Honorable Discharge for Military Vax Refusers Strongly Opposed

| September 23, 2021

The White House said it is strongly opposed to a provision in the 2022 defense spending bill that would block military members from being awarded a dishonorable discharge for those who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine.

A section in the House version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) would limit military commanders’ options for disciplining those who fail to receive the vax.

Noting that many Americans have reservations about the vaccine, Section 716 of the NDAA would prohibit service members who are discharged over vaccine refusal from receiving anything other than an honorable discharge.

David Sends.

Biden administration ‘strongly opposes’ honorable discharge for service members who refuse COVID-19 vaccine

Mike Brest

The Biden administration has come out against an amendment to the defense budget that would prevent the Pentagon from dishonorably discharging service members who refuse to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Office of Management and Budget said in a statement Tuesday that the administration “strongly opposes” the amendment, arguing that if it’s implemented, it would “detract from readiness and limit a commander’s options for enforcing good order and discipline when a Service member fails to obey a lawful order to receive a vaccination.”

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin issued a memo making the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine mandatory shortly after it got full approval from the Food and Drug Administration late last month. As of last Wednesday, 88% of the active armed forces had received at least one dose of the vaccine, and an additional 5% have been fully vaccinated since the mandate was issued, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said during the daily briefing.

Tennessee Republican Rep. Mark Green, a veteran, has led the push to prevent the military from discharging service members who refuse the vaccine with any distinction other than honorable via the National Defense Authorization Act.

Can’t have a socially engineered military with dissent in the ranks, and those who do will get hammered, comrade.


Thanks, David.

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I guess if they believe that the folks that don’t want the vaccine are mostly icky Deplorables™ then they won’t be sad if they are a) kicked out and b) punished for it.
Vindictive little asses.

An Old Arty Sgt

Is this going to be like the anthrax vaccine? Years down the road deny that the shot has anything to do with any side effects. Then have to fight the VA for years for disability that was caused by the vaccine. Only one CoVid vaccine has been approved by the FDA. One company has the booster shot, for over 65 folks too. What happened to the other 2 companies making the vaccine?


Of course it is. VA will deny, and fight against any benefits. It’s one thing they excel at.

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s obvious to me that Pfizer has paid the Biden family and others off so…


At least in Moderna’s case, it apparently keeps working. No booster needed. J&J is working on a booster for theirs.


Next step on purging the military of those who would stay true to their oath.


Sooooooooooo close to retirement…..


Hang in there. Hope you are under the old retirement plan, because the new one sucks monkey balls.


A DD for this? What a bunch of fucking maroons.


Just wait MC, a certain someone will be on here soon telling us all how these people are traitors, and should be shot for not getting the shot..


I can’t wait….
He really is so much better than the rest of us.


Our JAG advised everyone not wanting the shot to put in an exemption packet. Even if it doesn’t get approved it will take months to process. I wonder what the recruiting numbers will look like in a few months. I have already heard there is an increase in DEP changing their minds.

AW1 Rod

This is 100% about “obedience-to-government,” and nothing else. All this administration cares about is compliance with its orders, so that when they’re done, they’ll know who is obedient to useless causes, and who is not.

Lurker Curt

AW1, you said it better (and with much less cursing) than I was going to. Here, have an upvote! 😉


Apparently, per Das Joe, everyone needs to be held to the HIGHEST STANDARDS, like his son: Ensign Joe Biden. Wait….scratch that.

Major Beau Biden, yeah, HIM! He got a Bronze Star, ya know!


Sleepy creepy Joey doesn’t seem to remember if Beau was a Navy captain or an Army major.

A Proud Infidel®™

Yeah, the same BSM that the HQ types got for simply keeping their desks dusted off!


(A sincere apology for all those who I just TRIGGERED reading this. If you don’t get it, you don’t have it. )

SO GLAD to cuddle with my DD-214 blankie!!


Ha! “Brown noise”.

If I had to pick one, that’d be it. Still funny tho.

In 11 years of Infantrying my audiology reports got better until sep. I can’t explain that unless the Anthrax vaxx made me Superman or something. (Although, I wore earpro like a mf and double plugged when I could)


How many junior enlisted in Okinawa or 29 Palms will be left if they can just deny the vaccination and get out with no consequences?

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Minor typo, not sure? Covfefe doesn’t seem to have kicked in. Dishonorable for honorable? Not sure if lack of comprehension on my part, or poorly written and confusing on their part.

“The White House said it is strongly opposed to a provision in the 2022 defense spending bill that would block military members from being awarded a dishonorable (?!?!) discharge for those who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine.”

“The Biden administration has come out against an amendment to the defense budget that would prevent the Pentagon from dishonorably (?!?!) discharging service members who refuse to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.”

Uhhhh, thx, I think.

No typo. The amendment says “if the SM refuses and is discharged for it, it can’t be a bad discharge.” White House says ” Fuck them, if we throw them out, we make it HURT. No honorable!” Clearer?


Flip side is all of those that got a DD “back in the day” for being a wienie washer or taco taster will have their discharge upgraded to Honorable.

I have a concern that if The Tree is not watered soon, it will wilt away and be used for kindling.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

You’re right. The Tree DOES need watering plus a little pruning (removal of the 16th & 17th Amendments for two). And I ain’t gettin’ no younger.


I think a General Discharge is more merited. Start giving away honorable discharges for not obeying orders and you are going straight down a slippery slope.


Orders have to be lawful still? Just checking, because I’m sure experimenting on our indentured Countrymen is amoral as fuck not to mention it’s a breach of contract.

Care to explain to the rest of the class how this is even slightly ok…


The onus is on the soldier to show the order was unlawful so go ahead and blow my skirt up if you want to go that route.

Show a specification to the law to the illegal part that would convince a court martial panel.


I don’t have the time nor the proclivity to argue with statist act utilitarians, so I will ad hominem and stick to a philosophical retort of me telling you to go fuck yourself.

I will not mention; death rates, the lack of efficacy of the jabs, nor the fact these GMO shots have not been vetted, tested or authorized by our lapdog ‘medical’ governing bodies.

There will be no discussion about this novel approach to harm the individuals’ immune system via a technology that has never worked, under an insidious guise of ‘health’.

The argument I have, and the one you should be very concerned with; if we, as a presumptively moral society, refuse to take note of the wishes and self-determination of the purported best of us, what chance do we rabble have to fight against a tyrannical state, who fully intends to bend us over a barrel and jam us in the anus ‘for protection of the state’?

I get it, scro. You may have got got, invested in this shot as some kinda panacea. “‘Warped speed’ will get us back to normal!” is the lie they sold you, and you’ll sacrifice the world to not look in the mirror.

Wake up. Live FREE or die, or get on the train.
You’re going to have to choose.


Quit holding back Roh-Dog and tell us how you REALLY feelz.


tehehe. We should be reminded regularly and as necessary, forcibly of the sage words of Patrick Henry: “Will the abandonment of your most sacred rights tend to the security of your liberty? Liberty, the greatest of all earthly blessing — give us that precious jewel, and you may take every thing else! But I am fearful I have lived long enough to become an old-fashioned fellow. Perhaps an invincible attachment to the dearest rights of man may, in these refined, enlightened days, be deemed old-fashioned; if so, I am contented to be so. I say, the time has been when every pulse of my heart beat for American liberty, and which, I believe, had a counterpart in the breast of every true American; but suspicions have gone forth — suspicions of my integrity — publicly reported that my professions are not real. Twenty-three years ago was I supposed a traitor to my country? I was then said to be the bane of sedition, because I supported the rights of my country. I may be thought suspicious when I say our privileges and rights are in danger. But, sir, a number of the people of this country are weak enough to think these things are too true. I am happy to find that the gentleman on the other side declares they are groundless. But, sir, suspicion is a virtue as long as its object is the preservation of the public good, and as long as it stays within proper bounds: should it fall on me, I am contented: conscious rectitude is a powerful consolation. I trust there are many who think my professions for the public good to be real. Let your suspicion look to both sides. There are many on the other side, who possibly may have been persuaded to the necessity of these measures, which I conceive to be dangerous to your liberty. Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect every one who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” I pray we be… Read more »


Tallow applied, heel plates afixed, powder is dry, bayonets honed, and a minimum of three (3) days rations cooked and packed.

May we be the “sound of the guns” that others march toward. I plan to live free or die well.


Nopers, you are wrong again. I never got the shot, likely never will unless international travel becomes a thing again and I have to have it travel then maybe, probably not.

None of the things you cited show the orders to be unlawful. Certainly the Army has been doing this forever, I dealt with the moronic Anthrax shots. Some were shown the door over that usless debacle just like they will be over this one.

Sign your name on the line and you lose a bit of self determination. That was always part of the deal, and always will be.


Can’t they just self-identify as undocumented and get a free pass like at the southern border?

Forest Bondurant

Better yet, just identify as having been innoculated and it should be okay.


It is obvious that the mouthbreathers at OMB and the administration need a lesson in the UCMJ. A Dishonorable Discharge can only be awarded following conviction at a General Court-Martial (the highest of the three types of courts-martial – Summary, Special and General). A DD is the equivalent of a felony conviction and the recipient is a prohibited possessor of a firearm. The resources it would take to prosecute tens of thousands of service members for refusing the jab would be astronomical.

They lack the basic understanding of the difference between an OTH, which is an administrative discharge and a DD, a punitive discharge. I doubt there are sufficient grounds for OTH discharges for those who refuse the jab since that normally requires a pattern of misconduct, in my day it was 3 NJP’s.


This was more what I was thinking. Although I wouldn’t underestimate how far a determined commander will go.

Post deployment we had a platoon have a party where they all smoked lots of marijuana. Of course there was a pee test on Monday and the whole platoon came up hot, from the PL down. The Brigade Commander was so unhappy he ordered Specials on everyone. The Field Grades had to do dozens of 15-6 investigations. A lot of NCOs (and one 1LT) were shown the door in various ways. I think they have changed the code and it now tougher to get a BCD in a Special.

The new crop of E1s that didn’t get the boot spent the summer digging desert hard pan with ETools, filtering sand by hand for the Brigade’s new beach volleyball facilities. Did the heart good to see them out there every night as I was headed home.


So the CINC wants dishonorable discharges for anybody who want take an experimental vaccine. Meanwhile, the VA has announced it’s upgrading discharges for anyone kicked out under DADT.
The problem with that is that RAND did a study (that was quickly and deeply memory holed) on DADT discharges. Over 80% were self initiated. Meaning “I don’t like the military and I want out. I’m gay” The further found that a significant portion of those self identifying had pending disciplinary actions (shocking I know, right?)

Now, back to the COVID fiasco. Let’s not even get into the deep history of military medical malpractice. Let’s exam something more recent: The 3M ear plug goat rope. The military issuing gear that they KNEW was defective. Then “Sorry, your hearing loss isn’t service connected but here’s a 10% rating for tinitis.”

So how long before the class action lawsuit for vaccine side effects.

Luckily,the VA has issued a presumptive finding linking burn pits to respiratory issues.

I should be retiring next Thursday (36 years, 4 months, 10 days) but I’m sticking around because a leader that I respect asked me to give it 1 more year. Hopefully I won’t regret my decision