Colin Powell passes away, age 84

| October 18, 2021

Devtun directed us to the unfortunate news that former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Former US Secretary of State has died at the age of 84.

Powell had a remarkable career. From humble beginnings in the Bronx as a child of Jamaican immigrants, he was commissioned in 1958 into the Army after doing ROTC. He saw more than 35 years of service, including time in Vietnam. In Vietnam he earned the Soldier’s Medal (the highest award for non-combat bravery) for surviving a helicopter crash and pulling three others (including his divisional CG) to safety. His final assignment was as CJCS, which included overseeing the Invasion of Panama and Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Powell was politically savvy from early in his career. He served in the Nixon White House, then was Reagan’s National Security Advisor (while a substantive US Army Lt. Gen.), and after his retirement from the service he served as the first black Secretary of State under President George W. Bush. This latter position would again place him in a position of immense responsibility during a period of national emergency. He was in this post from 2001 until 2005, which included 9/11, the Invasion of Afghanistan, and the War in Iraq.

In addition to the Soldier’s Medal, Powell earned many other US government awards. He received a Congressional Gold Medal (the highest award given by Congress) for his role in the Gulf War. President George H.W. Bush awarded him a Presidential Medal of Freedom (the country’s highest civilian honor) in 1991, and President Clinton awarded him a second (in the higher grade of “with Distinction”) in 1993. Powell is one of only two people to have ever received this award twice.

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MI Ranger

Good Man, helped my unit out when we were deploying to Iraq…had some pilots that wanted to hang out in Spain with my equipment. Amazing how a plane gets fixed when the Secretary of State (former CJCS) makes some inquiries!

He fell on his sword for Pres. Bush but they stabbed him with it.


“…but they stabbed him with it.” Politics at it’s finest. /s/ And let’s not forget the “Highway of Death” that the sleeze media was harping on when The Bear wanted to keep pushing the 24th Mech to Baghdad and take care of SoDamn Insane, once and for all. Yeah, yeah, I know the mission was to “liberate” Kuwait and the need to use Iraq as a balance to Iran, but still.

Rest Easy, Good Sir.


“Colin Powell, Former US Secretary Of State, Dies of COVID-19”


“General Colin L. Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, passed away this morning due to complications from Covid 19. He was fully vaccinated,” the statement read.”




Yes, the vaccines reduce the probability of serious complications or death from Covid-19 by 98%. But 98 is not 100.

And people in their 80s+ are at higher risk of complications and death than most.

The delta variant is extremely dangerous.


You honestly still believe all of this?

For a supposed free-thinker of ‘great intellect’ you really love to parrot the talking points of politically interested ‘authorities’ who clearly care more about power and compensation than health and reason.

As much as I hate your stupid ass I’d prefer you not to suffer, do your homework lest you fail the course called life.


Midterm grades are in, it ain’t looking good. Lots of “incompletes”.


“The Delta Variant”…ah yes, that deadly variant they can’t even test for unless they do specific genome sequencing on. And even if you DO test positive, and they do sequencing for it…they can’t even tell you what variant you DID test positive for. It’s that secret.

But yes, he was 84. Which means he was at a higher risk of complications than most. He was also a Ranger and in better shape at 84 than most people half his age. Which means he probably didn’t even need the ‘vaccine’. It’s what most likely contributed to killing him.


He was also fighting Multiple Myeloma, and the drugs that treat that disease usually hinder what the flu shots vaccine is supposed to do for whoever gets the shots.





Can’t fix stupid.

I suspect some of you virtue signlalers are actually vaccinated.


Can’t fix stupid….of that, we will all agree with you.

Unfortunately, that is one of the greatest side effects of stupidity: the poor afflicted doesn’t even KNOW they’re stupid.

There are no ‘virtue signalers who are actually vaccinated’ on here. Numerous people have said they ARE vaccinated on here. They did it for THEMSELVES, but are perfectly fine if people DON’T want to get vaccinated. You’re the only one on here running your suck preaching about mandates and being morally superior to us poor, ‘stupid’, unwashed (yet, somehow still ALIVE….in the midst of this great pandemic. Weird.)


Dear TAH,

I am confused as hell. I didn’t get vaccinated but had Covid twice, before they even had a vaccine. It was quite mild and I didn’t die (yet).

The microbiologists that are making the vaccine for Merck said on Project Veritas that if you had COVID, you don’t need the vaccine because you are better off than getting the vaccine.

Yet, I still think that getting the vaccine is a good idea, if unlike me, you haven’t already had it. But if you don’t, no skin off my neck, cuz I already had it duh. If you die a little sooner than expected it will actually be less a burden to me because you will cost less in health care and state maintenance when you are dead.

And so, am I virtue signalling that I have a good immune system? That I am not getting the vaccine does that make me a bad person? If I don’t care about your life choices that may shorten your life but don’t personally effect me does that make me good/evil? If Lars has the vaccine and dies anyway does that make him wrong (I mean he is near perpetually wrong about everything but still)? Is it wrong to participate in a debate on Covid on the grave of Colin Powell? A man who was great soldier and leader but only a mediocre politician.

– Sincerely,
Confused in South Trumpistan


Or naturally immune?



I really appreciate your feedbacks and respect your own personal decision to be vaccinated and wear a mask. Am being sincere and not sarcastic.

The ninja family are NOT ANTI-VACCINER. One of us is vaccinated, the other is not. We have made the decision NOT to have that family member take the Booster. We only wear masks if it is mandatory, i.e. going to a hospital.

That is our choice, our decision. Just as we respect others who want to be vaccinated and wear masks, we ask for that same respect. “Treat and respect others the way you want to be treated and respected.”

I do want to share this tweet with you (see below)

Thank You.

Also, the ninja family has a different perspective on Powell, but we are NOT rejoicing in his passing. He served our Country extremely well as a US Army Soldier. We pray for his Family..they lost a love one.

“Two things:

“1. Try not to stand on freshly dead bodies to make a point.”

“2. If you’ve been tweeting every time an unvaccinated person dies of COVID in an effort to spread your bizarre religion, don’t be surprised if that comes back your way when vaccinated people die.”



THIS. I knew it was someone on here that made your EXACT point. If you want to be vaccinated, fine. You did YOUR research, made YOUR decision…for YOU.

Do I go around broadcasting my vaccination status? No…because it’s no one’s f-ing business.

I personally take NO joy, in ANY life lost because, as you said: SOMEONE lost a loved one. It’s tragic for all involved. However, as the vaxxers like to crow, “Its not about YOU, it’s about EVERYONE ELSE!!!!” Fair enough, however….i’d like to offer the counterpoint: what happens if I become one of the rarities that suffer blood clots, brain bleeds, cardiomyopathy, or flat out DEATH from the vaccine? Well then…it kind of DOES become about ME…and the loss of a primary income earner for MY family. So, yeah.


Yes. And the VAERS systems shows that almost 17,000 people have died shortly after receiving the COVID vax shots. Whereas, only about 570 have been reported to VAERS from regular flu vaccines in the past ten years. The accuracy of the former number may be questionable because some hospitals are not reporting deaths of those who recently received the shots and had adverse reactions. In one community with a 50% vaxxed population, 90% of the hospital COVID admissions were fully vaccinated.

One aslo has to ask why is the government trying to force people who have already had the ChiCom flu to get vaccinated? Or worse yet, why is Big Brother trying to force people to get vaccinated who have an MD telling them they should not get vaxxed for legit medical reasons? What about the women (i.e., ones with a uterus)
who are undergoing fertility treatments and are advised the shot may stop them from getting pregnant? Should they lose their jobs becuase they won’t take the jab?


Considering Fauci keeps playing his shell game: from ‘youre not fully vaxxed until 2 weeks from your 2nd shot’, until ‘youre not fully vaxxed until you’ve had both shots AND the booster.’, I don’t think we’ll ever know HOW many people have had both shots and died from them.


I think the reason some people get frustrated by those who choose not to vaccinate is that it isn’t strictly a personal choice that only effects themselves.

If I personally choose to smoke, and keep blowing it right at the person next to me, is it really strictly a personal decision that only affects myself? What if I choose to drive home drunk from the bar – it’s me, and my car… until it’s not, and I cause an accident. One doesn’t need to ‘respect’ those who choose to drive drunk and those who choose not to. Those who do have repercussions for everyone else.

Ultimately, there are always trade-offs in personal freedoms vs societal need. That’s not anathema to the American spirit, it’s intrinsic to civilization itself.

I personally have relatively little issue with people making their own decisions when properly informed. I myself rarely wear a mask, tending to put one on only when going indoors in public. What I do find frustrating is the disinformation on the vaccine efficacy and the false narratives on fairly standard safety protocols being an assault on freedom.

Being asked to wear a mask -and I’m not talking about you, I’m glad you do when you need to!- is as much an assault on your freedom as telling someone they need to stop at the newly installed stop sign down the road. The vehemence with which the opposition to commonplace public health requests are discussed is wildly disproportionate to what’s being asked, in my opinion.


Thank You, Jay, SFC D and LC for your feedback. LC, as with Commissar, I appreciate your honesty, assessment and viewpoints on the topic. I thought Driving Under The Influence/Driving While Intoxicated was ILLEGAL. I personally lost 3 Friends because of DUI/DWI Drivers. In 1988, my Church, some of my children’s playmates/friends, children of Soldiers I worked with, our Youth Pastor, all lost their lives because of a Driver Who Was Driving Under the Influence. I PERSONALLY KNEW THOSE VICTIMS WHO PERISHED IN THAT HORRIBLE ACCIDENT. That Driver already had 12 DWIs. Yes, 12. His lawyers got him out of his prison sentence because they convinced the Court System our Church was driving a defective Bus: I really do not understand how you can compare DUI/DWI to not getting the COVID Vaccine. I grew up in a household where my Father smoked Non-Filtered Camel cigarettes…he was a Chain Smoker. I sat in College classrooms where not only did the Students light up, but so did our Professors. I have been on airplanes sitting next to Smokers. I remembered having my Troops smoke inside our buildings where we worked while in the Army to include outdoors and in vehicles. I remember eating at restaraunts where folks lit up their cigarettes before and after meals. I am not a Smoker. Never bothered me that Smoke was blown in my direction because I never had anyone blow smoke directly in my face. Never have seen it happened to others. Did it happen to you? I come from a Family of Smokers…and the average age of their deaths were 92-96 years old. In other words, they died of old age. I personally do not care if others smoke. That is their choice, their freedom to choose. I also do not drink. I cannot stand the taste of alcohol. But I have no problems of others drinking and being responsible. Smoking is NOT illegal when you reach a certain age. Same with consumption of alcohol. Child Pornography is illegal, but Adult Magazines are not. And we have ILLEGALS CROSSING OUR BORDERS EVERYDAY…YET I DON’T… Read more »


Also, not stopping at a Stop Sign in the USA is against the law.

What does that have to do with one’s decision to not taking the Jab?


As you point out, ninja, LC is invoking false equivalencies. Unlike in his smoking and DUI examples, with Covid there is “supposedly” a built-in protection for those vaccinated (if that vaccine truly works) from being infected by those not vaccinated.

And that’s the question that all the pro-vaxxers can’t seem to answer: If you believe the vaccine works to protect you from infection, then why are you so afraid of being infected by the unvaccinated?

Do you believe your vaccine works or not?


Because like body armor, a vaccine can be effective but not absolute.

I don’t know many people who want to be exposed to gunfire even if they’re wearing armor. Once you stop thinking of the vaccine as an absolute, it’s a lot clearer. Even the Polio vaccine had breakthrough cases.


“Once you stop thinking of the vaccine as an absolute, it’s a lot clearer.”

Well that’s kinda hard to do when the federal and blue state governments are issuing mandates all over the place for vaxxing.

What the hell is a “My
way or the highway” mandate if not an absolute?

What is vaxxed citizens insisting that EVERYONE must be vaccinated if it is not absolutist?

The folks not being absolutist here are clearly those who are asking legitimate questions about a vaccine program that is being conducted like a Keystone Kops comedy rather than a serious, scientific response.


And, once again, you’re ‘mandated’ to wear body armor in a combat zone; do you think it makes you impervious to incoming fire? I highly doubt it. In other words, you can surely still understand the concept of rules despite the lack of absolute protection.

What is vaxxed citizens insisting that EVERYONE must be vaccinated if it is not absolutist?

For the same reason why the roads are quite a bit safer if only 70% of people who might drive drunk no longer do so, but they’re even safer when 100% no longer do? Your civil responsibilities don’t simply vanish because someone else is doing their part.

There are always small exceptions, too. If you drive 100+ MPH on a 55 MPH road, you’re generally in a lot of trouble. If you’re trying to get a pregnant wife to the hospital, chances are you’ll get a pass. But we still aim for not having people blow through speed limits.

And no, it’s broadly a serious, scientific response, albeit one facing a new pathogen. Some things are going to be done incorrectly, but that doesn’t mean the overall intent is flawed.

What would you do differently to contain the virus? Or do you feel, if you were POTUS, that the preventable deaths of >700K Americans from relatively simple precautions is just totally fine?


Oh, and as for the polio vaccine, if it had incurred even a small fraction of the adverse events and deaths that even our dishonest government will admit to with the current vaccines, it would have been discontinued forthwith.

I thought you were on board with Lars about insisting that treatment and prophylactic modalities shouldn’t be used unless there were extensive, controlled, double-blind studies to insure they will do no harm?

Not even when they’ve been safely used by millions of people for decades.

Where did all that scientific high-mindedness disappear to, LC?


What do you think the incident rate of adverse events is for the COVID vaccines? And what’s your source for that? Because to take a non-US country -you know, get our whole ‘deep state’ factor out of the equation!- Israel showed myocarditis occurring at 2.7 incidents per 100K vaccines. In those without the vaccine, but who get COVID, it’s 11 per 100K.

In other words, the vaccine lowers your risk of myocarditis in the case you’re exposed, by a factor of 4. So, if there’s almost no chance of being exposed, yes, the vaccine has a higher risk factor. The general assumption is that damn near everyone will get exposed to the current variants at some point, so the risk of not vaccinating is higher. And other ‘adverse effects’ of COVID also dwarf those from the vaccine:

And yes, I’m on board with controlled studies. They’ve been done. They’re continually done, in damn near every country you can think of. And time and time again, the conclusion is the same: the vaccines are safe.


You’re still dealing in false equivalencies and I find it interesting that you cite a government “mandated” source like Clalit.

Participation in Israel’s universal health care is compulsory as far as I’m aware.

I’m outta here for the night. My cancer drugs are kicking my ass right now and fogging my brain.


@ Poe:

What’s the false equivalency? And what’s the problem with citing the people who were responsible for a large, peer-reviewed study? Would some other government’s report be okay, or or all governments in on the same conspiracy, faking the numbers in roughly comparable ways?

I’m of the opinion that a conspiracy that large would have more than a few whistleblowers, too.

That said, sorry to hear about the chemo – good luck, and I hope you sleep well and feel better tomorrow. That shit kicked my ass hard for a while, too.


I’ve also lost someone to a drunk driver; I hope my comment didn’t come across as insensitive, it was an example -one I’ve dealt with, too- of a decision that to one person seems personal, and yet has ramifications to others whom they might not even know. If your objection to the comparison is that it’s illegal, my first question would be whether legally requiring the shot would make you suddenly feel that’s A-OK then? Eg, it isn’t a principle of ‘freedom’ or ‘body autonomy’, it’s just the matter of legality that’s important? I don’t think that’s what you’re arguing, but if so, we have let me know. Also, it’s worth pointing out -as maybe you know, because you had to deal with such a tragedy too- that it took a long and concerted effort to make drunk driving illegal. People did cite ‘freedom’ and ‘personal choice’ as reasons against it. And it wasn’t that long ago. I don’t want to guess your age, but it wasn’t until well within my lifetime that concerted effort took place to make it illegal. Here’s an article from ’85 covering some of that: That may seem like a long time ago now, but the point is, people argued against it. Same with seatbelts, for that matter, but I feel drunk driving is more representative as a choice one person makes that, clearly, affects others’ lives. As for smoking, I’m glad your family lived a long time – I, on the other hand, lost a grandfather to lung cancer. Now, you can never prove a singular case, and as your family’s luck would show, plenty of people don’t suffer the effects. Much like COVID, where plenty of people never get it, or recover fine. Yet, some people die. And statistically we can relate smokers, and exposure to smoke to higher incidents of lung cancer. Given that, while I agree people have the right to smoke, that right bumps up against someone else’s right to not be subjected to it. So, smoke in your own home? Fine. Smoke in public around others, or in… Read more »


Coercion -is- force. You just stated you are Ok with coercion.

Calling it “limits” doesn’t free you of that. The limits are enforced.


Folks have decided the risks far outweigh the benefits. That’s quite rational. The shots clearly do not prevent illness, or the spread of illness, and whatever reduction they had at first is dropping.

So rejecting the well-documented risks is entirely rational, especially for young and fit folks.

If you fear other people, then limit -your- exposure to them, by imposing limits on -yourself-, not -them-.

The largest risk factor for the ChiComCoof is obesity. Anyone overweight who is complaining about other folks vaccinations is transferring their own foolish risks into an imaginary duty owed by others.

Dropped 40 pounds, and working on more. So I can now “limit” others who don’t diet and PT, right? Because limiting my weight is -far- more effective in improving health preventing disease than these shots.

Right? Folks are endangering us and themselves with their lard-asses! Mandate PT! Or “limit” fat folk from things until they voluntarily comply!

No. Leave folks alone. No one is “endangering” you by not taking a vaccine.

Instead, try showing truthful and verifiable and relevant cost-benefit analysis, and leave the choice to them. Persuasion actually works, when you have the facts and are genuinely seeking mutual benefit.

No. Leave folks alone. You folks have utterly destroyed trust in vaccines with this panic and mandate crap. Just stop.


By LC’s reasoning, we should mandate fat camps for all the obese people, cuz that will likely do more to lower their risk than the shot. Or better yet, let’s round them up, put them in fat camp, force them to take the jab, and then PT the shit out of them while double masked. Then LC will be in in his safe place.

Also, I wish I had a nickel for every time I breathed cigarette smoke from someone else over the past 70 years. Never thought twice about it. The civilians in this country truly are a nation of pussies. God help us when “Red Dawn” comes our way.


Last I checked, a fat person breathing on me doesn’t potentially make me fat.

But hey, good effort, rgr769. Some day you’ll make a reasonable point, I’m sure. Keep trying.


This is coercion in much the same way that a business telling you that you can’t come in without shirt or shoes is ‘coercion’. It’s like saying a high-five is assault.

I’m also curious if you’ve always been of the ‘coercion’ mindset when it comes to all the vaccines people get in order to go to school. Is having to have the Polio vaccine coercion? Hep B? Rubella?

And no, it’s not on a person fearful of people being dangerous to curb their exposure. That’s like telling everyone, “Well, let’s back up to when there were no laws against drunk driving… if you’re afraid of getting hit, don’t go on the road!”. That’s nonsense.

I am genuinely curious, though – if you subscribe to the “leave folks alone” mentality in its entirety, are you fine with allowing the legal use of any recreational drugs? Meth? Coke? Etc? Honest question. I could respect that, even if I disagree, but I have a harder time if you’re all for government action there, but not on COVID.



You just answered your own question: if you choose to smoke and spew that smoke next to me….I can choose to get up and walk away. It doesn’t affect me. There’s also ‘no smoking areas’ in restaurants and other public settings. You wanna light up, you go outside. You get your fix, and you don’t affect those around you.

When using your drunk driver analogies, you are using straw man arguments: a drunk driver, piloting 2 tons of steel, plowing into another car…is going to cause wonton death and destruction to SOMEONE, almost 100% of the time. However, using COVID mortality tables broken down by age groups….each year is LITERALLY a miniscule percentage of the population.

Hence, yes: we must respect the fact that people cannot drink and drive. We must respect stop signs. You can NOT yell fire in a crowded theatre…etc, etc. That is just good ol’ common sense. I refer back to my original reply: People constantly say in regards to the vaccine, “Its not about YOU! Its about OTHER PEOPLE!!” Fair enough, yet, what if…..I DO take that jab, and I DO suffer the side effects of myocarditis, blood clots, brain bleeds, etc…and wind up having a heart attack from it? It just DID become about me. It also became about my family, who now has to figure out how to provide for themselves due to the loss of MY income? I’m sorry, im 42 years old. Looking at this chart, it’s a .045% mortality rate of ALL 42 year olds in the US due to Covid. I’ll take those odds. Because as much as it is ‘intrinsic to civilization itself’, as crude as it sounds, I don’t owe them a damn thing. I owe it to my FAMILY to be here for them as long as I can be. So, i’ll continue to take care of my body, drink water, not eat like a garbage can, and maintain good health. The things the CDC doesn’t seem to want to push….


Apologies for the relatively short reply, since I need to run out after giving ninja a long one. But on this, we strongly disagree:

When using your drunk driver analogies, you are using straw man arguments: a drunk driver, piloting 2 tons of steel, plowing into another car…is going to cause wonton death and destruction to SOMEONE, almost 100% of the time.

I knew someone, years ago, who drove home drunk damn near every fucking day from the bar. It wasn’t far, which minimized the risk, and it drove me up a wall, so when I went, I walked and encouraged others to do so. I’ve lost touch with that guy, but he must’ve done it hundreds of times… and never had an accident. Yet.

Drunk driving is something that happens frequently (or at least did, especially back in the day), and accidents are relatively rare. But when they do, they can kill others, too.

I definitely agree that COVID has a low mortality for most people. I’ve pulled the numbers straight from CDC myself and looked at them – a number of months back, I even posted them here. Something like 93% were people 55+, likely a decent fraction with co-morbidities. (I want to look over the math in those charts before I agree it’s correct, though.)

And, again, I’m not advocating that the government hunts you down and forcibly injects you. Just that, much like most other things, you may be limited in what you can do in public (meaning, outside your own home) if you don’t get it. Just like you can’t attend school without getting other shots (and those shots do hold a very small risk of Guillain Barre syndrome).



Maybe I wasn’t clear enough on that account. When drunk driving, and someone DOES get into an accident….someone is going to die almost 100% of the time. God knows i’ve seen my own father drive drunk enough of the time. I truly believe that God looks weeds, poor people, and drunk people, because he made so many of them.

Here is where you and I differ: “Big Gov” is doing an AWFUL lot in order to FORCE this vax on people. Why? Worldwide the mortality rate is 2%. In the US it’s less than that (currently sitting at 1.6%). There’s proven data from countries showing that Ivermectin WORKS as both a prophylaxis AND a therapeutic recovery agent. Why won’t they push that? Gupta got blown up on Joe Rogan for pushing the ‘horse drug’ narrative before backtracking and yes manning with Don Lemon saying “if you look at the data, there is no evidence that it really works here.”

But… DOES. The American Journal of Therapeutics already published a peer reviewed paper in May/June of 2021 showing that there is strong evidence that ivermection COULD be used in the treatment of Covid, due to data coming out of Peru.

At the same time, why is NOTHING being made due to natural antibodies? Wake Forest University did a study in June of 2020 showing (at the time) 12-14% of people tested already HAD antibodies for Covid, after presenting no outward sign of infection.

“The findings suggest that COVID-19 is less deadly than originally thought and that the death rate for the disease could be in the range of 0.1%.”

Did we really just completely shut the WORLD down for a pandemic that had a mortality rate of .1%


“…is going to cause WONTON death and destruction…”

Well maybe, if it’s a home delivery vehicle for a Chinese restaurant…😂😂😂


Its all that MSG man…it’s the SLOW DEATH.


Finally got a bit more time – two points:

1) The risk of myocarditis is higher in unvaccinated people exposed to the virus. If the virus were only in isolated pockets, and one wouldn’t likely encounter it, I do think that’d be a big mitigating factor for younger people, even with the already-rare numbers.

2) The problem with numbers is everyone likes to show the ones that make their case the best. There are two ‘extremes’ we can show with respect to death by age – the deaths of people that age compared to the cases of people that age, and the deaths of people that age compared to the number of people of that age. The first is a high water mark on deaths, since many cases are asymptomatic or unreported, so the rate will naturally be lower. The second, which is shown in this chart, is a low end, since many of those likely haven’t been exposed, or at least exposed enough to get sick.

So what’s that look like in practice? Taking 55+ as the age range, the rate of death in population is ‘only’ 1.1%. In cases it’s something like 7.5%. I’m estimating since it’s been a while that I’ve looked at the numbers, but if you want sources, I’m happy to provide them.

So what’s the reality? That’s an honestly good question – I suspect the spread is much higher than the cases, so the number is towards the lower end, but I don’t think the government can make that assumption.

All in all, I imagine you’ll be fine. But for your family’s sake, I hope you look at the data carefully, and hope you understand that both risks may be low, but the lowest one involves taking the vaccine.



You are dinging yourself by saying ‘ones that make their case the best’. Numbers don’t make anyone’s case. They are what they are: numbers. It’s the people that twist those numbers to fit their own narrative.

What troubles me, and a lot of other people is when reasonable scientific data gets either pulled, blacklisted, or flat out BANNED because it presents an alternative opinion of the prescribed ‘narrative’. Much like the American Journal of Therapeutics article that talked about the GOOD that ivermectin did both as a prophylaxis AND as a course of treatment during a Covid infection. You have to dig to find it, and you have Don Lemon, Sanjay Gupta and their ilk saying, “there’s nothing saying Ivermectin works….”

I’ve already looked at the data, already weighed both sides and as for me and MY family, I feel the lowest risk involves me NOT taking the vaccine.

With that being said, I do appreciate being able to have a civil discussion on the matter without resorting to belittling or name calling. That is rare, and it is appreciated.


I am vaccinated. It was my choice. I’m at an elevated risk, and I have a high-risk family member living in my home. I made the decision that it was best for me and my family to take the jab. I. Made. The. Decision. Read that again. I. Made. The. Decision. I’m not anti vax. I’m anti federal government forcing me to take a vaccine with unknown long term effects. It’s not virtue signalling. Virtue signalling is fraud, and I’m sure you’re very familiar with that.


I’m against the government forcing you to take it as well, but I’m not against them (or private businesses) limiting unvaccinated from stores, or travel, or stuff like that, so long as the intent is to protect communities vs be vindictive towards those who disagree.

And I’m glad you’re vaccinated, and hope your family stays healthy and safe.


Salt Army


Sapper3307: Thank You for posting this YOUTUBE Video. Again, the ninja family is not rejoicing that Powell passed away. As retired Soldiers who worked indirectly with his Staff, we respect his devoted US Army service to our Country. We just have a different perspective on him, but still will pray for his Family. As I asked before, he has been ill for some time. What if he passed away 2 years ago, PRE-COVID? Something is not right. If he was fully vaccinated, how did he die from complications of COVID 19? Which again tells me..Why get vaccinated if you will still get COVID? When is this ever going to stop? COVID has turned into a POLITICAL, JOE BIDEN issue. Biden and Fauchi do not care about our health. It is all about POWER. And if Biden is bragging he had the Vaccines, then why hasn’t he taken HIS PHYSICAL YET? HE IS GETTING READY TO TURN 80. BTW, I am one of those Soldiers who has been documented as having adverse, long term effects from taking 20 Anthrax Shots. I was in the BOX when we were planning OIF…I started questioning why Bush did that…as the years went by, my respect for him started dropping…and now look where we are today. Again: If a person wants to take the vaccine, GO FOR IT. If you want to wear a Mask, GO FOR IT. THAT IS YOUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE, YOUR DECISION. I RESPECT YOUR DECISION. Respect OUR Decision as to what we want to do…I have a Medical Exception, because most likely, taking the Vaccine WILL KILL ME. There were folks who could not take the Flu shot while in the Army because they were allergic to chicken eggs or something to that effect. WE DID NOT KICK THEM OUT OF THE ARMY. WE WERE NOT THREATEN BY THEM, I.E. AFRAID WE WERE GOING TO GET THE FLU FROM THEM BECAUSE THEY DID NOT HAVE THE FLU SHOT. And guess what? None of them came down with the Flu. Amazing, isnt it? I read a very interesting article that since… Read more »

A Proud Infidel®™

Major Moonbat, you submit to propaganda to a degree that would have made Goebbels “cream his jeans” and once again you’ve hijacked a thread to shit your pants for attention.


I didn’t hijack this thread. You guys did that all on your own.


To All:

I take full responsibilty in hijacking this thread from Mason…the thread was about Powell’s passing…and I turned it into a debate about COVID Vacccination.

I apologize to all.

Even though LC, Commissar and the ninja family have a different perspective on the Vaccine and masks, we still appreciate their forthright and honesty on their viewpoints (sincerity, not sarcasm).

The ninja family learns alot from reading comments from other TAH members. We are far from perfect…we realize at times we do go overboard on topics or will not let go of a discussion that in other folks eye may be trivial.

So if we have offended anyone with some of our postings, please forgive us.

That said, we will still stand up for what we believe, i.e. our Freedom to make our own decisions on our health, our Freedom to own guns, our Freedom to vote and support our choice who we want to be POTUS, the Governor of the State we currently reside, Senators and Reps representing our State, our support for Bobby Lee and his Army during the War Between the States, support for DJT, our distrust of Fauci, etc, etc..and our loyality to th Army Black Knights, the Dawgs…and of course, RTR.

And most important, our Faith…our beliefs in protecting the Unborn, to be able to fly and honor our Flag..

And cut down Joe Biden and his crew, to include certain News Media…😉

We believe in our Constitutional Rights FOR ALL…Sadly, there are those trying to take away our rights, destroy history and dividing our Country…that is our personal assessment…and if others have a different outlook, that is OK with us, cuz we will stick to our beliefs, but we also know we have changed on some our beliefs in the past 50 years based on circumstances.

Thank You To All.




ninja, speaking for myself only, and since I’m not an Admin, I hope that you continue to “hijack” threads and “offend” people. It’s “offence” like yours that helps keep this place interesting…and pokes some of the really “offensive” one(s) in the eye with a sharp stick.

Not to worry, Troopette, there are many here that feel the same way that you did, well, maybe a few that have turned to the middie Dark Side don’t adhere to that whole GO ARMY BEAT NAVY thing. Keep it up, you are appreciated. Oh…and BTW…GABN/RTR/HBTD!


Powell was a gearhead, too – I read that for fun he worked on old Volvos.


Unlike actress Betty Lynn, who died this weekend, Powell was never on The Andy Griffith Show, but that doesn’t diminish his accomplishments.

Daisy Cutter

I deeply admired this man. He was the voice of reason on many military-related issues.

I have to say that I’m curious if he was vaccinated or not.


Colin Powell, Former US Secretary Of State, Dies of COVID-19”


“General Colin L. Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, passed away this morning due to complications from Covid 19. He was fully vaccinated,” the statement read.”


Rest in peace, Sir.

A Proud Infidel®™

Rest In Peace Sir, enjoy Valhalla.


R.I.P. GEN Colin Powell, of McLean, VA, and Betty Lynn, Barney Fife’s sweetheart Thelma Lou and a resident of Mount Airy, NC, population 10,388.
Mount Airy is the real-life Mayberry and the boyhood home of Andy Griffith.


Rest In Peace, sir.


If only he got vaxxximated.

Say hello to Saddam for me.


Another brother of the NDSM passes. Rest in peace General.


Another good man lost too soon. Still, he accomplished so much more than most of us and certainly more than most citizens.

RIP, sir. Peace to your family and our gratitude for sharing you with us.


Read his autobiography (My American Journey) as a young man. Hell of a read. Rest in Peace, Sir. You definitely provided a lifetime of service to your country.



Mustang Major

“Died do Covid” sometimes becomes a politically motivated cause of death. Have the facts surrounding the general’s death become available?


Added details include his having cancer and autoimmune deficiencies. Both making fighting off any virus difficult. (As reported by local news folks.)



Read the same thing…that he was afflicted with other diseases, including Parkinson’s and the blood cancer multiple myeloma.

So…if he had passed away 2 YEARS ago, before COVID, is it alright to say he may have passed away from those afflictions?


This is no time for logic or common sense. If you die with COVID, you died from COVID. That’s the gospel according to Lord Fauci.


That is also how they (CDC, are counting ChiCom flu deaths. If one tested positive and was fatally hit by a bus, that is a COVID death. There were numerous cases around the country of people who obviously were killed by something other than the virus but were counted in those numbers from John’s Hopkins.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Rest in peace sir, a life well lived is indeed the best reward.


Well lived, well respected, and will be well remembered.


My flag is at half mast.


Rest in well deserved peace good Sir. Our country is the less without you.


I am not going to let go of this.

Hopefully, after Powell is buried (and we still are praying for his family/love ones and friends and respect his outstanding career with the US Army),that SFC Alwyn Cashe Family will FINALLY receive his WELL DESERVED Medal of Honor.


Joe Biden cares more about talking about Beau Biden, who never went outside the wire as a Delaware National Guard JAG Major at a built up Camp Victory.


Please, don’t let up on this. SFC has gotten SO CLOSE. I don’t want Brandon to ‘forget’ about this.


The average age of a human being with chicom flu is 82 and there is a substantial list of other diseases or syndromes accompanying the list of mortality issues.
It is said that as far as most people are concerned, diabetes was the most deadly combination with chicom flu.
However for the rest of us, over 18 and under 70 without other diagnosis related groups the chance of dying from the chicom flu was about the same as being struck by lightning. Under 18, you have a better chance of dying by getting hit by a meteorite than from this thing.
The survival rate is about 99.93%. so basically we close3d down the world for something that has a lower death rate than the annual flu illness.
As nurse I would watch it go through the nursing home and take out about 30% of the people in the general population.
This…. AND, the size of the DRNA known as the chicom flu is about the size of a quarter of a light photon….
So make sure you klownes on the left keep wearing those $0.30 masks to stop this horrible virus….
And, GFY larsie-boi, you are dumber than a whole box of busted Harbor Freight metric chicom crescent wrenches…..

Green Thumb

Rest well, Sir.


Powell was 84 when he passed away. He had several afflictons to include cancer and Parkinson.

Biden will turn 79 next month. He brags and pushes the Vaccine, YET THAT MAN HAS YET TO HAVE A PHYSICAL!!!!

We are NOT STUPID. His brain/thought process is no longer there. He thinks he can run and “shows off” by doing that, but we all know what happened with the airplane incident.

He can’t speak without reading from a telepromter or listening to someone speak to him from an earpiece.

He will not take questions from reporters.

He is destroying our Country…He is threatening our Freedom with the vaccine, YET HE HAS YET TO TAKE A PHYSICAL.

For those who voted for him: You Are Reaping What You Sow. It is Jimmy Carter Days all over again. Enjoy paying higher prices at the gas pump, for your food, goods and services, taxes,etc etc.

We Never Learn From History…Oh, I forgot…History is being ERASED to appease some folks…



I normally don’t care for Rap Music, but this guy NAILED IT (Music Video embedded). Worth watching/listening.

His song went to NUMBER 1 on the Charts.

What Does THAT tell you?


I don’t like the “music,” but I like the sentiment. Did you see that the Canadian gov’t has issued an edict that no gov’t minion my use the phrase “Let’s go, Brandon?”


I would love to see him take the cognitive test I took last month, especially when they ask him to count backwards from 100 by sevens.


I took the test a few years ago where the lady first showed me
three flash cards with a single word on each and told me to
read them out loud. About half hour later she asked me what the
three words were. I repeated each without trouble because I made up a story about each word when first shown. I was advised to do
this by a friend in the LTC insurance business.

I passed the test but was refused insurance for “other” reasons.

Oh, and the first word was COW. The woman had large breasts so
naturally I remembered her as a cow. You don’t want to know
what the other two words were….

A Proud Infidel®™️

How many days has Biden spent playing around versus working so far?


Are you kidding? Look up the number of days Trump golfed and “played around”…vs Biden.

USMC Steve

Not granting that point, but Trump was still far better a president, and far more effective FOR THE PEOPLE, than Homey the Klown or Resident Xiden at his job.

A Proud Infidel®™️

Hey shit-for-brains, look at how often your hero B. Hussein 0bama went golfing, he played golf versus attending the funeral of a US Army Major General who was KIA overseas.

You lose yet again, Major Moonbat.


Completely irrelevant. It doesn’t matter if Joe is out “playing around”, simply because even if he’s sitting in the actual oval office (instead of the make-believe movie set) he’s incapable of making a cogent decision outside of what flavor pudding cup he wants for lunch.


Not sure “coloring” counts as a play time activity. Even when you spit blobs of paint on canvas in meaningless patterns it simply isn’t that athletic. But it pays off the crack hookup.

USMC Steve

Even when Resident Xiden IS there, he is not. Hard to do your job when you sundown at 1000.


#3.29 here. That fucker really screwed up the oil markets.


$4.09 here for 91 octane


Ol’ Poe knows he just said he was signing out for the night with no more give and take with LC, our other liberal gadfly, but then this recent medical report just dropped in my lap from our esteemed federal medical wizards:

“At the country-level, there appears to be no discernable relationship between percentage of population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days (Fig. 1). In fact, the trend line suggests a marginally positive association such that countries with higher percentage of population fully vaccinated have higher COVID-19 cases per 1 million people. Notably, Israel with over 60% of their population fully vaccinated had the highest COVID-19 cases per 1 million people in the last 7 days. The lack of a meaningful association between percentage population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases is further exemplified, for instance, by comparison of Iceland and Portugal. Both countries have over 75% of their population fully vaccinated and have more COVID-19 cases per 1 million people than countries such as Vietnam and South Africa that have around 10% of their population fully vaccinated.”

May I suggest that Lars, LC and any others who are married to the infallibility of the Covid vaccines and their absolute necessity in defeating this virus, that you go to this site and read the report in its entirety.


May I equally suggest you read the criticism of the paper’s methodology, and the author’s own statement where he says that he agrees the vaccines are effective, and simply argues that they should not be seen as a sole strategy in fighting the pandemic?

Criticism of the paper (with some very valid points)

Author’s comments in this article:

Simple question: If the vaccines aren’t effective, why are most of the people in the ICUs unvaccinated? Wouldn’t it be proportional to the ratio of vaccinated / unvaccinated? How do you explain this?

And once again, I don’t think of the vaccines are infallible or absolute – in fact, I don’t even think I know anyone who does. It’s a tool, and a useful one, in reducing risk, but not a magical shield.


“It’s a tool, and a useful one, in reducing risk…”

But you sure didn’t accord that status to hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin did you?

Oh hell no: You felt that THOSE useful tools should not be available to physicians, without further, lengthy medical studies; yet you were fine with the Covid vaccines being introduced into hundreds of millions of human bodies with absolutely minimal safety studies.

Curious isn’t it how your liberal politics so closely inform your medical opinions?

Like most liberals, you drape yourself all too generously in hypocrisy…


From the author of the paper.

“Other research has clearly and definitively established that the vaccines significantly reduce the risk of hospitalization and mortality.”

The paper is arguing that it is a mistake to rely on vaccinations alone. That other preventive measures need to be maintained or continued.

Also, Covid case numbers from non industrial or undeveloped nations are extremely unreliable. Places that are tracking Covid more closely have hugher per capita infection numbers partly because they detect and track a higher percentage of the infections.

A Proud Infidel®™

THIS is a thread about Colin Powell after his passing.
YOU just had to hijack it in another one of your fits of pissing your pants in front of everyone to get attention while you project your own personal insecurities, have you ever really tried to live in the real world? Obviously not, but I and everyone else here has, and we’ve succeeded. My point? just stop pissing yourself for attention and try to join up with reality sometime, snowflake!


[Amid tributes to Colin Powell,
Donald Trump disparages former secretary of state]

Was this necessary? Or appropriate?
We know why.

In 2016, Powell endorsed Hillary Clinton.
You know, because of the embarrassment (and money lost) on Jeb Bush.

In 2020, Powell endorsed Joe Biden.
At the 2020 Democratic National Convention.
You know, as neutral apolitical types and declared Republicans do.

So, don’t beat yourselves up on who’s right and who’s wrong.
But the sore loser behavior, upon a political enemy’s death,
hit a dour clam clunk note this time.
Not the way to win over voters, or fans.


RIP 1991 Gulf War chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff CP