Sword Wielding Ninja Trains With Spec Ops

| October 1, 2021

In yet another sign of the apocalypse, several soldiers from the U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command (SOAR) training at an airport in the Mojave Desert were reportedly attacked and wounded by “a sword-wielding man dressed as a ninja” and forced to shelter in a hangar and receive medical aid.

Any other time and this would seem odd. Several of our own ninjas send.

Special ops troops ‘hunkered down’ in California airport hangar after nighttime ninja attack


A sword-wielding man dressed as a ninja attacked several special operations soldiers who were training at a California airport, reportedly forcing them to shelter in a hangar and inflicting wounds that required stitches.

The bizarre assault took place at Inyokern Airport, an airfield in the Mojave Desert about 100 miles north of Los Angeles, sometime after 1 a.m. on Sept. 18, according to what appears to be a military incident report shared on Instagram and Reddit.

Records from the Ridgecrest Police Department seem to confirm some details in the document posted to social media in a photo late Wednesday that said two soldiers had to receive stitches before returning to duty.

After confirming that the incident described in the document leaked on social media did occur, U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command spokesman Maj. Jeff Slinker said officials did not have any further information to add.

The soldiers’ names were redacted in the photo shared on social media — but one was identified as a staff sergeant and the other as a captain. The details suggest that they are members of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, an elite helicopter unit known as the Night Stalkers.

Stars and Stripes.com

Link courtesy of ChipNASA, David, and LC.

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WTF, over?


The ninja mutated back to a turtle and raced a hare into the desert. He’s hanging out with some teenagers as we speak.

Slow Joe

I am surprised nobody has mentioned “Enter The Ninja” yet.

Slow Joe


Ok complete post Jack BUT equally WTF, more buyers remorse, I get football, concerts, but

A food court in Staten Island and the Ryder Cup?


Slow Joe

An off topic question, about TSP.

If I were to change my TSP contributions from traditional TSP to ROTH:

1) How is it reflected in the TSP website? Would it show two different accounts? Different log ins?

2) If I were to contribute 100 percent to the C fund, which is what I am doing with traditional, would it show a second C fund amount?

3) When I retire, is there any chance the gruberment might end up taxing me for the ROTH as it were the traditional TSP?

Just wondering if it is worthwhile to change from traditional to ROTH since my income will not be taxed for the next few months.



Two different accounts. No second log in.
Yes, it would show a second C fund amount. I take on a little different risk (S fund) in the Roth due to it coming out of the account almost tax free.
The G wants/could tax anything. F Joe Biden wants to tax “unrealized” gains.
Everyone’s situation varies but seek a pro tax opinion. To me it sounds like a good idea but hopefully the Commie who posts here will provide some opinion here and then you can do the opposite of what his dumbass says.
Good Luck, be safe.

Slow Joe


I will do the switch to Roth.

Green Thumb

Deploy the ninjas.

Billy Mike

Paging Michael Dudikoff

Name edited to protect PII.


If a typical training scenario, the good guys probably had empty weapons. About the only thing more useless than a knife in a gunfight is an empty magazine in a sword fight.


A lost and wandering left-over Ninja from Burning Man..?



Bubblehead Ray

The Ninja was overheard yelling “WHAT IS THIS? A CHAWADE? ONCE MORE, WITH FEEWING!”