Whatever happened to West Point’s Commie Cadet?

| October 16, 2021

When last we heard from communist adherent and fan of murderous totalitarian Che Guevara Spenser Rapone, he was drummed out of the service under other-than-honorable conditions for his “protest” at his West Point Graduation. That’s taxpayer money on a first-class education well spent. You’ll recall he had been reported years earlier for anti-American posts.  The system failed us.

So here we are, three years later, and we get word from Poetrooper on the current employment of former 2nd Lieutenant Rapone. He’s apparently thriving in academia. Not surprising since modern collegiate academia has been host to many communist sympathizers and even outright far-left domestic terrorists (i.e. Bill Ayers and others).

University of Texas History Department Hires The West Point “Commie Cadet”

Back in 2018, images of Spenser Rapone at his West Point graduation went viral.

One picture showed him in uniform, opening his shirt to show an of Che Guevara. In another, he raises his fist and flips his cap to reveal the message: “Communism will win.”

Well, now Rapone has been hired at the University of Texas in Austin in the History Department’s New School for Social Research.

This is who will be indoctrinating the students, turning them into the next generations of communists & socialists.

Source; KTRH

Check out the University of Texas College of Liberal Arts (heavy emphasis on “liberal”) website for Rapone’s bio. There’s an e-mail for the man listed there, which I’ll trust you’re all mature enough to avoid sending a message to.

At the link, you can look over Rapone’s CV, which includes links to his Marxist screeds dressed up as academic papers. His insights include things such as “Despite years of supposed progress, both technological and social, we remain slaves to capital, subjected to a dull, daily routine within a prescribed division of labor.”

There’s also a link in Rapone’s CV to an interview he did about his experiences with Russia Times. I have read the transcript so you don’t have to. He laments every aspect of the Army, specifically the Airborne Infantry and Ranger Regiments, where he “Saw a culture that glorified violence and a hyper sense of masculinity.” Where he was not free to express his “moral complexity.” During Ranger Assessment and Selection Phase (RASP, where perspective new Rangers are put through the paces) he didn’t like how they had to memorize the life and times of a fallen Ranger. Apparently he would have preferred to learn about a Ranger who lived to retirement instead of one who died for his country. That’s where I couldn’t go any further; five minutes into a nearly 27 minute interview.

It’s most interesting that after seeing the horrible state of the US Army that Rapone accepted the appointment to West Point. Apparently perpetuating American imperialism (his words) was worth it for some free college.

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Cretin does not know that his best days are already behind him.


Pinochet did nothing wrong.


Preach it, Reverend!


Communism will win.


It’s always curious how these lefties condemn capitalism while being paid by somebody for whatever it is that they do.

Oh, the irony. And hypocrisy.


Responsibility is some else’s (you know, the losers’) problem, comrade!


Someone has to pay for the revolution.


Being paid wages isn’t capitalism. You don’t even know what’s being discussed but you have strong feelings about it. Why ia that?


Please educate us, share your knowledge with us. We are ignorant of all things capitalist, enlighten us, oh wise Ben! We are as sheep, lost in wilderness, shepherd us to wisdom and safety, we beseech thee!


You fuckers are putting this guy’s kids through college…

A Proud Infidel®™

Ayegoo, Adashi!!!

Skivvy Stacker

But a wage determined by supply and demand IS Capitalism, where a wage that is determined by the state is Communism. This mope is working in a capitalist system as a so-called professor at a prestigious university, where the salary rates are most likely going to be HIGHER than at your average community college, or your local Che Guevara Memorial Freedom College of Revolution and Car Repair.
So, my guess is; he went for the money.


Why is he still alive? At this point is it even taboo to bring up that the country would be better off if these scumbags were gone? I am not in any way suggesting someone should go handle it but merely saying that someone who openly hates your country, infiltrates a military branch to change it from within and then is openly hired by a communist institution… that is treachery at the highest level. So why is he still alive? Does anyone here think our ancestors would have, for even one second, put up with this?


Absolutely not.

People like him would have been stripped of all insignia, tied to a post and introduced to ten new friends with clean rifles.

Unfortunately, we no longer live in a world like that.

For the record — I am STILL infuriated that this piece of shit was not forced to pay back the government for the cost of his West Point education. That makes me sick.


Like Covid vax refusers?


“Like Covid vax refusers?”

Whose attorneys could very well use Rapone’s situation as a precedent for the military’s treatment of their clients.

Your informed opinion, rgr769?


Now that this POS commie pinko has a paying gig, when can the taxpayer expect to be paid for his free education?

Maybe dickwad here shoulda studied a little more history to find out what happens to useful idiots when they’re no longer “useful.”


That wasn’t “real” socialism for him.


Piano Concerto Lars

comment image

in B minor…


Like Obama’s “teaching” job.


No openings at UC Berkeley? Guys like this get preference points for hiring!


Yup. I’m sure Lars could hook him up… They’d be a cute couple!!


He could join Larsie’s weekly Antifa circlejerk and reading from “Das Kapital.”


Crapweasel says:

“Despite years of supposed progress, both technological and social, we remain slaves to capital, subjected to a dull, daily routine within a prescribed division of labor.”

Now if we change the word “capital” to “the State”, and add that quitting your job is not an option (short of being executed), he just described communism.


Yes, it’s cool when Leftists do it.


He’s my hero! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!


Remember kids , Marx was a fat, lazy freeloader, who sponged off his friends and never held a real job..unless you count “philosopher” as a job.


Technically he sponged off his wife who came from a minor noble family until the money ran out and then off of Engel’s father who was an evil wealthy capitalist running evil textile mills.



Funny, for some reason I don’t remember seeing this part. Bea Arthur… hoooooo boy, BONER TIME 😛🍆🍑
This is rich. Got damn Brooks. Hilarious fucker.

sgt. vaarkman 27-48thTFW

Remember kids, Bernie Sanders is a fat lazy freeloader, who sponged off of taxpayers, got kicked out of a commune because he refused to do his chores, honeymooned in Moscow during the Vietnam war, owns 4, million dollar homes, is not a native of Vermont but a grifter from Brooklyn, NYC and he spouts a failed 19th century philosophy in the 21st century. Old fossil Bernie and his fossilized ideas as he always rants about fossil fuel/climate change, he thinks he’s a modern day Karl Marx

Hack Stone

Dustoff, are you talking about Karl Marx or Bernie Sanders?

My, My, My

Well, I personally believe dude can suck it. However, most of the articles have been corrected he was not hired by UT but rather a graduate student (link below)


Regardless, and In My Opinion, he is still a cock sucker!

My, My, My


I believe it even more ironic that his vet benefits are most likely paying for his education I would suspect (at least that is what I believe). Taxpayer funded.

I think he is simply another useful idiot.


He’ll prosper in the UT History Department. Like my grandpa always said, wherever a cow turd lands, a weed will likely sprout.
How does a modern American leftist fix a flat tire?

Let the air out of the other three tires because EQUITY!

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

“How does a modern American leftist fix a flat tire?”
I always wondered why that every flat tire I see are always on the bottom of the tire. Don’t they ever go flat on the top or sides?????????


Marxism is what people do when they are incompetent at everything else,

including humanity.

A Proud Infidel®™

“Well, now Rapone has been hired at the University of Texas in Austin in the History Department’s New School for Social Research.”

Those who espouse communism and socialism are often people who have never really contributed to Society in the first place. Happenstance? Coincidence? I always like to challenge socialist meatheads to try and tell me where either of the two have ever worked and enjoy the show while they go batshit!


@ A PROUD INFIDEL: The New School of Social Reserach is located in NYC and that’s where or Commie cadet/disgraced former 2LT received his Master’s degree. Given that he was separated from the Army with a GENERAL under OTH conditions, and probably had no or little income, how did he pay for the MA degree at the New School.

BTW, the New School is now and always has been a center of leftist thought. As for the U of Texas in Austin (the state system’s flagship university) you have to remember that Austin itself is the one BIG BLUE area surrounded by the Red rest of Texas.

While Spenser Rapone was still a platoon leader while in the Army, I wonder how the men in his platoon felt about him and I also wonder if any of the EMs went up the chain of command to report his disloyal comments and attempts to indoctrinate them?

Rapone did not receive any further disciplinary action other than a bad paper discharge. What is really sad is that the Army didn’t kick him out with a BCD as he repeatedly disobeyed orders to cease his propagandizing.


Marxism: a 19th century philosophy still advocated by 21st century fools despite its history of universal failure.