There Are More Odd Things Going On

| October 11, 2021

1967 Blizzard

And so it starts: intolerance toward Christianity in Australia, and now people are arrested in the UK for street preaching.

Prosecutions are already underway in Oz (Australia). Oh, it can’t happen here, right?

Meanwhile, over 150 nations are sending their undocumented persons to our southern border, in addition to the drug cartels and other Bad Boys, and the numbers are becoming staggering.

Can you blame that gentleman for being blunt about it? Perhaps we should reopen Ellis Island and make everyone who wants in, including the drug pushers and other criminals, go through that process just like in the 19th century.

And if you want to know how completely screwed up the UK government really is, try this: if homeowners refuse to participate in BoJo’s hydrogen fuel trials, they will be cut off from natural gas as a fuel source for cooking and heating. Comes off as tyranny, in my view.

This comes during a cold period that is heading toward a very cold and harsh winter. There has been early snow in the UK, in Europe (snow down to 2,000 meters in Austria, French vineyards freezing) and further north. Vlad Putin has reduced his sales to the UK, as he is more interested in meeting his own domestic needs first.

Also, note that the cost of hydrogen as heating and cooking fuel is THREE times that of natural gas and requires completely redoing the lines/pipes that funnel hydrogen as fuel to the heating and cooking equipment. That includes stoves, water heaters (boilers, in the UK) and the central heating unit if there is one.

Let’s hope this disastrous idea – that your government should force you to participate in a dangerous fuel experiment or lose the right to use natural gas for heating and cooking – does not end in the worst possible way. The most vulnerable people in the UK and in Europe are the elderly, a/k/a pensioners, whose reliance on government for everything has been going on for centuries.

Don’t let this happen here. We’ve never had a king or queen, for a very good reason.

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Way yonder past the time to liquidate all assets, find a piece of dirt just this side of the middle of nowhere and build a self sufficient hardsite. With a chapel.

In SanFranNan’s mind, she IS the queen.

A Proud Infidel®™

Whenever I hear or read the words “The Whore of Babylon” I picture Malig-Nancy Pelosi, anyone else?


Comparing Pigulosi to a whore is an insult to whores!


A whore sells her body. Pelosi sold her soul.


Hydrogen huh ?????
Remember that thing that Led Zeppelin used for their first album ???
Yeah, I can’t see anything wrong with that idea to use hydrogen in homes….
Odorless, colorless, tasteless and highly explosive in small quantities, yeah, good idea dumfuk…


Natural Gas (Methane) and Propane are also colorless and odorless.

The manufacturers add “stink” taggant to them so leaks are obvious even in tiny amounts.

The same is easily done with Hydrogen.

Hydrogen has far less energy per cubic foot than Methane and Propane, which is the biggest problem. It is also much harder to store, being a tiny molecule, thus “escape-prone”.


It’s always a lost in love story for you isn’t it Ex ????
You’re a great lady Ex, and hopefully I don’t trigger you by calling you that.

If these clowns get their way, we are so fucking DOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEEEDDDDD !!!!!

A Proud Infidel®™

Methyl Mercaptan is the “stink” added to Methane, Butyl Mercaptan for Propane.


And it really, REALLY stinks! Had to deal with a very small tin of it thrown into a dumpster about 50 years ago. Will never forget that smell.


And because the Hydrogen atom is so small it is more difficult to confine than other gasses. That’s one of the reasons the switchover will be so expensive.

MI Ranger

According to all the folks trying to make Hydrogen fuel cells for cars, hydrogen is actually less volatile than gasoline. They claim the Hindenburg was not a spontaneous fire, but multiples that slowly burned (if it was, the whole thing would have just gone poof).
Agree with all the rest that hydrogen will be much harder to “pump” to houses, as it requires changing all the “leaky” pipes.


An unusually cold winter may wreck the Chinese Communist Party.

They are already having desperate power problems.

The price of Coal is soaring. Watch for CCP puppets to try to drive other countries off Coal. It would not surprise me at all if the current Resident declares some sort of climate or energy “crisis” or dramatic new initiative that means “use less Coal”.


Meanwhile, left/liberals are as stupid as ever:


Covid is just excuse, comrade!


Southwest cancellations continue, blaming weather and ATC.

Weather was fine at all major hubs, and the FAA sez, “What ATC problems?”

Couldn’t possibly be Covidiots at work.

Southwest Airlines canceled hundreds more

The widespread disruptions began shortly after the union for its pilots asked a federal court to block the airline’s order that all employees get vaccinated against COVID-19. The union said it doesn’t oppose vaccination, but it argued in a filing Friday that Southwest must negotiate before taking such a step.

The union is denying a sick-out, so there’s that.


I believe they have to deny it because it would be an illegal work stoppage per their contract.

Doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening, and there are lots of anecdotal evidence saying it is, but the pilots and the pilots’ union can’t say that it is.

They are pulling a Sergeant Schultz here.

A Proud Infidel®™

Sweet Bejeezus, where were those Oafs educated, UC Berzerkely?


And CA is essentially banning all small internal combustion engines, including lawn equipment and generators. So when PGE’s screwed up grid can’t supply power to your essential equipment, you are going to – what, rub sticks together? Generators are by definition meant to replace the grid when the grid goes down! (Not even to wonder how an electric mower is supposed to cut a larger plot…what few are out there are rated to cut up to two acres which means they really only cut one, and top out at a 54″ cut. If you have a larger yard, you’re hosed. Oh wait, you can charge it with your g-e-n-e-r-a…. Like the subfolder says, “Teh Stoopid.”


What are they going to do, register every petrol-power tool and implement?

I see a bright future for sales in bordering areas, and a robust …. Creative market … culture.

“New mower? Nah. It’s been in the back of the shed for awhile….”


Kinda like the ‘tear of manufacture’ for most Morgans?


year, dammit, not tear


Left/libtard progressives never think through anything.


That’ll end the lawn / yard maintenance industry in California. Dat’s Rayciss.


Scanning news on Australia’s lockdown, and heard some memorable quotes.

‘Australia’s shame isn’t that most of it’s citizens are descended from the penal colony, the real shame is too many are descended from corrections officers’.

‘Australia has become the world’s largest open air prison’.


Seriously, check out CEE, Cutting Edge Engineering for some good Australian videos.
He’s a great machinist, welder and engineer. His wife makes great videos of Curtis and their doggie doing work and on the huge mining equipment near his shop in the Gold Coast region of Down Under.
Check him out here.
Well worth the time to watch him work wonders with metal !!!

Doomed I say


Those of us with survival training will be ahead of the curve.

One of my things-to-do is demonstrate flint and steel fire starting at our local historical re-enactment.

One of my friends there does some outstanding flint-knapping. I know where some Osage Orange trees are. (Some assembly may be involved.)

Seriously, we need to be actively resisting the tyrants now – before it turns truly bloody.


I’d never hear this stuff without you, Ex. It’s good to know where the world is on the crazy spectrum.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Your right EX, we don’t have a King or Queen but what we have now is a socialist Dictator whom is the Supreme Ruler.

Bill R.

“over 150 nations are sending their undocumented persons to our southern border”

They are well documented in their own countries. Trouble is, by sending them here they are turning them into ILLEGAL ALIENS.


And legally they are not permitted to seek asylum in any other country but the first country they step foot in.

It’s kinda the point of ‘asylum’… Ain’t the law grand?! Now can we fucking kick out the SIV dickheads or do we have to wait until the second coming of orange hiffmer?


It’s so strange. When Biden attacked the oil market and started to do away with evil fracking the energy market when crazy. It’s almost like those two things are related.


Let’s hope that street preacher the Brits arrested wasn’t the second coming of the Messiah. somehow that situation seems like great material for a Monty Python sketch. I didn’t see “The Life of Brian”, but having the Romans arresting Jesus for street preaching would fit right in.

We certainly have a mixed record in the last few thousand years with respect to human rights. We have eliminated slavery but criminalized prophecy. Weird.

Maybe that’s why Al Sharpton got out of the religion biz—you can disturb people with lies politics (redundant, I know) but not religion.


Boris and the ecoCommies can £ sand. Britons, skip the hydrogen and get yourselves some uranium:
Hydrogen 120-142 MJ/kg
Natural uranium 650 GJ/kg and it’s recyclable-ish!

Just if you install a diy reactor whilst in possession of aluminum conduit at your house, Colon Powell will knowingly lie to the US Congress and the US Military will bomb the ever-living shit out of the place. But you’ll be a semi-feudalist ‘democracy’ when we’re done, so there’s that.

Limited time offer! Our troops are in the area, please contact the Pentagram at (unironically) (703) 697-1776.

(This is said in semi-jest by a guy who can’t sleep. These statements are my own, not made under conditions of duress or coercion, and in no way reflect the management or the contributors at TAH. I make this statement free of squid pro roe promises, payola or as part of an exchange of bodily fluids, implied or otherwise…. unless thats on the table. God save the Queen…records. A Queen Original First Pressing LP of ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ from ’74 is $350 on Ebay. We’re in the wrong line of work, Craig.)