if a former naval ossifer (sic) will be recalled to active duty to head this up? After all, his experience as a painter should come in handy with the chipping crews Whatcha wanna bet that the politics of each of these ossifers will come into play during this “investigation”?

Who’d a thunk that Navy would become the train wreck it has become these last few years? They usually only screw things up this bad the 2nd weekend in December. After all, they did take an abomination of an aircraft with bassakwards wings and motors and make that work for them. Bull Halsey weeps.


I guess I don’t understand how admirals are to blame. Unless they directly wrote policies, gave orders, that specifically prevented crews from training or being trained or having proper equipment.

On the surface it appears guilt by association. They just indicted the whole chain of command. I mean the navy is taking a beating for corruption and Missteps so maybe this is just punish all and sort it out later.


Admirals – Hand slap

Captains – Get to retire

Officers – Big bad letter, no promotions for you

Chiefs – Some may lose a grade, some may not be chief anymore.

Enlisted – you’re screwed


Couldn’t find the audio however here is the transcript from Gutfeld on the incident. Kat Timpf nails it. TIMPF (on camera): You look at some of this stuff. Like with that naval ship, I was reading that article about it, and it said, well, no, you know, there was a button that activated foam, but nobody knew the location of the button, and you know, and it’s function. (CROSSTALK) GUTFELD: Oh, man. TIMPF: And I’m like, there was a button? There think about that. How many problems in the world could be solved with just a button like not that many? GUTFELD: It’s true. TIMPF: How? GUTFELD: Yes. TIMPF: Wait, like that training? Right? I don’t have a military background. So like — GUTFELD: But you’re America veteran? TIMPF: I am. So, half veteran et cetera. GUTFELD: Thank you for your service. TIMPF: Yes, of course. Freedom is not free. But I could have conducted that training. GUTFELD: Yes. TIMPF: Here is the button. If the ship is on fire, push it. Boom! GUTFELD: But, but did that? What if that button, I mean, does that button – -? TIMPF: Put a little posted note. If ship on fire, push this arrow. How do you mess that up? It seems harder to mess that up than to not mess that up. GUTFELD: But what if pushing the button seems somewhat oppressive? I mean, push it — just the act of pushing. It’s an act of violence. TIMPF: It’s racist. GUTFELD:… Read more »

AT1 (Ret)

When a service has $ for sex changes but not for fire fighting damage control training.


Apparently accountability rises to the three star level in today’s military. Four stars seem to be immune.

Could be why they gave Dr. Trans-sylvania the granny killer four stars….

Sgt K

I remember when Jonn used to write about the army he joined back in the 70’s. How hollow it was and how everyone was just covering their ass and screw everything else. It’s amazing how fast the bad old days are back. The military is just a hollow force right now. The navy is a complete clusterfeck but the other branches aren’t too far off. Thanks obama.