Weekend Open Thread

| October 1, 2021

The fruit of knowledge of good and evil describes our interpretation of what is right in contradiction to what God defines as right.  Now that the weekend is here, many will be binging on this fruit. Enjoy your weekend.

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Seriously, Damn DAWG!!!!
Rats in Your COngo or something like that.
Bitch and Moan. etc.
OK well, HERE!!!!


Eat it, suckahs!
Off to nurse a sinus infection or covAIDs part deux.
Have a great weekend yall


Cong-rats, Roh! Feel better Mk1Mod0


In with the herd at third. May Kong bring you Rats, -Dog. Good to see the Coveted Crown of FIRST stay in the Ranks of the (GO) Army. (In particular FIRST blocking that Space Cowboy) Also good to see so many in contention.

Speaking of FIRST, we all know who is FIRST in our Hearts, and on the minds of deplorables each day. With a nod toward the Volunteer State and the move of S&W down South, I contribute this little number from The Possum to pay Honors to our very own OAM. (eat your heart out, Chippy!) Roh-Dog, pass me over one of them thar stogies to go along with this shot of Jameson.

For you OAM…it’s from the Heart and Soul:


A big congratulations to you Roh-Dog!


Again, late to the party.

Thought I’d have a chance today – dagnabit blithering blankty-blink lowlife cheaters.

Well, ‘Rats Roh.




Dammit! Came in second! Congratulations to Roh-Dog!



Commissioner Wretched





Missed it by that much..

Commissioner Wretched

Damn! A four-way tie … but the photo finish shows Roh-Dog ahead! I congratulate you!!! And I leave in my wake the week’s trivia column for all to enjoy. So, enjoy! DID YOU KNOW…? Was a man shot to death at a Major League Baseball game … and nobody cared? By Commissioner Wretched Well, another birthday has passed (and I’m starting to get a bit anxious about how few are in front of me now) and it’s time to get back to the business at hand. Which hand was I talking about, anyway? Oh, yes! Trivia! That’s what I’m supposed to be doing here. (Don’t laugh. You’ll get old one day, too.) The nicest thing about a birthday is the number of people who congratulate you on making it for another trip around the Sun. Everybody is nice to you, even when they don’t have to be. I like that. I also like trivia, so here’s this week’s heaping helping! Did you know … … the first coin-operated vending machine was created about 2,000 years ago? Brainchild of the Greek scientist Hero of Alexandria (10 AD-70 AD), the machine was a holy water dispenser that required a five drachma coin to operate. He created it in the first century AD. (And he probably went broke trying to reimburse customers when it didn’t work.) … a wanted pirate turned the tables on the official who wanted him? Jean Lafitte (1780-1823) was a French pirate who operated primarily in the Gulf of… Read more »


Spanko? That’s that bread-crumb stuff, right?


If Hero was smart he would have said ” I said it would DISPENSE holy water… you got a problem with whether it works, call a priest.”

Isn’t Spanko an Asian slot machine?

Read once that the inventor of heroin tested it on himself and several lab assistants, and none became addicted. Apparently the odds of being addiction resistant are high, like a million to one – and ALL those tested were. And we’ve been stuck with it, and its junkies, ever since.


Noun – PANKO

Verb – SPANKO?

Désolé, l’anglais est ma deuxième langue. Tout est chinois pour moi..


I thought SPANKO was a game played at S&M Swap Meets.


See clip 3


😀 😛 😉

Just for you Hatchet:


You doirty, filthy, dis-gost’n beast, ya!



Especially, in leather… So tight, so…Mercy!

Haven’t a decent bone on yer body!!
Keep up the great work. 👊😎



Maybe this will do something about that “soft” spot you have. 😛


Nope. But keep up da great work.
Yer knock’n outta the park!! I mean, if Dana wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous enough in China Beach..?! That women in a US Army nurses’ uniform? Jeepers-creepers, oh dem peepers – an olive drab Angel, to be sure! Cheers KoB 🍺😎


Olive drab Angel? Ask and it shall be given My Son…maybe THIS will do something about that “soft” spot? If it doesn’t, talk with your medical provider, they make medication for those type “soft” spots. You do know that I bake a cake and sing Happy Birthday for DD every 13 March? 😉


see yer DD and raise you some Lucy Liu



My all time favourite Lucy Liu scene? Tough call but when I first saw this one – LOVED IT!!


In my heart I know I’m first.

Have a good, safe weekend all.

Hack Stone

Hack Stone may not be first, but he will be the first to wish you all a Happy New Fiscal Year! The clock resets to another 364 days of no federal agencies purchases overpriced and outdated software from a proud but humble woman owned business that formerly located in Bethesda Maryland. But on the bright side, All Points Logistics is in the business of selling software to Uncle Sam. Quite confident that the software they sell meets the high standards set by Phil Monkress.


End of FY21 Verified Valor Vultures Tote Board results:

Army – 13 1/2

Navy – 7

Marines – 4 1/2

Air Force – 1

Coast Guard – 0

Merchant Marines – 0

Space Force – 0

Question for all you Dickweeds/Dickweedettes:

Does these results mean anything to you? And should I continue to keep track of them?

Thank You for your time./s


I think it is interesting.
Back when I kept the records, the Navy SEALS were far and away in the lead. It may say something about the stretch of time since the SEALS were in the movies/news and the resultant rebalancing of the “whose coolest in the minds of those who can be victimized by SV thieves.”
But if it is too much of a bother – you are free to make that call.


I think the visibility of Senior Chief Shipley’s efforts has and will keep the phony SEALs down.


😎👍 Love watching Senior Chief Don Shipley and his wife Diane, bust’n phony chops wherever they go..

Most-memorable-to-date-Diane-Shipley-moment –
(Don and Diane have just confronted Daniel Bernath, who at one point moves in and leans towards and mutters something to Diane Shipley, who reacts promptly, loudly and vehemently): “I may be a fuck’n bitch but you’ll always be dumb and ugly”.

The look on Bernath’s face said it all. Our ever-gracious Senior Chief’s proud and beaming smile said more. What a Team…


Let’s hope so.
Mr. and Mrs. Don appear to be slowing down.
More duck blinds.
More cooking.
Less Phony Navy SEALs.

It’s not like he needs the (delayed) FOIA request results.
The BUD/S LIST hasn’t changed,
and neither has the frequency of (new & old)
Phony Navy SEALs out there spinning their suck.

Hoping the Dons get back to their bread & butter.


Hang on to your hat, Greybeard – the release of Top Gun 2 is -supposedly- just around the corner.
Ought to pump-up the bar-room-boast of ‘I’ma Navy Pilot’, a point or two above the usual norm.


I was just starting to like you, too.


I think Hatchet wants to go to the premiere with you and Mick. He’s already asked Dana if she’ll go with him.


Neck at 90 – Shame, I feel shame…

But rest assured, if I go anywhere with Dana Delany, I sure as hell won’t be wasting that ‘quality time’ at some BS ’round two’ movie premiere.. Uh uh, no way-no how.

(cue Elvis Presley’s ‘Love Me Tender’)


Nope, GB, keeping track of them is no bother to me. Takes only a milli-second to put a tick mark under the applicable service when these kind of turds get exposed to the light.

Just trying to make sure I’m doing something that is still of interest to the good people who comment here.


Claw, your work is even of interest to the ne’er do wells around here. Keep it up!


I don’t see anything in your lineup for anyone claiming to be Space Force or Spacefleet, so I’m claiming that for myself, Claw, and I do have my official certificate, certifying that I have, indeed, graduated from NASA’s Space Shuttle Doorgunner School.

I am such a bad girl. 🙂


Thank you, Claw. Yep. Read all you post/comment and Stat’s count – with or without yer amazing Wiz Wheel® ™ ©. My vote? Keep posting the List


FIRST in the hearts and minds of my grandkids.

1.5″ of slow rain in the GB AO. We needed it – the drought index was nearing the record level.

Y’all have a great weekend.


If you enjoy music in the background, this songlist is filled with about 19 different kinds of music.
About a weekend worth of music.
My Daughter made the Mt Elbert Challenge. What a mess her life is since that last botched surgery.
This has totally fucked her life up.
Not easy to hear as a Father and a Brother in Arms….
Anyway, enjoy the music.


BZ to your Baby Girl on making the Challenge. We knew she’d do it! Give her a hug for us all and a High Five. A Lady Friend (AF Vet) is fighting some of the same medical problems from botched surgery. This last time when she went under the knife to attempt to correct what was screwed up before, she ended up with a serious staph infection. Touch and go for her for a bit bit, but another (Civvie) Doctor got a handle on it.

One hell of a Thunder Mix you put together, been lost over there off and on all weekend. Finally got smart and found a headphone to RCA Jack and plugged the laptop into the Surround Sound soes I could rattle the walls and rock the house. Some real Blasts from my Past in there and some that made me do a Charlene Darlin’ (“Don’t play that one, it makes me cry”)



150 Afghan refugees allegedly trash a nice British hotel. Who could have predicted this?


If y’all need to know what’s happening at Ft. McCoy, Ft. Bliss, etc. with the unvetted, non-terp Afghans…

A Proud Infidel®™

I wouldn’t be even a bit surprised if it turns out they’ve been shitting in the floors of their billets.

Hack Stone

Who’s up for a gosh darn funny movie review? No one? Too bad. Hack is going to post the link anyway.


That ‘toon guy with the gunn looks like he has thyroid issues – neck bulges mean something along those lines.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

My dancing Pard treating me to Chow call 5:30 (1730) at Applebees and then over to Oceans 1 in West Delray Beach for some cutting the rug dancing. What a Gal.

Green Thumb

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) works balls as he steals from the American taxpayer through the procurement of set-aside minority government grants through his highly questionable and potentially felonious Native American, Law Enforcement and Navy SEAL claims.


Native American… Oh, like Elizabeth Warren?
OK. so what tribe, treaty and status is Mongrel-Monkress actually trying to lay claim to?


Warren’s older brother recently passed away.
Enjoy a childhood brother / sister photo… of Pocahonky.


More crazy stuff from Mike Lindell – he’s tossing out accusations left and right that votes were ‘flipped’ in various states. A specific allegation was ‘electronic manipulation’ in all 44 counties in Idaho… which seemed a little strange to the (Republican) Secretary of State’s office, since 7 counties in Idaho don’t use any electronics in their voting process. But, nevertheless, they pursued a hand-recount in two counties:

Butte county, which Lindell alleges Trump really won 1260 to 130, vs the official count of 1202 and 188, a ‘flip’ of 116. The recount showed… 1193 for Trump, and 188 for Biden, with the 9-vote discrepancy being attributed to something about thermal-printed ballots.

In Camas County, Trump did gain… a vote. The tally went from 507 (Trump) vs 149 (Biden) to 508 Trump vs 149 for Biden. Lindell said there was a 54-vote flip by .. some hand-wavy nefarious hackers, I guess.

Well, you’d think that might shut Lindell up, but no, he’s doubling down – apparently, even in small, Trump-friendly Camas County, those election officials must’ve either not noticed or turned a blind eye to ‘fake voters’. The ballots can’t be real people, says Lindell.

What a fucking idiot.



It’d be damn near impossible to vote fraudulently in most of Idaho, the counties are so small that everyone knows everyone else by sight, and most of them are related! Fair disclosure, I attended Middle School and High school in a very small Idaho county. Graduating class had 62 students. And no, I will not tell you my class standing.


PS: Go Redskins! Or Timberwolves…or whatever PC mascot you have now. Even if you are 1-5.


Exactly. It’s idiotic, period.

But, if you want more craziness, it goes far beyond just Idaho. According to Lindell’s numbers, per Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, whom thebesig believes ‘proved’ fraud mathematically (hint: he didn’t), Lindell’s numbers show a 4.2% difference across the board, in every state. You’re telling me the same Democrats who chose Biden, and who can’t tie their own shoelaces without fucking up, somehow orchestrated a 50-state strategy that included ‘fake people’ in small counties to fool audits which can check that anyway, and nobody noticed except him?

Dr. Shiva, who supports Lindell, suggests that either his information is a hoax… or the product of a bunch of nerds who read, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, because 4.2% is, I guess, sort-of-like the number 42? Nope, not making that shit up either:


I wish we could put this nonsense to bed.


I still have questions about the last election, mainly the way many states changed their election rules in the name of COVID, most of the time in direct violation of their own constitutions and by-laws. Was there fraud? I don’t know. There was definitely shady shit at the state level, open up the possibility. Lindell needs to stick to pillows.


I think it’s fine to debate whether states should’ve been able to change their rules – there’s valid points on both sides of that discussion. And of course there’s always shady shit going on. But if you think it were enough to change the outcome of the election, and that Trump should’ve won, what would it take to convince you that that wasn’t the case? And that’s an honest question. I remember during the 2004 election, I watched the updates coming in and at one point was pretty alarmed because I saw something that didn’t make sense to me at the time – they were updating the count in some swing state that was close to 50/50, and added some 200 or so votes to Bush with that update, and maybe 15 to Kerry. And I thought, “Well, that’s really odd given it’s been pretty much 50-50, so what the hell is going on?” Well, now most of us know that votes aren’t counted in a random fashion; there’s a natural ordering to it. Smaller counties often finish earlier than bit cities, especially if the latter stay open later, and so while it was pretty close at the time based on what was in… a small county had just reported, and the numbers were legitimately skewed that far. In other words, it looked suspicious, but was totally normal, mundane election stuff. And you can definitely see this ‘conspiracy’ stuff on the other side, too – Mitch McConnell has an incredibly… Read more »


I’m questioning the process. Have you ever once seen me question the legitimacy of the election? To me, it’s a linear process, and I’m probably working backwards compared to most people. I’m starting with states that did questionable stuff, like 100% unverified mail-in ballots. Is that proof of fraud? No, but it opens a huge barn door for fraud, and that horse has left already. In my mind, even if the election is proven to be illegitimate, there’s no process to reinstate Trump. What we can do us tighten the process going forward to prevent this. Or at least make a reasonable attempt.


That’s why I was asking – I take you as a reasonable person, and if you were questioning the election, and if it was due to things I thought I could offer an adequate explanation on, I would. I wasn’t implying you did question it, I just wasn’t sure if you felt that way, so I asked. As for questioning the process, like I said, I think that’s good — from all sides. I can understand the skepticism of mail-in ballots as it would be seemingly trivial for someone else to pilfer someone else’s mail, fill out a ballot and drop it off. Now, if that other person votes, that’s still detected and thus the fraud is not counted, but that does seem easier than someone showing up with a fake ID -which certainly can also happen!- and vote as someone else in person. The system isn’t perfect, and I think we can all look for ways to improve it. For me, a bigger issue since it clearly impacts more people is the time it takes for someone to vote – waiting in line for hours and hours is a pain in the ass when others can vote in literally seconds. So it’s not just the security, which I think has a minimal impact, but also the access, which I think has a greater, albeit still small effect. At the end of the day, these wildly close elections are in themselves a problem. A hurricane down in Florida could literally… Read more »

RGR 4-78

As well as holding anyone that perpetrated that fraud legally accountable.


False, he did. What I said to you the last time you advanced this point: Oh dear lord. Look, I can do that, too: False, he didn’t!. Look, I’ve seen you yammer on about how you’re doing a doctorate in something or other, so here’s a simple request. Why not put some of this so-called mathematical analysis proving fraud in a Jupyter notebook, on Github, and allow everyone to see and explore the analysis? If you’re doing something in anything analytical, I imagine you’re familiar with those tools. Surely ‘Dr Shiva’ is. So why the fuck do YouTube videos? Make your data and your analysis available. I’m happy to personally take something like that and show the errors. So, let’s see it. It’s on you to show the fraud.. instead, you show charlatans like ‘Dr Shiva’. If there was no election fraud, the Democrats would have no problems with forensic audits being done in all the states. Riiiight. So I’m guessing the Republicans in multiple states who oppose these audits are, what, .. secretly Democrats? Or, is the more likely scenario they simply don’t want to spend millions of dollars on some stupid-ass theory which would require countless co-conspirators and has no real evidence? If a Democrat alleges that, say, Donald Trump was holding children captive in the basement of the White House for cannibalism, and demands a forensic investigation, to include many months of presence at the White House looking for evidence, disrupting normal work, … well, surely if… Read more »


“Graduating class had 62 students.” Hah, almost three times as big as my class from West Hog Flats, IN.

There were 23 kids in my class. (only three girls)/s

Just another of the reasons I hit the first thing going to Chicago to enlist after that years crops were in.


Your local Mud Kaje boys are 1 of the 5 in that 1-5.


Mud Lake. Wtf.


My hometown West Hog Flats boys are also 1-5 right now.


My hometown West Hog Flats boys are also 1-6 right now.

Twist’s hometown team beat em last night 35-0./s


Giuliani acknowledged in sworn affidavits that he got his “evidence” of election fraud from various Facebook groups, social media, and other media source (but he doesn’t remember which) and that he has no idea if any of it is true.

Yet America’s mayor led a national campaign to overthrow our election and install an unelected despot – based on random crap he read on social media.

Kind of insane.

Poor guy will not only be disbarred but likely will have to settle with Dominion for more than he can afford. No wonder he is willing to sell his dignity for cash on Cameo.

These conspiracies are destroying he lives of those that bought into the,. Capitol rioters being charged…nearly every lawyer involved in the 60+lawsuits being sanctioned and disbarred, Lindell destroying his business, Giuliani destroyed his reputation and facing disbarment.

A Proud Infidel®™

Here we go with the usual, “*SQUAWK*, Orange man bad, everyone who follow Orange man bad,…” bleahblaehbleahbleahbleah…


A Proud Infidel,
Not this time.
Worse, Giuliani brought his 2nd hand info (as if it’s fact)
to Pennsylvania for a fundraiser event
with State Sen. Doug Mastriano.
That was in May.

For those who don’t remember the name Mastriano…
He traveled to Arizona to visit election auditing.
He initially led the Stop the Steal
and election audit efforts in PA.
He has been removed from the panel,
and stripped of his access to private PA Senate committees.
Yet he still wants to be Governor.
A war veteran, who uses it, but is pooping all over his post service legacy.


Have you thought about whether or not Boss Tweed’s hand was in this last election?



Unreal. Read like a Duffel Blog story.

Especially the whole “do you know who I am? No. Do you where I my family lives” No….begins committing crimes…

That is literally a comedy trope.


Speaking of comedy…
comment image?resize=600%2C390&ssl=1
comment image

Hack Stone

Another federal employee finding creative ways to supplement his income. When he finishes his sentence, he should send his resume over to All Points Logistics. They are not too particular when it comes to senior executives with extensive criminal records.



That’s some pretty low shit… Monkress-monkey?


People paid an arm and a leg for an arm and a leg.

Take that, Jeff LPH 3, 63-66!


Bad da Boom. Oy gavolt..


Spotted a couple of pictures of another NDSM embellisher this week. He’s currently the CEO of The Wounded Warrior Project and a retired LTG.

So unless they were awarding Viet of the Nam Era NDSMs to 15/16 year old Cadets at Valley Forge Military Academy in 1973/1974, he doesn’t rate wearing two Bronze Service Stars on the ribbon.

The Brotherhood weeps once again./s


Did he graduate the Academy in 1974?

If he did he might have qualified.

Also, many cadets join the guard before they graduate.

I don’t know what the details of his past are.., but a second bronze star on the NDSM is not exactly high on the embellisher list.


Question: “Did he graduate the Academy in 1974?”

Answer: No

“I don’t know what the details of his past are..,”

Well, look him up. Do a little research, get some info on your own.

When you’re done, ask yourself “Don’t I feel better now?”

As far as your opinion that a second bronze star on the NDSM is not exactly high on the embellisher list, shove it. Any besmirching of the NDSM is a point of contention for every member of the NDSM Brotherhood and should be a Number One priority to point it out when such besmirching rears it’s ugly head.


CLAW, why would anyone in their right mind grab the gedunk medal and embellish it? That makes no sense.


Do you think she is a veteran with PTSD?



Probably a FRAUD, Tovarich

A Proud Infidel®™

Fiftysomething and Honorary First once again.



API®™ – Sixtysomething and honourary second? Fuckit.
Above ground, both fists clenched and what? Uh yeah, sure.
I’ll hold your beer and watch you…


((((Good copy)))) (((((Over))))


For KoB –
comment image


Millie could prolly fill the treads on the bottom of Patton’s Boots…Dog sh^t does that to boots. 😛


comment image


Good times, again soon.

Hack Stone

It’s nice to see that the KKK is open to diversity, now allowing African American women into their many folded sheets.



Just saw this a few days ago and wondered WTF?

PTSD means you can’t go vote?

Looking at her FB page, she seems to be about 95% a hot mess….




Can’t see it without logging in, PavePusher.


In yet more idiocy from the Kraken team, now Lin Wood goes even further off the deep end… into 9/11 Truther territory, claiming no planes actually hit the Twin Towers, and that the Pentagon got hit by a missile, not a plane:


What an asshole.


You will never convince any conspiracy idjit that he’s wrong.

There are plenty of eye witnesses that who SAW the planes hit the WTC towers, including those of us who were able to get to a TV to see what was happening.

The architect of those structures was an engineer who designed them to accommodate the winds that high up. They weren’t designed to withstand those attacks.

The Pentagon camera clearly showa the plane that hit it aiming straight at the ground floor level. It showed up on the video. The surveillance camera caught it just as the nose of the plane hit the building, and the explosion 8 seconds later. The camera was set to shoot images every 8 seconds. No one anticipated that attack. All those frames were still shots, not a moving video.

So the conspiracy theorists are people who find fault with every real thing, especially every real tragedy, so that they can look important when they really aren’t.


Comment Number 100 (a nice round number)

Who’s up for a possible small TAH Deplorables Get-Together before winter sets in? B Woodman? Green Thumb? SFC D? Anybody?

It’ll involve Biscuits & Gravy, Coffee and lots of Bullshitting at the Flags West Travel Center restaurant off of Exit 31 on Interstate 15 South here in the Spud State.


This is hilarious.

I just tried Google Fu on Flags West Travel Center.
The left side results point me to Idaho, which is great.

However, the right side photo featured blow up points me to
T/A Travel Center Harrisburg,
At the Hershey PA39 exit of Interstate 81.

Now I’m curious
where the lords of the Fu of Google will misdirect everyone else.


I will post the buttermilk pancakes recipe for you, Claw, in case anyone wants them. Much better than the box mix style. I know you’re not cooking but it’s worth your time.

Nothing better than sharing pancakes and sausage and fun.


I’ll make the drive from PA to Idaho for a TAH/VG get-together,
IF a round trip convoy road trip to ELKO, NEVADA
is part of the weekend meet & festivities.

Veteran gear,
such as caps, jackets, license plates, and bumperstickers
highly recommended.

Harleys, leather vests,
metal retired military ID cards, and chili breath
not required.



“the Spud State”
I’ll bring some real taters from Maine.
Fresh dug Russet table stock with the dirt still on.


Is there a best ground zero for an east coast get-together?

I’m not too fond of traffic between Richmond, DC, NY (and onto Boston),
but there are plenty of readers and fans up and down the east coast,
and plenty of inland places to meet.

Or the beach. 🙂


Well, maybe I should clarify this a little bit. It would just be a small get-together for folk(s) probably not involving more than a hundred miles one-way to get there.

It would just be a meet and greet probably on a Saturday about 12 or 1300 hours or so, but for those farther away, Thank You for your interest.

But as an incentive, any participants will receive genuine GI Mess Hall Coffee Cups and 10 ounce Tumblers, plus P-38’s and P-51’s, and they will be free gratis, no hand receipt involved./smile