NG Major General complains on Twitter about Army nail polish policy

| October 17, 2021

Major General Jo Clyborne

In a complaint ripped right out of a Duffel Blog satire article, a Minnesota Army National Guard Assistant Adjutant General posted on Twitter this week complaining about the Army’s policy against French manicures.

Her post faced backlash on the Internet. WION noted some;

Her post was targeted by several Twitter users who believe her post and complaint was ‘unprofessional’. Several users lashed at Clyborne for sharing her ‘first world problems; while people are struggling for basic human rights in countries such as Afghanistan and Syria.

“After what happened in Afghanistan, you’d think Generals would keep this nonsense off of their social media. Our military is in rough shape in terms of leadership,” a user said.

A Malaysian journalist reported that “military suicides have doubled” in the US Army, while the US Army General is busy worrying about her manicure. The journalist made the claim in relation to a report that claims that more US troops have lost their lives to suicide in comparison to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Twitter user “Ain’t No Jive Turkey!” @Woke_Chicken says;

It is extremely unprofessional for a general grade officer to question uniform standards in front of the troops. It undermines disipline [sic] and erodes the authority needed by NCOs to maintain standards. You are setting up First Lines in your unit to fail.

General Clyborne responded about as you’d expect. In a four-part Twitter screed that starts with “1. I’m a women. In the Army. Get over it.” As if the backlash has anything to do with her being a woman.

Clyborne’s past work includes this;

Her CV from the National Guard Bureau shows some NDSM embellishment, though her photo(s) above seem to show she doesn’t wear the un-earned extra star.

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A Proud Infidel®™️

Holy sheepshit, you mean this isn’t a Duffelblog spoof? Further proof of how out of touch today’s Senior Military “Leaders” truly are, she looks like the type who think that they need Enlisted Personnel to be their valets as well!


You know, I’d expect to see this type of petulance from a 15 year old JROTC cadet. Just risible behavior from anyone over, I dunno, 19.


I would maybe even expect it from an E-2 posting her first Tweet after graduating AIT.


Everyone’s a lot more emotive and “authentic” (i.e., emotionally incontinent) nowadays. Another major war will make us hardy again.


Well, ma’am, if you knew the French manicure was considered an “obnoxious color”, why did you get it in the first place?

Hack Stone

Further proof that Hack Stone can offer a story on any subject, he will now grace you Adorable deplorable with his “nail polish” sea story.

Anyone who has had any time in The Corps knows that Jarheads take a dim view of the first lightweight who passes out and or falls asleep while knocking down a few cold frosty ones with his buds. In 29 Palms, the punishment was either having one or both eyebrows shaved off, or having the offender’s fingernails painted with Emnu (sp?), that little black bottle we used to touch up the chipped paint on the meal chevrons.

So, towards the end of Hack’s career, he was attending a party on Bolling hosted by the wife an Air Force enlisted guy. She was part of the Filipina Mafia, so Hack was obligated in order to score some lumpia. Anyway, the husband/Air Force enlisted guy fell asleep on his couch after a few beers. Hack mentioned to the guy’s 14 year old son what happens in tha Marine Corps to the first guy to fall asleep. Inspired, he goes upstairs, grabs some nail polish from Mom’s bedroom, and paints his father’s toenails The shit was on there about four days before noticed. And that is no bullshit.


If ever there was a “loss of confidence to command” candidate…


“IDC SARC, pick up on the white courtesy phone…IDC SARC…BOOTY CALL on the white courtesy phone.”

Did the Gnrl make fingertip covers from her tin foil hat? Combat Boots and Pearls? June Cleaver she’s not. June would look just smashing in combat boots…and her pearls.


June wore her pearls when she was doing the dishes. Don’t think she ever wore shorts or pants. She was always in a dress or a skirt. She set standards for moms everywhere.


What a bag of shit. If we fought World War II today we’d be speaking German on the east coast and Japanese on the west coast.

The Stranger

So, basically, we’d be living “The Man in the High Castle?”


Without having to nuke DC, no less.


Vision probs?
The (x2) NDSM star is there.
It’s everywhere on the Fu of Google.
And it’s earned.
LT time (AFTER the Gulf War) in the 90s.
Rotation in Iraq later as LTC.

That said, not sure who would hire her (law firm)
for real military issues (anymore).


Appears to be…
8 years active duty (O1 – O3),
1 year 9 months OUT (RR)
19 years Minnesota ANG / 1 activation.


Most should know,
the youngest possible NDSMx3 recipient
would be about 65 years old today.
Basically, NO ONE serving today.

Note – We had 2 NDSMx3 guys in our Gulf War unit in 1991.
Korean War Veterans, age late 50s in the desert.

Also a few 2xNDSM Vietnam War (or era) Veterans,
in their 40s and early 50s.

According to this,
I am entitled to wear a star (NDSMx2),
for part time National Guard service ending in 2004.


Speaking of 65 year old NDSMx3 embellishers, I just did some quick math and found that it’s been 2,101 days since the final Sockpuppet Report by PV9 Gainey.

However, the latest NDSMx3 embellisher I am currently working on is a past Red River Army Depot PV9 who entered active duty in 1984.

I’ll provide an update if warranted./s


You must be referring to this page.
Google is my friend, found it in seconds.
Shortly before my active time as a fan of the site.
I’ll assume the phony defender Willaim J. Gainey here
was NOT the Joint Chiefs Senior Enlisted Advisor Gainey
that I see on Wikipedia,
but an unreasonable facsimile thereof.

[Michael Killam; phony POW
Jonn Lilyea | December 21, 2015]


The Sockpuppet referenced IS/WAS the 1st SEAC, not that real estate agent in California you may be thinking of.


I found the Phony POW Killam page on the Book of the Fake.
Idle since 2014.
Still has patchy pinny vesty CVMA FakeBook friends
(big MF surprise there).
At least, it appears Killam is living in a cave.
As Phony POWs should.


Killam has/had, like six different Book of the Face pages. (if you care to track all of them down)



Claw is absolutely correct on all his comments.

Wish you were part of TAH back then. Did you see how many comments were posted on the original Post?

Videos on both Gainey and Killam stating he was a Vietnam POW went POOF..GONE.

Joe Gainey is a POS and a Coward. He lied about his NDSM. He was born in 1956 and graduated from High School around 1975.

The ninja family is older than Gainey. We both are Prior Enlisted. One of us does indeed have 3 NDSMs (Vietnam Era Veteran, never served in Vietnam).

We already discussed we will NOT have “Vietnam” on the Army Issued Headstone. Both of our Dads served PHYSICALLY in Korea and Vietnam. We are NOT going to “insult” Troops who were Boots on the Ground in Vietnam…examples are Claw, 26Limabeans, Sparks, rgr769, 3/17th, 2/17th, Poetrooper, sj, etc. etc.

Also wish you were on TAH when we ripped Forgin Frank to shreds (Visconi).

I miss those days….(Evil Grin).



Yes, 620 on the original 2015 “Phony POW”.
I also saw the 2018 followup
“Blast from the Past”,
where a commenter found this 2016 story
with MORE BS from Killam.
A recovering alcoholic and heroin addict, Killam recounted an almost stereotypically horrible stint in Vietnam.
His most heartrending tale occurred in 1969, when his helicopter was called to the site of a mortared orphanage.
He and his crew were asked to find survivors.
Killam says he stumbled upon a baby with a piece of shrapnel stuck in its chest.
When he pulled it out, the baby bled to death, he remembers.
(end paste)

Any of Killam’s new Books of the Fake
entertaining enough to see?
Link 1 here??


It was (only) Summer 2015,
when I self helped myself on the Fu of Google,
and then Shipley, to pay $20 to verify, uncover, expose, and run off a
Phony Navy SEAL that attempted to infiltrate my family.

By Spring 2016,
I was watching the phonies get spit out on both MP and VG,
but offered little in commentary until much later.

A lifetime of respect for those of you who do the leg work and the long work to nationally expose and shame the egregious Stolen Valor violators and blatant military phonies.


On a couple of Killam’s Book of the Face pages, he does have a photo posted of him and PV9 Gainey together at some type of a get together.

Also, his newest Book of the Face is up and running, he just made a post on it dated October 5th.


Just now, I found 2 (more),
including the new Fake with October update.
Same photos as the years old idle pages.
No friends, no clicks, but he may be lining up some new shitbaggery.
Worth saving the URL,
and checking back quarterly.


Claw: Perhaps on the next WOT you can share…or send to Admin?

We Are The Protecters Of The NDSM.


The brotherhood does not forgive. The sisterhood goes after blood.



National Defense Service Medal Integrity Protection Association

Watch out for us, our membership is legion./s

As far as that RRAD PV9, it doesn’t look like a big deal. Just momentary confusion over whether the little star is a subsequent award or is being counted as a campaign star.


She’s not 65… would’ve had to entered active duty at 17 (with Mom and Dad’s permission) before 15 August 1973 for 3 x NDSM now at the youngest.

Michael Myers (born in 1957) is 64 now and that’s kinda pushing it in the Halloween franchise as it is. She’s not that believable as a 65-year-old. (Or she or her aide jacked-up 2 x NDSM awards writing her bio. Which could be it, too.)


God help us if our generals are complaining about nail polish.


I am not happy to say this but I know many young men that grew up dreaming about joining the military and proving that they could live up to their forefathers standards, perfect recruits, athletes, good grades, never in trouble. Sad thing is most have been completely disallusioned by the lowering of standards and woke BS. These kids talk to their friends that joined and are encouraged to not join, not because of military life and Physical challenges but because they are disappointed with the lack of challenges and being forced into an institution that no longer values them. As one kid said I thought I was going to be a bad ass but I’m sitting in bullshit social justice classes. I don’t know any of my friends mostly veterans that are encouraging their kids to go in. Right now if a kids smart go to school, college or trade get a job and get a head start. This ain’t the military we came up in and the leadership is so piss poor, military and political it just isn’t worth it anymore.


Agreed, heard stories like that recently from a grandson with friends serving in the military, they can’t wait to get out. Of course that doesn’t mean the bullshit will end when they enter civilian life.


I agree there is plenty of PC BS in the civilian world. My boys are both in very good colleges and they tell me all about what they have to deal with, difference being they just laugh at it and go about with their lives. Both have been completely inoculated against leftist BS they’re athletes, and have had jobs since they were 16 we rewarded hard work and expected them to always give 100%. I’ve found that young people raised like that generally don’t become indoctrinated in college. Also the military has complete control over you and your actions with the weight of military discipline behind it, you’re forced to comply and now a situation can be taken completely out of context and can ruin your life. In college life you can drop a class or just tell them what they want to hear and get a good grade. In the civilian world change jobs or be self employed. With woke ideology being infused with the military the consequences of saying or doing something can be catastrophic especially as an NCO or Officer.


So basically, 0bama and his progs have effectively “fundamentally transformed” our military.


Sadly from my prospective having kids that age and talking with their friends I don’t think I would recognize it anymore. Would you want major moonbat or someone like him with power over your kid?


I just saw that story (on Drudge),
and emailed it to AW1Ed,
as a suggestion for a VG article.

Headline > [Rachel Levine,
openly transgender health official,
to be sworn in as four-star admiral]


Is anyone else anticipating the outcome
of the official portrait photo of “Admiral” Levine?


He should at least lose the wig and go for a “Karen” style to
complement MG Clyborne. Set the style for future brass so to speak.


The photo is out.
It’s right here.
comment image&w=916



Thank God there’s no NDSM. That would be a major blow to the brotherhood.


Looks like it is tied back into a ponytail.

Hack Stone

It’s a little known fact that the Allies planned the liberation of Europe around General Rommel’s appointment at a day spa.


He and his wife were going for the Couples Massages. After all, it was her birthday.

I, too, read that magnificent bastards’ book.



I’ve often sat in silent protest myself about the fingernail polish policy.

Also, the pigtail policy. Why can someone wear a ponytail and not have pigtails – which are simply two smaller ponytails.

I was caught walking across the grinder with pigtails licking on an all-day sucker and someone took exception to it. It was either that or when I broke out in song with “The Good Ship Lollipop.”

Also, why can’t I wear a fanny pack? It is a purse for Jesus’s sake!



Next you’ll want an umbrella. And a Marine to hold it.


In Minnesota is Adjutant General elected position. In my lifetime in South Carolina we has a TAG who as TAG was a 2 Starbut was a Major or Lt Col if activated. To my knowledge he never met the O-6 Federal recognition board before retiring as TAG.

His and the assistant TAG were on the ballot in alternating 2 year election cycles.


In this case, she put in the time in rank(s),
although as a NG part timer.

Pennsylvania NG once pulled a retired O-6 COL out of the coffin,
and slapped 2 stars on his lapels.
(This did not go over well at the time,
as plenty of part time O5 and O6 commanders
(including my O-5 battalion commander)
decided to vanish and take the retirement.)

PA’s TAG is selected/appointed. Aren’t they all?


Currently all TAG’s are appointees. In DC the appointment is made by the POTUS. SC did away with elected TAG’s a few years ago. In my state the officer merely has to have been a field grade for two years making a Major eligible. In some states just being commissioned for two years is enough.

So google tells me that “French Manicure” isn’t a color but a range of near clear colors. People with Twitter say the darndest things.


Wha..? A two star publicly kvetching about Army reg’s versus her funky nail polish-finish..?! One can only guess that good ‘ol General Milley must be ARMY-proud’r-than-FUCK to have such a fine and awe inspiring example of true leadershit within his command. Noah cried a lake.


Minnesota New at 10: Retention of NG goes to hell in a hand basket clucked by a harpy’s freshly defrenchied talon.

Fk her. It’s a pleasure to serve, and also a privilege. She done forgot and then some.


I’d schedule an eye exam at the VA but fk those people. If they stay at this point they’re complicit in the events that are transpiring.
Sorry, not sorry.


Am changing the subject:

This happened 16 years ago TODAY…17 October 2005…


To Biden and Austin: What is the hold-up on his Medal of Honor?

“The Story of Sgt. 1st Class Alwyn C. Cashe, a Dogface Soldier”:

“October 17, 2005, Sgt. 1st Class Alwyn C. Cashe, a platoon sergeant assigned to 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division, extracted six Soldiers and an Iraqi interpreter from a burning Bradley Fighting Vehicle in Salah Ad Din Province, Iraq. Cashe’s platoon had been tasked to clear a route for a resupply convoy when a roadside bomb exploded beneath their vehicle, causing it to quickly become engulfed in flames. Cashe returned to the burning BFV multiple times to remove his team and move them to safety. All of the Soldiers on that vehicle, including Cashe, sustained significant burn injuries and were evacuated to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. Ultimately, four of the Soldiers perished from their wounds; Cashe was the last to die, succumbing to injuries November 8, 2005. Cashe, who grew up in Oviedo, Florida, deployed in support of the Gulf War in 1991, participated in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and returned to Iraq in 2005. He was posthumously awarded the Silver Star Medal for his brave and heroic actions, the third highest award exclusively for military operations involving conflict.”

Rest In Peace To A True Warrior.




God bless you, SFC Cashe.

May your deeds here on Earth be a stately reminder of what a man should aspire to if he deems himself a leader.

Rest Easy.

(Thank you for the reminder ninja!


“How are my Boys?” “…no greater love…” “…that such men lived…”

I’m sure that the only Critical Race Theory thoughts that went thru SFC Cashe’s head was how critical it was to forget theory and race back into a burning vehicle to rescue his “Boys”.

sniffy, gropey, prezzy joe thought it was critical to race and make Executive Orders promoting his theory of grubermint, why hasn’t he thought that it was critical to race to sign the papers making this award to SFC Cashe, who was in fact, a True Warrior. And that’s no theory.

Thanks ninja! gabn/rtr/hbtd


Roh-Dog, KoB and Mason:

Thank You!!!


George Floyd and John Lewis were HONORED, BUT NOT SFC CASHE?



SFC Alwyn C. Cashe is not forgotten. Perhaps OUR thoughts and esteem are more important to him and his family than accolades from folks who did not know him and certainly don’t really honor him, his service to humanity, and his noble character.


She got the quota Bronze Star for waiting at Green Beans coffee.

A Proud Infidel®™

SHIT, I saw HQ types E6 and up get BSM’s just for keeping the shittyassed coffee pot full for the CO.


Off topic.

Passing along the news that GEN Colin Powell has passed away at age 84. He served as chairman of the joint chiefs during Pres Bush 41 & Clinton admin, Secy State during Bush 43 admin, and NSA to Pres Reagan RIP.


Colin Powell, Former US Secretary Of State, Dies of COVID-19”

To LC and Commissar:


“General Colin L. Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, passed away this morning due to complications from Covid 19. He was fully vaccinated,” the statement read.”

I will say it AGAIN. If one wants to be vaccinated and wear a mask, that is one’s choice. I respect them for their decisions.

Respect others who choose to not be vaccinated or wear a mask.

And if one is FULLY VACCINATED, how can one die from complications of COVID 19?




When the 670-1 started permitting people to wear sparkly earrings in their army combat uniform the uniform code stopped making sense to me.

Might as well have French manicures too.


I understand your point, God help me. Personally, I have no problem with French manicures. But it’s not about what you or I want. It’s about following the reg. I pushed the limit on AR-670-1 for 24 years, mustache and sideburns just barely withing regs. I got pulled out of a Class A inspection at PLDC. CSM points out my sideburns, and says “Sergeants, do you see these sideburns? I don’t like ’em. But they’re within regs. So I have to accept that. That’s how this works.” I understand that the good general is upset about her manicure. But to whine on social media like that is juvenile, petty, and in my opinion, conduct unbecoming of an officer. I wouldn’t follow a “leader” like that if she had the key to the latrine and I had explosive diarrhea.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

I was under the impression that the Mil. wanted well “Polished” serving troops.


WTF is a General doing on Twitter?
There’s ya problem right there.

Amateur Historian

I really hope the military brass isn’t moving to be just like those twerps in Hollywierd.

If so, the only good thing to come out of that is that the brass would be better dressed


“Oh, OK Karen…”

comment image

Veritas Omnia Vincit

We all know Army is full of shit on dozens of petty asshattery type issues….

The ever changing tattoo policy comes to mind with respect to a mish mash of bullshit proclaimed to be necessary for the good order of the troops…

The General knows this as well, that said her discussion is more appropriate at a forum amongst her peers where alterations to 670-1 are being discussed as opposed to social media where the troops with whom she comes in contact might also object to the policy but are required to abide by it or suffer the appropriate consequences.

We all agreed to abide by these bullshit rules when we sign our names, we are not obligated to sign and promise to comply. We can walk the fuck away anytime before we sign.

Once we sign however we’ve indicated our willingness to comply with these regulations. Our word becomes our bond at that point.

The General is free to resign/retire at any time and have her nails done however she likes.

Amateur Historian

If you don’t like the uniform standards, general, then you shouldn’t have joined.

As for your whining about being a woman in the Army which hilariously doesn’t pass muster, I am currently playing the world’s smallest violin.




This is why I believe no personnel in the military should be allowed social media accounts. The stupid is just too much for some of them.



Green Thumb

Put her in charge of Ranger Regiment.

Its the most progressive and diverse thing to do.

She obviously has the skill set, though that is not required anymore.


Somewhere in this general officer’s past as a 2LT, a lot of senior NCO’s failed to direct her. Company commanders and above failed to mentor her. And now, Soldiers will fail to follow her. I recommend retirement. She couldn’t lead a turd down the bowl.


Hey, it was the ’90s– we all thought “mentorship” was some weird sexual thing SHARP would jack us up for (as far as our experience with Army sh*t informed us then).


From her Bio (read down from CPT to a 2lt starting out as a Recreation Services Officer in the National Guard):

Jun 98 May 00 Combat Engineer, 40th Infantry Battalion, Los Alamitos, California
Oct 97 Jun 98 Plans Officer, 40th Infantry Battalion, Los Alamitos, California
Feb 97 Sep 97 Engineer Co Construction Officer/Executive Officer, 203rd Engineer Battalion, C Company, Carthage, Missouri
Dec 95 Feb 97 Detachment Commander, 203rd Engineer Battalion, C Company, Lamar, Missouri
Apr 95 Dec 95 Engineer Platoon Leader, 203rd Engineer Battalion, C Company, Carthage, Missouri
Mar 94 Mar 95 Personnel Management Officer, 111th Area Support Group, Austin, Texas
Sep 92 Mar 94 Group Recreation Services Officer, 111th Area Support Group, Austin, Texas
Jun 92 Sep 92 Recreation Services Officer, 203rd Engineer Battalion, HHD, Joplin, Missouri

On a side note, when I was with 10th Mountain Div (83-89) walking in the main exchange hallway connecting to the commissary, I, an E-8, stopped and made a uniform correction to a soldier walking with his goretex parka unzipped and hands deep in his bdu pockets. I told him to zip it up or remove it and carry it. He said sorry and took it off. That’s when I saw he was a NY ARNG 0-6. We each went our ways.

MSG Eric

I know how she feels! People keep scolding me about my ponytail and I just don’t understand why they have a problem with it. It takes a lot longer for a guy to grow out a ponytail than a woman after all. Sheesh!


Rockin that BSM without a “V”. Which is the officer version of “I deployed to a combat zone and didn’t get hit with a SHARP/EO complaint”.

And every member of the E4 mafia and LCPL Underground sees that and knows you were a fobbit


News Flash! There is a new 4 Star Admiral in town!

Rachel Levine, openly transgender health official, to be sworn in as four-star admiral… In the US Public (or is it Pubic?) Health Service.


That dude is an incompetent freakshow. IIRC, he took his mom out of an old folks’ home in the beginning of the ‘Rona hoax while forcing hospitals to discharge positive Seniors back to the homes.

So…murderer, That dude is a damn murdering hypocrite.